Chapter 924 - Movie Queen An’s Thoughts

Chapter 924: Movie Queen An’s Thoughts

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The night started to deepen.

The Qin family’s house was located in the military courtyard.

It hadn’t been long since Movie Queen An had arrived in Jiang City. She laid on the sofa and sipped on tea. She had booked her flight back abruptly, but her fatigue only seem to have added on to her charm.

“Which means, Jiu has been staying in our house for the last few days?” Movie Queen An set her teacup down as she glanced over at Madam Zhang.

It wasn’t right for Madam Zhang to say some things.

Movie Queen An’s heart stilled at her expression. “I never expected their relationship to be like that.”

Madam Zhang didn’t know how to go about it since it wasn’t easy to tell her about their homosexual relationship.

“Madam…” Madam Zhang was just about to start when Movie Queen An took in a deep breath, cutting her off. “Let me think about it.”

Indeed, she would have to think about it because he only had one son.

There were homosexual entertainers in her industry and she was friends with some of them, but when it happened to her own son… She couldn’t just make a decision so quickly.

If she took a minute, she would realize her son had never troubled her in anyway ever since he was young.

Instead, as a mother, she hadn’t been able to care for her family due to the pursuit of her career, which caused her son to have such a low need for forming relationships.

By the time he was five years old, he had started to remind her to take care of herself due to her irregular lifestyle.

It wasn’t easy for a child to mature at such a young age.

Her son would never make a fuss about the decisions they made.

Even the time they decided to send him to Los Angeles for her father to care for him, he hadn’t said anything.

Although he had always been outstanding, it still was somewhat a surprise he hadn’t gone down the wrong road.

He was so outstanding that when this happened, Movie Queen An suddenly felt like she had fallen short as a mother.

Her son had a placid personality and had never placed much attention on relationships. but once he formed an attachment, he would never let the person go… Even as his mother, she wasn’t able to predict the consequences.

The incident that year was never going to happen again, but she still couldn’t accept it so readily.

There was a short instant when she really wanted to blame that boy.

However, whenever she thought about how the boy was Jiu, she couldn’t seem to bear a grudge.

Every time she saw the youngster, she wanted to treat him as a second son.

So how could she have the heart to blame him? Wasn’t it good for them to be brothers? How did things lead to such a stage?

Movie Queen An grew increasingly worried.

That aside, she knew by heart that the person who had taken the initiative wasn’t Jiu.

She knew her son.

He could turn someone gay, but if someone tried to turn him gay, he would definitely beat him to death.

Or had her son harbored ulterior motives towards Jiu from the start…

Movie Queen An was a smart person. She wasn’t just smart, with her current position, she was more open-minded than others and would often think of the whole picture.

Besides, she knew her son well enough…

“I still want a grandson.” Movie Queen An looked over at Madam Zhang, acting coquettishly like a daughter to her mom.

Madam Zhang understood what she meant since she herself hoped to see a little young master as well.

Movie Queen An retracted her gaze. Rather than speaking to Madam Zhang, she looked more like she was convincing herself. “This is his life after all, his opinions matter the most. But will he be happy in the future? You should know, Qin Mo may seem emotionless, but once he gives his feelings, his entire soul would sink right in.”

Madam Zhang wasn’t in the position to advise her. Moreover, she knew a woman as smart as her mistress didn’t need her advice at all.

“But if it’s Jiu, I can still accept it.” Movie Queen An exhaled deeply. “I never expected a day my male god would end up as my daughter-in-law. I just can’t seem to accept it.”

Madam Zhang: … Madam, if her boss were to hear this, it wouldn’t be pretty.

“But that’s good to,” Movie Queen An replied seriously. “There wouldn’t be a family as cool as mine, with a daughter-in-law that games as well as Jiu. In the future, I will be able to poach Jiu over from Supreme Alliance and introduce that child to the entertainment industry to film with me. At that time, even Mo wouldn’t be able to stop us since I’m the mother-in-law. Wait a minute, Jiu should be considered a daughter-in-law and not a son-in-law, right?”

Madam Zhang replied, “That… should be right.”

Even though she wasn’t sure about gay affairs, a man like her Young Master shouldn’t be able to bow down to anyone, right?

After Movie Queen An had thought it through, she was back to her natural demeanor, slouching lazily on the sofa. Her long, silky dress and red cardigan wrapped around her flawless figure, the wide trumpet sleeves floating about. She was an alluring celestial beauty indeed. She smiled energetically. “Ask Mo about it one day, it’d be entertaining if he was the one at the bottom.”

This… As expected of her mistress, Madam Zhang admired her train of thoughts.

Perhaps that was the difference with the Qin family.

Thus, Bo Jiu hadn’t been wrong when she had exclaimed how only the Qin family could produce a son like the Almighty.

It wasn’t just wealth and power, it was also the way he thought.

It was uniquely him.

That day, Qin Mo didn’t return home. If he had been back, he might have been able to bump into their conversation.

Movie Queen An had her thoughts straightened. Since their relationship had developed into such a state, it was time to meet Jiu’s mother.

Movie Queen An had always been a proactive person, but the moment she stood up, she had another thought.

She agreed to their relationship.

But what about Jiu’s family?

Movie Queen An decided to test the waters. As for how it was going to be done, she would have to give it more thought.

Since her son was already gay, rather than finding someone she wasn’t pleased with, she would rather have Jiu, whom she was fond of…

Movie Queen An had many friends, but none of them had connections to the Fu family. Moreover, she didn’t even know who Jiu’s mother was.

It seemed like she would have to get someone to find out more in order to improve their relationship.

Movie Queen An’s eyes lit up as a thought struck her. She immediately called someone.

She was calling a woman who was in charge of facial plastic surgery and a woman club and was considered wealthy and widely connected amongst the Jiang City socialite circle.

When she caught sight of Movie Queen An’s phone number, she jumped out of joy like a little kid. “Sister An, what is it? You finished filming your movie?”

“I’m taking a short break.” Movie Queen An broke into a faint smile. “Weren’t you organizing a gathering with various madams and young ladies in Jiang City? I will take part in the fun.”

Her eyes lit up as though she had struck lottery. “Sister An, are you telling the truth? You are coming?!”

“Of course I’m telling the truth.” Movie Queen An asked, “When have I ever lied?”

“That isn’t it, I just can’t believe that Sister An is coming, I have to get someone to prepare the best red wine.” She leaped out of joy while the people around her wondered what had happened and who exactly Sister An was.

Once her phone call ended, a few of the wealthy woman asked, “Who was it, that could cause our lady boss to have lost her composure?”

She chuckled lightly, waving her hands at the expectant gaze.

The group leaned in and heard that one name.

With that, their expressions shifted instantly!

“Gosh, how do you know her?”

“It has to do with the older generation.”

“Is she really as pretty as in the movies? You addressed her as elder sister, but why does she seem younger than you?”

“Hey, she definitely spends time maintaining her appearance and she’s prettier in real life.”

“But I heard that celebrities usually have someone behind supporting them, is she perhaps…”

The person’s eyes sunk immediately. “She isn’t that sort, you can think that way about others, but don’t ever think that way about Sister An, the consequences aren’t something you can bear.”

“It’s my fault, my fault, I was just asking, don’t get angry. Since the Movie Queen An is going to come back, shouldn’t we rearrange the name list? We shouldn’t invite those small businesses. For instance, the store that sells pan fried buns and that woman, He, that comes from the village, those people would just reduce the overall standard of the crowd.”

She was a businesswoman and even though it wasn’t going very well, she still had basic respect. “The invitations have been sent out so the name list can’t be changed, but we can alter the seating arrangement. Also, don’t bring this up in front of Sister An, she doesn’t like it.”

“Are you serious, a celebrity isn’t understanding of such affairs of life?”

“That isn’t it, you will understand once you see her in person. She isn’t like us, she doesn’t need to look at people’s background to be their friend.”

“Huan Huan, that’s too much.”

“I’m just trying to say that both of us, with me included.” Since she was CEO, she would have to offer up some cushion after making such a ruthless comment. “It’s for your sake, there’ll be a large crowd at the gathering with many eyes looking at you. Besides, He Honghua’s son has been doing rather well. Even my daughter was pestering me for his autograph, it’s about time you change your mindset. I understand that you were close to Su Mei in the past and can’t be bothered by He Honghua, but the times have changed and she hasn’t done anything to offend you. Give her a way out and consider it as doing a good deed.”

“All he does is play esports, what’s so great about that, can he compare with my son? He entered the industry after all and became a celebrity. Huan Huan, can I bring my son along to see Movie Queen An?”

“You can, but Guo Rong, don’t make it too obvious, it’s just a gathering tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry.”

Even though that’s what she said, Yang Huan still wasn’t convinced. Just Guo Rong’s attitude alone wasn’t going to be enough, she wasn’t just going to sit still.

But she couldn’t reschedule the gathering tomorrow, it wasn’t easy for Sister An to come over, she couldn’t just let her go back disappointed.

On the other side, after Movie Queen An hung up the phone, she was starting to feel proud of her own intelligence.

With such a method, her accidental conversation would occur seamlessly and couldn’t seem too abrupt.

The gift had to be practical.

Forget it, it couldn’t be practical, those weren’t sincere enough.

“Oh right, I have another set of bracelets that goes with all skin tones, I’m sure Madam He will like it.”

Madam Zhang watched as her mistress started to prepare for the meeting the next day. She started with the gift preparation before trying out the gown she was going to wear. It was indeed an unexplainable feeling.

Wasn’t it a little too quick for such a procedure? Wasn’t she skeptical in the beginning?

In reality, after Movie Queen An had thought it through, she wasn’t willing for her son to go on as he had in the past.

He had changed a lot after the youngster’s arrival.

It was the first time she had caught even a glimpse of human emotion in his eyes.

That was enough for her, regardless of the youngster’s gender.

Outside, the trees looked like a painting.

The Fu family’s mansion didn’t have guards stationed outside like the Qin family’s home did.

Chen Xiaodong held onto a cotton blanket and asked his young master once more. “Is Young Master Qin really going to stay here?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu didn’t have a choice.

After leaving the club, the Almighty gave her two options: One was to sleep at his house and the other was to stay at her house.

After careful consideration, she decided it was safer to sleep in her own house.

With that, she could use her single-sized bed as an excuse for the Almighty to sleep in the guest bedroom.

This time, it was indeed Qin Mo’s mistake.

He Honghua was the happiest and prepared an entire feast for supper.

He Honghua had always been like this. Even though she was brought up in a village, she still possessed the generosity and candidness that was required,

Their house had always been the same. Even though they didn’t eat exotic delicacies, they would always make food that Jiu loved.

It wasn’t a wasn’t a wasted visit for Qin Mo because with just a casual question, he would be awarded with a whole load of information about a certain someone’s childhood.

“But Jiu isn’t like before. In the past, he couldn’t even take the tiniest bit of suffering and loved to drink coffee. He once brought a piano home. I’m not even sure how many things this kid has learnt behind my back.”

All mothers loved to praise their own child and He Honghua was definitely not an exception. Her round face was brightening as she spoke about Jiu.

Qin Mo was drinking his tea, but paused at her words. Even if there was a second personality, her taste wouldn’t change so what exactly happened to her?

Their conversation ended there.

Firstly, because it was too late and secondly, because Bo Jiu had come down to interrupt their interaction.

She had heard snippets of their conversation on her way over and with anymore information, she was afraid the Almighty would catch on and become even more suspicious.

“The room is ready. Brother Mo, are you going to rest early?” Bo Jiu raised a brow.

Since Qin Mo had things he needed to investigate, he replied faintly, “Alright.”

Her attempt to stop the conversation was surprisingly successful, which made Bo Jiu lift her lips into a smile. Indeed, it was much safer in her own home.

After Qin Mo had left, Bo Jiu started with serious matters. “Mom, do you still have contact details of the school. If you do, could you help me contact the teacher in charge of my year.”

“The teacher in charge for your year?” He Honghua was worried that there was trouble. “Is the school upset because you have been preoccupied over the competition?”

Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “Mom, it’s not, I just wish to stay in the school dormitory.”

“School dormitory?!” He Honghua’s pitch heightened.

Bo Jiu immediately raised her hand to cover her mouth, worried that Qin Mo could hear from the guest bedroom upstairs. She pressed a finger over her lips and signaled for her to keep her volume down. With that, she lowered her ravishing face and added, “Mom, I’ll just be staying for two weeks and if I can’t get used to it, I’ll move back.”

The first half was true, but the second half… In half a month’s time, both the National League and Fu Zhongyi would all have ended.

It was time. Her belief could be considered to have ended as it was time for her to return to the Fifth Avenue.