Chapter 904 - Coordination

Chapter 904: Coordination

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The short few words shot through the crowd like a burning arrow, sending their eyes ablaze.

It sent their hearts thumping and pulses racing.

Just because of the youngster’s one sentence, some could no longer hold back their anticipation as they clenched their hands into tight fists.

They knew that the new player king in Zone C with whom they were more than familiar was finally back!

“It’s coming.” This came from Yin Wuyao as he placed his hand down, his eyes looking at the large screen.

From the map, Qin Mo and Bo Jiu moved like speeding arrows through the wilderness.

They moved in tandem, gliding across the bushes so quickly it sent the bushes flying. Neither was an inch behind the other as they moved shoulder to shoulder, a sight to behold!

Both their fingers flew across the keyboard, moving rapidly. The waves of movements were too fast and formed an illusion with their high frequency.

With Qin Mo’s maneuvering and accurate placement, he seemed to have disappeared from the map the moment he left the city.

Such an effect was because of how familiar he was with the map.

Actually, he was so familiar with it, he could accurately calculate the distance between every bush.

He was unstoppable once he started because his memory alone would win the majority by a long stretch.

Moreover, he had his speed and maneuvering.

It was indeed terror-striking.

But now, Supreme Alliance had someone else as terrifying: Spade Z!

Even Lin Chentao didn’t dare to strike a duel against the youngster since right at this moment, the youngster’s finances were two times more than his.

Hence, even if he caught sight of Spade Z, they wouldn’t dare make rash movements.

In certain aspects, Rao Rong wasn’t dumb. It was obvious that an attack in the wilderness would be disadvantages towards them.

Their opponents had two assassins and such a pairing was best in the wilderness.

They moved swiftly and were proficient in concealing themselves.

Hence, those who played Hero would all know of a phrase.

If you aren’t confident about your skills, don’t ever pursue an assassin.

Unless you had long distance control on the dizziness spell.

That was a point, that they had to guard against.

In Hero, there were many times when players in pursuit of assassins or tanks ended up being counter attacked and killed, especially in the wilderness.

Thus it was likely to be an ambush.

Even though only Spade Z could be seen on the map, they couldn’t be sure Qin Mo wasn’t around.

They had been moving independently the previous two times, hence, this seemed like the moment they started working together.

Rao Rong moved his fingers, retreating backwards before executing a full blow on the troops heading towards him.

It was a signal. When Lin Chentao caught sight of it, he was no longer as guarded as before because he knew that without his captain, it wouldn’t be easy to stay alive the moment he went out.

Besides, this wasn’t the time to remain in the offence.

“Rao Rong and Lin Chentao are switching up their tactic.”

In such circumstances, the shoutcaster would give a few comments and the other would continue. “That isn’t surprising since their gears are world’s apart. Rao Rong and Lin Chentao are likely to make more money. By eating up the troops so the battle wouldn’t be as hard pressed.”

The crowd watched as Qin Mo and Spade Z set off together, hiding their ambush flawlessly.

If Lin Chentao were to appear right now, the first kill would definitely be taken.

This was the National League after all.

Both Lin Chentao and Rao Rong weren’t weak in both their maneuvering and their tactic formation.

If it had been anyone else, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo would have went straight for the kill.

However, because of their strength, they had used their methods to break their control and stop their tempo.

“It seems like Supreme Alliance isn’t as invincible.”

But was that true?

Very quickly, the shoutcaster realized his mistake.

In the wilderness, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo joined hands to wipe out their area. When they fought the blue beasts, Bo Jiu raised her gun for a long shot and once the blue beasts were shot, she took a step back, leaving all the kills for Qin Mo.

The shoutcaster was caught off guard. “Spade Z and Qin Mo must be sure their opponents wouldn’t follow them to the wilderness to be using such a fighting style, right?”

The youngster cleared the entire area with disregard on whose territory she was on or the danger it held ━ it was as though nothing else mattered.

Previously, the shoutcaster was still complimenting on the tactic used by Lin Chentao’s pairing, to have snatched the blue beasts over at their side in order to suppress Qin Mo.

But now with the official teamwork by Qin Mo and Spade Z, that tactic was completely useless.

Even though there weren’t any blues at their side left, they could snatch those on the other side.

The ways both pairing fought the wilderness were different.

With two of them attacking together, the beasts were eradicated almost instantly. After clearing the grounds, Spade Z didn’t forget to raise her rifle, leap across the walls, and exterminate a row of troops before heading back to the wilderness, accompanying Qin Mo as a rapid moving exterminator.

“What are Spade Z and Qin Mo planning?” When the shoutcaster saw them glide towards the top lane, his fingers started moving.

The director swapped out the angles, zooming in on the top lane!

The audience watched as Qin Mo waved his sword towards a wave of soldiers. He didn’t even bother about the attack caused from opening fire at the opponent’s defense tower. He moved without hesitation and went straight for Lin Chentao, who was below the tower!

Amidst the chaos of silvery light rays, Lin Chentao lost a third of his HP and his speed fell by half a second, which was the defining factor.

Another figure leap into midair and with a rifle in the air, sent the already slowed Lin Chentao flying. Everything happened in mere seconds!

In that instant, all the audience could see was the silvery beams caused when the rifle and blade collided.

The silver-haired youngster sat in front of the computer. No one was able to see her fingers landing.

The taping of the keyboard sounded like the dullest note on a piano.

At this moment, no one could see through the youngster’s expression.

Under the camera, a large chunk of her face was shielded by her ruffled hair, with only a faint curve of his lips showing.

It carried a slight malicious hint as he went for another raid.

Lin Chentao had been hit hard. First had been the big move from Qin Mo which had depleted a third of his HP and now, he had been struck by Spade Z twice.

He didn’t have much HP left!

In an instant, there was a phrase which appeared in everyone’s mind: tower-kill.

While the troops were still alive, Qin Mo used a sword formation to seal Lin Chentao. Then Spade Z leaped into the tower with her rifle, unleashing an explosive attack. The entire sequence of actions was flawless and executed without a second of hesitation!

The two shoutcasters were stunned, shock freezing their gazes at the same time as the crowd went wild!

“F*ck! That move from Spade Z was amazing!”

“If Little Spade and Almighty Qin haven’t spoken to each other, how did they plan this coordination? This is terrifying!”

“Terrifying indeed. The moment Qin Mo appeared, Spade jumped right in and every move was fierce and impactful. I really can’t believe there wasn’t any prior planning! Such coordination is insane!”

“But they are crossing towers after all and as long as Lin Chentao hangs on, everything will be futile. No matter how great the coordination between Spade Z and Qin Mo is, it won’t matter.”

The audience was right, Lin Chentao had his teeth clenched tight before retreating backwards slightly, using his big move. If he wasn’t below a defense tower, Lin Chentao would have died in seconds and wouldn’t have the opportunity to use his big move.

His location beneath the tower was his saving grace!

All assassins had low HP and were vulnerable to attacks.

Once their explosive attacks had been used, there wasn’t a need to stay in the defense tower and Lin Chentao unleashed his big move.

Anyone entering the tower would be severely wounded and might even be counter-killed by the hero under the tower.

Once there was even a second of hesitation, the moment would be lost and the opponent could finish him off in seconds.

The first thought of any other player would be to run, but Lin Chentao wasn’t any other player, he was an assassin as well and he knew how to deal with the tricky situation at hand. Even though he was at the verge of death, his gaze remained firm. With a big move, he successfully depleted Spade Z’s HP and put an end to the youngster’s suave aggressive tower-kill.

But there was a bigger problem because right at this moment, Lin Chentao could make use of the defense tower’s attack ability for a counter-attack!

Lin Chentao was indeed skilled, but Bo Jiu wasn’t that far off. Just when Lin Chentao was going for his second attack, Bo Jiu raised her rifle and jumped out of the tower, attacking from another side!

She had moved too quickly.

Lin Chentao had wanted to take her HP, but it wasn’t easy.

That wasn’t all, an oppressive aura radiated off of the youngster.

Lin Chentao suddenly realized that he couldn’t keep the defense tower and that he was severely wounded!

And it wasn’t safe for him to return to the city.

From the looks of things, it was highly likely for them to come back a second time.

Hence, he had to return.

Even though it seemed like a long while, in reality, it had only been seconds since Qin Mo had entered.

Everything happened in a godlike speed. In that frenzy, Lin Chentao had retreated back to the city in his severely wounded state.

The shoutcaster chuckled. “It isn’t easy after all, Qin Mo and Spade Z’s coordination isn’t enough for a tower-kill…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a figure clothed in white appeared on the screen as though he had been waiting between the two towers. He glided towards Lin Chentao, who was running back to the city.


His sword raised up high, only one word could be heard cutting through the music ━ KO!