Chapter 916 - Thursday Girl

Chapter 916: Thursday Girl

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“How do you think I feel about you?” Jiang Zuo glanced over at her, his eyes deepening. “It’s just the unwillingness to accept, don’t misunderstand your position.”

If it had been before, Xue Yaoyao would definitely have been upset by his words.

But now that she had accepted reality, she kept a clear mind. “I have never misunderstood anything, I was just reminding you since it wouldn’t be good to both of us should anything happen. Likewise, I won’t have unrealistic dreams about you any longer. I have already told you everything that day. If I think about it carefully, it seems rather hilarious for us to have such an arrangement, doesn’t it? This time, I have earned quite a bit from the competition. If you have other thoughts, we can use other ways to settle this issue.”

Jiang Zuo laughed, reaching out to put out his cigarette. The chilliness in his eyes was now obvious.

“That’s right, I seem to have forgotten that you’re now a little Almighty in the esports world. What is it? After gaining some fame, you wish to toss away your dark history?” Jiang Zuo came close, his breath splashing behind her ear. “This game has just begun. As to when it ends, that is up to me, not you.”

Jiang Zuo stood up and walked out of the room. The air around him was so hostile that no one dared to approach him.

Anyone could tell that Young Master Jiang was in a foul mood, which was why he was drinking in the club.

He seemed to be in an even fouler mood than before, although he had brought a girl into the room.

So how did it end up like this?

Xue Yaoyao watched as doors were slammed shut, banging with a resounding thump.

She had a vague idea of how he felt because he had always been the leader.

Hence, he would never allow someone else to end something he wanted to continue.

It was probably due to his pride.

Xue Yaoyao stood up and walked out. The inappropriateness only dawned on her when the employees stared at her collar. She blushed, lowering her head to tidy her clothes before heading back to the table booked by Supreme Alliance.

She originally assumed the arrangement today would be cancelled after he had walked off in such a manner.

However, in less than two minutes and when she had just reached the end of the walkway, she received a text from Jiang Zuo.

The content was to let her teammates know that someone was picking her up and for her to go to their old hut.

Their old hut was where she had had to go every Thursday ever since she had agreed to the proposal.

It was Jiang Zuo’s house that no one else knew of.

There were rumours of beautiful women staying there.

If any of them found out she was a part of those beautiful women, they definitely wouldn’t believe it since her appearance was considered average amongst those women he knew.

Xue Yaoyao had always been self-aware. Especially in this area, she was more than aware.

She was the Thursday girl. The others could have taken the other days even if he had agreed for her to be the only one during the duration of their agreement.

However, the scene today had made her realize just how much she didn’t know him.

The person she had known in the past seemed like a beautiful memory which had ended, but once in a while, she would confuse it as warmth.

Back then, after he had read her message, he had even caressed her head as he remarked, “You chubby little ball, you should wait till you grow up before thinking about relationships…”