Chapter 926 - Spre ranslations

Chapter 926: Spre ranslations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Spare me the formalities, we will be colleagues from now.” Zhao Sanbao was trying to pave the way so that it was easier for the two newcomers to work under him in the future. It was also for them to know who the boss was.

But meals aside, Qin Mo’s appearance still managed to catch Zhao Sanbao’s attention.

“The two of you still look rather familiar, have you been to our club before?” Zhao Sanbao asked.

Qin Mo shook his head, but didn’t speak.

His personality made Zhao Sanbao smile because this was the sort of junior he was looking for to help with his work.

His slow brain didn’t matter as long as he could work.

“I must have made a mistake,” Zhao Sanbao replied with a smile. “Honestly, with your appearances, you guys would do very well in the other departments. Those young masters that greets the customers aren’t even as good looking as the both of you. Why didn’t you guys try that out? Why come here as a cleaner?”

It was a test, thus, she had to be honest.

Bo Jiu glanced down, and replied without looking back, “We don’t know those, but I heard from others that it can be rather dangerous. We’re afraid of getting cheated and decided to go for something more down to earth since it was safer.”

“That’s great!” the middle-aged man replied. “Bao, don’t lead them astray, the young masters in the club aren’t that simple, it wouldn’t sound good if the word gets out. Previously, I saw a boss sending the Qin family’s Young Master one of their younger and more tender ones. Are you trying to get these two kids into trouble?”

They sent young masters to the Almighty? The originally restless Bo Jiu seemed to have found something interesting. “What young and tender one? And who exactly is the Qin family’s Young Master?”

“It wasn’t anything much, don’t take it seriously. About the things you said, I understand since I’ve seen it before.” Zhao Sanbao glanced over at the middle-aged man before turning towards Bo Jiu. “You have just arrived in Jiang City so you might not be aware, Young Master Qin is both powerful and wealthy and most importantly, he is very handsome. There are many people out there who are trying to befriend him, hence, they didn’t care about the gender and just sent them all to him. ut Young Master Qin remained immune to the seductions. I’ve seen it happen twice and the one time, a boy had been sent over…”

Bo Jiu toyed with a chopstick and glanced over at the Almighty, her gaze filled with laughter.

Qin Mo glanced up, eyeing her once, his brows lifted.

Zhao Sanbao went on and on.

With that, Bo Jiu was sure he had seen the Almighty before, but didn’t manage to recognize him, which was enough.

Both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were highly intelligent people, hence, catching information through conversations were one of their strong points.

They had the same tactic against him.

Zhao Sanbao would never know the person eating at the same table as him was the Young Master Qin he was referring to.

After breakfast, they had to attend a simple meeting by the respective departments.

Since the police had been here the day before, Zhao Sanbao had to act prudently.

First, he entered the toilet cubicle to take a look at the goods.

If the goods were still there, it meant that he was safe.

If it wasn’t there, it meant that the police had found out and he would be in danger if he continued dealing.

Qin Mo and Bo Jiu were in charge of helping him clean the toilet walkway.

Private rooms littered the walkways and there were customers who had stayed the night.

They had to clean up the area before those customers woke up. That were the standards set by the club.

It would be embarrassing if they bumped into someone familiar at this moment.

Yun Hu looked ahead at his captain and vice-captain, who were dressed as cleaners. He paused, holding onto the sandwich and milk he had bought from the main area.

At this moment, Zhao Sanbao walked over. He greeted the both of them and from the side of his eye, he saw the guest standing at the side.

Something didn’t seem right.

If Yun Hu had called out either Qin Mo or Bo Jiu’s name, all of their disguise would have gone down the drain.

Zhao Sanbao stood at the side watching the situation, his suspicion growing by the second.

Just as he was about to ask something, Yun Hu spoke, “The room needs cleaning, arrange for two cleaners to come in.”

He spoke in a level tone which wasn’t out of the ordinary. When he spoke, he didn’t bother looking over at Bo Jiu or Qin Mo as though he was a guest who didn’t know them. After he was done instructing them, he turned and continued forward.

Bo Jiu glanced up, her reply seamless. “Yes, Sir.”

With that, all of Zhao Sanbao’s suspicions dissipated. He had originally assumed they were acquainted with the guest, but from the looks of things, the guest was just treating them as cleaners.

“Let’s go to the next floor,” Zhao Sanbao instructed, finding their presence convenient.

It shouldn’t be a problem for the two of them to cover his duties when he collected his supplies.

He would have a good talk with the both of them later in the afternoon.

Little did he imagine that at this moment, Yun Hu paused. He turned and reached for his phone, tilting to the side as he snapped a photo of the two of them.

He sent the photo in Supreme Alliance’ group chat.

The chat exploded.

“Am I seeing things? That cleaner… is that Captain?”

“Little Spade is in the photo as well…”

“Ha ha ha ha, I never expected to see Qin Mo in such a get up, he looks so much younger.”

“Why are there Xiangnan members in Supreme Alliance’ private group chat?”

Yun Hu glanced down at the message. “He begged Lin Feng to add him.”

“There’s one more,” Xue Yaoyao reminded.

The extra one responded, “I want to join you guys, I want a PK with North of Yin Mountain.”

Yin Wuyao: …

Yun Hu sent out the news with no intention of expressing his views.

Why did the two of them dress up as cleaners so early in the morning?

In the beginning when Yun Hu first saw them, he was indeed startled.

But when the other man rushed over, Qin Mo made a hand signal for him to keep silent, which made him change his attitude immediately.

It was a secret signal they used when they gamed to indicate an ambush.

Yun Hu’s dark gaze cleared up, gleaming in the darkness.

What exactly was happening in Jiang City for Captain to be in such a disguise?

At the other side, Qin Mo and Bo Jiu followed behind Zhao Sanbao. After exchanging a mutual glance, they continued to walk forward.

Bo Jiu couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief. Fortunately, they had met Almighty Yun and not Lin Feng.

According to Lin Feng’s personality, if he had caught sight of their get-up, his immediate reaction would be to rush forward to expose them.

At this moment, the naive Lin Feng was lying on the bed, checking his own clothes!

That was right, he was scrutinizing his own clothes.

His pure black underwear was still intact, which meant that nothing had happened the night before.

But why were his clothes in such a state? And why was his belt in such a crooked angle?

Lin Feng looked down at his undone white shirt and the obvious kiss mark on his collarbone.

He couldn’t help cursing out loud. “F*ck!”

Yun Hu pushed open the door and that was the first words he heard. He glanced up and asked, “You are awake?”

What did you mean by you are awake? After a whole night of passion, was this how you treated someone?

Lin Feng leaped down the bed. He stretched his hands out and pushed Yun Hu’s face towards the wall at the side.

Mother Lin was right after all, her son was a black belt in Taekwondo and beatings from him would hurt.

Yun Hu glanced over, his brows knitted. “Even if you want to fight, that can wait till after breakfast.”

“Stop with the act.” Lin Feng suppressed his voice, he reached out and pointed towards his own collarbone. “What is this?”

Yun Hu wasn’t very comfortable with his face being pressed, but his voice remained emotionless. “You should be asking yourself what you did yesterday.”

“Me? What did I do?” Lin Feng was infuriated. “It should be what you did right! I must have been too lenient with you! Why are you throwing your phone at me, are you trying to bribe me because you know my phone is spoilt? Let me tell you, I’ll take the phone, but don’t think that I would be bribed by you.”

“Idiot, look at the video inside.” Yun Hu still couldn’t believe he would fall for such a person, but once he saw him, he couldn’t help wanting to caress his head. It was probably this feeling that made him unable to let go after all these while.

The naive Lin Feng glanced at the phone. “What video is it? Even if you managed to magically produce fireworks, I won’t…”

With that, Lin Feng paused, his voice swallowed back!

His pretty eyes opened wide as he stared down at the video, he watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, reaching out to grab Yun Hu’s hand, making him undo… his belt?!

F*ck, the person in the video couldn’t be him! Something must be wrong!

Seeing the obvious flush that was creeping up his face, Yun Hu reached out and pushed him aside. He arranged his clothes and spoke, “Lin Feng, you are well aware of my feelings towards you and yet, you still tried to seduce me. What is the meaning of this? Are you toying with me?”

Lin Feng opened his mouth wide, trying to explain himself.

Yun Hu moved his glance elsewhere, looking unbothered. “I guess I deserve it for being the first one to catch feelings, even though I know how you would react when you wake up, I still can’t help being seduced.”

Wait a minute, why did it sound like he was the bast*rd?

Lin Feng grabbed his head and took a moment to ponder. “I, I was drunk and dreamt of our past when we were still kids. At that time, I always found it difficult to remove my belt and weren’t you the one who always helped me with it?”

“Are you trying to say that I’m imagining that my love is reciprocated?” Yun Hu placed the milk in his hand down. “Forget it.”

What did you mean by forget it? Just because he misunderstood him once, he was just going to ignore him?

Lin Feng reacted straightforwardly. He reached out and grabbed onto Yun Hu, who was leaving, his face burning. “What’s wrong, aren’t you going to eat breakfast?”

That was a certain someone’s signature apologetic expression.

Yun Hu glanced over at him. “Tidy up, with your appearance right now, do I eat you or breakfast?”

Lin Feng: … Me, f*ck!

But he had indeed wronged him.

His ancestors had been right after all.

Alcohol wasn’t anything good, he would have to avoid it in the future.

Just look at all the ridiculous things he did after he was drunk.

More importantly, those who weren’t aware of the full situation and who had seen the video would definitely think he had been trying to seduce Yun Hu in his intoxicated state.

Regardless of how annoying a person was, good looks wouldn’t change.

Yun Hu had those thoughts after looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was still thinking of a way to delete that humiliating video.

He sat for a while before grabbing onto Yun Hu’s phone.

He tried pressing his previous password, but access was denied.

Why did this willy guy change his password?

Lin Feng decided to go for a warmer approach. He reached out and removed the sandwich wrap before passing it over to Yun Hu. “What’s the password for your phone? I’ll delete the video.”

Yun Hu glanced at him, with no intentions of taking the sandwich. Instead, he lowered his head and took a bite, his defined features gleaming under the morning sun rays, the sight so mesmerizing it was hard to look away.

That was when Lin Feng realized that the kid who had been wearing the same pair of shoes as him and carrying the same bag as him since young, the very same one who looked better than a girl as a kid had really grown up.

With that, he started to feel slightly depressed.

He was such a manly child.

Yun Hu was the one that was petite and adorable, but yet, after they grew up, it was completely the opposite.

No, that wasn’t right, he was still manly right now, but his face was too fair. He would have to work harder to tan his skin, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

But… In the past, he didn’t think he had eaten anything wrong.

Now, Lin Feng glanced over at the face which was near his, retreating backwards instinctively.

Yun Hu glanced up when he noticed his movement. “I’m going to keep the video.”

“It’s such a humiliating video, why would you want to keep it?” Lin Feng was sure it was the single most humiliating moment ever since he was born. It was a dark history he had to destroy!

Yun Hu wiped the corners of his lips with a tissue, his gaze deep. “Humiliating? It isn’t that bad, perfect for when I need to be aroused.”

Lin Feng: “…”

And without a doubt, it was yet another beating

In the end, Yun Hu loosen his grip, allowing Lin Feng to take his phone. But unbeknownst to Lin Feng, what Yun Hu enjoyed was him, the intimacy he felt when Lin Feng pounced on him, his chest pressed against him.

Lin Feng glanced at the phone, prepared to delete the video. When he was done, the group chat popped up. He took a peak and froze in shock!

“What are Little Spade and Captain up to? They woke up early to cosplay?”

Yun Hu drank a sip, his voice sinking. “It’s probably something bad.”

“What can happen for them to dress up as cleaners?” Lin Feng couldn’t seem to think of anything as he sat there grabbing his hair.

Yun Hu couldn’t give him an answer either, but somehow as the sole son of of the Yun family, he had a hunch it was linked to the series of crimes which had been happening lately.

But he didn’t tell Lin Feng about it since there was already someone shouldering the responsibility and he wasn’t willing to let anyone else find out.

It was best to let them deal with it silently. That was the best protection he could give people important to him.

Bo Jiu was like that as well, which was the reason they had taken up such a disguise.

She believed the Almighty had the same thoughts.

They continued cleaning under Zhao Sanbao’s commands.

During lunch time, Zhao Sanbao brought the both of them for a meal. “It’s like this, your Brother Zhao has a private matter to attend to in the afternoon. Could you help Brother Zhao watch out over here? I’ll be back in about two hours, it’ll be real quick and if the management asks, just tell them I haven’t left, but you aren’t sure where I’m cleaning. Deal?”

“Brother Zhao, don’t worry, we know what to do,” Bo Jiu replied, looking very much like a little follower who had seen the world. “But, Brother Zhao, what urgent matter needs such rush?”

As Zhao Sanbao intended to continue using the two of them in the future, he took a moment to think. He had to say something shocking enough in order to take them down. He glanced around and lowered his voice, acting mysteriously. “Actually, Brother Zhao has a business outside and it is doing rather well. I can rake in around seven to eight hundred dollars each day, so when you guys grow tired of the cleaning job, follow Brother Zhao and I’ll make sure you live in luxury!”