Chapter 914 - Continuing Sweetness

Chapter 914: Continuing Sweetness

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The youngster lowered her glance and took a sip of her wine as she thought about the meeting she was going to have with a certain professor… She decided where she stayed.

They moved in a group. With their own striking appearance, they managed to catch the attention of Jiang Zuo almost instantly.

It was obvious that Feng Yi hadn’t informed him beforehand.

When he caught sight of the familiar figure at the back of the group, Jiang Zuo casually pulled out a bottle of wine and headed towards their table.

“Why didn’t you inform me you were coming?” Although the question was directed at Qin Mo, he sat beside Xue Yaoyao.

Xue Yaoyao had just managed to relax, but now she was tensed up, her hands trembling slightly.

Fortunately, Jiang Zuo hadn’t been looking at her and seemed to have walked over just to greet Almighty Qin.

Qin Mo glanced over. “Team gathering.”

It meant that the situation was different and nothing much had to be prepared.

Jiang Zuo laughed lightly, looking very much like a rich young master. “Seems like you have won, your next match should be against Xiangnan…”

“Mmh.” Even though there wasn’t much change in his tone, there was an obvious difference in the way he treated Jiang Zuo.

After all, they were brothers who grew up in the same courtyard.

Seeing that he has no intention of leaving, Xue Yaoyao’s breathing started to increase. The limited space on the sofa pressed them together. Because of this closeness, they could smell each other’s breaths. He rested his hand onto her long legs, a private intimacy.

Xue Yaoyao stiffened, avoiding his hands instinctively!

What was he trying to do?!

Jiang Zuo swept her a glance, his gaze deep as something burned within.

Xue Yaoyao knew what it meant, he was reminding her that the time was up.

It was Thursday, they had agreed… to have sex.

Xue Yaoyao tightened the grip around the wine glass. That was one of the reasons why she didn’t want to come back. Wasn’t it hilarious? He didn’t have any feelings for her, but yet, he wasn’t willing to give in.

He had once mentioned that it was a punishment. It was clear what he wanted to punish her for.

He hated that her family disrupted his original lifestyle.

He had once mentioned as well that both her and her mother were just after his father’s money.

In certain aspects, he hadn’t been wrong. Her mother married Uncle Jiang partly because of her adoration, but a large part of the reason was because the Xue family could no longer leave the Jiang family. Just as her mother had said, with just a command from Uncle Jiang, her little brother could enter a prestigious high school. That played a heavy role in her mother’s heart. Hence, even though Jiang Zuo wasn’t easy to deal with, her mother had never said a harsh word to him and would always endure his behavior.

That wasn’t bad though because it lessened her guilt. But when she saw him with other women… She still had to clarify certain matters, because she didn’t wish to break up anyone’s relationship unknowingly.

There were too many people and some things couldn’t be said here. Xue Yaoyao glanced over at Jiang Zuo before standing up. She turned towards the youngster. “I’m going to the washroom.”