Chapter 905 - Flying Over

Chapter 905: Flying Over

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The first kill by Supreme Alliance’s FC!

The audience took a moment to react since the screens were showing Spade Z’s map.

When the special effect music started to play, the time was still at 0.1 seconds.

Who, who had died?!

The director immediately flashed a playback!

That was when they saw Lin Chentao’s character lying lifelessly between the two towers.

Of course, between the two towers stood an upright figure, standing tall and mighty.

A splendid tower-kill!

If crossing one tower wasn’t enough, he would cross two towers!

That was the ultimate level coordination!

When Qin Mo and Bo Jiu joined hands, it would never be just right.

While their characters were still visible on the map, the audience could no longer suppress their anticipation. “Hurry and show a playback! I want to see a playback!”

It was indeed a scene that needed to be replayed because of how fast it was.

It was really too fast, Lin Chentao was still dashing back to the city when he was struck by the sudden sword formation. There wasn’t any hint and his character had moved too quickly for the human eye.

The silver sparks were the impact caused when sword blades collided.

Blood splattered in all directions, which was how the first kill was taken.

Lin Chentao tightened his jaw. “It’s despicable, you hid in the bushes between the towers and deliberately waited for me to retreat to ambush me!”

“Isn’t that the tactic you used on me? Isn’t it too soon to forget?” Qin Mo asked elegantly without a trace of emotion.

Lin Chentao wasn’t the only one caught off guard, the shoutcasters were startled as well.

The next second, Lin Chentao came alive. “F*ck, Qin Mo, can you not be so vengeful?!”

“I can’t,” Qin Mo replied as he moved his mouse, leaping over a blood sucking beasts. His refusal was done calmly.

Bo Jiu swept her rifle one round. It wasn’t just the towers she had cleared, even the troops were gone.

In Bo Jiu’s mind, she was thinking what a joke Lin Chentao’s statement was, it wasn’t possible for the Almighty to not be vengeful ━ that was his biggest asset after all.

As a victim who constantly had her dark history being dragged up, she finally found someone in a worse plight than her.

Hence, she strongly approved of the Almighty’s method of killing, admiring his handsome face which was looking serious while executing the kill.

Lin Chentao was enraged.

When the both of them joined hands, they weren’t gaming, they were practically bandits.

There wasn’t any breathing space at all!

Lin Chentao was starting to feel the pressure, but he had chosen the assassin.

If he started to act cowardly, the competition couldn’t go on.

Hence, Lin Chentao didn’t retreat, bolting forward to finish off the troops.

Rao Rong paused slightly.

He knew that ever since the competition started, this guy had promised not to drag him down.

Actually, he was the one dragging him down.

His speed was a far cry from his former glory and he didn’t understand Spade Z well, leading to their current predicament.

He assumed that an Atonal could be the best against their pairing so that they wouldn’t have a chance at coming straight on, but the consequence was that he couldn’t catch up with Lin Chentao.

If he couldn’t catch up, it wouldn’t be easy to coordinate.

If it had been anyone else against them, it would have been a confirmed win.

But it was Qin Mo and Spade Z.

They weren’t just players with explosive skills, they maneuvered and dodged effectively and had even chosen a character which could cross towers. That was how they could kill and escape at the crucial moment.

It had been a scheme planned from the beginning.

Their choice of taking the assassin hadn’t been a simple decision!