Chapter 925 - People She Wanted to Protect

Chapter 925: People She Wanted to Protect

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“The dormitory would be filled with guys, how are you going to live there?” He Honghua asked with concern. “Why did you suddenly wish to stay in school? You have been staying at home all this while.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be found out. Since we sleep in bunk beds, I’ll ask for a top bunk.” Bo Jiu hugged onto He Honghua’s soft and tender shoulders. “I’m in my second year, staying in school would give me more time to study. Besides, it’s a critical time over at your business. If I’m not at home, it’ll save you the trouble of coming back to cook me my meals.”

“Your face has lost so much weight from the competition. Rest days aren’t common so you definitely have to be back for some home cooked meals.” He Honghua was firm on this front.

Bo Jiu chuckled. “I’ll be back during the holidays, once every week.”

In reality, she would still be back. It would be more convenient for her to investigate and conceal her identity if she stayed in school, but over at the Fu house, she had created a temporary disguise room which allowed her to do many things.

She couldn’t let He Honghua know of that though.

She hadn’t placed the main terminal for the network in the Fu house because she was afraid any leaks would trace back to He Honghua.

She wasn’t clear of the new staff in the crime squad and her imposter hadn’t been caught yet.

She couldn’t let He Honghua take the risk.

In the past, she didn’t have to think of anyone else since she was alone.

But now, she had people she wanted to protect, both Supreme Alliance and the mother who was standing in front of her.

The more He Honghua saw her own Jiu, the more handsome she found her. She hadn’t realized in the past, but right now, she seemed to have a plan for every decision she made. He Honghua felt reassured and slightly melancholic. “Since you don’t have much to do for the next two days, will you be at home? Mom has a gathering tomorrow and would like to bring you along.”

“Tomorrow…” Bo Jiu was just about to hesitate when He Honghua immediately replied, “Do you have something planned out? It’s alright if you are busy.”

“I do have something tomorrow, but what time is the gathering? I’ll try to settle it fast so that I can head over.” Bo Jiu had always been indulgent towards He Honghua.

More importantly, it was useful against the middle-aged He Honghua. “Tomorrow night, it’s organized by a friend and a variety of industries in the Jiang City will be there. Now that I have just obtained a portion of the Fu family’s business, it wouldn’t be appropriate to skip the event. You know more of such things and mom doesn’t, so your presence would place me at ease.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu raised her arm to look at the time. “Where will it be held? I should be done by seven, I’ll be able to go in with you for some free food and drinks.”

No one would dislike a child like Bo Jiu by her side. He Honghua’s round face beamed with joy. “You will definitely like the place, haven’t you always wanted mom to bring you to such upper class gatherings? You finally get the chance now.”

Bo Jiu acknowledged with a “Mmh”. She didn’t deny things of the past since the more discrepancies there were, the higher were the chances of her identity being exposed.

Some things were best left in the dark.

If she joined the gathering… It seemed like she would have to bring a suit along.

Since she would be taking action with the Almighty, she would have to pay attention to certain places to prevent too many loopholes from being exposed.

Hence, on the second day, Bo Jiu woke up early. When she met with Director Huang and Manager Li and held onto the cleaner uniform, she hadn’t shown how well-versed she was with the location.

Instead, she pretended to be clueless as a rookie should be, taking about half an hour before coming out of the changing room.

Qin Mo was already waiting on the sofa. Even though he was dressed in a cleaner uniform, the dignified air around him hadn’t lessened. Instead, he seemed more alluring against the blue and white uniform.

Bo Jiu raised a brow, her lips into a smile as she whistled. “Handsome.”

Qin Mo glanced up to look over at the youngster. Her head of silver hair was ruffled and in a mess, looking very much like Princess after he had taken his bath and prancing about with his blown up hair trying to attract his master’s attention.

“Come over.”

Qin Mo spoke faintly and when Bo Jiu reached, he stood up and placed his fingers onto the youngster’s head, sieving through the knots and arranging it back into place. The side of his face was just like his physique, carrying a hint of elegance. “Don’t you even know how to comb your hair at this age?”

Manager Li and Director Huang stood at the side. The latter had already gotten used to it since he was forced to see them flaunt their love every time they came into the station.

But the former felt uncomfortable and wasn’t sure if he should even be looking.

Young Master Qin was so bold about his sexuality.

Bo Jiu glanced up. She didn’t think much of it since he was just combing her hair for her.

Qin Mo didn’t think much of it either. Wasn’t it expected when taking care of someone?

After all, they had always been close.

When the Almighty lowered his lids, Bo Jiu could clearly see the dark feather-like lashes flutter and had the urge to reach out and caress them.

Qin Mo lowered his lids because he was helping a certain someone arrange her clothes.

Bo Jiu was unlike Qin Mo and it was obvious from the way they wore their clothes.

The youngster was forever carefree and cool.

In contrast, Qin Mo would always be upright with clothes which were proper and in place.

The contrast would occasionally place thoughts into Bo Jiu’s mind.

She wasn’t sure if she was going to do something she would regret when she left.

Bo Jiu shifted her collar.

“Too tight?” Qin Mo asked.

“Mmh,” she answered.

Qin Mo reached out and made some minor adjustments.

Manager Li stood at the side, coughing lightly. “Young Master Qin, Young Master Jiu, it’s seven right now. Do you wish to take your breakfast before heading over?”

“That’s alright, we will be eating with our new colleagues in a while.” Bo Jiu chuckled, looking as though she had something up her sleeve. “It’ll be easier to access information across the meal table.”

Manager Li: … He never expected Young Master Qin to like such a type.

“Besides, Manager Li you don’t have to follow us, get a regular staff from the Human Resources Department and don’t expose our identity. The more clueless the person is, the more natural their act would be.” Bo Jiu sat on the chair, bending down as she tightened her shoe laces. When she glanced back up, she had become a refreshing and energized cleaner.

Both Qin Mo and Bo Jiu had made adjustments to their appearance, which was mainly to reduce their own attractiveness and allure.

Qin Mo was way too handsome and, hence, it proved to be a challenge.

The both of them started with their hairstyles.

They used a hairspray which was a mixture of green and blue, dying their fringe and giving off a ruffian vibe.

This made them seem more like troubled teens who had run away from home.

But because of their attractive faces, they didn’t manage to look that bad.

More importantly, it managed to change their aura, especially Qin Mo’s air which made him more approachable than before.

The welfare in Jiang group wasn’t bad, hence, their accommodations wouldn’t be that bad either.

But this was Jiang City after all and land was precious, hence, it wouldn’t be that great either.

Not much sun rays entered the rooms and many of the staff came from foreign lands. They were brought to an old building which hadn’t been demolished Various styles of clothing hung across the railings and beams, the smell not particularly pleasant.

A mouldy stench enveloped the entire building from the first to the second floor.

Bo Jiu wasn’t bothered by the surroundings.

She assumed a dignified young master like the Almighty wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

But when she glanced back, there wasn’t any change to the Almighty’s expression. He managed to blend into the surroundings perfectly, just that he didn’t say much.

He remained unaffected to the other employees who threw flirtatious glances over at him.

That was when Bo Jiu remembered he had grown up in the army. Even though he had forgotten the times they had when they were younger, the days in the army were probably real.

Which meant that the Almighty probably underwent professional training?

With that, Bo Jiu’s lips curved upwards. It didn’t seem that weird for her to have been found out the year she had exchanged hands with the Almighty.

When the handsome newcomer hadn’t reacted to him, the staff’s face hardened. He was just someone from the outskirts who came to work. Why was he being so arrogant? In the end, wasn’t he going to bow down to reality?

Forget it, he didn’t wish to force things.

“This room.” The staff stood by the door, a bundle of keys in his hand. “There are two more beds inside, you guys can just choose amongst yourself.”

While the staff was instructing the both of them, a few men standing by the washing bay turned towards them since there weren’t many youngsters there who looked this good.

In reality, the structure of this building was very much like a basement.

In the basement, the washing area was public and there would be a queue when the crowd piled up.

“Boss, where did the two of them come from?”

One of the middle-aged men spat the water in his mouth before he turned and broke into a smile, showing an enthusiasm which was characteristically for a villager from the outskirts. He was probably rather new as well since his accent was still rather strong.

Due to the rapid advancement of the city, people started to grow solemn from the stress.

But the pressure didn’t seem to exist on the middle-aged man, who wished to head back after earning enough money.

He was an enthusiastic and affectionate person.

The cleaner replied emotionlessly, “The two of them came over from the outskirts and will be working for a short period of time. They will be in charge of cleaning, you guys can bring them around and see if they are suited for the job.”

“Sure thing!”

“Oh right.” The employee seemed to have remembered something as he pointed towards Bo Jiu’s hair. “If you are accepted, you have to dye your hair to something more normal. Our club isn’t like those outside, we have high demands for our employees.”

Bo Jiu wasn’t aware that a club would be bothered about their employee’s hairstyle. Jiang Zuo’s management was indeed interesting.

“Cool,” she replied.

The employee glanced over at Qin Mo. Seeing that he wasn’t going to react, he didn’t bother anymore and went straight down.

With these real and natural reactions, the entire floor of people weren’t the least bit suspicious.

Since they were new, there weren’t many people who came up to talk to them.

However, those who lived in the same floor did.

The middle-aged man walked towards Bo Jiu with his washing basin. After taking two looks, he started to feel regretful for them. “The both of you don’t look very old, why are you working at such a young age? Why don’t you study hard?”

“Don’t’ worry, Bro, I’m of age.” Bo Jiu chuckled. “I’m just a little hungry at the moment, it’s been a while since I left home and would love for something hot.”

The middle-aged man immediately answered, “Go, go there and put down your things, I’ll introduce you guys to the others that stay here before we all get something to eat. The canteen made big buns today, I’m sure you guys will love it!”

“He likes everything,” Qin Mo finally spoke, his voice smooth and silky, prompting the middle-aged man to turn back.

“You guys know each other?”

Bo Jiu laughed. “We came out to work together, there isn’t work back at home.”

Her ability to imitate his language was perfect. After hearing just a few words, she managed to catch his tone and intonation.

The original gaming addict persona was immediately replaced.

They mixed reality with their lie, which made it more believable.

The middle-aged man grew more affectionate after hearing Bo Jiu’s accent. “That’s right, there aren’t jobs back at home. Come over, there are two beds over here. It’s similar to the dormitories back in school with bunk beds. The person sleeping beside your bunk is also from our hometown, one of them doesn’t have a good ear so you would have to talk louder when speaking to him. The other loves drinking and there’s one that doesn’t really live here anymore. He seems to have hit the jackpot and will definitely bring alcohol and cigarettes back in a while…”

This man treated them affectionately.

To prevent others from growing suspicious, Bo Jiu asked about everyone’s situation.

In reality, her attention lied solely on the the last person.

Qin Mo raised his lids, sweeping a glance over at the blanket which was half-folded.

They eyed each other, their chemistry in sync.

“It’s a weekend today so everyone’s on full-day shift so he will be back. You guys are in luck…”

The middle-aged man wasn’t aware that this didn’t have anything to do with luck.

Qin Mo and Bo Jiu chose to come in on this day because they knew everyone would be present.

They were brought into the canteen by the middle-aged man.

The canteen was chaotic and loud. Fortunately, the middle-aged man used a local phone with loud volume. He glanced up caught sight of the target Qin Mo and Bo Jiu were after… Zhao Sanbao.

Zhao Sanbao was tall and burly. If Bo Jiu and Qin Mo weren’t there, he would have been the youngest cleaner in the bunch. He sat by the entrance eating a mantou. When he saw a familiar face bringing two new comers, he frowned.

Qin Mo took in that reaction.

“He is on his guard, his first reaction would be to suspect us.”

Hence, it wasn’t good to go against a psychologist, they could easily read their target’s mind.

Zhao Sanbao was indeed afraid, but he was convinced the police would never reach him even if they were to investigate further.

The suppliers reminded him to be on high alert though. “The two of them…”

The middle-aged man introduced them. “They are from our hometown, there isn’t much work back at home so they came out to earn some money.”

“They came over to Jiang City to earn money at such a young age?” Zhao Sanbao studied them intently.

Bo Jiu and Qin Mo allowed him to look. The former scratching her head in embarrassment, she didn’t take the initiative to talk to Zhao Sanbao and instead, turned to the middle-aged man. “Bro, where is the mantou? I and my cousin are starving.”

Zhao Sanbao had his own thoughts. If there was someone here who could listen to him obediently, he could send out the drugs to the other washrooms. At this moment, there didn’t seem to have a problem with the both of them.

He could bring them over when the time came.

With that, Zhao Sanbao passed his canteen card over. “There are mantous inside, but you guys don’t have a canteen card. Take this, it’s my treat.”

“This…” Bo Jiu glanced down at the card, hesitating.

“Since Brother Zhao is going to treat you, just take it.” The middle-aged man was as enthusiastic as usual.

Bo Jiu knew that it was an opportunity. She reached out for the card and broke into a radiant smile. “Thank you, Brother Zhao.”