Chapter 917 - Come Over

Chapter 917: Come Over

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His brotherly presence had probably only existed before everything had happened.

After the situation had become complicated, she had sincerely understood his thoughts and the gap between them.

Relationships couldn’t be forced and she hoped that theirs could be clarified since she was not someone who pestered others.

Xue Yaoyao did not reply to the text because this day was way too important to each and every one of them.

She was not willing to sit out Supreme Alliance’s victory celebration and she believed that he would find a substitute. To her, Supreme Alliance was not a presence which could be replaced. Besides, with Her Highness Jiu’s intelligence…

Seeing as she did not reply, the arrival of another text came quickly.

Xue Yaoyao glanced at it before replying, “Find someone else, once the National League is over, I will honour our agreement.”

Find someone else?

When Jiang Zuo swept past the three words, his eyes hardened and grew cold.

What sort of person did she see him as? Or was she so unbothered by him that his relationships had nothing to do with her?

Jiang Zuo sat in the backseat of his lengthened black limousine. The interior of the luxury car was extremely glamorous and imposing, with a device lighting his cigarette and an area to place his wine glasses.

He tightened his grip on the phone.

Young Master Fu seemed to have a very important place in her heart.

The driver could distinctly sense the change in his young master’s expression, but he didn’t dare to utter a word.

The next second, he saw Jiang Zuo toss his phone to the side, his entire body blending into the darkness of the night. “We are not going over tonight, head to the courtyard.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The driver was startled, but he managed to keep his emotions concealed. However, previously, his young master had mentioned that he was going to go over with the second young mistress, but from the looks of things, they must have quarrelled.

Outside, the skies continued to darken while the frenzy unique to a nightclub continued to blaze on with the most exciting music which could send the patrons wild.

The DJ wore a pair of black headphones and had one hand on the disc while the other was trying to adjust the tempo.

It wasn’t a night meant for sleep, but this very same night was the prime time for accidents to occur.

That was probably the benefit of a good-looking appearance.

For instance, countless waves of girls had came over to toast the youngster.

Over at Qin Mo’s side, someone had sent a huge fruit platter over.

It was probably the first time Qin Mo wasn’t attended by Jiang Zuo and was not situated at the private room over at the walkway. Instead, he was seated beside the stage, which made him blend in as an ordinary club-goer.

Qin Mo was dressed casually, not carrying the unavoidable vibe he usually carried when he wore his business suit or the battle gear. All that was left was his natural charisma, a delicate nonchalance. It was an aura which attracted girls; along with the natural curve of his jaw line which attracted a second glance.

At this moment, Coco sighed. How could their appearance be so different even though they were both university students?

Actually, even though they were all considered esports Almighties, Coco had the highest exposure. Hence, he had to wear a black mask to shield his face. He sat at the corner with a bottle of wine, trying to get himself drunk since he was moody from not being able to show his dazzling good looks.

Because of Qin Mo’s natural hostile air, not many people approached him.

Instead, Bo Jiu was surrounded by three to four girls, who were all blushing as they chatted with her.

That was the scene Xue Yaoyao saw when she was back.

Bo Jiu stopped smiling, turning to the girls. “My friend is back, could you please make some space?”

The girls had other thoughts, but with Bo Jiu’s instructions, they could only go.

However, before they left, something happened!

Not far away, a man wearing thick gold chains and a purse around his arm stormed over furiously. Behind him were three to four other men who seemed like his followers.

They swept a glance at one of the girls and tugged her over. With a lift of his chin, he glanced over at the silver-haired youngster. “Do you even know who she is? How dare you drink her alcohol so casually!”

Lin Feng had been tired from all the girls and had been planning to talk to the youngster.

These conversations between brothers were probably to clarify the mindsets of homosexual guys. Why would they be willing to forsake such cute and tender girls for a rough and tough man like themselves?

However, before he could have his serious talk about life, this bast*rd came messing up his plans!

The naive Lin Feng had a unique interpretation of ‘good things’, but that did not affect his desire to beat the guy.

The man in thick gold chains prepared to be civil. “Judging by your appearances, you guys aren’t regulars around here. How exactly do you intend to pay for screwing with someone else’s girlfriend? Isn’t it time to make it clear?”

Bo Jiu shook her wine glass, looking very much like a young master of the night. She chuckled. “What do you want?”

“I’m not an unreasonable person and it seems like you can drink anyone’s alcohol.” His eyes gleamed.

Immediately after, someone came with a bottle of wine. It was white and had an extremely high alcohol content.

“Since you like drinking so much, finish this bottle in front of me,” he replied calmly, looking imposing.

Students would usually buckle and soften in front of his threats.

A bunch of unknown men who depended on their looks and behaved with such a high profile, they were clearly itching to be punished.

The man with gold chains was bent on making things difficult for them and wanted them to be afraid.

But unexpectedly, the youngster was not the least bit frightened. Instead, she looked back at him, her lips lifting gradually. “What if I’m not willing to drink it?”

The man’s eyes dimmed, turning dangerous. “Seems like some people are looking for trouble before they realize how ridiculous their words are.”

The next second, he glanced left and right.

The two men by his side lifted their fists and directed it at Bo Jiu aggressively, but before they could come close, they tripped and fell face forward.

Qin Mo was the culprit. He still held a wine glass in his hand, but his legs were stretched out.

The man’s anger blazed. This bunch was asking for it.

“What are you waiting for, go after him right now!” the man screamed.

The man behind him swarmed forward and pounced on the youngster.

It was obvious that they were playing with numbers and the familiarity of the location.

The man was still waiting for Bo Jiu to beg for mercy.

However, the youngster kicked sideways beautifully and when she dodged the attack, she reached her hand out and pulled him over.

The youngster’s actions were sharp and quick, giving the man no chance of retaliating.

The others halted. After they had tripped over, they seemed to have realized that these people weren’t easy targets!

Bo Jiu didn’t bother much, but since there was property damaged from the fight, those troublemakers would have to pay.

With that, the youngster held onto the man who was preparing to escape. Her actions were suave and smooth. There wasn’t a need for Lin Feng, who was at the side, to do anything before they were all taken down with just one of them left. Bo Jiu exerted force and pulled his collar up. “Are you still going to make me drink that bottle?”

“Do you know who I am and do you know where this place is?” the man shouted arrogantly, not prepared to take it down. “How can you fight here? Where do you think this is? Somewhere you can go as you please? Don’t you know the relationship I have with Jiang Zuo? How dare you go against me!”

The extra layer of relationship explained his fearlessness, but if he really had a good relationship with Young Master Jiang, it wasn’t possible for him to not know the Almighty.

This man was possibly just a distant acquaintance of Young Master Jiang.

That aside, he was still flaunting his relationship with Jiang Zuo in front of the Almighty. That was simply hilarious.

The man watched as they remained unruffled. There was barely a shift in their expressions, especially in the man’s who was seated in the innermost corner. Since the start, his lips had been downturned as though he was mocking him.

The man couldn’t hold his anger. Just then, he caught sight of a server, bodyguard, and even the manager, who had been alerted.

He suddenly felt reassured.

Actually, Bo Jiu was trying to minimize the impact during the fight, but the man didn’t seem to care about it. Instead, his words caught the attention of many.

When the manager received news of the situation, he rushed over immediately and didn’t bother waiting for him to speak.

The man pulled him over. “Manager Li, look at this, just look at it, the youngsters nowadays just love to make a scene. Such people have to be tossed out, you have come just in time to teach them a lesson.”

With that, he glanced at them once more, as if to say, “Do you see? I can get you guys tossed out of here with just a casual statement.”

Bo Jiu, Xue Yaoyao, and the others could tell what his glance meant.

“Manager Li, you didn’t have to come, I could have dealt with them myself.” The man tried to hint at a close knitted relationship. “But I appreciate you coming all the way down personally just for my matter.”

However, right after he said that, Manager Li walked past him and headed towards the inner corner where Qin Mo was seated. “Young Master Qin, do you need me to change your seat? Or do you have any plans for this situation? Boss Jiang instructed us before leaving to make sure your booth is well taken care of, but I was away for a short while. I never expected such a thing to happen…”

Young Master Qin? When the words left Manager Li’s mouth, the man with the gold chains realized what an ignorant thing he had done. He would never have expected the man sitting here to be Young Master Qin!

Wasn’t he always in the special room? Why was he so unlucky today? How could he have met him just when he sat outside?

He took a moment to recall the things he had done to the group and the things he had said. The memory drained the blood off his face.

Initially, he misunderstood and assumed that Manager Li had oame over specifically for him; that itself was humiliating enough, but with further thought, he remembered how he had flaunted his relationship with Young Master Jiang to Young Master Qin.

The man wanted to hide in a hole. It was indeed a frightening and embarrassing moment.

Understanding could be seen on the girls’ faces. When they heard Manager Li call him Young Master Qin, they glanced over at him, their gazes unlike before.

Qin Mo wasn’t a regular at such places and even if he came, he would always be in a private room. It wasn’t common for him to be seated out in the open. Some of them had even sent a fruit platter over- There were also richer ones who were talking about who in the bunch they fancied, but now, they were sure they weren’t in the same league.

As for Qin Mo, he swept the man a glance. His voice was faint and nonchalant. “There is something you misunderstood. Watch over your girlfriend and don’t let her give alcohol so casually. As for the alcohol she gave away, not everyone wants it. Boss Hong, do you feel manlier boosting about other more accomplished men when you can’t even watch over your own woman?”

Boss Hong was the name of the man with the gold chains. The words were indeed a slap on his face.

A shock ran through him when he realized that Young Master Qin knew him. The shock made him understand why others always said Young Master Qin wasn’t someone who could be trifled with.

With just one word, he managed to humiliate him so completely.

It seemed like the final remarks, which was all because of his misbehaving little girlfriend.

If Qin Mo had been blunt, he would have told him that making him cuckold was his girlfriend’s problem and not anyone else’s.

Boss Hong turned around. There were many people looking over at him. This time, it was embarrassing enough.

He patronized this club regularly, which was how he got to know Jiang Zuo. There certainly were times the dark and the good worked together.

With Young Master Qin’s words, he wasn’t just cuckolded, but also a petty and stingy guy.

F*ck, was this how civilized people spoke? It didn’t seem like much, but if you thought about it, you would realize exactly how deadly it was.

This Young Master Qin was really… too, too…

Boss Hong didn’t study much, hence, he couldn’t seem to find a word to describe him.

After Bo Jiu heard the words, she shook her head regretfully. She would never be the Almighty’s match when she was despicable.

Qin Mo seemed to have caught the youngster shaking her head by herself. His pretty brows arched up. “Come over.”

It was obvious who he was referring to.

Boss Hong wasn’t planning to stay there and continue being made a fool of. After he had apologized, he rushed off. It was mainly due to fear of Young Master Qin’s next words. Originally, he hadn’t thought much of it and had just wanted to scare them, but in the end, he ended up being frightened by them.

Supreme Alliance wasn’t too bothered about Boss Hong. He was also not the least bit of his concern as Qin Mo turned towards the youngster, who was still at her original seat. Once again, with his handsome face and smooth voice, he repeated, “Come over.”