Chapter 901 - Sending Candies Mid-Game

Chapter 901: Sending Candies Mid-Game

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Likewise, Qin Mo had no intentions of moving, which explained why Feng Yi found them to be similar.

Both of them sat tight ━ unruffled and without an ounce of doubt.

Although everyone of them could kill with their looks, they had skills which couldn't be matched at the same time.

With a lollipop dangling from a certain someone's mouth, she was the epitome of a little ruffian who came for a fight.

Lin Chentao glanced over at this competitor and deep inside, he itched to give Little Spade a good shake.

The four of them had participated in the same variety program and on a certain level, they could be considered familiar with one another.

Moreover, they all belonged in the highly active Alliance chat.

Hence, they could be considered both a friend and a foe.

But when the four of them collided, it was already considered an unexpected match.

As Qin Mo and Spade Z were fighting a double match, every person stretched their neck out in anticipation They were afraid of missing the spectacular moment.


The music began and the four characters appeared on the screen at the same moment.

The match began!

The fans clenched onto their support sticks tightly, raising their gaze towards the same direction.

That moment, the entire arena sunk into a silence like never before. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the screens because none of them knew what sort of visual treat they were going to be rewarded with.

Both pairs were just too strong!

In contrast to the fans' silence, Lin Chentao couldn't hold his chatter and the moment they entered the game, he pressed onto the speaker. "Little Spade, both of you are playing the assassin? What's the meaning of this? Besides, why are you always eating candies, doesn't your tooth hurt? More importantly, let me warn you, don't even think about fighting the wilderness on our side, clear your own and tell me already, do you dare have a face off?"

Lin Chentao's maneuvering wasn't the least bit affected while he spoke.

The fans shrugged. "He's at it again!"

This had always been Lin Chentao's playing style, he would always start of with mindless chatter before ending off with a taunt.

Initially, they hadn't expected Big Spade to respond since everyone knew that Lin Chentao was a chatterbox and once he got a reply, he would go on for the entire game.

Unexpectedly, the youngster pressed the speaker as well, her lazy voice replying, "Not going to have a face-off, me and Brother Mo will be going the intellectual route."

"You, intellectual?" Lin Chentao believed that everyone could be an intellectual, but a certain someone was way too flippant to be one.

"What's wrong with me being one?" Bo Jiu asked as she moved her mouse. Her left hand was changing maps effortlessly, the clicking sound produced so rapid it was unbelievable. Even with such an intense maneuvering, she could still deal with his chatter.

Masters would never play the orthodox manner.

But this time, even the shoutcasters couldn't understand.

Bo Jiu had always been the player fighting in the wilderness, but this time, she was focused on the middle lane and was eliminating troops at an insane speed.

Rao Rong narrowed his eyes. As an Anotal, he wasn't going to allow Spade Z into the tower.

But even though he wanted a match, it didn't mean the opponent was willing to have one and with that, she jumped into the wilderness.

Rao Rong would never trail behind so easily, simply because Qin Mo could be in the wilderness.

When one assassin appeared to lead the sorcerer into the wilderness, the other assassin would appear with his big move.

That was a possibility.

The more peaceful it was, the more traps had been placed.

On the audience's side, they could see the entire map, making them clear of everyone's location and including the attacking signal given out by Qin Mo at the bushes with the red beasts.

Some of them shook their heads. "The tactic used by Supreme Alliance isn't going to be effective on Almighty Rao, it would be better for Spade Z to change his playing style. He is facing Almighty Rao after all, it isn't possible for him to be tricked into such a small trap."

"That's true, in terms of experience, Almighty Rao definitely has the upper-hand."

"It isn't possible for Almighty Rao to be tricked."

Just as the discussion was heavy, the shoutcaster suddenly spoke, "It shouldn't be to lure him."

"It isn't to lure him?" The other shoutcaster pointed towards the red dot on the map. "Look at Qin Mo's position, this is clearly an ambush that was broken by Rao Rong."

The shoutcaster watched the playback. "That's not right, if Spade Z wanted to lure him, he would definitely pause to facilitate the chase so that the opponent can be trapped without a chance to escape. But Spade Z didn't pause at all and judging from the speed he was going at, Spade Z isn't trying to attract his attention. Besides, he was heading straight for Qin Mo's direction…"

The other shoutcaster listened and immediately clicked into another map, his eyes widening. "He isn't trying to lure him, he was going for the red beasts!"

"What do you mean?" This time, the audience were the ones confused!

The shoutcaster immediately arranged his thoughts. "Let's take a look at Qin Mo's maneuvering, first. He focused on the blue beasts before heading for the red beasts. Just a second before, Qin Mo had taken down the red beasts. But what do you see? Qin Mo sent out a signal, but he didn't move, hence, the signal isn't for Spade Z to ambush anyone, but rather for him to collect the red beasts."

"…" The audience were speechless, they would never have thought of that.

It wasn't just the red beasts, but included the other beasts as well. After Qin Mo had left them on their last thread, Spade Z would bring his troops over and finish them off!

Their CP fans couldn't help covering their faces. "Their pampering is insane, he served up all the beasts to his wife, it's simple adorable!"

Even though the analogy wasn't appropriate, that was indeed how it was.

Both shoutcaster were in disbelief, they were at a loss for words.

"Qin Mo, are you trying to tell us that Spade Z is the lead and you are the aid?"

Why else would he be playing like this?

In that moment, those that understood were thunderstruck, including Yin Wuyao.

He was still dangling a cigarette between his lips, but the moment he processed the situation, the ashes fell.

That moment, he deeply admired the person who had taken the best esports player title at his young age because there wasn't any captain willing to be anyone's aid.

Besides, he wasn't anyone, he was the strongest player in Hero, Qin Mo.

Or perhaps, did he see Spade Z as an evenly matched partner?!

"Isn't this playing style too risky?" The shoutcaster understood Qin Mo's intentions, but even if Spade Z was the new player king of the year, such actions in the face of Rao Rong and Lin Chentao might cause an easy failure.

All in all, Spade Z was after all still a newcomer.

Had Qin Mo forgotten about that?

They were both assassins, but at this moment, the youngster moved again.

She moved swiftly, her hand speed in particular was much faster than before.

"F*ck, how is that speed even possible?"

"It's amazing how he moved straight up from the wilderness."

"Is he going to snatch the opponent's beasts?"

"It doesn't seem very realistic, Lin Chentao wouldn't allow Spade Z to mess around."

As predicted, Lin Chentao was guarding his red beasts, awaiting the youngster.

But unexpectedly, Spade Z didn't head over!

Instead, she attacked a stream of soldiers in the middle of two towers before heading back to the city.

If they had to describe Spade Z's current actions, it was heading towards anywhere with money.

It went to the extent of the opponent's army.

Lin Chentao clenched down on his teeth. "Little Spade, are you really treating us as invisible?!"

With that, Lin Chentao dashed over.

Lin Chentao was after all still Lin Chentao, and with his fast speed, he was gaining on Bo Jiu.

Rao Rong had also headed in their direction.

He was strong because of his prediction, for instance, he seemed to have predicted where Spade Z was heading to and stood there blocking her way.

With armies at the back and an Anotal in front, the youngster would soon be trapped ━ even with her fast hand speed.

More importantly, the audience had a perfect view of the game, they could clearly see everyone's position and saw that Qin Mo wasn't nearby!

Could Big Spade… stay alive?

The fans watched with bated breaths.

Rao Rong narrowed his eyes, his fingers flying across the keyboard.

The first wave of attacks hitting Bo Jiu slowed her movements visibly.

If Lin Chentao came forward with a close-range big move, Spade Z would be finished off since she was at a dead end. A wall was to her right.

Some fans couldn't bear to watch, tilting their heads to the side.

The shoutcaster frowned. "I'm afraid the first drop of HP will be taken by Lin Chentao's team."

With that, the youngster's right hand moved. With an alarming speed, her left hand smashed into the keyboard. A three sectioned action linking together smoothly, and with jump to the right, she jumped into a tower. With the second jump, she jumped out of the tower, successfully escaping the two who had surrounded her. Even though half her HP were gone, she hadn't been badly harmed!

The audience couldn't believe their eyes as they couldn't imagine anyone using such a manner to escape!

In those circumstances, she could still maintain her composure to calculate the loss of HP.

The audience wasn't as affected, but the two shoutcaster were thoroughly stunned.

It was obvious that she would be attacked if she jumped into their tower, but she still managed to save her life.

More importantly, who could maintain such a sharp mind in the face of two masters?

Spade Z… This youngster was indeed a force to be reckoned with!

"F*ck, you actually went through the wall, isn't that despicable?!" Lin Chentao was feeling frustrated. How could he have forgotten that Little Spade had used another assassin character? Even though his character couldn't become invisible, he could go through walls. "Don't use your ability if you are really capable!"

The youngster's silver hair moved slightly, but her fingers didn't stop moving, a lazy smile on her lips. "Didn't I tell you before? I'm so handsome it scares myself."