Chapter 907 - Z Died?

Chapter 907: Z Died?

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“This cont-control is beautiful!”

Indeed, it was beautiful ━ and it successfully controlled Qin Mo, paralyzing him.

Fortunately, he wasn’t below a tower because if he had been, he could have possibly been killed.

Rao Rong’s control left all of Qin Mo’s moves useless and it even had its own defense mechanism. The closer Rao Rong was, the faster Qin Mo’s HP would deplete.

Lin Chentao went straight for the middle lane and came close with a big move, planning to take Qin Mo down.

However, Qin Mo was faster than him, activating a defense barrier.

With a blink of an eye, he retreated back to the bushes, leaving just a stretch of silver-white glow.

This time, Qin Mo was really severely wounded, but Lin Chentao didn’t chase because he knew that it wouldn’t be all.

And indeed, it hadn’t been all.

The next second, a figure glided over and with a lift of his rifle, shot Rao Rong in midair before following with a big move, depleting half his HP.

Rao Rong’s spell was no longer active and he needed to wait a while before he could use it again.

The figure moved elegantly, not giving Lin Chentao a chance at approaching. When he saw him approaching, he dodged before coming at him with a counter attack.

Then Bo Jiu quickly went after Rao Rong because he was left with only a third of his HP.

On the large screen, the silver glow that the rifle caused impaired the crowd’s vision.

Everything happened so quickly that no one could capture it.

The director hurriedly switched out the maps, concluding with Spade Z’s angle.

That was the moment they caught the impact caused by the rifle.

When the silver sparks flashed past, the figure started to change. Every move and action was suave beyond words.

However, Lin Chentao’s defense caused the youngster’s HP to drop.

The crowd held their breaths while he shoutcasters’ senses were strung tight. “That was a tough kill.”

It was 2v1…

Regardless of how strong Spade Z was, he might not be able to win against Rao Rong in a 1v1.

Indeed, it wasn’t possible because Lin Chentao was still chasing, suppressing Spade Z’s attack.

Bo Jiu moved her right hand, shifting aside to avoid Lin Chentao’s first attack, but still couldn’t avoid Rao Rong’s speel.

The youngster was paralyzed to the ground ━ the depletion of HP was the least of her worries because once an assassin was controlled and couldn’t move, there would only be one consequence: Being killed!

“Spade Z shouldn’t be venturing on his own, that is Rao Rong after all, Spade Z is underestimating him.”

But was she really alone?

They couldn’t be sure!

Yin Wuyao noticed the movements of Qin Mo’s finger.

The divergence!

The next second, a white figure appeared on the screen, leaping into the bushes before turning with a counter attack. He unleashed a sword formation and paralyzed Rao Rong!


Before Spade Z’s HP were all gone, Rao Rong had already collapsed onto the ground.

The second kill!

But it hadn’t been an easy kill at all, simply because both Qin Mo and Spade Z were severely wounded.

With a big move by Lin Chentao, at least one of their heads would go rolling.

Hence, Supreme Alliance hadn’t won yet.

Lin Chentao’s eyes turned a maniac shade of red as he dashed towards Spade Z explosively.

Blood splattered in all directions and Spade Z came crashing down.

The Supreme Alliance fans were just about to break into a cheer, but right now, they had to force it all down.

Especially those who remembered the youngster’s previous loss, which was also under Lin Chentao’s sword. It was practically a replay.

The joy from taking was extinguished like a bucket of cold water which came splashing down on their head because the moment the youngster fell, an unexplainable ache spread through their chests…