Chapter 928 - Peace

Chapter 928: Peace

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The tattooed man’s phone rang!

There was only one line on the message. “There is something wrong with the person in front of you. The cops are lying in ambush, retreat.”

The tattooed man narrowed his eyes immediately, his entire face changing!

He pulled onto Zhao Sanbao aggressively, menace clouding his glare.

Zhao Sanbao didn’t understand the situation.

The tattooed man inhaled deeply, tapping onto his face. “Call the two boys in, we need to talk.”

Since there was a trap awaiting, he needed a solution to cover himself and it would be safer with more people.

As Zhao Sanbao was still kept in the dark, he asked, “Is it safe to bring them in? What if they detect something and spread the news?”

“Get them.” At this moment, the tattooed man no longer believed that Zhao Sanbao was thinking for his sake. Instead, he had started to suspect his identity. He was probably trying to leave innocent people out of this.

Zhao Sanbao couldn’t care less. He opened the door and signaled for Bo Jiu and Qin Mo to come over.

Qin Mo tossed the cigarette butt into the bin nearby. His voice was as calm as usual as he spoke, “Something’s wrong.”

“Indeed.” The light in Bo Jiu’s eyes dimmed.

The both of them stuffed their hands into their pockets, walking through the mud and soil while looking very dashing.

Zhao Sanbao was still wondering how to get the goods when the two of them entered.

In the next moment, someone locked the door.


The tattooed man raised his head, studying the three people in front of him. As his gaze was frightening, a chill ran through Zhao Sanbao.

“Brother Dragon, this…” Before Zhao Sanbao could finish his sentence, the tattooed man took out a gun. All the color stripped off Zhao Sanbao’s face.

“Bro-brother Dragon.”

The tattooed man was still wearing a mask. He spoke very slowly, “There is something wrong with one of you.”

With that, Zhao Sanbao turned over towards Bo Jiu and Qin Mo instinctively. “Brother Dragon, I must be dumb, I never expected there to be something wrong with either of them.”

“The person with the problem…” The tattooed man raised his hand as he continued, “is you.”

When the gun turned to face Zhao Sanbao, his legs went weak.

When he peddled the drugs, he never expected those on the same side as the evil dragon to end up in such a state.

“Brother Dragon, how can there be a problem with me, I…”

The tattooed man refused to listen, his voice as cold as steel. “Search him.”


The man next to Zhao Sanbao pushed him against the wall. He used a seemingly simple yet extremely professional detector to scan his body.

“Di, di, di…” When the detector went off, Zhao Sanbao was still confused.

“What is this?” The tattooed man’s eyes turned cold. “And you dare say there isn’t anything wrong with you.”


His shoes slammed into him.

“I can explain, I can…”


Before Zhao Sanbao could finish his plea, a bullet shot through his chest.

It seemed as though killing him meant little to the tattooed man, but he didn’t wish to take action here as this wasn’t the Golden Triangle after all. It wouldn’t be good if the police were alerted.

That aside, Zhao Sanbao had been buying goods from him for a very long time. Thus, if he had really been bought over by the police and released information about him, it wouldn’t be safe. Killing him off seemed like the better option.

At this moment, both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were frozen in their spot, looking very much like inexperienced youngsters who were shocked by what had happened.

“Boss, what should we do now?” the man at the side asked. “What about these two?”

The tattooed man wiped his gun. “Search them too and see if there’s anything wrong.”


When the detector scanned Bo Jiu, there was a shift in Qin Mo’s gaze.

“Boss, there isn’t anything.”

There isn’t anything? Qin Mo raised a brow as he glanced at the youngster.

No one saw the exchange they had.

Bo Jiu lowered her head. She didn’t say anything, but beneath her trembling facade, her lips curved into a smile, indicating that she had been prepared.

Back when the man had pushed her in, she had already transferred her hearing device over to him. And she had done it all seamlessly…

Since there wasn’t anything on Bo Jiu nor Qin Mo, the tattooed man glanced back at Zhao Sanbao, who was lying on the ground. “Carry this man out and lock up the two of them as hostage. There are police outside, they will come in handy.”

If the tattooed man had seen Qin Mo before, he would never have made such a decision. Instead, he would have killed him on the spot.

It was a pity that he wasn’t aware and had decided to tie them up.

The crime squad was aware of everything that happened, including the gunshot!

At this moment, none of the crime squad members were as affected as Director Huang.

How did they detect the problem? And they had managed to catch the bait thrown by Qin Mo.

When they had just arrived at the location, Qin Mo sent him a text. He had ordered him to create the fake identity for Zhao Sanbao as a mole for the police and to announce this identity.

The news hadn’t been out for long, but they managed to catch onto their every move.

What did that mean? It meant that Qin Mo was right about it before. There was a mole inside the crime squad…

Director Huang’s eyes sunk, his mood growing increasingly bad.

At this moment, the new criminal psychologist kept chirping in. “There is something wrong with the mole and the events clearly show the inner violent and aggression of the dealer. I will get a friend from America to check into him, but according to his actions, I doubt he is a local since they wouldn’t act so savagely. He could be a fugitive from the looks of his actions, we can’t let him escape. As for the two hostages, check if they are really innocent. It may just be another scheme by the enemy.”

Director Huang shot upright. “We have to keep the hostages safe, the other matters aren’t as important.”

“Are you trying to say such a huge drug case isn’t important?” the criminal psychologist questioned before raising both hands seemingly in defeat. “I understand, I understand, protection is key over here. What’s your plan?”

Director Huang knew they weren’t on the same page. Thus he walked down the commanding vehicle and proceeded towards the crime scene.

It was a simple housing area where both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were tied together by a string.

Their legs weren’t tied since they were planning to bring them along on their escape.

“Boss, what should we do? Are we surrounded by the cops?”

One of them was obviously starting to panic.

The tattooed man tightened his grip over the gun as he pressed his back near the window and peeked out, his lips curving with malice. “Grab a speaker, it’s time to negotiate.”

His underlings followed his instructions, but due to his nervousness, his entire palms were covered with sweat.

“What are you scared of, don’t you know how many explosives are buried around here?” A flash of evilness was covering his gaze. “Whoever comes in would just be blown into pieces.”

With that, both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo glanced downwards.

Since they had perfect chemistry, they glanced at each other at the same time.

It was a small device placed on the table.

There wasn’t any television or air conditioner in the room, which meant that the device had their lives at stake.

Bo Jiu and Qin Mo had always acted in an unorthodox manner.

If not, Bo Jiu wouldn’t have moved the hearing device on her own accord.

Their conversation had successfully entered Director Huang’s ears.

Director Huang was the only one who could hear from this hearing device, hence, the contents were absolutely confidential.

But that conversation caused him to stop in his tracks, a chill running through him. He turned sharply towards those who were about to dash in. “Mission aborted, everyone stop!”

“What’s the situation? Director Huang, we don’t just have to save the hostages, we have to catch the criminals as well. Time is important.” The new criminal psychologist was dressed in a tuxedo, looking very out of place.

With a mole in the crime squad, Director Huang couldn’t let out the news of the explosives.

The moment he let it out, the enemy would turn his suspicion towards Young Master Qin and the youngster.

Although they wouldn’t be in danger as hostages, the moment they found out they are part of the cops, the tattooed man would definitely get rid of one of them.

However, if he didn’t say anything, how was he supposed to save them?

Or maybe… He just had to place his trust in their ability?

They weren’t even sure where the explosives were placed.

As there were about thirty other laborers working at the site as well, they would need time to evacuate.

They couldn’t predict the number of explosives being buried in the vicinity.

What was even more worrying was the kindergarten beside the site.

Director Huang grabbed onto the few strands of hair left on his head. “Inform the higher-ups, this is level A secrecy. I’ll report directly to General Qin to inform him about the situation.”

The special troops would have to be deployed and a long-range shooter had to be arranged.

They needed a sniper!

Before Director Huang had reached for the phone, a special forces soldier dressed in camouflage clothing leaped out of a Land Rover. He was carrying a long and black bag on his back. “Director Huang.”

“You are?” Director Huang didn’t remember who he was.

The special forces soldier didn’t say much. “I’m Aardwolf. Young Master Qin called me over. I believe Director Huang needs a sniper right now.”

With that, he reached his hand out to let Director Huang see the number of his military unit.

The lighting symbol.

Only those who stood at the top knew that it was the symbol for the international special forces troops.

What was it doing here?

Director Huang straightened immediately, reporting everything that he knew.

Aardwolf glanced sideways, his tone leveled. “I am informed. I need you guys to lead them to the window later during the negotiation. However, that depends on the situation. Young Master Qin mentioned that he is an important breakthrough, and would be best kept alive. I will study the situation before taking action.”

Aardwolf tugged open the black bag behind him.

It was a CheyTac M-200.408 Magnum. In an ideal situation, it had the ability to penetrate a human skull from 2000 meters away.

“Give the orders.”

After the walkie-talkie had been taken off Director Huang’s hand, he finally believed Qin Mo had gotten him here. But the main point was, how exactly did he know the police were negotiating with the drug dealers?!

Aardwolf frowned, placing his rifle back down. “The window is too small, an attack would be difficult. The target might not be killed.”

Director Huang’s face fell. “There is a school nearby!”

“Director Huang.” Aardwolf lowered his voice. “We can only trust Young Master Qin at this point.”

Director Huang paused. That was right, in such a critical moment, he could only place his trust in that person.

Back when that person was still in high school, he managed to single-handedly suppress a serial killer.

The new criminal psychologist recognized the rifle Aardwolf carried. At this moment, he didn’t speak much because he detected something amiss.

It was obvious that he had detected something a little too late.

Inside the temporary housing, no one bothered about the trembling youngsters.

The tattooed man had a total of five underlings and all of them were moving the goods and money.

There were countless piles of money and drugs, which were packed into the suitcase.

Hence, no one noticed the blade at the edge of Bo Jiu’s sleeves.

The blade wasn’t big, but sufficient in this situation.

The only one who detected the youngster’s movements was Qin Mo.

It was due to the chemistry they shared.

The first time Bo Jiu moved, Qin Mo’s long legs curved over, turning into the perfect cover.

Even if someone had turned over, they would only have seen Qin Mo’s movement and not what Bo Jiu was doing.

To Bo Jiu, breaking open handcuffs was easier than strings.

In today’s age and time, there weren’t many people who would use strings to tie their hostages.

To put it simply, she was well versed in machine and when it went back to such primitive methods, she required more time.

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster’s expression and could immediately tell it wasn’t her forte.

He moved his fingers, signaling for her to pass the blade over.

Bo Jiu arched a brow and their fingers touched.

Surprisingly, when the blade reached the Almighty, it seemed to come alive because in a few seconds, the strings around her wrists loosened.

The two regained their freedom, but didn’t stand up immediately.

Qin Mo glanced over at the two underlings with the gun before he turned towards the remote.

Bo Jiu nodded.

The next second, they stood up in unison!

The man nearest to them reached for his gun. Qin Mo’s long legs swept and intercepted the action, the blade sliding across the man’s hand.

“Ah!” The man’s scream attracted the other’s attention.

The other underling with the gun raised it, but it was too late. The youngster kicked his long legs, slamming into his right hand accurately!

He used massive strength and with a pull and the sound of a crack, the underling’s knee twisted and smashed onto the ground.

After the entire chain of actions, the two underlings dodged to the left because when the tattooed man turned, he fired two shots in their direction.

The youngsters actions had always been beautiful, her movements fluid and seamless.

The tattooed man cursed, His first reaction was to reach for the remote.

At this moment, Qin Mo had grabbed onto the gun and the second the tattooed man raised his hand, a shot was fired at him.

With a thud, gunshots pierced through the air!

The tattooed man pulled his hand back from the excruciating pain.

Qin Mo’s long legs kicked the wall. Using the rebound force, he pounced forward and pushed his hands off the table. With a gush of wind, he tumbled forward, grabbing the remote!

But that wasn’t the end because the other three underlings raised their guns at the same time. It looked as though they were all going to bolt forward and shoot the youngster…