Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Almighty Qin Says, Who Does He Think He Is? Daring to Challenge My Little Brother?

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Qin Mo was among the audience watching the live stream. His long, slim fingers held a cigarette. He looked at those words and loosened his tie with his hands. His legs were slightly crossed as he sat on his high class armchair made of genuine leather. The corner of his mouth curled up into a freezing arc.

With his ability, he dared to coach his little brother?

Thinking of the clean and elegant operation of that pretty young man, he again took a look at Liang Xuguang, who was full of himself. Qin Mo suddenly realized that his younger brother was countless times better than this guy. He would be even better if he could quit his flirting habit.

Of course, Almighty Qin didn’t realize that he had become a maniac obsessed with his little brother.

In the internet cafe, Fu Jiu was wearing black headphones, and she replied with one word and an evil smile. “You.”

“Me?” Liang Xuguang laughed even louder, “Dear fan, I think you should choose other players. If you battle me, your HP will be drained really quickly.”

Fu Jiu held a lollipop in her mouth and snorted. “How do you know that if you don’t fight me? What? Are you chickening out?”

“Dear friend, I was being nice to you, but since you insist, then let’s have a go at it.” Liang Xuguang moved his fingers and logged into Hero.

Suddenly, the battle between the two of them was shown on the screen.

Fu Jiu’s ID couldn’t be any newer, but if Liang Xuguang had been careful enough to take a look at her profile before the battle, he wouldn’t be so arrogant now.

A new ID completed 29 FC’s (First Clears) in a short month. With this record, he could be the top player in any club!

Liang Xuguang only saw that this Spade Z was wearing crappy clothes and carrying on his back a bronze sword that was probably given as a gift after picking up some basic skills from a sundry shop. His eyes became even more disdainful. “Friend, your equipment is really inferior. Do you need me to give you a handicap?”

“No need.” Fu Jiu struck the keyboard and spit the candy out. She then skillfully took out a new chocolate flavor lollipop, smiling lightly with her head tilted. “Do all pro players talk this much when they play?”

Liang Xuguang narrowed his eyes and thought, Wasn’t he taking this too far?

“Heh, if so, then let’s begin.” Everyone who was watching the live stream could see the cold smile on Liang Xuguang’s face.

Zhang Yingchao and Nie Xu were cheering on the side, “Xuguang, the other party is a non-professional player after all. Just teach him a lesson and get it over with.”

“Ok, give me a minute. Let me shut this one down and we shall play some rounds for the live streaming.” Liang Xuguang confidently put his headphones on. He waited for the three-second countdown. He planned to first daze the other party, before killing him with a barrage of attacks. That would look good on the stream.

However, to his surprise, he had only just moved his index finger and had yet to show off the skills he was most proud of before a screen full of glowing lights flashed. He saw his HP decrease at a blazing speed. He didn’t even see the other party’s actions clearly before he fell down into a pool of of his own blood!

In the internet cafe, Fu Jiu was operating her mouse and slamming on the keyboard, executing brilliant movements and operations. The other party didn’t even have a chance to respawn yet when she released another big move!

Liang Xuguang didn’t have the time to block it, and two giant characters showed up on the screen: “K.O.”