Chapter 906 - Keep Going

Chapter 906: Keep Going

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“Captain,” Lin Chentao called out with his eyes dark. “I’ll work hard for the later part.”

Even in such a moment, this were his words. “We won’t lose as long as I can keep up with you, right? Captain?”

Rao Rong’s gaze deepened. He forced down the emotions which were threatening to flow out of his throat and ignored the vibration from the phone in his pocket. He continued to focus on the computer screen, his gaze hardening as he replied quietly, “Right.”

Rao Rong had always been a leader. That was not only because of his maneuvering and his ability to control the team, but especially because his presence alone would provide an unwavering belief.

Everyone entering a team would do so because of the Almighty in that team.

When his maneuvering was witnessed, it would evoke a sigh to his very creation. How was it possible for someone to game so suavely?

At least these were Lin Chentao’s thoughts of Rao Rong.

Lin Chentao moved his mouse, gliding past the swarm of soldiers and taking a beast.

He seemed to have sped up.

That wasn’t all as Rao Rong had walked down the tower and was heading towards the middle tower seemingly without fear.

But on a closer look, he wasn’t without fear, it was because of Rao Rong’s position.

Even though one of them was in the wilderness and the other was in the middle lane, they were extremely close.

They were practically moving in tandem, which was completely different from before.

Amidst the pursuit of a swarm of soldiers, they managed to hack the defense tower into pieces.

“They haven’t caved from the pressure of such a situation, this is indeed a strong team.”

If it had been anyone else, they might not have such courage.

After the aggressive kill from Qin Mo and Spade Z, there weren’t many who could rekindle their fighting spirit and taking the opportunity to push down one of Supreme Alliance’s defence towers.

“It seems like both Rao Rong and Lin Chentao have recovered.”

“Honestly, if it had been me, I would have been demoralized. Think about the move made by Almighty Qin, he crossed two towers, which means it could happen again. That is a burdensome thought.”

“It isn’t just Almighty Qin, Spade Z is also a player capable of achieving a tower-kill. When even the bottom of the tower isn’t safe, that’s indeed a chilling thought.”

“It won’t be easy to have another tower-kill with Rao Rong around because of his strong control though.”

“Standing under the tower isn’t the problem, but the moment he leaves the tower, his safety can no longer be guaranteed.”

The next second, a figure dressed in white flashed past. With a silvery gleam from a sword formation, Rao Rong was trapped.

A PK between the captains of two strong teams!

Everyone had their eyes wide open as they focused all their attention on the screen, afraid to miss even the slightest detail!

Since two years had passed, there was no telling which one of them is stronger now.

But on closer look at their financials, Qin Mo seemed to be a step further.

“The second drop of HP!”

The crowd went wild as they anticipated the next blood-stirring moment.

However, Rao Rong wasn’t like any other member Supreme Alliance had ever faced.

He took a step back in the sword formation and moved his mouse. His fingers were flying across the keyboard and his hero was moving with snake-like precision, successfully avoiding the blow coming his way while sending out a signature move!