Chapter 912 - Mo Jiu Sending Candies

Chapter 912: Mo Jiu Sending Candies

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“Toilet, to release myself.” Bo Jiu stood there, her brows arched as if to ask if he was going to let someone do this on behalf of her as well.

This time, Qin Mo didn’t get anyone to do it on her behalf. He lowered his lids and replied calmly, “Together.”

Bo Jiu: …

The interviewer hadn’t left, or more accurate, the interview team hadn’t left. The livestream was over and the cameras were off, but they were still around.

After listening to their conversation, the crew members pretended to look elsewhere as they continued to eavesdrop.

“Brother Mo, are you going to watch over me the entire day?” The youngster smiled slyly.

Qin Mo swept her a glance. “Those with a bad record have to be watched over tightly.”

Hence, in the Almighty’s eyes, she was someone with a ‘bad record’. Bo Jiu couldn’t help feeling sullen over it.

At this moment, a certain someone lifted her chin.

Bo Jiu assumed he wouldn’t do much in public, but the Almighty was oblivious to their stares.

“How did you get crumbs all over your face?” Qin Mo asked, his voice silky smooth.

Bo Jiu raised her hands, prepared to wipe her mouth, but the moment she lifted her arms, a chilly sensation enveloped her lips. It carried a man’s unique minty tobacco smell. The touch felt familiar.

Bo Jiu paused and her dark eyes watched the magnified face.

They were so close that she could clearly see the Almighty’s enviable lashes, the elegant aristocratic face which didn’t need maintenance, and that exceptionally high nose bridge.

His dark eyes carried a hint of grey.

Bo Jiu knew it was because of his mixed descent.

It was devilish.

Anyone who saw it would be caught off guard, especially by the Almighty’s actions…

Bo Jiu could distinctly feel his tongue caressing her lips, the feathery touch unexplainable.

Bo Jiu felt her ears tremble.

Where did he learn to take action without prior notice?

“Alright.” Qin Mo straightened, his fingers still caressing the youngster’s chin. A smile was brightening up his face. “What is it? You want another kiss? I’ll wait till there isn’t anyone.”

With that, Bo Jiu was even more depressed while the interview team was shocked.

No one knew how their emotions shattered when they saw the aristocratic man turn to kiss the youngster!

That scene was beautiful as the two of them were looking compatible together.

But, Almighty Qin, did you even care about the people around?!

Qin Mo turned to sweep them a glance.

The crew members had been in the industry for a while and knew what could be reported and what couldn’t.

Be it professional ethics or because of their own future, they would never let a word out about the scene they had just witnessed.

That aside, they had always thought the fans online had been imagining things since it was common for teammates to have their arms around each other and stay together. It was a special arrangement that could happen because of the National League.

They knew how much Young Master Qin took care of his personal well-being, regardless of how good looking guys and girls around him were.

But now… He was clearly the one approaching the youngster!