Chapter 911 - Candy

Chapter 911: Candy

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Bo Jiu arched a brow. “I’m just getting a drink. Why do you make it sound like I’m escaping? Where’s the basic trust between humans?”

Qin Mo eyed the youngster, turning towards the bodyguard at the side. “Get Young Master Jiu a bottle of water.”

“Yes, Boss Qin.” The bodyguards dressed in black would often disguise as assistants who followed by Qin Mo’s side. It was a decision made by his parents after that year to protect Qin Mo’s safety.

Bo Jiu watched as the bodyguard left before turning back to face Qin Mo. It was obvious that he didn’t trust her.

Didn’t sleeping with someone lower their guard? Why didn’t this logic work for the Almighty? Some logics online really couldn’t be trusted.

After he was done admiring the youngster’s sullen expression, Qin Mo spoke cheerily, “What else do you want? Get someone to buy it.”

“Water is fine.” Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, her lips lifted into a smile. They were battling wits after all, she had to hold her ground.


“Brother Mo, could you release my collar?” Being dragged around by the collar wasn’t very elegant.

Qin Mo smiled suavely and came closer to the youngster’s face. “I’ll let go of you when it’s time for the interview.”

He kept his promise. Even after releasing the youngster, he still made sure she was within his line of sight.

Hence, the interviewer couldn’t help sneaking glances at the youngster, who was seated beside Almighty Qin.

As the final match was approaching, the interview was unlike before.

It was a miniature live interview because it was a collaboration between the livestream director and the media company.

Although the interview wasn’t long, it was still around seven minutes.

The interviewer would ask questions raised by the audience before.

She had already interviewed the Xiangnan team before Qin Mo.

Now that she was interviewing Supreme Alliance… She glanced at the youngster once more. It was indeed a completely different vibe.

Qin Mo had indicated his wishes to tighten his control, but in reality, he got his bodyguard to bring snacks along with the bottle of mineral water, all of which he tossed into the youngster’s embrace.

Bo Jiu was a glutton and would devour anything in sight.

Her appetite was huge.

At this hour, she would be hungry, especially after an intensive game.

The Almighty was indeed meticulous and detailed in certain aspects.

Moreover, Bo Jiu didn’t have much to do. Hence, she opened one of the snacks and started to nibble on the biscuits while watching the Almighty’s interview.

She slouched back lazily, her silver hair pinned back by a hair clip and her face clean and ravishing. Her signature smile stretched across her face alluring, but she was completely oblivious to her imposing presence.

The interviewer struggled to retain her focus and cleared her voice as a thought struck her. She set aside the questions she had prepared and smiled. “Almighty Qin, after the competition, the net exploded with the successful pairing between you and Spade Z, it was akin to two kings collaborating. How exactly did you guys manage to develop such camaraderie? Is it convenient for you to share?”

After being pointed out, Bo Jiu paused slightly. Her bright eyes and teeth were a ravishing sight.

Qin Mo swept the dazed person a glance, laughter spreading across his eyes along with a playful teasing glint. When he looked back into the camera, the sparkle had calmed. “Our chemistry is a natural byproduct from sleeping and eating together.”

The interviewer couldn’t seem to believe her ears. She struggled to suppress the desire to scream and repeated calmly, “Sleeping and eating together seems like a great way to work on your chemistry.”

As this is a livestream, right after the words left his mouth, the audience went wild!

“Oh my gosh, what did I just hear? The Almighty and Big Spade are cohabiting?”

“Since they eat and sleep together, I’m more curious as to how they sleep. Starry-eyed emoji.”

“Wait a minute, am I the only one who thinks Almighty Qin is looking at someone just now?”

“I feel the same way, shouldn’t Almighty Qin be looking at the camera during a livestream?”

“Let’s put that aside first. Interviewer, could you hurry and ask Almighty Qin if he is cohabiting with Big Spade?! I have a feeling I’m going to be heartbroken! I just fell for a youngster and he already belongs to someone else.”

Everyone was asking the same question. Even if the interviewer wished to avoid it, she couldn’t pretend not to have seen it. Besides, with such a huge curiosity looming around, the interviewer couldn’t just ignore it, hence, she continued cautiously, “Some teams would book hotels for their teammates to stay together in order to build up their rapport. They would also have two to three days of intensive training to discuss their tactics. Did Almighty Qin and Spade Z do the same?”

“No.” It was an unexpected answer. Qin Mo remained emotionless as though he was replying to an ordinary question. “We stay together.”

This time, the interviewer was really caught off guard. “St-stay-stay to-gether?”

Qin Mo replied, “Mmh.”

Bo Jiu frowned slightly. When had they started living together? As the main party, why wasn’t she aware?

The interviewer was agitated beyond words since this piece of news was indeed a benefit to certain fans.

The comments on the livestream went out of control as a whole wave of screaming came through.

The interviewer maintained her composure. “Almighty Qin, you mean you have been staying together? Cohabiting?”

“You can understand it that way,” Qin Mo replied faintly. He stood there elegantly, especially with his battle gear, but he still managed to throw them such a bomb!

He was clearly admitting to cohabiting and that wasn’t even all.

When the youngster stood up, Qin Mo turned over, his voice soft, but obvious enough for the audience watching the livestream to hear. “Wait a while more.”

It was a fleeting moment when another wave of comments exploded in the comment section!

“That explains why the Almighty has been glancing down so many times since the start of the interview!”

“Ahhhh, did you hear the Almighty’s tone? It was such a loving and indulgent command, I bet a hundred dollars Big Spade is the person beside him!”

“I’ll add another hundred! I never expected my Big Spade to be such a loyal pup, waiting for the Almighty at the side while he does his interview.”

“I can totally imagine how they are at the moment, with one of them doing the livestream and the other waiting by his side. I can feel their overpowering love even through the screens!”

“They belong to the same team after all, some of you CP fans should tone it down or it’s going to bring hate towards your Big Spade.”

With that, some assumed the heat would calm.

Over at the livestream studio, Qin Mo could see the comments. When he caught sight of the last one, he paused, his gaze darkening.

The next second, he turned. “The audience has found out you’re watching the interview, come over and greet them.”

“Watching?! Which means there really is someone!” There was obvious agitation on the other end.

This time, Bo Jiu could no longer escape.

The interviewer was completely caught off guard!

Since when had the Almighty been so polite during a livestream? And when had he become so enthusiastic?

In the past, the Almighty had never interacted with the audience in such a manner. Anything beside a technical question would be dismissed with “Mmh” or something not more than two words.

To take note of their comments like today had never happened before.

The youngster stuffed a hand into his pocket and smiled. “I wouldn’t make a cameo, this is Brother Mo’s interview after all,” a clear and smooth voice spoke.

It wasn’t rushed or frustrated and a little deep, sending the audience wild!

“F*ck, it really is my Big Spade!”

“What did I say just now?! Big Spade is the only one with such an effect on the Almighty!”

“They are actually together even during the interview, it’ll be hard to believe there isn’t anything between the both of them and let me emphasis this, I’m a straight guy!”

“The emphasis isn’t very convincing, but I would love to see Big Spade on the screen since the short screen time during the competition wasn’t enough.”

“With Almighty Qin’s possessiveness, I doubt Big Spade would really appear. You better give up.”

And undoubtedly, his words hit the spot.

Qin Mo wouldn’t let a certain someone appear. He only spoke to her to align some of the fans’ thoughts.

He made it clear enough and still yearned to tell the whole world that this person belonged to him.

Unexpectedly, ever since Qin Mo had spoken, those who threatened the CP fans not to spread rumours had all disappeared.

For the next few minutes of the interview, Qin Mo would occasionally turn to speak with the youngster.

“Someone asked what Big Spade is doing while the Almighty does his livestream.” After reading the question, Qin Mo replied calmly, “Your Big Spade is eating his biscuit.”

Some of them started to imagine again how the youngster was eating biscuit ravishingly.

It would take them a moment, but that couldn’t beat the livestream with two of their Almighties, one with just his voice and another with his dashing appearance.

It was enough for their fans since it was an interview between the both of them.

This wave of candies was just right.

As the interview reached its end, the interviewer reached for her mic. “Almighty Qin, thank you for your interview and also to Almighty Spade. May Supreme Alliance bring us more surprises in the matches to come.”

After the interview, Bo Jiu had somehow ended up cohabiting.

Far away in England, Movie Queen An had also watched the interview.

She held an apple in her hand, an essential to maintaining her figure, which was necessary as an actress.

Even then, when she heard her son answer the questions, Movie Queen An was slightly startled.

Even though she knew their relationship wasn’t ordinary, she had never known that it had reached such a state.

Cohabit? The son who was obsessed with silence and wanted to live alone in his room was actually cohabiting?

Movie Queen An kept her phone. With her sharp nose and mesmerizing eyes, she could feel something amiss.

Qin Mo and Jiu, had they done something inappropriate…

That was her only concern. Her eyes contained her understanding and she stood up, facing the person behind her. “Book a plane ticket, I’m going back to take a look.”

“Yes, Madam.”

She was a mother after all.

At the same time, over at Lin Feng’s end, it was an entirely different scene. He was still dressed in his battle gear and was resting in the rest lounge with his phone in his hand as he reassured, “Mom, I have always taken care of Hu, you don’t have to worry about that. You’re asking how I take care of him? Isn’t it like the usual? Of course, we definitely sleep under the same roof, what do you mean by going too far?”

Lin Feng was confused because Mother Lin didn’t make it obvious. Even though she was an accepting person, such matters didn’t count as the situation couldn’t be any clearer.

Every time they went out for a competition, as long as the activity required them to sleep together, her little rascal would always end up with Hu.

That was clearly a plan by her son in order to get closer to Hu.

Mother Lin felt like she understood the matter and came forward with a plan. “You have another competition in two days, you should place your attention there and maintain a suitable distance with Hu. You’re going to affect his chances at getting a girlfriend.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng replied flippantly, but deep inside he wanted to tell her that Hu was the reason he couldn’t get a girlfriend and that he had no intentions of getting one.

But there were certain things he couldn’t say, hence, he could only persist on his own.

Mother Li continued, “There’s something more important.”

“What is it?” Lin Feng stood there awaiting the command.

Mother Lin replied in a deep tone, “Regardless of when it is and what you have impulses for, don’t ever take action with Hu, do you understand? That’s all, goodbye.”

Lin Feng heard the line going off, his face clouded with confusion. What’s up with this situation? Why did she give him such commands? He was indeed violent, but he would never hit Yun Hu. Moreover, his mother had never been concerned about such matters before.

Something seemed amiss even though he couldn’t specify what it was…

On the other end, Qin Mo was done with the interview and was walking towards Bo Jiu. “What have you wanted to do just now?”