Chapter 922 - Sending Candies

Chapter 922: Sending Candies

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Manager Li didn’t understand why they were concerned about the cleaners, but since Young Master Qin wanted to know, it was probably indeed something to be concerned about.

He immediately made a call to the Department of Human Resources.

“Young Master Qin, this is the information for the cleaners in charge of the toilets in this club. There are a total of twenty of them working in two shifts. They aren’t very well educated and aren’t considered very young, with some of them being in the middle age range. Generally, they come from the neighboring cities around Jiang City. Young Master Qin, if you wish to seek them out, I can call them all back right now.” Manager Li was prepared to get them to come here.

“That’s not necessary.” Qin Mo lowered his head as he flipped open the documents, his long slender fingers gliding across the papers, the sharp curve of his jaw elegant and dashing. “Do you know where exactly they stay?”

Manager Li turned towards the Human Resources worker at the back.

He spoke, “The club has its own dormitory. The staff that don’t have their own accommodations would all stay there.”

“So ten of them are living there?” Qin Mo asked. His voice was emotionless.

He hesitated slightly. “They should be.”

Should be? Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, glancing over at him.

A chill ran through him. “When they registered, all of them wrote the dorms as their accommodation, but the number of occupants this year hasn’t been released yet, hence, I can’t be sure if they are really staying in the dorm as before.”

Manager Li immediately realize the fault in his work. He narrowed his eyes and instructed, “Go over and ask where exactly they stay now.”

“Yes.” Judging from their Boss Li’s tone, he wasn’t pleased at all.

At this moment, the silver-haired youngster sitting on the table at the side leaped off and blocked his path. “Forget about asking, it would just serve to raise their guard. Since you are the person in charge, it shouldn’t be a problem to arrange for another batch of cleaners.”

“Another batch of cleaners? Who?” he asked in confusion, turning to seek clarification from Boss Li only to see that he was confused as well.

Bo Jiu broke into a smile and lifted her jaw with an evilness playing around her lips. “Me, I’ll be the one.”

Manager Li was just about to ask if Young Master Jiu was kidding, but the next second, a cold voice asked, “What are you going to do?”

Manager Li turned around sharply to face Qin Mo. Was he hearing things? Was Young Master Qin being serious?

“I am going to disguise as a high school student that loves to play esports and skip lessons. You should know how hard professional esports can be in a foreign country, but since I wasn’t willing to just return back to my hometown, I decided to get a job.” Bo Jiu laughed merrily. “Brother Mo, what do you think?”

Qin Mo swept her a glance, his voice calm. “One day. You can’t stay here so you’ll report tomorrow morning and leave at night.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, her lips still lifted as a glint shone within the corners of her eyes.

But Qin Mo’s next words were a little heavier. “Manager Li, prepare two set of cleaner uniform, I’ll be joining with this guy.”

Bo Jiu: …

If Manager Li had been mildly alarmed previously, he was completely in shock at this moment, his voice wavering. “Young Master Qin, did I misunderstand something?”

How could the Young Master from the Qin family end up doing a cleaner’s job? This was insane!

Bo Jiu didn’t think it was right as well. She inched over towards him and lowered her voice. “Brother Mo, don’t you have an obsession for cleanliness? How can you disguise as a cleaner?”

“Aren’t you going to be there?” Qin Mo glanced over at the clean and tender face, suppressing the urge to pinch her face. His voice was as smooth and silky as normal. “If there’s any cleaning job we have to do, you can take over.”

Bo Jiu: … The Almighty was probably the only one who could say such a despicable thing so calmly.

Manager Li couldn’t hear their conversation. He stood at the side, his gaze wavering. Although he had previously heard that Young Master Qin treated the youngster differently, he hadn’t dared to think in that direction since the Qin family’s parenting would never allow such matters to happen.

Even though Young Master Jiu was completely different from before he was, after all, still a guy.

Before this moment, Manager Li had never taken the rumours seriously since Young Master Qin had never allowed anyone to speak so intimately with him before.

“I’ll get someone to prepare.”

Manager Li wasn’t dumb, he knew when he should be speaking.

Qin Mo nodded, but didn’t say anything else.

At this moment, Manager Li understood that it was best to follow the normal protocol to prevent raising the enemy’s guard.

The toilet resumed its original appearance and as Qin Mo had instructed, a few police officers in casual clothing were left behind to monitor the area.

Whenever a cleaner entered, they would follow behind.

Actually, it wasn’t hard to find out which cleaner placed the drugs into the cubicle.

However, the person who placed it there wasn’t important, the important one was the drug supplier.

Hence, they couldn’t act recklessly and couldn’t just make their arrest.

They had to make use of this bait to rack in more clues, which was both Qin Mo’s and Bo Jiu’s aim.

This time, they were on the same page.

The disguise was necessary.

There actually wasn’t a need for Qin Mo to do it himself. However, a certain someone hadn’t learned to behave herself just yet…

The night continued to deepen…

No one knew what had just happened in the washroom, but some of the patrons had caught sight of the police. As it would raise their suspicion if they left wordlessly, they decided to enter the main area for a routine check.

Even though it was just a routine check, those who played started to act with more reserve. Once the police were gone, they released all their inner desires and went wild.

The nightclub was exactly where they went to get drunk and let loose.

The dimmer the place, the more likely it was for trouble to brew.

The boy from before was happy to have gotten himself a middle aged man.

The middle aged man had a family and a child, but that didn’t influence his decision to ask him out. Besides, he seemed to be interested as well.

The boy glanced down at the hotel card in his hand, his body softening against the middle aged man. “Society isn’t fair to people like us. I understand how you feel, you must not be willing to face your wife at home.”

Those who came out in search for a third party, be it a female one or a male, generally had the same excuse. “I don’t have any feelings for her anymore. Look at me, even though I seem to have everything, I’m not happy at all.”

“Does she know about this?”

“Of course not, I don’t dare to bring it up. All I can do is to let loose outside like I am doing right now.”

“Haiz, I understand.” The boy lay his palms against his chest, his voice deepening. “I’ll accompany you tonight.”

The man grabbed onto his hand, looking very much like he needed the room at this moment.

That was the scene Qin Mo and Bo Jiu saw when they walked past.

The boy felt as though he was dignified, lifting his head high when he walked away with the man anxiously.

Bo Jiu and Qin Mo had never been one to express their opinions about others, but when they met this married man and his little male mistress, they couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

There wasn’t anything wrong with their sexual preference, but if you liked men, then you shouldn’t get married.

As he had gotten married and had kids, he should learn to live happily with his family.

If he wasn’t willing, he should just get a divorce.

He was willing to go to such lengths to destroy a woman’s entire life and in the end, he could still feel wronged.

Did he not have any shame at all?

It was probably due to the large influx of animation and novels tough, which glamorized homosexual relationships.

That was probably why some felt as though homosexual relationships were considered true love, leading to a married man using this ridiculous words as an excuse.

Gender didn’t matter in love, but he betrayed his wife and kids, hence, his sexual orientation didn’t matter. He was a bast*rd.

The boy was the same as well, to have acted in such a wanton manner.

Currently, this was the more realistic status of their circle.

That was exactly why Yun Hu didn’t allow Lin Feng to come into contact with these problems even though he belong to this circle.

He was worried that guy would assume his love was because of a need to satisfy himself.

He loved him and had always felt that way since they were young.

He loved Lin Feng as a person, the gender only came in afterwards.

Hence, when Bo Jiu was back, she asked Yun Hu.

Yun Hu glanced over with just one word. “I wouldn’t get married. Even if a woman is willing to be with me, I have no intention of harming anyone. A marriage certificate without that guy’s name will be useless to me.”

After she heard his proclamation, she was sure her naive senior was going to be defeated by this deep rooted love.

But Lin Feng probably wasn’t aware at all.

After they were back, Bo Jiu seemed to be having a secret conversation with Yun Hu.

Lin Feng glided over towards the youngster with a beer bottle in his hand. He reached out to grab a ward of hair, looking very troubled. “There’s something that has been bothering me about Hu, help me analyse it.”

Bo Jiu loved analyzing such matters. “What is it?”

“It isn’t entirely Hu’s problem.” Lin Feng was clearly intoxicated. He hung his head low. “I don’t understand what’s wrong with my mom. She has been instructing me not to take action on Hu, don’t you find it weird?”

With that, Bo Jiu seemed to have understood his problem. She laughed, her shoulders trembling from the tremors. Mother Lin was adorable, it seemed like the sort of things only biological mothers would be able to pull off.

“Little Spade, why do you keep laughing? Help me analyze this matter.” Lin Feng hovered around her.

Bo Jiu reached out and patted his back. “Senior, best of luck.”

Since even your mother was convinced you are truly to turn Almighty Yun gay, and not the other way around…

Bo Jiu kept her thoughts to herself.

“Best of luck?” What did he need luck for? Lin Feng’s mind was filled with questions.

Surprisingly, Lin Feng didn’t act up when he was drunk. Other than the need to clarify his problem, he seemed to have lost the ability to think and was unexpectedly silent.

After another short while, he fell asleep on the couch while hugging the beer bottle.

Indeed, it was time to end things.

Bo Jiu had originally intended to send Yaoyao back, but she sensed that there was something up her mind and Yaoyao said there was someone picking her up.

Uncle Yin and the others called a taxi.

With only Bo Jiu, Qin Mo, Yun Hu, and the others left, Bo Jiu glanced over at Lin Feng. He was sleeping peacefully on Yun Hu’s back.

He was knocked out because of the drinks.

From the looks of things, Senior Lin had no clue whom he had to guard against.

Yun Hu knew it would be a pain to be woken up from a deep slumber and besides, it would be freezing at this hour, hence, he decided to book the private room. “I’ll sleep over with him.”

“Alright, I’ll leave with Brother Mo.” Brother Mo smiled, a large reason for Senior Lin’s intoxication was probably due to Almighty Yun’s efforts.

Just as Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were about to leave, Yun Hu turned over, the position easily kissing the person on his back.

His thin lips brushed past Lin Feng’s, who had suddenly awakened.

Just when things were starting to turn bad, his gaze became focusless again as he hadn’t woken up entirely.

His dazed expression was taunting Yun Hu’s patience.

“Where are we going? To the competition? I haven’t mastered the ability to steal towers.”

He was clearly still intoxicated or he would have known it was too late for the competition.

An intoxicated Lin Feng was much quieter than normal even though Yun Hu instructed, “Go back to sleep.”

He still hadn’t exploded or looked at him with apprehension as he would have normally.

Instead, he nodded. “Indeed, I should sleep after drinking so much.”

It wasn’t easy for him to be aware of that.

Yun Hu was clear that a drunk Lin Feng wasn’t as guarded as usual. They could interact like they had in the past, falling asleep together after gaming.

Ever since he had found out about his intentions, he hadn’t avoided him outright, but in reality, he became more reserved with regards to intimate acts.

The only time he could be so close to him was when he wasn’t in his right mind.

After closing the private room door and turning around, Yun Hu was startled because that guy was removing his clothes.

“I’m hot. Where exactly are we? Didn’t they turn on the air conditioning?” Lin Feng complained as he ripped open his collar, exposing a large chunk of white skin, which was tainted pink from the alcohol he had drunk. “Forget it, I’ll take a bath first. Yes, bath, I stink, I really stink.”

A drunken person didn’t just have no guard.

Similarly, his natural behavior seemed to have been unleashed.

Lin Feng lowered his head and was removing his belt.

When Yun Hu took in the sight, his feet seemed to have stuck to the ground, his hands clenched tight to suppress his urge.

But the drunken Lin Feng didn’t seem to notice anything. He couldn’t undo his pants and when he saw his brother in the same room, he walked over. All this while he was still stumbling and his words were coming out in staccato. “Help-help me, undo this. Why-why does it seem tighter the more I undo it?”

Lin Feng tugged onto Yun Hu’s hand, placing it onto his pants very aggressively. When he finally lifted his face, his white shirt was spread open showing his fair jade like skin, along with his request…

In that instant, Yun Hu’s eyes darkened…