Chapter 903 - The Suave Jiu and Almighty Qin

Chapter 903: The Suave Jiu and Almighty Qin

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The chase of the prey by the predator was chilling.

Qin Mo was about to become severely wounded as it seemed as though he was about to be axed the next second.

Even with his own defense tower as protection, Qin Mo wouldn’t be able to escape if Lin Chentao pursued him.

Right at that moment, Qin Mo unleashed his skills, disintegrating the control from Rao Rong. With a swift movement of his right hand, the second skill was unleashed and formed a circular sword which completely immunized the damage. He waved his long sword, and with a flash, he headed straight for the wilderness, leaving a beam of light behind him. It was a stunning sight.

The shoutcasters exclaimed out loud, “Beautiful!”

Lin Chentao was able to chase after him, but he had already used his big move and even if he started now, he wouldn’t be able to catch up.

He could only watch in vain as Qin Mo headed back to the city. Moreover, half his HP were already gone from the face-off.

He had to leave no matter how much he hated it.

But right at that moment, a figure appeared from the bushes, moving in front of him and striking him with an explosive attack!

Lin Chentao pulled the mouse back violently and knocked over the microphone which was placed beside him.

With such a sudden change of events, everyone had their hearts in their throats.

This was due to the evil grin on the youngster’s face as he moved the mouse smoothly, carrying a murderous intent.

The figure glided with the wind, with one target in mind: Lin Chentao!

Lin Chentao clenched his teeth, succumbing to his skills, but he still couldn’t escape the youngster’s chase.

However, Rao Rong wasn’t all that weak. After Qin Mo had left, he seemed to have detected the scheme.

He entered the wilderness and stood in front of Lin Chentao. With a big move, he bought time for Lin Chentao’s escape.

The next moment, he activated the running skill, returning to the defense tower.

With the whole series of movements, Rao Rong’s team control status seemed to have solidified.

“I guess it isn’t working out.” The shoutcaster chuckled. “Spade Z’s chase isn’t working out with Rao Rong around.”

“Indeed.” The other shoutcaster sighed. “But this is how world class players face off, I never expected Spade Z to appear from there. If I hadn’t been watching from the audience’s universal view, I would have assumed Qin Mo and Spade Z had planned it beforehand. But from the looks of things, they didn’t need words to be on the same path, that was indeed terrifying…”

Lin Chentao couldn’t hear their discussion. In order to maintain peace for all the participants, they were all required to wear headphones which blocked off all noises.

After he returned to the city, all he felt was his soaking wet palms because it had been a close call.

Once again, Spade Z was off the map.

After Qin Mo had come out from the city, he went straight for the top lane, and seemed to be heading for blue beasts.

This time, Lin Chentao didn’t bolt forward hastily, but started from the bushes before sending a signal to Rao Rong.

At this moment, Rao Rong was already on to the middle lane and after gathering the armies, he successfully took down a defense tower.

They moved in tandem, heading towards Qin Mo.

Lin Chentao only had one thought, which was to take someone down, either his head or the beasts to prevent him from growing any stronger.

It was common knowledge that once Qin Mo moved up, along with his skills, he was unstoppable.

Even Rao Rong wasn’t his match. Once Qin Mo started his attack, his tempo couldn’t be stopped.

Three Thousand Knife Cutting.

The destruction inside a five kilometer range wasn’t just a rumour.

Hence, the best way to curb Qin Mo was to finish off all the beasts he needed so that he couldn’t reach the level he wanted.

Lin Chentao leaped strategically. Using his wilderness fighting skills, he went straight for the blue beasts.

Qin Mo left strategically after dodging an attack, reducing the damage.

Even then, the beasts he needed were gone.

Moreover, Rao Rong moved skilfully.

Between two crystal towers and beneath a defense tower which was out of his attack range, Rao Rong went in for a forceful attack.

Weaker assassins would have been killed easily, which was the terrifying part of Rao Rong.

Even a master like Qin Mo lost half his HP.

At this moment, Lin Chentao coordinated perfectly and reached the end of the crystal tower before Qin Mo, using his big move.

He was inches away from finishing off Qin Mo, who had retreated.

If it hadn’t been for the defense barrier Qin Mo had summoned, he would definitely have taken the first kill!

“Rao Rong and Lin Chentao’s coordination is impeccable!” the shoutcaster exclaimed. “Especially the last attack by Lin Chentao, it’s a pity that luck plays a part in this game sometimes. It’s another severely wounded back to the city, it seems like Supreme Alliance is really under pressure this time. That isn’t all, it’s common knowledge that the blue beasts are necessary for Qin Mo to get stronger and without them, his big move is practically useless. A Hero that is useless would never be able to activate the Three Thousand Knife Cutting in spite of his user’s skills.”

“According to the current situation, things aren’t looking great over at Supreme Alliance’s side.”

Such a commentary was worrying to all the fans.

An Almighty Qin without his Three Thousand Knife Cutting must feel aggrieved!

“From the looks of things, Rao Rong is about to control this game.”

“That would be a difficult obstacle to counter.”

“If it hadn’t been for Rao Rong’s scheme, the tempo would have been taken away by Supreme Alliance. First was his hold on Spade Z’s hand speed and maneuvering, and now, he cut off Qin Mo’s blue beasts. Such a plan could only be conjured by him.”

“But even if Supreme Alliance loses this battle, there is still the team battle.”

“Speaking of which, if you were to think about it carefully, when has Qin Mo lost?”

“Qin Mo has never lose before because ever since that year, he has never met a strong player like Xiangnan or a top player like Rao Rong. In fact, constantly playing with those beneath you may have led to the inability to perform when met with a strong player.”

“You mean that his skills have fallen?”

“You saw the chase just now. The Qin Mo in everyone’s memory is able to shine high even in a 1v5. Just now, if he hadn’t coincidentally used the protection skill, the first kill would have been taken by Lin Chentao and that was already his second narrow escape. Don’t you think it’s a little too dangerous?”

It was ridiculous, Lin Feng was sure the shoutcaster hadn’t played in such a long time that he had lost his touch in the game.

Two narrow escapes?

Both times, he managed to return to the city in time, along with a string of soldiers.

Was that called weak? It was clearly because he had other plans!

Their captain had never played in an orthodox manner.

Even though Lin Feng didn’t know why his captain hadn’t unleashed anything, he was sure about one point. Even though his captain wasn’t hiding the entire time as he had done in the past, that just meant he had other plans.

As for what plans it were… It wasn’t easy for a naive child like him to figure it out.

However, it wasn’t the same for someone as experienced as Yin Wuyao.

He suddenly bolted upright, with just one word. “Dragon.”


Before the audience could process what he had said, a row of words appeared on the large screen hanging in the middle of the arena. “The Tyrant Ruler has been killed by Spade Z!”

The Tyrant Ruler was an extreme boss and the team which managed to kill him would be awarded with few times their experience.


“Isn’t it too early to kill the little dragon?”

“I got to say, Big Spade is the best at killing bosses!”

“As an experienced player that is often killed by the dragon, I really want to know how Spade Z managed to do it all by himself. Isn’t this the early stage of the game?”

“No.” Yin Wuyao heard the discussions, and replied with a deep voice, “This is no longer the early stage for Little Captain and Captain.”

Yin Wuyao made the remark because he had been monitoring the entire time.

Ever since the start of the game, the youngster would be wherever the money was.

Many of them had been mistaken. The youngster kept going to and fro not because of the first kill because of finances.

Regardless of what game it was, the character’s skills would increase along with the gold being farmed.

Besides, equipment could only be bought with gold.

Little Captain’s character wasn’t just a blood sucker now, it was practically a powerhouse.

With that, it completely overturned the shoutcaster’s previous statement on how she was suppressed.

Moreover, Little Captain had taken down the dragon, and hence, no longer had to worry about the Atonal.

The instant Bo Jiu had raided the Tyrant Ruler, the shoutcasters suddenly realized what was happening and immediately pulled open the financial status for all four players.

That was when they realized that Spade Z was a comfortable first and Qin Mo was right behind her at second, which overturned the statement on how Rao Rong’s team had the upper hand.

Both shoutcasters exchanged glances, the similar shock apparent in their eyes!

“And most importantly.” Yin Wuyao had a cigarette between his fingers, looking very much like an uncle with his dated stance. “Ever since the competition began, Little Captain and Captain have never stood together, meaning they have been competing 1v2 the entire time.”

The last statement was an earth shattering revelation that struck everyone in the crowd.

If the shoutcasters had been shocked before, they were completely overblown at this moment because Yin Wuyao wasn’t wrong.

Ever since the start, regardless of whether it had been Qin Mo or Spade Z, they managed to suppress Rao Rong and Lin Chentao, which in turn bought them the time difference, allowing the other to do whatever he pleased.

For instance, when Qin Mo had raided their wilderness and Spade Z had killed the Tyrant Ruler!

“If it has all been a plan, the two of them are simply terrifying,” the shoutcaster muttered with disbelief. “And they haven’t discussed at all?”

Other than the rubbish that Spade Z and Lin Chentao had been talking about.

Besides, this rubbish were rather shameless.

How did they end up on the same page?

“Real masters don’t need to communicate.” Yin Wuyao dangled the cigarette in his lips, looking like a ruffian. “Besides, you are talking about both of them.”

The both of them ━ either one had the ability to control the game.

They were often able to escape unscathed in a 1v5 after finishing off one person.

How could they only be able to surface?

Besides, how much did they trust each other to have used such a tactic?

Spade Z’s trust in Qin Mo aside, did Qin Mo perhaps felt the same way towards Spade Z? Was he confident the youngster would be able to face off the two of them without being killed?

Indeed, it was such an arrogant belief.

But even then, that was how they had fought.

Even if their actions had been overbearing and they had been advancing in their own ways, it didn’t matter as the cooperation between the strong was different ━ because of their overbearing nature.

“If Qin Mo’s pairing kept going with the 1v2…” The shoutcaster laughed bitterly. “I don’t dare think of the force they would have together.”

At this moment, no one complained about how ill-suited Qin Mo and Bo Jiu’s choice of the same character was.

Even though their formation wasn’t suited, the sensory perception they gave off was insane!

Even Lin Chentao had kept his chatter and was focusing on the map. He knew it was no longer time to catch Spade Z because it wouldn’t be easy. Even if they managed to catch him, he wasn’t his match since their finances and equipment were world’s apart.

But with his captain behind, it was possible to kill Little Spade. Even though his maneuvering was strong, a killing could still be done if he was paralyzed.

But Captain was an Atonal.

In normal circumstances, his captain couldn’t come fast enough.

Even though their character choice had managed to suppress Little Spade and Qin Mo, as the game processed, it exposed their vulnerabilities. which were the lack of flexibility and agility.

In layman terms, they couldn’t kill or run as fast.

It had never occurred to Lin Chentao, that Qin Mo would give up the blue beasts in order to protect Little Spade.

Unless… A shock ran through him as he realized that the main attacker for this double wasn’t him, but Little Spade!

If Lin Chentao had realized it, Rao Rong must have known it before. But… This Youngster, was he really that strong? So strong that Qin Mo was willing to become his aid?

That was Qin Mo.

Over at the other end, the silver-haired youngster sat in front of his screens, completely unaffected by the stares around her. Her face was as handsome as always.

After returning to the city, she wriggled her fingers and flicked her black wristguard. Showing a curve of her lips, she was devastatingly handsome.

“This time, it is officially time for war…”