Chapter 908 - An Incredible Double-Kill

Chapter 908: An Incredible Double-Kill

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Spade Z wasn’t weak, but the opponents kept growing stronger.

Lin Chentao was no longer the player from the regional battle.

This was probably because of the partner who suited him, allowing his potential to be unleashed.

He wasn’t much weaker than Spade Z.

He had speed, maneuvering, and with Rao Rong’s control, the effect was truly alarming.

They were just praying that Qin Mo would escape.

But what they couldn’t understand was why Almighty Qin had no intentions of leaving!

But why? Was he going to fight against Lin Chentao in his severely wounded state?

He wouldn’t stand a chance even if he was Almighty Qin. What exactly was wrong with Almighty Qin today? He wasn’t playing according to plan at all?

Just as the crowd was fretting over his actions, one of the shoutcasters exclaimed loudly, “The revival armor! Spade Z is using the revival armor!”

The revival armor was just as its name suggested, an armour which allows its user to be revived.

It was common for the hero who leads the game to have such an equipment.

Of course, adequate finances were necessary for this armor.

“Is this perhaps the reason Spade Z has been going after the soldiers, the Tyrant Ruler and the beasts?”

The shoutcaster was in disbelief.

Revival armor?

Although a portion of the crowd was still confused, Lin Chentao wasn’t. After Spade Z had been killed, he had already detected something amiss!

As seasoned player, he was aware of the situation.

Before this, no one would have expected Little Spade to have the revival armor.

When exactly did he get the revival armor? He clearly didn’t have it before!

That was the question everyone was concerned about.

It wasn’t just Lin Feng or the shoutcaster, even the crowd were dying to find out.

The director sat at the back directing the livestream. Right at this moment, the hits online were off the charts.

When the shoutcaster shouted the two words, experienced Almighties came gushing into the livestream since this double was too good to miss.

Many of them wanted to know when Spade Z had gotten hold of the revival armor.

The benefits of a livestream were having half a screen of the shoutcaster’s explanation and another half of the live action.

This time, the National League was airing nationwide.

The film crew was composed of professionals and understood what the audience was looking for. Thus, they flashed Spade Z’s previous moments.

It was when Spade Z was still being controlled by Rao Rong.

The youngster tapped open the equipment list with her left hand and hurriedly sold all her other equipment, purchasing the revival armor with all her gold.

Spade Z hadn’t died and still had half of her HP.

Unexpectedly, the youngster actually changed out her equipment at this moment!

Her fingers flew across the keyboard, completing the actions in an instant.

Just a look at how the youngster swapped out the maps was enough because it was simply insane.

The crowd at the arena went wild.

A countless number of eyes stared at the screen. Their breathing seemed to have slowed while time seemed to be flying.

But at this moment, it seemed to have come to a stop.

Although a whole bunch of emotions went through Lin Chentao, his first reaction was to want to stab Spade Z.

However, he no longer had his big move and his attack power wasn’t enough.

Those that played Hero often assumed HP was the key indicator of victory, but it wasn’t.

Although it greatly depended on the hero’s equipment and finances, the most important part was whether the hero had a big move with enough attack power.

How was the hero supposed to fight on if it had already been used?

Besides, Lin Chentao had to face Spade Z.

At this moment, the director swiftly switched the angle.

The originally collapsed youngster had already stood back up and was dodging Lin Chentao’s attack. With a lift of her rifle, a white light flashed. It was a nomen’s land with a ten metre radius!

That gleam was taking a toll on Lin Chentao.

Qin Mo, who was nearby, came forward, his longsword glaring amongst his floating robes.

In a short instant, Lin Chentao was severely wounded. Qin Mo had slowed his movements after his strike.

Fortunately, there was a defense tower ahead.

As long as he could reach the tower, he could rid himself of their pursuit.

At this moment, Lin Chentao’s palms were soaked with sweat and even his teammates had their fists clenched.

Rao Rong was counting down to his revival.

There were three seconds left!

Lin Chentao had rushed to the bottom of the tower. But was he really able to escape?

Just as some were starting to relax, the youngster leaped up high. With a flurry of actions, her left hand flying across the keyboard, and a lift of her rifle, she swamped through a whole crowd before retreating!

Behind her, silvery sparks flew from the collision, along with the dazzling sparks covering the sky.

A splendid tower-kill!


The words flashed across the screen.

Through the silver sparks, a rifle at her back, and her sleeves afloat, the youngster stood alone and upright as the destruction continued behind him.

In that instant, many of the fangirls bolted upright, covering their faces as they screamed, “Spade Z!”

The most handsome rear view was this and the background was becoming the most suitable props.

After the kill, the youngster took two steps forward before dashing forward to finish off a whole army of troops.

The tower was destroyed and the troops were cleared.

In this double, Supreme Alliance had taken two heads!

Both of them didn’t head back to the city. Instead, they bolted into the wilderness at both sides like flashes of lighting.

They replenished their HP by killing beasts. Once they were done, they gathered back in the middle lane as though they had discussed beforehand.

When they returned, their HP were full once again!

Even the shoutcasters wanted to bolt upright because Supreme Alliance this year was really amazing!

They were so strong that nothing seemed out of their control.

No amount of break-down could explain their playing style as it was too unorthodox and there wasn’t any fuss, it was just one word: kill!

Even Qin Mo’s playing style seemed completely new, with much more impact than normal.

He was no longer held back by the big picture, with the sole duty of fighting alongside one person.

“Is this perhaps the secret weapon Feng Yi had spoken about?”

Some of the club managers seemed in a daze.

They recalled Feng Yi’s smiling face during their gathering and the speech he had held when he had raised his wine glass.

They assumed he had been provoking them with Spade Z, but from the looks of things, that wasn’t all he was referring to.

Instead, he was referring to the effect caused by the chemistry between Spade Z and Qin Mo!