Chapter 919 - The Devilish Young Master Jiu

Chapter 919: The Devilish Young Master Jiu

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Bo Jiu noticed that the arm she held was starting to go out of control.

That girl was starting to feel infuriated as she shouted maliciously, “Where-Where exactly is the washroom?! Give it to me, I know they have it there, give it to me!”

Whenever drug addicts were triggered, they would move with a lot of strength and would go out of control.

This girl wasn’t any different.

When she couldn’t get a reply, she pushed Bo Jiu towards the pile of alcohol.

It was a display with wine bottles, which were arranged into a triangle shape.

It was obvious what a commotion that push would create and as expected, a majority of the staff in the club glanced over in their direction.

Fortunately, Bo Jiu had quick reflexes and avoided the falling wine bottles or her right hand would have been cut by the broken shards on the ground.

All the servers nearby rushed over.

Bo Jiu was stopped by them, which made her miss out on the chance to follow the girl.

“Sir…” The manager wanted to say something, but the moment he realized she was the youngster beside Qin Mo, his attitude changed almost immediately. “Young Master Jiu, why is it you? Are you hurt?”

Bo Jiu shook her head, her dark eyes glancing over at the direction the girl had left in, a glow in her eyes.

The manager couldn’t read her thoughts though, so he turned towards the servers beside him. “Clean up and go over the surveillance camera to see exactly what happened.”


The manager wasn’t dumb, according to the youngster’s personality, she wouldn’t have bumped into the pile of alcohol bottles without reason and it wouldn’t be her back which fell into that direction.

When Bo Jiu heard his instructions, she was approving of Jiang Zuo’s employees. She walked forward and flashed a suave smile. “I must have troubled you, but there is indeed something. Since Young Master Jiang is Brother Mo’s friend, let me remind you, someone is dealing over here and it’s time for Manager Li to get into it.”

In the club, the only other business could be prostitution or drugs…

The former could be dealt with slowly, but the latter… Young Master Jiang had a special status and if anyone found out his club was dealing with such things, it would definitely implicate the Jiang family!

Manager Li’s face fell, but he managed to maintain his composure in front of the youngster. “Young Master Jiu, what are you referring to?”

Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket and took a step forward, her lips lifting slightly and her voce emotionless, but the message piercing. “Drugs.”

With that one word, Manager Li could not longer keep his calm.

“This, this, how did Young Master Jiu find out about it?” Manager Li was clearly flustered.

Bo Jiu could tell, hence, she explained the process briefly.

Manager Li was at a loss.

Bo Jiu reminded him, “Check the surveillance camera and watch the video with the girl, the police has to be informed. If you don’t and the matter blows up, your club will be in a situation that can’t be explained. Also, I would like to ask, how many washrooms to you have in this club?”

“Washrooms?” Manager Li couldn’t seem to understand the reason behind her question. “Why would you ask that?”

Bo Jiu wiped the alcohol which had flown onto her face and tasted it, her smile devilish. “Because they should be using the washrooms to do their transactions, it is the only place that can’t be captured by the surveillance cameras.”