Chapter 909 - Hoshino’s Appearance

Chapter 909: Hoshino’s Appearance

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The two of them moved in tandem, taking down a defense tower forcefully.

After Rao Rong had revived, he could only safeguard the tower in the middle lane.

The towers on either sides had already been demolished by troops. After Qin Mo and Bo Jiu had separated, they each took charge of a lane.

It didn’t seem right regardless of which lane he picked.

However, that wasn’t even all because he was running out of time.

Was this Supreme Alliance’s tactic?

The shoutcasters were at a loss for words.

At this moment, at the highest level of the audience stand, a pretty boy slouched in his VIP seat. He was seated directly in front of the large screen with the best view.

He sat in a specially made chair which was comfier than the others. It seemed as if his long legs could extend fully was solely because the chair was made specifically for him.

Calling him a beauty was an apt expression.

The front two buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned, exposing his elegant neckline, which stretched into his devilish face.

His silky and smooth black hair rested against his back, but he there wasn’t an inch of femininity.

Instead, it was an overbearing sort of handsomeness.

“This is the person you wanted to see?”

The beauty tilted his head over, glancing over at the person beside him with an arched brow.

As he was talking to Hoshino, his gentle, aristocratic was face calm and his lips were lifted in spite of the situation. When he saw Bo Jiu, that smile deepened, making him seem being much more comfy than usual.

“Pssh!” The Beauty shook his head as he turned, his arms resting on Hoshino’s shoulder. “Such a sweet smile you have there, those that aren’t aware would think you were the one seated in front of the computer. Isn’t he just a little bit better?”

Hoshino turned, watching the enlarged face. “You should understand the reason for my attention now?”

“Qin Mo, Spade Z.” The beauty chuckled, his fingers caressing his chin. “Indeed, they aren’t bad and if I’m not wrong, Qin Mo plays the same way as I do. But you don’t seem to be watching Qin Mo. It’s the other person, the youngster with silver hair, right? Hoshino, when did you start appreciating others?”

Hoshino took a sip of tea. “Why does that sound like I’m a narcissistic bast*rd? I don’t even know how to appreciate others?”

The beauty took a look at Hoshino before breaking into a lazy smile. “Alright, the match is about to end, Supreme Alliance will definitely emerge as the victor. Now that you have seen what you wanted, is it about time we leave. Your captain over here is tired.”

Hoshino took at look at the obviously restless person and stood up. “Let’s go.”

“It is indeed time to go. If you aren’t leaving, I’m going to start suspecting you are in love.” The beauty stuffed a hand into his pocket. Once he stood up, he carried an imposing aura.

Hoshino had always known that the beauty had never been a simple person with his mafia background.

He didn’t retort and took a step away.

The beauty took two steps as well before he paused. He turned sharply, his phoenix-like eyes sweeping across the silver-haired youngster in front of the computer. He curled his lips slightly, emitting a dangerous aura.

It was like lions living in the same grasslands, elegant but more deadly than anyone else.

Spade Z? Who exactly was he to receive Hoshino’s concern?