Chapter 923 - Drunken

Chapter 923: Drunken

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In that instant, Yun Hu’s eyes continued to darken…

It must have been his constant presence and the accidental seduction every single time which had caused him to sink in so deeply.

It probably started in middle school when they had been watching a film together.

Lin Feng was the one who had brought it over, stealthily like a thief.

At that time, the internet hadn’t been as advances as it was right nows so you would have to rent shows you wanted to watch.

Lin Feng had come over suspiciously, claiming it was good stuff.

Yun Hu, on the other hand, had been drinking coke and hadn’t believed Lin Feng would bring anything good.

As expected, it was that sort of film, the kind that some of their classmates had started watching secretly.

He hadn’t objected.

In Yun Hu’s heart, once he had reached a certain age, there were certain things he should be aware of and of the ways to deal with it since that was better than ignorance.

However, he hadn’t been very interested, just purely curious.

After he had watched the video, the curiosity had started to die away into blandness.

It was just a large area of pale skin, what was so nice about that? Besides, the female lead wasn’t even as pretty as the guy in front of him.

At that moment, his thoughts had been simple.

Rather than watching such things, he would be happier playing games with a certain someone.

At that time, Hero hadn’t been created yet, hence, they had still been playing Audition Online. Since they weren’t allowed to have computers at home, they would head over to an Internet café to game.

It was a joy for them to spend the entire night at the Internet café gaming.

He had been about to turn around and tell him this.

Looking back, he could still recall the scene which had been appearing in his dreams since that day.

His slightly open lips and the originally pale skin had been tainted red. Even the corners of his eyes had turned red. It had been clear he was enjoying what he saw and was reacting to it, a sight that was alluring and mesmerizing.

In that instant, all the reactions he wasn’t supposed to have had started to appear.

He had pressed onto his shoulders, forcing him to make a variety of sounds.

He had even wanted to see him cry, but the second after the thought had crossed his mind, he had started to feel afraid.

It was a fear coming straight from his heart.

His heart had turned cold while his body warmth had been blazing out of control.

When girls had started showing interest in Lin Feng, he hadn’t been very affected.

Or perhaps, since they had grown up together, he should be treating him well, right?

But in that instance, he had known that wasn’t the reason.

He treated him well because he was happy only when they were together, regardless of what they were doing. He wanted him.

“F*ck, Hu, Brother wasn’t aware you aren’t small after all.”

However, he loved talking about it without any filter.

“That’s weird, we have been eating the same thing since young. Fess up right now, what have you been eating behind my back?”

When he had asked that question, Yun Hu had glanced back into his eyes, his emotions calm. But in reality, his palms had been drenched with sweat because he had been asked something he felt deeply about.

As it hadn’t been possible for a straight guy to help him out, his eyes shot wide open. “I was kidding, what are you saying? I’ll get some tissue.”

Yun Hu didn’t know how he had managed to live through that day as he watched that person’s back view.

He had moved about haphazardly, not entirely sure what he wanted.

In his dream, it had been an entire night of lust and desire. He had held onto him, pressing onto his body.

That image had made him toss his pyjamas into the washing machine the next day. When his mother had asked what had happened, he had remained silent because he had finally understood, he had different desires.

Until today…

The moment he took a step forward and ripped off his shirt, he could finally relive the happiness he had been experiencing in his dreams.

The moment he reached over, his actions started to turn violent.

“Look at it, isn’t it becoming tighter?” Lin Feng hovered as he continued to mutter, “I just remembered, this belt was a gift from you. Why does it seem like even the things you got me are going against me? And you had actually masturbated in front of my photo, did you even ask for my permission? Bro, can’t you just suppress your needs? You were too much. F*ck!”

Yun Hu paused, the darkness in his eyes dissipating. When he heard the last sentence, he was thankful he had said it in such a moment or he wouldn’t have been able to control himself.

That was the worst case scenario because Yun Hu was well aware that regardless of how indulgent Lin Feng was, when he really did something out of line, their relationship would be over.

It wasn’t just the tiny desire he harbored in his heart, it was also the many years of brotherly relationship they shared.

Lin Feng had too much to drink. He blurted everything he had been suppressing out without restraint. “If you were going to masturbate in front of my photo, the least you could do was let me know about it. No, that’s not right, it doesn’t seem right for you to tell me about it. Besides, I know those girls that confessed to me were just trying to use me to get to know you. I’m not that dumb. After that first time I was tricked, there wasn’t going to be a second time, but you are way too much. Since you are-are… gay, why did you compete me for the girls? Whenever we are placed together, I’m always the spare tyre. Even my mom treats you better than me. Forget it, forget it, you are younger than me after all, but you weren’t behaving very sensibly, I told you my belt can’t be undone, you, heh, why aren’t you going to help me with it?”

“You really want me to help you?” Yun Hu lowered his voice, he went close to his ear and warned, “If I help, do you know what the consequences are?”

Lin Feng was clearly drunk and had zero capacity to think about such matters.

Yun Hu glanced into his eyes and knew that a certain someone was probably not going to remember anything the next morning.

Yun Hu took a moment, he removed his phone and pressed onto the record button before repeating his question. “Do you really want my help?”

“Of-of course!” Lin Feng replied. He reached out to grab Yun Hu’s hand once again, his body hovering. “How else am I going to sleep?”

Yun Hu watched him through his phone, moving away slightly. “You were the one who asked for it.”

“I told you that it was me; so hurry and remove it.”

After much difficulty, his belt was finally undone. Lin Feng looked at it for a moment, but he didn’t seem too pleased; hence, he removed his shirt and tossed it to the side.

All these while, he kept hustling around. When he requested to sleep together with Yun Hu, he saw Yun Hu retreating backwards. At that moment, he reached out and hugged him, struggling to remove Yun Hu’s clothes.

“I was wondering why you haven’t been kissing me recently. Didn’t we promise to be brothers forever? What’s with your pride? Aren’t you going to remove your clothes and sleep?”

Lin Feng was the silliest and sweetest when he said those words.

Yun Hu hadn’t taken action, however, as he resisted his urge.

He had to resist because the more he loved him, the more he couldn’t face the consequences that would arrive.

But all of his behavior have been kept and was stored in his phone.

Taking care of a drunkard had never been an easy job, but Yun Hu’s biggest problem was to reject his involuntary seduction.

After some time had passed, Lin Feng finally fell asleep.

Yun Hu glanced at him, his fingers caressing his clean and white face.

When he was caressing his back, he could no longer suppress his urge. He lowered his head, planting a kiss on that person’s lips, sucking and teasing, trying his best to absorb all the sweetness within. When he realized that something could no longer be controlled, his next action was to rush into the washroom and turn on the cold water.

The private room finally calmed down.

Other than the water splashing from the toilet, there wasn’t any other noises.

The wind started to brew outside, a stark contrast to their room.

There was a hotel near the club.

After sleeping with the boy, the middle-aged man took out a packet of drugs.

About half an hour later, the middle-aged man walked out of the toilet.

The boy was visibly exhausted, but he could still feel something touching him. “What’s this?”

“It’s a stimulant.” The middle-aged man replied as he reached for him with his hand. “It’ll make you happier.”

The two of them sunk into another round of lust and sexual intimacy.

The boy still hadn’t realized that he had been injected with drugs.

All he knew was how amazing the middle-aged man was. His body seemed extremely sensitive today.

The middle-aged man’s thoughts were simple. Since he was hooked onto this stuff sucking his life dry, he was going to get someone else hooked as well.

Since he was already in such a state, it would be great to find company.

As long as there was a first, there would definitely be a second time.

That was one of the main reasons drugs were overflowing.

Both drugs and AIDS were caused by a messy personal life.

Some people were naturally licentious without proper morals.

However, they didn’t see anything wrong with having mistresses as it was all their spouse’s fault because what they felt was true love.

In reality, money was the drawing factor.

There were some gays who belonged to unaccepted social circles.

These people were a reason for the spread of drugs.

The girl was well aware. With that knowledge, she could break into the market and the profits would be out of her expectation.

She watched the numbers appearing on the computer.

The tall and slender guy sitting on the couch stood up, his volume raising. “Hey, isn’t this our Rao Rong, Almighty Rao?”

Indeed, it was Rao Rong, who was still wearing his battle uniform.

The girl stood up, unruffled and emotionless. Since they were going to turn their backs on him and make him pay for their sins, she couldn’t just show it. “Rao Rong, you are here.”

Rao Rong acknowledged with a ‘Mmh’. He had never liked the place she stayed at. Even though she had a sweet appearance, her room emitted an aura which made him feel uneasy.

“You did well for the match today.” The girl smiled. “The higher-ups mentioned that since it was such a well-matched battle, the profits were much higher.”

Rao Rong couldn’t see through her and couldn’t tell if she was being sincere, but the girl started speaking again. “Rao Rong, I have mentioned your father’s case to him and he would help you with it, but over at our side, we need your help on something…”

With that, she turned and whispered into his ear.

Rao Rong glanced up. He clenched his palms and could only utter one word, “Alright.” He then headed out of the apartment.

The tall and slender man watched as he left. “He really assumed he was doing something big. Does he really think we aren’t aware? This is hilarious, he deserves to be kicked out of the organisation.”

“That’s enough, you are just hateful because he is better looking than you are.” The girl laughed, her eyes pitch dark. “You don’t have to act like this. Why would you be jealous of someone that wouldn’t exist anytime soon?”

“That’s true.” The tall and slender man laughed.

At that moment, the girl’s phone rang. It was a call from one of their other members.

His arms were covered with tattoos. He went into a secluded area away from anyone’s sight. “The police were here, but don’t worry, no one noticed us and everything in the toilet is in order, I made sure of it.”

The girl wasn’t reassured. “Did anyone ask about the cleaners?”

“No, they walked around once, just as they had in the past. It was just a routine check.”

After she heard that, she finally felt at ease. “Watch out for the buyers tomorrow. If it happens to be a new face, remember to be on your guard, it might be a police officer in disguise. When that happens, don’t say anything and run.”

“I understand.” He took a bite of something. He was tall and sturdy and looked very much like a fiend. “The police aren’t that smart. I walked around them once, but they hadn’t noticed anything. What are we going to do with Rao Rong? Do you need me to break him personally?”

“That’s not necessary, he should die for a price.” The girl raised a brow. “He doesn’t agree with our belief and isn’t willing to listen to orders, he indeed isn’t of much use…”

Money was important, but that wasn’t her only goal.

She came with ulterior motives and her motives had managed to trap Jiang City into an impending thunderstorm.

This impending thunderstorm would bring about a blood-like malice and darkness.

The demons buried deep in hearts have started to sprout…