Chapter 918 - Ability to Affect Him

Chapter 918: Ability to Affect Him

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Bo Jiu arched her brow before walking over.

Qin Mo didn’t bother hiding anything. He tugged her over towards where he was seated, his face approaching her nose bridge until there was barely any space between the both of them.

Their intimate stance garnered the stares of the other patrons.

Especially when the youngster bent, her sharp features and the tiny hair on her clean fair skin gave off a mesmerizing and handsome aura. And with their current stance, it seemed like the foreplay of a kiss. “A chick magnet indeed.”

Chick Magnet Bo Jiu: … What else was she supposed to say? The Almighty was still the ultimate Chick Magnet around here after all.

They both possessed exquisitely appealing appearances and now, they were displaying a stance filled with intimacy.

A few pretty ladies who were heading towards the youngster for a toast stopped midtrack. There were also a few who had been anticipating the appearance of the legendary Young Master Qin. Now, when they had finally caught sight of him, they all froze to the ground with their mouths wide open!

In that instant, everyone’s attention was fixed on their booth. Their mouths were agape as shock and disbelief clouded their faces!

It had never once crossed their minds that the two of them had such a special relationship since they were both incredibly handsome and possessed a special aura which they had never seen before.

If either one of them had issues in that aspect, it would be a pity!

Were they perhaps thinking too much? Or maybe it was just bromance between brothers who were very close to one another? But was it possible for brothers to talk in such a position?

The girls could hear the sound of their hearts shattering, but some of them hadn’t given up. They held onto a bottle of wine, bit down on their lips, and continued to stare in their direction.

Qin Mo tugged lightly, pulling the youngster’s face closer to his. “I don’t like to take action, it would be tiring to deal with another Boss Hong,” Qin Mo said emotionlessly as though there wasn’t any problem.

But she didn’t believe it one bit!

One Boss Hong aside, even if another ten of them came, they would still end up on their knees in front of their captain.

Captain had never expressed his emotions while dealing with someone, but his few words were enough to show what he felt.

Now, he was actually saying he felt tired dealing with others?

Such an excuse… What exactly was he up to?

Even the Supreme Alliance members were doubting his words.

Qin Mo tugged her once again, pulling her onto the seat beside him. “Seat here so that your face won’t keep attracting all those random people.”

Bo Jiu: …

That was the innermost seat, which was almost as secluded as where Coco was seated; not the least bit of exposure.

Luckily, where she sat didn’t matter much to her.

The difference was the closeness between her and the Almighty’s thighs, which were pressed against each other. She wasn’t even sure if it had been a deliberate move on his part.

Seeing that the youngster was now beside Qin Mo, those who had been watching from afar gave up entirely. They weren’t thinking too much after all since the truth was in front of their eyes now.

It explained why the youngster hadn’t drank a single sip even though countless number of pretty girls had come forward to offer him a toast. Moreover, Young Master Qin had always been cold and nonchalant towards others. Once a girl clung to him persistently, the girl would end up being barred from the club. It didn’t matter what type of girls came after him, all of them were offered the same type of treatment.

In the past, they had blamed it on his personality, but from the looks of things, it was because Young Master Qin liked… Guys!

It was definitely considered breaking news, but no one dared to spread the information.

They just never expected a person like Young Master Qin to be gay!

They weren’t just devastated, their dreams of marrying into the upper class had shattered!

Many of them had woken up from their dreams, including those girls who still wanted to offer Bo Jiu drinks. From the looks of things, the youngster seemed like the one being taken care of in the relationship…

The number of people who came for a toast reduced, or rather, the number of people coming to give a toast in guise of looking at Bo Jiu reduced.

Even then, no one seemed to realize that every time Bo Jiu moved, Qin Mo would follow so that they remained close to each other.

By the third time, the Almighty turned over and spoke faintly, “You are so fidgety, do you want to sit on my thighs?”

Bo Jiu: …

The Almighty was speaking as though she was the one taking advantage of him.

He hadn’t raised his volume, but it was loud enough for the people around to hear him.

They sunk into silence, raising their heads in silence to down their alcohol, but their gaze swept over to their direction, especially Lin Feng, whose gaze was the most obvious. They weren’t going to take it lying down at all, especially Little Spade! Bo Jiu didn’t have to guess, just a glance at Lin Feng was enough to know he had misunderstood.

Since they knew her as the dominant one, it wasn’t inappropriate for her to be the more proactive one.

But the Almighty was just laying his trap. Bo Jiu glanced at Qin Mo. He was indeed despicable.

Qin Mo allowed the youngster to size him up, his expression remaining neutral and dignified.

With that, it seemed a lot like she was the dominant one.

In the end, Bo Jiu gave up since he was way too handsome after all.

Just his appearance was enough for any male or female to take the initiative.

It didn’t matter even if their thighs were pressed against each other since they had already experienced positions which were far more intimate than this.

She could caress his thighs as well, in order to live up to her accusations.

Since she was already seen as the party that took advantage, it would be a pity not to touch him.

After thinking it through, the youngster’s glance turned teasing.

Her left arm leaned to the back and her right arm naturally landed on his long thighs.

Indeed, the entire scene looks a lot like a tyrannic CEO who was seducing his little secretary.

It wasn’t bad at all.

The moment she placed her hand on his thighs, she could distinctly feel the tension in his entire figure.

The ability to affect him as always cheered her up.

She could still remember the times when they had first gotten to know each other. Just blowing into his ears had caused him to storm away in anger. At that time, he had been dying to toss her into the trash.

It wasn’t common to see the Almighty in such a state.

Anyone could tell that the youngster looked very much like the hedonistic son of rich parents. There was obvious laughter on his face and it was clear he was up to mischief.

The moment a certain someone had her hands on his thighs, Qin Mo had stopped drinking his alcohol. Seeing that she has no intentions of moving her hand away, his gaze deepened. He tilted his head over. There wasn’t any change in his expression and his features were sharp as always, but his gaze seemed to have deepened.

A certain someone was clearly playing with fire and Qin Mo didn’t seem to mind it at all as he directed a smile at her. “Brother Mo, it indeed is a good feeling.”

With that, the youngster slid her disturbing hands lower and Qin Mo’s gaze deepened.

He placed the glass in his hand down and tilted over so that he was much nearer to her. With the other hand, he held onto her wrist.

Bo Jiu was sure he would move her hand away.

However, he lowered his voice, his breath landing on her ear, half his face shield. His pale lips landed onto the hair behind her ear, the minty tobacco smell being heavy. “That isn’t the right spot, move a bit lower and more to the center.”

If she moved lower and more to the centre, wasn’t it… Bo Jiu lowered her lids, sweeping a glance at the spot which raised slightly because of her actions.

She was more than familiar with that blood gushing tension as that thing had once tortured her for an entire night.

More importantly, that thing seemed to have grown with just one glance.

Bo Jiu couldn’t help retreating backwards, but her hands were caught by the Almighty.

When she lifted her head once again, she looked right into his eyes, which were as deep as the sea, and at those dignified features.

According to logic, no one would have noticed since they were pressed so tightly together.

However, some had still noticed, but in a place has hectic as the night club, it wasn’t odd for people to press close to each other to speak.

Besides, Lin Feng was thinking of how to win against Yun Hu in the dice game. Hence, he had dedicated all his attention on it. He got Coco to watch Yun Hu’s dice until he gave a signal.

Uncle Yin had drunk a lot and was currently smoking.

Xue Yaoyao seemed bothered by something as she continually watched her phone light up and dim back down.

Hence, no one was paying attention to the both of them.

Moreover, they were seated close together and any intimate action wouldn’t attract much attention since just the sight of the both of them seated together with their heads pressed tight while they spoke was nourishing enough for the eyes.

Bo Jiu blushed and her palms were burning, especially when she moved her hand lower and lower.

That feeling didn’t seem like she was the one seducing, instead, it seems like she was the one being seduced.

“What is it? Weren’t you very proactive just a while ago, have you lost your guts?” Qin Mo asked in a voice raspier and hoarser than before as though he threatened, “You aren’t going to take responsibility after having your fill?”

Bo Jiu was clear where this was leading to, she was the only one in danger. Fortunately, it wasn’t like before when they were in the car or on the bed She smiled faintly and stood up. “I’ll get a fruit platter, you guys continue.”

Bo Jiu had always had quick reflexes. If she wasn’t restricted, it wouldn’t be hard to escape from the Almighty’s side.

The other Supreme Alliance members hadn’t noticed anything on their side and were all immersed in the dice game.

When Lin Feng heard that Bo Jiu was getting a fruit platter, he glanced up briefly. “Get another bucket of ice.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu didn’t stay another second as she had been waiting to escape since a while ago.

Qin Mo watched the figure moving further away. His brows arched before knotting together. He downed the alcohol in his glass, but couldn’t stand up just yet. He could only wait for the heat to fade off.

The warmth of her hands was still lingering on his long legs.

It was so sweet it didn’t seem right.

Qin Mo felt his eyes harden. He reached out and pulled his collar, and when his hair fell forward across his forehead, he pushed all of it back.

At this moment, he was much more mesmerizing and alluring than usual.

When he conducted these actions, it seemed like a blossoming flower, dignified with a vibrance which couldn’t be described, attracting the attention of everyone in the club.

Especially the girls, they couldn’t help glancing over at him.

But when they recalled the interaction between Young Master Qin and the youngster, they could only sigh internally. Why were all the handsome guys together with other guys?

Previously, they weren’t afraid to approach him, but now, they no longer held the same courage even though Qin Mo carried a mesmerizing aura irresistible to them.

It was a pity that he was the sort that could only be looked at.

Just as the crowd of pretty girls were feeling disappointed, Bo Jiu, who had walked out to get a fruit platter, brushed past a girl. She paused immediately.

It was because the girl had lost her balance and almost fell forward.

Bo Jiu reached for her instinctively, but when she gripped onto the girl’s arm, her heart stopped, why was she so thin?

That was her first reaction.

Before her second reaction was triggered.

The girl seemed to be suppressing something, her hands trembling.

Bo Jiu noticed her abnormality and asked, “Are you feeling unwell?”

“Wash-Washroom.” The girl finally lifted her head. She didn’t look bad, but since her makeup had smudged, she wasn’t the most put together at the moment.

Bo Jiu studied her expression. “The washroom isn’t in that direction.”

“Washroom, I need to go, I need to go to the washroom!” the girl repeated while panting heavily. She breathed deeply, her expression morphing into something which couldn’t be described. She was much paler than before and it seemed like she was severely sick.

But Bo Jiu knew, it wasn’t an illness, it was a drug addict having withdrawal symptoms.

She would never have expected someone so young to have contact with drugs on the mainland.

This girl looked around her age and was probably a from high school as well.

Bo Jiu frowned, reaching out to pull the girl’s hand over. She ripped open the sleeves of the long dress she was wearing.

As expected, in the nest of her elbow were bruises and tiny needle markings.

The appearance of such a situation made it clear that she wasn’t a rookie.

Shock clouded her eyes, and for the first time, there was a shift in her gaze. It was mainly because she was clear of the security on the mainland. Certain places were indeed strict with the drugs regulations, much less to say Jiang City.

According to Jiang Zuo’s personality, even though he was operating a nightclub, he would never allow his man to deal with such things since he was a military officer himself. Moreover, his background and his relationship with the Almighty made clear this nightclub was cleaner than any other nightclub out there.

If there was anything going around, it would definitely be the interactions between officials.

But that had nothing to do with drugs.

More importantly, this girl didn’t seem like the sort who would get hooked on drugs since both the way she was dressed and her entire get up made it clear that she was a good girl.

How did such a girl get herself into drugs?