Chapter 902 - Jiu Says Not to Worship Brother

Chapter 902: Jiu Says Not to Worship Brother

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Bo Jiu paused, standing below her own defence tower. After finishing off an army, she returned to the city to recharge her HP.

“F*ck!” Lin Chentao wanted to beat someone. “This is the first time I’ve seen a person more shameless than me!”

Bo Jiu replied, “Don’t worship me.”

“F*ck you!” Lin Chentao emptied the tower. His anger was obvious to the audience even from the screens.

The shoutcasters were at a loss on how to explain.

This was the National League after all and with the both of them, it didn’t seem like an official match.

One of the shoutcaster coughed. “That, let’s have a playback.”

The playback was a must since the jump from the youngster could practically be included into Hero’s learning textbook.


That wasn’t what caught Rao Rong’s attention. He seemed to have realized something else as he turned his head abruptly, saying just one word, “Wilderness!”

Lin Chentao moved his fingers, moving the map. That was when he realized that the blue beasts which had just appeared in their map were gone!

He didn’t need to think to know who had stolen them. There were only four of them in the game and since the three of them were present a while ago, it could only be Qin Mo!

“F*ck, didn’t I tell you not to touch our wilderness, you guys are simply despicable!”

Lin Chentao decided to take revenge. He turned and dashed towards the first red zone over at the Supreme Alliance’s side to finish off their beasts.

Bo Jiu grew slightly moody. “Didn’t you say it was despicable? Leave a red one for me.”

“Your captain stole ours and you want me to leave you a red one?” Lin Chentao was infuriated. “Where’s your work ethics?”

Bo Jiu snatched another wave of army. With Rao Rong as the Atonal, it wasn’t safe for her to leave the tower for a fight against Lin Chentao.

Likewise, with Qin Mo around, Lin Chentao only dared to snatch a single wave of beasts, anymore and he was afraid Qin Mo would appear.

At the end of the day, Qin Mo was the most despicable one.

He wiped out two of their zones without a word.

With that, Lin Chentao couldn’t help chipping in. “Little Spade, I’m not trying to steer trouble, but just now when me and Captain had you cornered, Qin Mo didn’t even bother about you and had come over to snatch our beasts. If I were you, I would be cursing him right now! Join another team, your captain wouldn’t give you any security!”

Just as he was done, a figure suddenly appeared to his left, gliding past him.

With a big move, Lin Chentao’s HP dropped by thirty percent.

When he wanted to retaliate with a counterattack, that figure was already at his other side.

That figure didn’t have to be identified as it was Qin Mo.

Lin Chentao’s words were to lure Qin Mo out and when he caught sight of him, he followed behind rapidly.

Rao Rong was in the bushes ahead, appearing at this moment.

Qin Mo’s HP dropped by a third and he was paralyzed.

Lin Chentao seized the opportunity, coming close and in an instant, Qin Mo’s HP fell by half.

“Qin Mo’s ambush wasn’t very timely.”

“Sometimes, Lin Chentao mindless chatter isn’t all that useless.”

“As expected, Rao Rong can’t be underestimated.”

“Take the case just now, for instance, if it wasn’t for Rao Rong, Spade Z would have taken the red beasts from them and wouldn’t have been chased by them to a corner.”

“And right now, it’s highly likely for Qin Mo to be killed by Rao Rongs’s timely ambush…”