Chapter 920 - Some Lives Weren’t Worth Protecting

Chapter 920: Some Lives Weren’t Worth Protecting

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Manager Li wanted to ask how she knew the washrooms weren’t captured by the surveillance cameras.

Why did it seem like Young Master Jiu was better versed with the layout of the club that him?

“There isn’t much time, get your men to report the incident. We can talk as we go.”

After she was done, she headed towards the walkway at the side.

Manager Li: … Who exactly was the manager of this club?!

It was a pressing matter at hand and Manager Li didn’t have any experience in dealing with such a situation. This was after all a property under the Jiang family and just the background itself would deter others from steering trouble normally. But now, they were struck with this disturbing mess!

Manager Li arranged his thoughts. “There are many washrooms around, some of the private rooms carry their own washrooms and if you count those as well, there should be at least a hundred of them?”

“Public washrooms,” Bo Jiu replied calmly. “It wouldn’t be easy to find buyers if they did the transactions in the higher-end rooms.

Manager Li: … Young Master Jiu, with such an extensive knowledge, I’d start to think you are the one dealing.

“Public toilet.” Bo Jiu turned and stepped aside as she repeated once more, signaling for Manager Li to lead the way.

For the sake of being aesthetically pleasing, nightclubs didn’t have much levels.

The prime two floors were made to look like a palace, a brightly lit tower by the river bank making it apt as a place frequented by the high society.

That was how the Jiang family could maintain their wealth even without all those other business dealings.

A nightclub like this would always be bustling with customers, the amount of sales made from alcohol astonishingly high.

There were a total of four public washrooms on the two levels, two at the top and two on the bottom level.

Each of the four washrooms were extremely clean and some of the toilet bowls had an antique look. There were even large alcohol cases, all of which were used as decoration. There was also a lemon-scented air freshener which was aromatic and refreshing, clearing up the air.

However, only one of the washrooms had such a smell.

Manager Li followed the youngster around once, but couldn’t spot anything.

It was only until Bo Jiu mentioned it. “Let’s head back to the previous washroom.”

Manager Li replied, “Young Master Jiu, don’t you think we should wait for the police?”

“That isn’t necessary.” Bo Jiu glanced at him. “Trust me, the drugs are in the previous washroom. That thick lemon scent is probably to deal with the police in the event of a surprise raid. Only a dog with extremely strong senses would be able to detect the drug under such a strong lemon scent.”

Manager Li: … How exactly would you know that when even the police wouldn’t be able to detect it?!

Bo Jiu didn’t bother about the suspicious look Manager Li was giving her. Instead, she smiled lightly and walked into the washroom.

Without a moment of hesitation, she headed towards a small cubicle.

She looked through the cubicles with a water sink at the back.

She lowered her gaze, her silver hair falling downwards, shielding her expression. That entire image was extremely mesmerizing.

The youngster casually took a few steps forward and knocked the sink with her fists. With a lift of her lips, she pulled open the top of the sink. The entire chain of actions was smooth and fluid like, making her look very much like a true man.

Manager Li watched the entire thing in awe.

Her ability to remove the sink cap was almost like a professional.

Bo Jiu removed it to check the contents inside.

But if she was the only one removing the cap, it would take way too much time.

The youngster straightened and instructed. “Manager Li, get your men over and remove all sink tops, that will speed up the process.”

Manager Li didn’t know how to describe his current emotions.

Whatever, having someone to deal with the situation was better than nothing since the police hadn’t arrived yet.

With an order, he got four to five others into the washroom.

Bo Jiu glanced around the washroom and swept a glance over at the door. “Manager Li, could you please put a washing sign at the door?”

They were here to look for clues, hence, they couldn’t act with such a high profile. If they didn’t close the door, it would only bring them more trouble.

Manager Li was sincerely impressed by how Young Master Jiu commanded them without shame. It was almost comparable to their Young Master Jiang.

But this wasn’t the time to dwell on such matters.

Even though he wasn’t sure how capable the youngster was, from the looks of things, he didn’t seem entirely clueless.

But wasn’t it weird?

Manager Li knew the former youngster and for him, even the word wastrel would seem like a compliment.

The youngster right now, on the other hand, seemed like an entirely different person.

He kicked open the cubicle door, his actions sharp and clean, and when he instructed others, he carried an air which couldn’t be defined.

“Hang the sign.”

A smart person like Manager Li would never use his past impression to make a judgement.

Hence, after Bo Jiu was done instructing, he immediately got his men to follow the order. It was to see if the youngster was really going to find something.

Other than the luxurious design, the washroom was much larger than the ones in other nightclubs with at around twenty cubicles.

The four of them continually opened the sinks, but none of them could move as fast as the youngster.

Manager Li was extremely perplexed by the scene.

In the end, with her lowered lids, she broke into a smile. She reached in the sink with one hand and signaled for Manager Li with the other, all without looking back.

As a manager of the biggest nightclub in Jiang City, a manager who was constantly addressed as Boss Li, he had never done such a dirty job before.

But he understood the youngster’s intentions and couldn’t just ignore it since there might be a finding.

Left without a choice, Manager Li pulled a handkerchief out from his pocket and used it to shield his nose as he headed forward.

When Bo Jiu turned, she came face to face with such a Manager Li. Fortunately, she hadn’t waited for the police to arrive since the one in charge of the case would definitely end up being the Almighty.

With the Almighty’s obsession with cleanliness, it would definitely be a torture for him to investigate in the washroom.

Hence, as his owner, she was indeed meticulous, resolving all his troubles before it would get to him.

Manager Li couldn’t comprehend the smile on the youngster’s face, but when he glanced down, his brows immediately slammed together. “What is this?”

A black plastic bag?

Bo Jiu lifted her brow. “It’s the things we were looking for, Manager Li. Aren’t you going to take it out?”

“We’re going to take it out from this?” The obvious reluctance was clear in his eyes.

Bo Jiu chuckled. “It’s just the sink after all, and it isn’t very dirty. What is it? Is Manager Li going to make a patron like me do it?”

Did you finally remember you were a customer?!

Those who didn’t know would have taken you as the owner considering how familiar you were with the floorplan!

Manager Li screamed internally and was dying to get out of here!

He would have never known that the previous time Bo Jiu had been here, she had climbed through the ceiling.

Manager Li was left without a choice since it wouldn’t be good for such things to spread.

It would be best for their Young Master Jiang if lesser people were aware. He bit down on his teeth, shut his eyes, and pulled the bag out of the sink. Deep inside, he wished he could fly over to the sink so that he could wash his hands.

Bo Jiu smiled lightly as she ripped the black plastic bag decisively.

Five packets of white powder fell out from inside and Manager Li froze.

It really were drugs! And even in such a large quantity! How did this happen?

There was usually a bag check for the customers and if they were found with such items, they would definitely be stopped.

Hearing about it from the youngster was a totally different ball game than from seeing the goods for himself since Manager Li was strongly against drugs.

He knew how terrifying these things could be.

Manager Li was still confused. Over at the other side, Bo Jiu knelt down and held up one of the bags. She weighed the back slightly, her hands caressing the goods. Her eyes dimmed. “It’s goods from Golden Triangle.”

Manager Li was perplexed as this wasn’t the sort of reaction a high school student should have when he saw drugs.

Even the way he searched for the goods was completely unlike what a high school student should know!

More importantly…

“Young Master Jiu, how do you know these goods are from Golden Triangle?”

Those who didn’t know this Young Master Jiu would strongly believe that he had been the one who had placed the drugs in the sink.

But if he thought about it, Young Master Jiu was probably just a guy who enjoyed flaunting his wealth and chasing other guys. There were still memories flashing past his mind.

However, that wasn’t who he was right now.

Bo Jiu retracted her hand and straightened her back. “This is good stuff, the purity is high and the powder is finely milled. No one over at our side would dare do it with such an exquisite workmanship. It’s definitely from out of the country.”

The last sentence was said with professionalism and knowledge.

It was so professional that Manager Li was startled. That was when he realized the seriousness of the case.

“Pass the goods over to the police and report everything in detail.” Bo Jiu paused and glanced over, her eyes gleaming with light. “Oh right, I remember that there is an extensive check before patrons can enter and there are strict restrictions to the items that can be brought in?”

Manager Li nodded. That was why he couldn’t comprehend the entire situation. Was their security system perhaps faulty?

Just as he was contemplating the issue, the youngster added, “Who are the cleaners in charge of the washroom?”

“I’ll have to ask the Human Resource Department.” It wasn’t within the scope of a manager.

Bo Jiu chuckled. “Pass me the name list if it’s convenient for you.”

“Alright.” Manager Li’s thoughts had wandered off, but when he saw his phone screen lighting up, he seemed to have found his savior. “The police is here, I’ll bring them over right now!”

“Don’t.” Bo Jiu reached out to stop him, her smile faint. “Get them to stay in your office, there are certain matters that should be dealt with silently. If you end up alerting the enemy, the element of surprise would be taken away.

There was a surprise? Manager Li was starting to feel afraid. Who exactly was the culprit and how did they manage to put these goods into the sink without anyone noticing?

And they hadn’t just placed one packet, there were two black plastic bags with a total of ten packets inside. Ten packets. How many people were going to get hooked on these?

What was worse was that they had no idea how many packets were here initially and how many people had bought the ones that were no longer here…

Manager Li caressed his temples. Why was there so much trouble in Jiang City in such a short period of time?

“Young Master Jiu, what do you suggest we do? We will have to report this to the police soon.”

Bo Jiu’s eyes dimmed. “We should inform them, but don’t bring them to the washroom. Tell them to treat this as a routine check. As for the other matter, I’ll let Brother Mo know and he’ll take with it.”

“It would be great if Young Master Qin could help us.” Manager Li finally heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ll have to inform Boss Jiang about this matter, it wouldn’t be possible to keep such a huge matter from him.”

Bo Jiu wasn’t too concerned about this. “Do as you please, but it would be best not to let any more people know about this.”

“I understand, Young Master Jiu. It wouldn’t be good for the club’s reputation.”

The club’s reputation wasn’t all that would be affected, there was probably already moles being planted into the club.

Drug dealing had always been a lucrative business and there were many people who were willing to use underhanded means in order to earn such money.

Moreover, there were many times when those dealers ended up being the most ordinary people because they would have no idea what was stored inside the black plastic bag.

In the past, Bo Jiu had been to a little village in Yun City which was near Golden Triangle.

There were many drug enforcement officers over there and every year, countless numbers of them would end up dying on their missions.

They knew that it was the door to China and that once that area opened up, there would be dire consequences.

Hence, they were willing to stake their lives on it in order to ensure that the people there could live happy and blissful lives.

It was a pity that not everyone held the same belief, especially those who lived at the borders.

No one would have expected the largest drug market at that time with channels linking to countries outside of China to be the village’s market.

The majority of them had two sides, one of honest vendors and another of carriers who transported drugs to various parts of the mainland.

They knew what they were doing, but in their hearts, it didn’t matter as long as they didn’t touch the goods themselves.

It was mainly because dealing drugs was more profitable than anything else they were doing.

Hence, these vendors turned into the perfect middle men.

At that time, the police wasn’t able to detect anything for the longest time since they would never have expected that those seemingly ordinary middle aged women were actually the dealers. What was even worse was that the entire market was in on it.

Once a person’s morals had been set in place, it wouldn’t be easy to waver.

Humans were often the ones who ended up killing her own kind.

And that was what the vendors in the market did. When the police finally started to investigate them, they were even annoyed that the police was disrupting their business.

This wasn’t a rare occurrence to the drug enforcement officers.

Some of them had clearly gotten hooked. There would always be a group of people who believed that it was just a sniff. Since they hadn’t gone out to harm others, they didn’t understand why the police was going after them. Some of them would even feel wronged.

If they felt wronged just like that, what about the drug enforcement officers who sacrificed their lives at the border in order to protect everyone?

Bo Jiu personally felt that some lives weren’t worth protecting.

That was where she differed with the Almighty.

The Almighty carried the belief and morals of a young master who grew up in a military family. They fought at the front line and had never regretted anything…