Chapter 913 - Exceptionally Sweet

Chapter 913: Exceptionally Sweet

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Regardless, kissing someone in public was indeed explosive news.

Just a look of the interviewer’s face and anyone could understand how shocked they were.

In fact, even Qin Mo’s long time bodyguard seemed startled even though he perfectly concealed his emotions.

But, Young Master, if Madam and Sir saw what you did, what would they think?

It was obvious that he was claiming his rights over the youngster.

This was probably because the one comment in the livestream had provoked him, so he decided to let the people within the industry know it wasn’t just their imagination.

This person belonged to him.

His fingers caressed her smooth chin.

Qin Mo watched the younster’s eyes, and was reminded of the lazy way she ate her biscuit. At that moment, she seemed so obedient; he wanted to give her a pinch.

Just a kiss alone was obviously not enough for Qin Mo.

He grabbed the youngster’s wrist and headed towards the doorway.

Bo Jiu watched him. “What are you doing?”

“Didn’t you want to use the toilet?” Qin Mo replied nonchalantly and pulled Bo Jiu into a corner.

Bo Jiu wasn’t dumb, this wasn’t a place to release herself.

She raised her eyes helplessly. Before she could say anything, she was pressed against the wall and his lips came crashing down. This time, the strength was clearly unlike the kiss before.

He reached out and pressed onto the youngster’s waist, forcing her pink lips open. He caressed and teased, not letting an inch go.

Bo Jiu already knew that she wasn’t his match in this area.

Her mind went blank and a numbing sensation spread through her, her legs softening.

His hands went under her shirt, sending a tremble through her.

She softened into a puddle of water ━ fortunately, he held onto her. His warm breath was splashing onto her ears as he spoke, “Very sensitive indeed.”

A flush creeped up her ears, but she didn’t have any strength.

Qin Mo grasped the chance. He looked at the corners of her eyes, which had turned red from the kiss, and his gaze deepened, pressing her tighter against him before going in for another teasing kiss which turned her ears a bright shade of red. That was when he finally stopped, holding her in his embrace with his breathing heavier than usual.

Bo Jiu knew better than anyone else how he looked aroused and his breath entangled with hers.

Worse was that they were witnessed by the same person.

Lin Feng was certain he should get a lottery ticket to test his luck because he seemed to bump into Little Spade kissing Captain wherever he went!

More importantly, they acted as though they hadn’t been doing anything.

Captain tilted his eyes over, sweeping him a glance. His message was clear, he was interrupting them.

Bo Jiu was already depressed, but when she caught sight of Lin Feng’s crumpled face, her spirits were lifted. She raised her arm, placing it on Qin Mo’s shoulders and directed a cheeky smile towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took it as a provocation.

Wasn’t it just a kiss between two guys? After he got used to it, it didn’t seem like much.

As a straight guy, he had to force down the discomfort he felt in order to act unbothered about the situation. “Captain, erm, everyone has gathered and is headed towards the night club for the celebration. I was tasked to get you, Captain. You guys… Come over after you’re done kissing.”

He tossed his words and left hurriedly as though he was being chased by beasts.

Qin Mo retracted his gaze, looking at the hand on his shoulder. “Seems like a certain someone hasn’t been kissed enough.”

Bo Jiu knew he was referring to her. To prevent the Almighty from catching her again, she turned swiftly and made a dashing escape.

Qin Mo glanced at his empty embrace, his good looking lips tilting upwards before he followed behind.

As compared to the previous time, Lin Feng’s reaction appeared more normal and hadn’t turned to study Yun Hu.

It was common knowledge within the esports industry that Supreme Alliance was rich.

Supreme Alliance always had a crazy night of partying after they won a match, it was their tradition.

Moreover, they had a smiling Manager like Feng Yi.

All of them entered the commercial car to return to the hotel for a quick rest and a meal.

After that, they sat in the high speed rail back to Jiang City, which would arrive just before 10 pm.

At this hour, it would seem a waste of their efforts to not party at a nightclub.

That were Lin Feng’s original words.

Supreme Alliance was headed to the Jiang family’s world, the most luxurious table beside the dance floor, and opened about ten bottles of champagne.

At the start, Xue Yaoyao wasn’t aware that they were headed to this nightclub.

Thus when they reached it, she paused.

She knew a little about it since it was, after all, one of the Jiang family’s ventures.

She was just afraid to see a certain someone.

Bo Jiu seemed to have sensed Xue Yaoyao’s discomfort. She turned and stuffed both hands into her pockets arrogantly, her voice gentle and warm. “It’s alright since we’re all here. I doubt they don’t want our business. Or is there perhaps something between you and Jiang Zuo?”

Xue Yaoyao hesitated, before denying it. “It-it’s nothing.”

As she couldn’t lie, her gaze wavered when she replied.

Bo Jiu was just testing the waters. When she saw her reaction, however, she frowned before breaking into a smile. “Don’t worry, it was just a casual remark. Let’s go and have a good celebration.”

Xue Yaoyao nodded, but still felt uneasy. There were certain matters she didn’t wish for Her Highness Jiu to find out.

Ever since the start, she had caused Her Highness Jiu too much trouble. In the end, she would have to deal with such matters herself. Hence, it was best to keep things to herself.

Still, there was something.

Xue Yaoyao lowered her voice. “I was at Jiang family house two days ago and I heard that Miss Wu has been investigating about you. She seemed to have contacted Almighty Qin as well. Your Highness Jiu, why don’t you share a room with me for the next segment of the competition? I’m afraid Almighty Qin will catch on.”

Bo Jiu glanced over, laughing lightly. “The Almighty already knows.”

“He already knows?” Xue Yaoyao stilled. What… What was with this situation?

Bo Jiu continued, “Some of the audience coming to watch the other day found out as well.”

“Audience?” Xue Yaoyao was clearly worried. “You mean your fans? They…”

Bo Jiu paused. “They promised to keep it a secret, but some secrets can’t be kept for long. I still have to deal with Fu Zhongyi. Once I have dealt with him…” Bo Jiu paused, glancing up with a smile. “Yaoyao, it seems like your newly found brother has many female friends.”

She was trying to change the topic.

If it had been in the past, Xue Yaoyao’s first reaction was to turn and see the man that was surrounded by those beautiful girls.

But this time, Xue Yaoyao could tell that Her Highness Jiu was implying something within her words.

After she dealt with Fu Zhongyi? What was she going to do then?

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t dumb, she knew the meaning behind those words.

Ever since the start, she knew that Her Highness Jiu wasn’t like the others.

She was completely unlike an ordinary high school student. Extremely unlike.

But even though she wasn’t like one, it still couldn’t change the fact that she was a high school student.

The Supreme Alliance members hadn’t entered as Qin Mo’s phone rang.

It was from a professor.

The professor was tactful. “I made sure Young Master Qin is done with the competition and back in Jiang City before making this call. The school has made a decision for second year students to stay in the school dorms during their second semester, but your younger brother, Fu Jiu has yet to complete the arrangements.”

“Stay in the school dorms?” Qin Mo frowned slightly. “The male dormitory?”

The professor immediately replied, “That’s right, you have stayed there before in the past and should know that the condition and facility of our school aren’t bad. Even though there are six students in a room, the rooms are big enough.”

Qin Mo replied faintly, “He isn’t suited to staying in school.”

The professor persisted. “But once he reaches the second semester, the academic stress will increase and if he doesn’t stay in, the night classes…”

“I will give him lessons personally.” Qin Mo interrupted emotionlessly. “I’ll make sure he doesn’t do too badly and for the night classes, when will it start? I’ll make sure to send him and pick him up.”

Since he had already made it clear, the professor couldn’t find anymore points to harp on because Young Master Qin was considered as half a parent.

He had even come for the previous parents-teacher meeting. The Professor hung up, but he really couldn’t understand why Young Master Qin didn’t allow Bo Jiu to stay in school. He had clearly stayed there before.

Qin Mo retracted his gaze and turned towards the youngster, who was looking at him with an arched brow.

As Bo Jiu heard the person from across the phone mention her name, she lifted her lips looking beyond handsome.

When she stood in the middle, there was already a handful of girls directing their attention over.

Qin Mo took in all the admiring glances and smirked internally. With her alluring appearance, she wasn’t suited to stay in a male dormitory.

A certain someone was only suited to live by his side obediently.

And that was true.

But the youngster seemed to have a natural inclination towards such places, as she merged with the darkness, especially when she tried to prevent any negative impressions.

The Supreme Alliance members had already changed out into their own clothes before they had gone to the club. At this moment, Bo Jiu was wearing an ancient pair of jeans with specks of white and on top, she wore a pure black t-shirt and had a black cap on her head. She didn’t seem like a girl at all and instead carried a devilish aura.

And when someone glanced over, the youngster held a wine glance and smiled deeply, an alluring sight indeed.

Male dormitory?

Even though she hadn’t heard the full conversation, she managed to grasp the main points.

With her current situation, it would be safer to stay in school since she could gain access to the school’s network and after some skillful adjustments, she would be able to share the network.

When the time had come, it would make hunting people much easier.