Chapter 910 - Sending Candies Again

Chapter 910: Sending Candies Again

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It was obvious that the end was near because the defense towers on the two sides were brutally destroyed and the one on the middle lane was pushed down by both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo.

The differences in their finances were too drastic that even Rao Rong couldn’t stop that.

However, it was no doubt a brilliant match or it wouldn’t have gone on for about two hours.

Even though Qin Mo and Bo Jiu had reached the city, they didn’t succeed immediately. They still had to persist for almost half an hour.

In the end, Qin Mo had used the revival armor as well.

Bo Jiu managed to take down their city lake.

Once it was in pieces, two words flashed across the screens and the crowd bolted upright!

Lin Feng turned towards Yun Hu, the most brilliant smile spreading across his face. “Hu, we won!”

Supreme Alliance had won the 1v1 as well as the 2v2.

Two wins out of three. Even though there was still a team battle left, it wouldn’t have any impact on the outcome.

The shoutcasters were still in a daze. They watched as the youngster and Qin Mo stood up, the two back views which were always pleasing to the eyes. Their pure black battle uniform made them look like commanders of an interstellar ship. They finally experienced how explosive they were.

A Supreme Alliance like this was worthy enough to go against Xiangnan…

Only Lin Chentao hadn’t stood up as he had his grievances.

It was a regret which couldn’t be explained. If only he had been faster, just a little faster. Or perhaps if he had been smarter, this wouldn’t have happened. Why didn’t he think of the revival armor?

Lin Chentao tightened his grip around the mouse, his fringe falling across his face and shielding his expression.

Even so, the downward tilt of his lips could be seen.

At this moment, a hand pressed down on his head and a clear voice rang in his ears. “We can come back next year.”

It was Rao Rong with his sharp features still emotionless.

Lin Chentao could no longer hold it in. He rubbed his nose and bolted up, his voice muffled. “Yes!”

Geez, he was just like a loyal puppy in front of his captain!

Bo Jiu glanced over.

Her guard against Rao Rong was lessening. Instead, there were matters she could help him with.

Since he was such a good captain, Lin Chentao probably couldn’t bear to see him leave.

The teammates gathered.

Feng Yi was here to send news, his lips curved into a sly smile as always.

“The competition between Xiangnan and Dream has ended.” He looked them all in the eye. “Three wins and no losses, Xiangnan won all three matches.”

It wasn’t anything surprising, in fact, it was within their expectations.

Ever since the National League had begun, all of their results have been three wins to no losses

Lin Feng looked serious once again. “We’re going to have three wins as well.”

There was still a team battle. Even though Supreme Alliance had already won, they still had to give it their all as a form of respect to their competitors.

Feng Yi laughed lightly. “Good Luck.”

Many assumed that Supreme Alliance was competing against the Xiangnan team.

But actually, Supreme Alliance had always been competing against themselves ever since they had debuted.

In esports, only the skills mattered. This was living up to their youth.

Lin Chentao’s team was in a solemn mood.

Everyone of their members had their head hung low, their faces clouded with sorrow. In the face of the obvious outcome, they didn’t wish to take on another match.

Rao Rong glanced over, pressing onto one of their shoulders. “Are you guys trying to tell others we aren’t broadminded enough for the third match?”

“What’s the use of competing when we have already lost.” Li Nuo scoffed. “You bragged so much when you were back, but now, you still ended up losing.”

Lin Chentao wanted to stuff that rich kid back into his mother’s womb!

He never seemed to understand how badly they would have lost a countless number of times if it hadn’t been for their captain. Did he really think the collaboration between Spade Z and Qin Mo was as easy as it looked?

Lin Chentao tightened his grip, prepared to retort.

However, a deep voice spoke, “I’m indeed the one dragging you down for this double, but you guys have to compete in the team battle. It isn’t for the outcome. If you give up the chance to exchange hands with them, you’ll never understand what kind of team Supreme Alliance is. The statistics and research won’t matter because they will always be stronger than the second before. That is Supreme Alliance.”

Rao Rong’s eyes deepened as he looked into every member’s eyes. “Are you just going to give up?”

One of them stood up. “I’ll compete.”

Li Nuo didn’t understand them at all, he saw them as a pretentious bunch. Regardless, he wasn’t going to compete and got the little kid he always bullied to take his place.

The little kid was just a rookie and his hands shook even when he held the mouse.

However, esports seemed to contain a certain hypnotizing aura because even as a rookie, he wanted to compete alongside his seniors.

Without caring about the results, for the sake of themselves, who persisted on understanding the various Almighties even when they were dead tired.

The team battle began.

To those that only cared about the results, the match was already over.

Meanwhile ten kilometers away from the arena and inside an apartment, the doorbell rang.

A piece of news popped up on the computer.

A tall and slender man closed the pop-up and walked towards a sweet looking girl. “Rao Rong lost and the money has been wired in. Is it time to prepare for the Sacrifice?”

“Let’s wait a while more.” The girl’s fingers swept across the screen, her lips lifted, but instead of being pleased, she seemed more sinister. “Rao Rong didn’t lose on purpose.”

A flash of surprise flashed across the tall and slender guy. “You mean…”

“I guess those that aren’t our kind aren’t able to cooperate.” The girl’s voice turned cold. “Since the matter has escalated to such a state, throw him out. With the crime squad investigating at such lengths, someone has to take the blame. Let him know I’ll avenge his father’s grievances as long as he admits to the crime and that this is his last chance. My patience is running thin.”

The tall and slender guy chuckled. “You should have done that earlier. A dog that isn’t loyal would only end up biting his owner. I’ll get it done now. With that, the crime squad will steer their attention towards Rao Rong, giving our goods a chance to go out. Gold Triangle is starting to get impatient. Should we give Rao Rong a jab? It’ll save us trouble in the future.”

“That isn’t necessary, Qin Mo would be able to detect that.” Mixed emotions clouded her face. One was adoration and the other hatred. “He has never been easy to deal with, I’m sure you know that.”

The tall, slender guy glanced up, his gaze deep with meaning. “I’m afraid that will start to change soon.”

The girl turned to look at him as he continued, “One of the higher-ups mentioned that the new criminal psychologist has arrived.”

“That’s good…” The girl’s eyes started to dim, a chilly and sinister aura pouring out. “Anyways, have you gotten any news on the person I got you to investigate?”

The tall, slender man shook his head. “At this moment, there isn’t anyone who has admitted to the network attack against you and no one seems to have an idea of who could be the mastermind. Logically speaking, there isn’t such a skilled hacker in China. That day, did you accidentally screw up somewhere? But I wasn’t exactly empty handed, Qin Mo seems to have a hacking expert whom he has discovered. You should know him, he goes by the name Fatty and was also in the plaza that day. It might have been done by him.”

“I understand, find a way to contact Young Miss Wu.” The girl looked at her fingernails. “I want to know the specific things she did to have Qin Mo go after the Wu family. More importantly, what sort of dirt does she have on Spade Z? Get it all out to cause some trouble. I have told you before, in order to destroy someone, you have to start with the people around him.”

The tall and slender guy’s gaze dimmed. “Don’t worry, I’ll get on it immediately.”

Their conversation ended.

In her heart, she was probably convinced that a slip attributed to her being caught.

Since no one in the hacker chat had come forward, it had probably been Fatty.

The girl hadn’t given up, and used the network to search once more.

After searching through all the top listed hackers, she still couldn’t find anything.

At this moment, the network phone rang.

It was from the higher-ups.

Her lips curled upwards as she accepted the call. “We all made a kill this time, so isn’t it time to give us some concessions? It’s time our goods are sent out.”

“That’s the reason for my call. Now that the attention is geared elsewhere, you can do your business as you please. I will let you know if there are any sudden spot checks.”

The girl’s lips curled into a satisfied smile. “How is this my business? It’s ours and I have settled everything on my end, the people and goods. First, I’ll get the female students hooked before opening the market. You should know how much the youngsters like to play these days, anything new is considered a thrill for them.”

“Of course I’m aware, but what’s your motive for coming into the mainland so suddenly? If it’s purely because of business, why did you cause so much trouble? You used a murder case as cover just to earn money?”

It was a trap, he knew what could be done and what couldn’t.

The girl looked at the bags of white powder and smiled. “Of course it’s for money.”

To slowly control the entire nation with this product was her motive, but she wasn’t going to let him know.

He didn’t probe and instead issued one last warning. “Don’t go overboard, earn your money, but don’t do anything else. The crime squad can’t be stalled endlessly.”

“I understand.” The girl added, “Don’t worry, I don’t like killing people that much.”

Watching them commit suicide was solely to let that person know that not everyone in this world was humane.

This was her motive.

Qin Mo should have joined them as this was the only way his potential could have been maximized.

They were the kind of people who belonged at the top.

Toying with humans’ fates was the most beautiful thing.

However, he had to have his principles.

Since he was so determined, she would destroy those roots…

At the same time in the city in Director Huang’s office, someone leaned over with a magnifying glass in his hands. He was of mixed blood and because of his European descent, he had a striking presence.

He seemed like a gentleman from the British monarchy.

His fingers tapped the documents, zeroing on his target quickly. “I think there’s a need to investigate everyone at the theater that day. Isn’t there a Chinese saying, ‘Better to kill a thousand than let go of one’.”

Director Huang wanted to question his Chinese sources. Besides, they were a country governed by laws and not violence.

“Mr Smith, do you need help in any other area?”

With his boss around, Director Huang had to remain polite.

Smith looked at him. “I heard there’s another criminal psychologist here. It’s been almost a month, but there still isn’t any trace of Z. Hence, I would like for him to send me the investigation results. I don’t intend to cut him off the case, but I’ll be leading while he can assist. We are criminal psychologist after all, and some may not be able to follow our train of thought.”

Director Huang wanted to call Qin Mo and put him on speaker so that he could hear how this new guy was despising him.

It wasn’t easy to find someone who despised Young Master Qin.

“So, Mr Smith, are you saying Z is the mastermind for these series of cases?”

“Mmh.” He took a moment before adding, “The crime execution is ninety percent similar, but I can’t be sure of the other factors. I have understood more about the situation before coming. Your criminal psychologist has overthrown my conjectures because he doesn’t believe the crimes were done by Z. Since we have exchanged hands in the Fifth Avenue, I am more than clear what sort of tactic Z uses, so we can’t just let all guards down.”

Director Huang: …

Little Huang didn’t wish to say anything anymore, he just wanted to call Young Master Qin!

Fortunately, he didn’t continue his attack and started his analysis.

After listening to it entirely, he realized how screwed he was.

He had a bad feeling, but he couldn’t tell what it was exactly…

At 5 pm, the competition was officially over.

As the victor, MVP Qin Mo had to do an interview.

The youngster wanted to get a drink, but the moment she took a step, she felt someone tug her collar. “What is it? Another attempt to run off?”