Chapter 927 - Chemistry between Them

Chapter 927: Chemistry between Them

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“Seven to eight hundred a day? Is there really a business that pays so well?” Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up, but she was still hesitant. “That isn’t possible!”

Zhao Sanbao was right about how dim-witted the two of them were. It made it easier for him to use them. “How is that impossible? Brother Zhao will let you in on it, Brother Zhao is selling cigarettes outside, earning the margins.”


Bo Jiu lowered her lids and her mouth curved into a smile. More like drugs.

“From now on, we’ll be following Brother Zhao!”

“Good, good.” Zhao Sanbao had other plans in mind though. With the police keeping tabs on the club, it would be safer with the two of them. More importantly, if there were any sudden checks, the two of them could end up being the scapegoats. He could get them to get the goods and if he saw anything wrong, he would just leave them behind and escape.

At 1 pm, Zhao Sanbao found someone to cover his duty.

He brought Bo Jiu and Qin Mo out of the club.

It was the perfect time to collect the goods because at 6 pm, there would be a batch of cleaners being sent out and he could use that opportunity to place the goods he collected into the cubicles.

Unavoidably, the drug peddlers at the lower end of the hierarchy would always pick unexpected locations which no one would think of.

An alley near the club was packed with all sorts of people and laborers from all over.

At the right corner of the temporary factory built in a small area was a simple dorm made for their temporary accommodation.

Zhao Sanbao didn’t let Bo Jiu and Qin Mo follow any further. “You two can wait over here.”

“Yes, Brother Zhao,” Bo Jiu replied obediently.

The moment Zhao Sanbao left, they eyed each other.

“Cousin, do you have a lighter and cigarette?” Bo Jiu asked.

Qin Mo knew she had something to say. “Yes.”

After retrieving his cigarette box, he placed a stick onto his lips and passed another stick over to the youngster before he flicked on the lighter.

AS there was wind blowing, Bo Jiu hunched her body slightly and inched over. “Large scale, but this shouldn’t be the main branch.”

Qin Mo agreed with a “Mmh”. He glanced over at the youngster as she lit up her cigarette, his voice faint. “You know quite a bit.”

Bo Jiu paused slightly before breaking into a chuckle. “I’m handsome and smart.”

At this moment, Qin Mo wouldn’t harp on this matter because they possessed the basic chemistry.

“He threw us here to test us.” Qin Mo took a puff before he reached out and pinched the youngster’s cheeks, looking suave. “Keep your shamelessness to yourself.”

Bo Jiu never expected to be pinched, she was momentarily in a daze before raising a brow as she caressed her face.

They didn’t make any phone calls and didn’t inform anyone of their location because they were standing in front of the temporary dorm glass window.

Their location was chosen so that the people inside could monitor them easily.

Zhao Sanbao hadn’t just led them there by chance.

As expected, inside the dorm, a man covered with tattoos pulled open the blinds, looking at Bo Jiu and Qin Mo. “You dare to bring newcomers over when the situation is so rough outside?”

“They don’t know anything, they are just two country bumpkins that came from the outskirts. They won’t be able to guess what we are up do. Besides, look at their dressing, it’s rather trendy and with their young age, it isn’t possible for them to be cops.”

The man covered with tattoos narrowed his eyes, pulled his mask back up, and remained silent.

Unbeknownst to them, their conversation was being heard by the crime squad.

Zhao Sanbao would never have guessed that from the very start when they first met each other, Bo Jiu had already placed a tiny hearing device on him.

Right at this moment, several police cars which had gotten rid off the police car plate had already surrounded the vicinity and the people inside were waiting for the right time to take action!

But at this time…