Chapter 921 - Jiu and Almighty Qin Teamed up

Chapter 921: Jiu and Almighty Qin Teamed up

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Even though he was doing the right thing, he wasn’t understood.

But those who did the wrong things would easily be forgiven.

That was human nature and a fact Bo Jiu had known from the start because there were some people who would give their forgiveness easily on behalf of others.

The reason was simple, they weren’t the ones being harmed.

Perhaps this was the most disheartening part. The person being protected was the root of all the problems.

Bo Jiu stood up and without another word, she walked back the way she had come from.

The first thing Manager Li did after keeping the white packets of drugs was to call Boss Jiang.

Jiang Zuo hadn’t made his way back. After he heard what had happened, his eyes sunk and he instructed the driver, “Head back to the club.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The driver didn’t know what had happened, but because of the looks of his young master’s sunken expression, which was worse than before, he started to feel an odd uneasiness.

Jiang Zuo gave instructions from his car. “Is Young Master Qin still in the club?”

“Yes.” Manager Li immediately reassured him. “Boss Jiang, don’t worry, Young Master Jiu is already on the way to inform Young Master Qin.”

Jiang Zuo frowned. “Young Master Jiu?”

“Yes. Fortunately Young Master Jiu has been around when this happened. I never would have expected him to be so well versed in such matters. If he hadn’t noticed anything amiss with the person who had bumped into him, we would never have realized that someone was dealing in the club. And more surprisingly, all he took was five minutes to find those packets of drugs in the washrooms. Young Master Jiang, I guess people can’t be judged based on their past actions, they change way too quickly, it’s just too fast.” Manager Li wanted to ensure Jiang Zuo fully understood everything that had happened. More importantly, he wanted to explain how Young Master Jiu was aware of the matter, he was the person who found the source after all and it wasn’t because he had leaked the information.

“Oh right, Young Master Jiu was also the one who suggested to call the police. He said that taking the initiative would be better for the club.”

Jiang Zuo listened to Manager Li’s words and his fingers halted. He never expected the young master of the Fu family to be the one to solve the troubles in his club…

The night continued to deepen…

Qin Mo glanced down at his watch.

Wasn’t a certain someone taking way too long just to take a fruit platter?

With that, Qin Mo’s eyes sunk slightly before he stood up. There wasn’t an ounce of warmth in the depths of his eyes.

“Captain, where are you going?!” Lin Feng was clearly feeling high from the drinks.

Qin Mo swept his flushed face a glance before glancing over to his side at Yun Hu, who was still pouring more alcohol into Lin Feng’s glass. Some things were crystal clear. He spoke emotionlessly, “Washroom.”

“Why are all of you going to the washroom?” Lin Feng replied before lowering his head to down another glass.

Qin Mo didn’t meddle with his teammate’s relationships, regardless of whether it was heterosexual or homosexual…

All he thought about was where exactly that guy had gone.

With a certain someone’s skills, she wouldn’t have taken such a long time even if something had happened.

It had been a total of fifteen minutes. Was it perhaps like the previous time… Did she escape again?

Qin Mo tightened the hands, which fell at his side. His jaw was clenched so tightly that it seemed almost cold. Behind him, he seemed to be emitting a hostile and menacing air.

There were all sorts of people in the club, especially those heading towards the walkway.

There was a boy who seemed drunk, he wouldn’t have dared hover in front of Qin Mo otherwise.

He was probably also someone with unique sexual preferences and when he caught sight of Qin Mo walking over, he couldn’t seem to look away and was hovering towards his side since males were generally more open than females.

He wasn’t shy when he asked Qin Mo for a night, he lowered his voice and called out tenderly, “Hotty.”

Qin Mo lifted his lips slightly as he formed his words, “Get lost.”

He respected everyone’s sexual preference, but that didn’t mean he respected the promiscuous behavior of that circle.

As for such shameless people, he had always seen them with disdain.

That was probably due to his indifference for both males and females.

The boy didn’t leave from the rejection. Instead, he walked forward, his teasing intensified. “If you didn’t try it for yourself, how do you know you wouldn’t like it?”

Qin Mo swept him a glance.

As the boy thought he had a chance, he reached out and reached for Qin Mo’s chest.

The next second, however, he was kicked onto the ground.

Qin Mo’s hadn’t held back in his kick.

Therefore, the boy hugged his knees, rolling about in pain.

Since Qin Mo had no intentions of staying, his glance swept to another direction. Though when he caught sight of the youngster, who was at the turn ahead, he paused.

Neither of them expected to meet in the walkway.

Bo Jiu looked at the scene and almost instantly, she was sure that the Almighty was born straight. But why had he been so insistent in making her gay back then?

However, that was definitely how the original owner of the body had chased after the Almighty.

For her to have lived such a long and healthy life was indeed considered a miracle…

Qin Mo stuffed a hand in his pocket and walked towards Bo Jiu while the boy continued staring at him.

The boy bit onto his lips. “You aren’t straight after all and you’re attached. Why did you have to act so seriously. Hey, ask your friend if he’s willing to have a threesome, I don’t mind at all.”

Bo Jiu wanted to break into laughter. Where exactly did he get his confidence from? Just because he didn’t mind, did he assume others would agree to such a ridiculous suggestion? Indeed, regardless of where they were, they will always be some people with screwed morals.

As to the treatment for such people, both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo had the same stance; either to ignore or give them a beating.

Since they had an important task at hand, Bo Jiu didn’t bother looking at the boy and turned to Qin Mo immediately. “Brother Mo, somethings wrong with the club.”

Qin Mo saw the seriousness on her face and immediately realized the problem. “You can tell me while he walk.”

“Alright, but it’s the other direction, we have to head towards Manager Li’s office.” With that, Bo Jiu took large strides in that direction.

Qin Mo walked to her left and soon after, they disappeared behind the turn.

The boy who was still on the floor felt as though he had been given a slap on the face, the vicious kind.

Time trickled by.

After they were alone, Bo Jiu explained everything in detail. When she was done, she couldn’t help asking, “In the past, when I chased you in that manner, Brother Mo, did you want to beat me up?”

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo took a moment to consider it seriously before replying, “You should be thankful you hadn’t approached me as closely as he had.”

Meaning… “I was within an acceptable range?”

“You weren’t.” Qin Mo was still trying to remember how he felt back then. “But I didn’t care.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “That isn’t any better.”

“Indeed, I didn’t like you from the start.” Qin Mo glanced up at her. “It was till the day you used another method to catch my attention. You rejected my friend request and started being passive aggressive.”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth. She was about to tell him how he had misunderstood. At that time, she didn’t have other thoughts, she just didn’t want to be his friend.

But before she could say anything, Qin Mo continued, his eyes deepening. “Or was I mistaken and you were planning to reject me? That would be weird since you were bent on having me the day before and the very next day, it seemed as though you didn’t recognize me at all. Is that normal?”

It wasn’t normal at all!

Hence, Bo Jiu swallowed her words and accepted the Almighty’s arguments. “Passive aggressive was indeed the method I was going for.”

Seeing the sullen expression on her face, Qin Mo laughed. “You like me that much? To the extent you were willing to use such underhanded means?”

“Yes.” What choice did she have, deny it? And allow the Almighty to detect something amiss and end up uncovering her biggest secret?

Bo Jiu was starting to suspect he had said it deliberately.

“Since you like me so much.” Qin Mo paused mid-step, his gaze fixed on the youngster. “Why didn’t you agree to be with me?”

Bo Jiu paused, the entire chain of questions were all leading to tiny traps.

The Almighty was the only one who could do that.

In such a moment, Bo Jiu had to find a way out. “I’m still a male right now, it wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Qin Mo watched the youngster, his gaze deepening. “I’ll wait for the day you resume your identity.”

Bo Jiu was at a loss for words.

She hoped that the Almighty would still have the same thoughts after he had found out about her identity…

On the other side, when Manager Li caught sight of Qin Mo. He couldn’t help calling out to him. “Young Master Qin.”

The police had arrived and after realizing there were drugs involved, they decided to take action immediately.

Fortunately, Qin Mo came just in time

Director Huang had been phoned since not many people were aware of Qin Mo’s identity.

Without the call to Director Huang, the police wouldn’t have been alerted.

Director Huang had always known Qin Mo would never approach him unless there was a case.

Did he perhaps run into a case?!

After he had hung up, Director Huang had rushed over immediately.

When he arrived at the club, Qin Mo and the others were already in the surveillance room. With the youngster, the witness present, they successfully locked in on the female drug addict who had bumped into him.

“I have to report this case to the higher-ups to request for a higher authority,” Director Huang spoke heavily.

Seeing as how the drugs had been moving around, this clearly wasn’t just another simple business.

Instead, there was a syndicate behind them arranging for such an organized peddling method. They had even dealt with the smell, a sign that they weren’t easy to deal with.

But how exactly did all these drugs enter? How did they contact the buyers and how did they manage to avoid the stringent security checks to sneak these items in?

Moreover, these weren’t common dealing methods.

There was definitely more beneath this abnormally.

It had been a while since the last time he had experienced such a case. Ever since Qin Mo had dealt with the bunch from back then, people hadn’t dared to let drugs enter Jiang City.

But today, it all seemed like trouble was brewing.

Qin Mo was still watching the surveillance footage. When he saw how the youngster ripped out the top of the toilet cap, he glanced over to look at her.

How did a wealthy Young Master know to find drugs in such a location?

Bo Jiu must have noticed Qin Mo’s gaze because she turned over and caught sight of the suspicion flitting past his eyes. At the same time, she seemed to have realized how inappropriate her actions were. It could be considered clouding with loopholes.

Even then, Bo Jiu remained firm, her lips lifted and eyes curved into crescents. “When the girl bumped into me, she kept mentioning the washroom, hence, I felt that something was amiss. Fortunately, I decided to head to the washroom for a look.”

Manager Li: … You didn’t just take a look, you tore it apart so skilfully, it was even better than the police.

But those words weren’t suited for this situation.

Bo Jiu glanced up at Qin Mo side. She wasn’t sure if he was convinced, but even if he wasn’t, she didn’t have a choice. The more they came across such matters, the harder it was for her to keep things under wraps. For this problem, she had already mentally prepared for it.

“What should we do now?” Manager Li asked.

Qin Mo retracted his hand from the operating table, his voice faint. “Place the drugs back where they were found and pretend nothing has happened.”

Manager Li was confused. What was Young Master Qin up to?

“Leave a few officers in casual clothing and monitor the washroom area for the next 24 hours. Arrest all the addicts that come to collect the goods.” Qin Mo tapped his fingers lightly before asking a question that Bo Jiu had asked. “How many cleaners are in charge of the washroom?”

Upon hearing the question, Manager Li glanced over at the youngster instinctively.

That was when Bo Jiu understood what sort of plan the Almighty was plotting. He was going to lay his bait. He wasn’t going to alert the enemy and would paint the false illusion that nothing had happened so that they felt safe and continued to fall into the trap.

As for the question about the cleaners, it was simple. Other than the employees in the club, everyone else was required to be checked before entering.

Hence, it had to be someone from within.

Judging from the quantity of the goods, the dealer would definitely feel burdened. Besides, it wasn’t possible for anyone to do such things without the fear of being found out.

If they were caught, they would be faced with dire consequences.

Hence, they wouldn’t do it.

There was only one type of person who could being such a huge quantity of goods into the washroom easily and that was the cleaner.

Under normal circumstances, cleaners from such large scale entertainment centres would make their first round of cleaning in the morning with a large trolley, which held a mid sized rubbish bin.

That was a natural drug-dealing tool since no one would notice it.

Besides, the cleaners were the only ones who could clean up the washroom without notice.

Moreover, whenever they did their rounds, the dealer would be able to effectively check for any changes in the goods.

This meant that dealer was hiding within the pile of cleaners.

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure how the girl knew about the drug location, but guessed that it was probably a coincidence while following the dealer.

From the looks of things, the dealer was probably dealing with drugs during working hours and once he was off work and night had fallen, he would disguise himself as a customer without bringing anything. Next, he would retrieve the items from the toilet and bring it to the buyer…