Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Lord Jiu Said, That’s Right, I Came to Insta-kill You!

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He lost?

In front of all the fans, he lost?!

Liang Xuguang was frozen in shock. This was being broadcast to every corner of the whole country.

How long did it take?

Ten seconds?

Twenty seconds?

It definitely didn’t take longer than thirty seconds, and what was the result?

Liang Xuguang, who was yapping away about giving someone a lesson, got insta-killed right off the bat!

All of the audience members watching the live streaming were stunned!

A lot of the players in internet cafes stopped playing games and watched the live stream on the big screen as they stood up. They were fervently discussing online; that heated scene was out of control!

“Who is this person! Cool, too cool!”

“Wait, it’s open for commenting now! Ask who it is!”

“Someone from a professional league team?”

“Definitely not, I find that player familiar… F*ck! I remember now. Spade Z, it’s that Spade Z who swept away all the First Clears in Zone C!

“I think Spade Z deliberately hid his record profile …”

“You know what, I think so too! Haha! My awesome Spade Z is really scheming! What new king of the professionals, he was so weak and lame in front of my Almighty Spade Z! And he was so full of himself and offered to give Spade Z a handicap, but he didn’t even get to flash any of his skills in the end… What an embarrassing slap on the face!”

The owner of the internet cafe was not as young as his customers. Even though he also loved playing games, he didn’t follow gaming stars. Walking over with a Coke that was ordered by his client, he glanced at the silver-haired young man’s computer screen and fell into shock.

That young man who had said he was no good at playing Hero wore black headphones on his head and held a lollipop in his mouth. That beautiful profile made him look like he came straight out of a cartoon. He was conducting a one-on-one battle with someone in the game. With a single move of his mouse, the exciting and beautiful operation abruptly stopped, and the whole screen was flooded with the dazzling silver glow of victory.

He didn’t look like a incompetent newbie at all, but a master of the masters!

The owner walked over and wanted to see more clearly. His eyes started to twitch severely when he saw his character on the screen more closely!

“Spade… Spade Z?!”

Fu Jiu just finished that battle and looked back with her sharp eyes. The lollipop was still held loosely in between her lips, and she made a “shhh” gesture to the owner.

The owner was really shocked. He couldn’t tell the gender of that young man from his face, and he looked at the 200 inch LED screen on the wall of the internet café. The scene from just now was still playing on it, and excited cheers filled every corner of the internet café. Everyone who loved gaming fell in love with Spade Z at that moment!

All because of that beautifully rampaging move with an explosive hit, an attack so especially marvellous that it took down his enemy!

But this kind of godly player, who was scouted by professional league teams, an actual hidden talent, was playing games in his internet cafe using a low-end computer that cost 5 yuan per hour!

He had treated him as a high school kid who only knew how to play simple games. Who would’ve thought…

Excitement, shock, and regret filled his chest.

At last, the owner couldn’t help covering his chest and said, “I need to drink a glass of cool water to calm down.”

Fu Jiu smiled at him and turned away. She looked at the screen and texted a sentence over casually and slowly, “I didn’t equip top class equipment to make it clear to you that I can still insta-kill you with just my operations alone!”