Chapter 915 - on’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Chapter 915: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

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Bo Jiu was still thinking about her dormitory stay, hence, she hadn’t noticed the interaction between Xue Yaoyao and Jiang Zu. But when she heard her speak, she asked warmly, “Do you need me to accompany you? The nightclub can be dangerous sometimes.”

“It’s alright, I’ll be fine alone.” Xue Yaoyao smiled. While her heart softened and her eyes were bright, Jiang Zuo’s eyes dimmed.

He didn’t say much. Instead, he acted as though he hadn’t heard their conversation. He downed the alcohol in his cup and shifted his legs so that Xue Yaoyao could pass.

After less than a minute, he stood up and raised his glass towards Qin Mo. “I still have friends over at the other side, you guys enjoy yourself.”

Qin Mo eyed Jiang Zuo, some matters crystal clear, but he wasn’t one to interfere in someone else’s relationship, especially since he knew him so well. Hence, he finished off with a faint “Mmh”.

Xue Yaoyao stood by the doorway. She wasn’t dressed like the other girls in the club and could be referred to as being extremely conservative.

But after she had slimmed down, she looked fairer than before and her eyes appeared larger. With her hair tied up high, her exposed neck looked pale and slender from the back.

It made others curious about her appearance.

Some of the patrons passed her, one of which was dressed rather maturely. When he caught sight of Xue Yaoyao, his eyes lit up.

He walked over, his voice hushed and features sharp. “Alone?”

As the club wasn’t well illuminated, Xue Yaoyao turned towards the voice.

The man’s eyes deepened. “It’s you.”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t recognize him. Confusion was tainting her eyes. “You are?”

“I know your manager, Feng.” He had a company as well and since he was doing network configuration, he was rather acquainted with esports.

He hadn’t recognized her because of the photos sent over from his employees, but because of her story.

As a professional esports player, Xue Yaoyao held another layer of attraction. She was an ordinary girl just like many out there, but yet she managed to turn into a professional esports player who is loved by many.

Moreover, after she had successfully slimmed down, she had a great story to tell.

After reading her details, he was convinced that if all the girls in the world were this hardworking, many would have ended up differently.

The man smiled, his original intentions on playing turning into something more serious. “Alright, enough about me, what are you doing here alone? A club isn’t a safe place.”

Just as she was about to say something, a familiar deep voice replied, “Boss Ling, you seem to be enjoying yourself. I never knew you were acquainted with my friend.”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t have to turn to know who the voice belonged to.

She hadn’t kept her promise, hence, there was hostility tinged with chilliness in his voice.

“A friend of Boss Jiang?” The man arched a brow as he chuckled. “Doesn’t look like it.”

Jiang Zuo had never acted in such a manner. Even though his lips were curved up, there wasn’t a hint of laughter. “Why doesn’t it look like it?”

“The friends around Boss Jiang are…” He hesitated slightly before continuing, “She doesn’t look like the kind.”

Jiang Zuo glanced over at Xue Yaoyao, who was behind him. Due to the distance, his voice seemed cold. “Boss Ling, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

As the phrase held a deeper meaning, the man frowned, prepared to defend Xue Yaoyao.

Jiang Zuo held onto her, his left hand caressing her wrist. His lips lifted into a polite and formal smile which was clouded with malice. “We have something to talk about. Boss Ling, please.”

Before he could say anything, Jiang Zuo tugged her to the walkway at the side while the bodyguards stood up, blocking the passageway.

Since this was Jiang Zuo’s club, there were certain restricted areas prepared specifically for him.

The walkway was covered with red carpeting and at the end was a luxurious room. The room was usually empty and was made specifically for Jiang Zuo to rest.

Hence, there weren’t many people around besides a few officials and wealthy young masters. When they caught sight of Jiang Zuo holding someone’s hand, they assumed it would be a beauty. The aroused expressions on their faces were obvious.

“Hey, Young Master Jiang has changed his taste. Who is she to Young Master Jiang to have sent her up personally?”

A young man downed his alcohol as he rested his other hand on a woman’s shoulder. He turned, trying to catch a glimpse of Xue Yaoyao’s appearance.

Jiang Zuo moved, keeping her out of sight as he teased, “What’s so good about a girl? Mind your own business, I have something to do here.”

“What business do you have at this hour?” He chuckled merrily. “Alright, alright, I understand, I wouldn’t hold you any longer. Have fun.”

“Alright, get lost.” Jiang Zuo had always acted this way in front of others ━ a young master’s vibe mixed with a ruffian’s aura.

Xue Yaoyao had an idea what he treated her as, but she didn’t retaliate because with her appearance, they wouldn’t be able to see her expression anyways.

Xue Yaoyao just wished that no one would recognize her as she didn’t wish to taint Supreme Alliance’s name.

Jiang Zuo didn’t seem willing for others to know their relationship either or he wouldn’t have shielded her face and said those things.

His attitude towards her hadn’t changed much. His dislike had probably started long ago, but back then, he hadn’t felt a need to pay much attention to a girl with wishful thinking. Back then, she hadn’t been hovering around him much and later when their dispute had escalated, she sort of understood his hatred. He had once told her about how he was upset because Uncle Jiang had forgotten about his mother and that he could only express his unhappiness in front of her. No one would have expected her mother to become the woman Uncle Jiang married.

He probably saw her and her mother as gold diggers.

Ever since that day, he had always looked at her with a chilly stare which seemed to pierce through her bones just like right now.

After entering the luxurious room, Jiang Zuo pushed her onto the sofa before bending down. His voice was ringing in her ears. “I underestimated your tactics. Is that Young Master Fu no longer important to you? Have you changed to someone else?”

Xue Yaoyao clenched her fists. “This has nothing to do with His Highness Jiu!”

Jiang Zuo’s gaze hardened. “You cherish him that much? Heh, how do you think he will see you if he finds out about your true colors.”

Xue Yaoyao met his eyes firmly. “I have always believed that the contract is between the two of us. At the beginning, we already promised to keep it a secret or I wouldn’t have agreed to the proposal.”

“Yes, that is right.” Jiang Zuo smirked, his fingers pinching onto her jaw. He bit down on her lips, not a hint of warmth could be felt when their lips collided. “But don’t forget who begged me to agree to this proposal.”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t have the rights to retort his statement.

“If Young Master Fu was to find out about what you have done, would he be moved by your actions or would he feel the same way I did at the beginning, like you are pestering him?” Jiang Zuo’s fingers slid down her chin, slipping into her clothes. “It’s a pity though, regardless of who you pester, the results are never satisfactory.”

A chilling sensation spread across her collarbone, sending a shock through her. She gripped her fingers tight, her brows furrowed.

Jiang Zuo didn’t like the look on her face because it seemed as though she was suppressing herself and hadn’t fully accepted him.

Chilliness clouded his eyes. “What is it? You aren’t even willing to let me touch you anymore?”

Xue Yaoyao knew if she wasn’t willing, Jiang Zuo would never push on with the next step.

He had already stopped even though his breathe hovered above her and the feeling of his lips could still be felt. At the very least, the hands which were inching towards her tenderness had stopped.

She managed to retain her sanity for a rational conversation.

“I saw you with a really pretty woman just now.” That was what she wanted to say.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Zuo seemed to have calmed down, his lips curving up as he watched her with his mesmerizing eyes which seemed playful yet mocking. “Jealous?”

That was when she realized that he seemed to have misunderstood, hence, she immediately explained, “No, that wasn’t what I meant. Just like when we agreed to the proposal, you have to let me know if you have someone you like so that we can end this relationship. If that isn’t done, someone was bound to be heard. Besides, once you have found someone you like, you will probably hate doing that with me.”

Somehow, he seemed colder than before. “I don’t need your reminder on such matters. Just as you have said, I would never want to touch you if I have someone I like. I’ll let you know when it happens.”

“That’s good,” Xue Yaoyao replied softly before breaking into a smile which looked as though a burden was lifted off her shoulders.

In contrast, Jiang Zuo wasn’t the least bit pleased. He retracted his hand and turned to lit a cigarette, holding it between two fingers. “Aren’t you being too self-entitled?”