Chapter 929 - The Most Handsome Jiu

Chapter 929: The Most Handsome Jiu

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A sharp swoosh could be heard. It was the blade in Qin Mo’s hand.

The blade had to slide through his fingers when it flew out because otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough force.

The blade penetrated the wrist of the underling holding the gun!

“Ah!” His screech pierced through the air.

The two others holding the gun held onto their right hand. Just as they were about to hold their guns, the barrel of Qin Mo’s gun had positioned itself onto the tattooed man. He stood there tall and upright, a gun in his left hand. His right hand was limp and dripping with blood, but that didn’t affect the elegance radiating from within. “Do you want your boss to die?”

As they were just underlings, the moment they saw someone direct a gun at their boss, they froze.

The tattooed man clenched his teeth because even the remote for the explosives were in their hands and that was his only backup. Gradually, all that was left on his face was frustration and malice. “Who exactly are the two of you?”

The youngster’s skillful moves and Qin Mo’s beautiful knife play didn’t seem simple at all.

And they weren’t the cops!

The tattooed man never expected to be caught. All these years, he had been living as he pleased, but had never taken a fall, much less to say in a place as inefficient as the mainland. Even though in terms of safety, it was tougher to send out their goods, but in terms of skills and tactical planning, as long as it wasn’t the special forces, there wasn’t anyone else who was their match.

Outside the temporary housing, Director Huang was fretting because he could still hear conversations seconds ago, but after gunshots were fired, the hearing device seemed to have malfunctioned since all he could hear was static.

He seemed to have gotten about the sniper who had arrived.

Through the pinhole of his rifle, Aardwolf could see everything that had happened. He placed his rifle down calmly. “Young Master Qin and his partner have gotten the remote for the explosives. The leader of the group has been caught. Director Huang, you can send out your orders now.”

Director Huang paused.

Just a second ago, he was still sitting uneasily, thinking about plans to evacuate the crowd so that damage could be minimized.

And this very next second, he could no longer explain his emotions. How amazing were those two youngsters? Wow were they able to turn the tables in such a short timespan?!

Director Huang didn’t waste any time and sent out his orders instantly.

The crime squad members split into two batches, bolting into the temporary housing.

At this moment, Aardwolf, who had his rifle in position, had left the scene as though he hadn’t appeared.

Inside the Land Rover, the man with the code name Magician wasn’t in disguise today, he wore military camouflage attire, looking suave and handsome. “Where is Young Master?”

“All’s good.” Aardwolf’s replies had always been short and straightforward.

Magician pouted. “Can’t you say a little more for instance, what situation is Young Master facing right now, does he need to follow up or maybe…”

Aardwolf glanced at him, cutting him off. “Retreat.”

“With the way you are right now, you will never get a wife!”

Magician’s words seemed to have affected Aardwolf because he hesitated slightly and decided to add on another line. “Young Master is with that boy.”

“Which boy?” Fatty, seated at the back of the car, straightened. If he hadn’t stretched his head out, it would be hard to tell because he seemed a little different with his military uniform on.

Aardwolf glanced over with a knowing look. “That boy.”

With that, everyone understood!

Fatty froze slightly. “Are you for real? Young Master has brought his love flaunting to such an extent? He has brought Little Spade even out on official business…”

With that, the car fell into silence since none of them expected their boss to be the first person to escape singlehood. The man who had no desires, wasn’t he destined for monkhood?

Even though their boss had an unfair advantage in terms of appearance, they assumed they would surpass him in the search for a wife.

What was with this situation? Was their Young Master really interested?

Over at their end, the few of them were still exclaiming.

But over at the other side, the hatred and anger in the tattooed man’s eyes became increasingly obvious. He demanded for an answer so that he could take revenge in the future.

However, unbeknownst to him, there wouldn’t be a chance for him to execute his revenge.

After the crime squad entered, they handcuffed everyone.

The tattooed man turned towards Qin Mo. “Why? You dare to arrest me, but you don’t even dare to let me know your name?”

Qin Mo finally glanced over at him, his voice faint. “Is the defeated party even worthy of knowing my name?”

With that, the tattooed man’s face paled with anger!

Bo Jiu only thought, What was the point of using violence? Just one sentence by the Almighty was enough.

The tattooed man’s lips curved into an eerie smile. “Do you really think you have won? Don’t be smug just because you have gotten hold of the explosive remote control. Tell your boss to let me off immediately. If not, this entire place will explode in the next half hour.”

“What do you mean?” Director Huang frowned.

The tattooed man continued to stare at Qin Mo. “If you wish to find out, get that person to call me Grandpa.”

“You!” Director Huang had never seen a more arrogant criminal.

The tattooed man had never respected anyone because even now, after he had been caught, he knew that they wouldn’t dare to act recklessly as long as he had something to use against them.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Or perhaps, do you think you can evacuate everyone in half an hour before this place explodes?” Even though the tattooed man had been handcuffed, he had no regards for anyone in front of him.

There was a mole planted within the cops after all and the person was of extremely high rank. Hence, none of these smaller fries mattered to him.

To put it plainly, he had the same respect for them as he had for animals.

However, at the next second, the tattooed man’s arrogance was put to a stop.

It was because of the silver-haired youngster, who was laughing lightly. “Isn’t it just a long-distance computer software? And you are using it to cheat the Almighty into calling you Grandfather? I guess every defeated rival likes to dream.”

With that, the tattooed man turned his head sharply.

Seeing that the youngster had already dismantled the remote control, the tattooed man’s gaze turned pitch dark, the hatred and malice thickening.

But even then, he wasn’t entirely afraid. “You found out? Heh, I guess you guys aren’t that dumb after all, but so what if you found that out? This activated software can’t be solved by everyone.”

“Is that so?” Bo Jiu stood up. She stuffed a hand into her pockets and swept him a glance before chuckling. “I sorry to disappoint you, I happen to be part of the group that can solve this.”


The tattooed man’s face fell, his eyes narrowing.

His first reaction was disbelief.

How was that possible? That software was created by that person. Unless he was within the top five hackers in the world, it wouldn’t be possible.

“Huang, do you have a notebook?” Bo Jiu hesitated slightly before deciding to address Director Huang as Huang instead of Little Huang. It was to leave him with a little pride since there were so many onlookers.

Director Huang hadn’t expected this little kid to leave him with any pride. He coughed heavily, his voice hoarse. “Are you confident?”

Director Huang had his considerations as this wasn’t a small matter and a decision couldn’t be made so casually.

The new criminal psychologist had his thoughts as well. “The remote control is made very exquisitely, I suggest we wait for the experts to come over.”

“What about the time?” Qin Mo retaliated calmly.

The criminal psychologist turned over. “Since there isn’t time, we should listen to this fugitive. Sir, you might not understand, but I’m an expert in the field of psychology and such people mean what they say because human lives don’t mean anything to them.”

“I guess there is someone that understands.” The tattooed man smiled with arrogance once again. “That makes things easier.”

Qin Mo didn’t bother looking over, his gaze turning sideways towards Director Huang. “Laptop.”

Director Huang bit down on his teeth. “I’ll get someone to bring it over.”

Smith, the expert dressed in a tuxedo, was perplexed. “Sir, didn’t you hear what I just said, I said…”

“I know a bit about psychology as well,” Qin Mo interrupted. “This is China, this is my country. Do you think it’s alright to let a criminal come so fearlessly and leave so arrogantly? Mr Smith, you probably don’t know who I am yet, but there is a Chinese saying that you probably have heard of.”

With that, Qin Mo glanced up. His voice was calm, but his words were curt and impactful. “Those who commit crimes against China will have to be punished.”

A chill ran through Smith.

The surrounding crowd was Chinese as well, those that carried a passion and loyalty.

How could they allow the fugitive to just leave?

They had to take the risk for the sake of the military uniform they wore.

At this moment, Director Huang’s resolve had hardened, he was going to ignore everything Mr Smith said.

Smith was at a loss for words. More importantly, he didn’t even know who he was talking too and hadn’t gotten any information on who he was.

Bo Jiu swept him a glance. After she returned to the Fifth Avenue, the first person she was going to harass would be Smith.

That was right, Bo Jiu recognized the expert standing in front of her. Ever since the day they had exchanged hands. Smith had yet to see her face, but yet he had the guts to tell the crime squad he was well acquainted with her?

What was more ridiculous was how he had talked about psychology in front of the Almighty.

This kid only had himself to blame… One sentence and he was out of it?

Bo Jiu chuckled lightly, reaching for the laptop brought over by the crime squad.

It was her light chuckle that somehow affected the tattooed man, covering his palms with sweat.


No one knew what the youngster was talking about right now as she turned to light a cigarette.

Just as everyone glanced over, Bo Jiu took another action. The golden lighter that the youngster had used to light up her cigarette had actually turned into a USB stick which she pushed into the laptop.

“Isn’t that a lighter?” Director Huang found it strange.

Bo Jiu took a puff before passing it over to Qin Mo, a sly smile on her face. “It’s a lighter, but when the time arises, it can be used as a USB.”

Director Huang found it incredible. He lowered his head to look at the item, which looked nothing like a U drive. The intricate flower print was morphing into cravings of dragons and snakes, giving off an imposing vibe.

Where exactly did Young Master Jiu get it from?

But this wasn’t the time to exclaim about such matters.

More importantly, they had to connect the remote control to the laptop so that the software could be destroyed as this was the only way to ensure everyone’s safety.

Could Young Master Jiu really accomplish that?

Director Huang had heard a lot about the youngster’s preposterous past.

One of which was how she chased guys and ended up being sent to the hospital.

Director Huang wasn’t very reassured because no one could predict the outcome and time was ticking.

This, in turn, meant that danger was approaching.

“It’s useless. Do you really think anyone who knows about computer can resolve this?” the tattooed man spoke.

Just as he spoke, the rhythmic and fast tempo from the tapping of the keyboard amplified, seemingly used to shut his mouth.

It was so fast that the people behind the youngster could barely see the things she was typing. Countless number of pages appeared at the same time as though transferring information.

The youngster explained as she typed, “The software leaves traces of their IP address. Use the calculators lying around to find the mastermind.”

“How do we do that?” Even though Director Huang was the director of the crime squad, he had never seen such an operation before.

The youngster lowered her lids, her silver hair falling across her head and her lips curved exploding her two front teeth. “That’s simple, the speed of the computer is dependent on the software, take out all the software and it will speed up… Here, I found it.”

You found it?

Director Huang didn’t understand the code popping up, but there was indeed a window which remained on the screen.

The next second, the youngster’s fingers flew across the keyboard. They were so fast that an illusion seemed to be created when they moved.

It was like a soaring eagle with nothing in its way as it went for his kill!

But at this moment, the youngster paused, her pretty brows raising.

Director Huang started to panic. “What is it?”

“She seems to have created a special firewall.” Bo Jiu continued to type. “It might take a while.”

The tattooed man stood at the side. He had been through a lot so with a glance at the clock hanging on the wall, he broke into a mocking laugh. “Director Huang, I’ve already told you, this software can’t be solved by just anyone. You have 24 more minutes. If I were you, I would definitely change my mind right now.”

“There isn’t a need to change plans.” Bo Jiu took time to glance up. “This sort of firewall can be deactivated in two minutes.”

Time seemed to stand still. The tattooed man’s face turned green, his hands tightening. “Do you think they wouldn’t find out if you broke through the firewall? Do you know who is behind all these?”

“Your boss?” Bo Jiu laughed nonchalantly. “That’s frightening indeed, but I’m rather good at concealing. Such a software won’t be able to find me.”

Director Huang: … I can’t see how you are frightened by your attitude right now.

The tattoo man finally understood, this youngster hadn’t been listening to what he had said. He would have to wait and see how long this kid was going to stay fearless!

Wait until he was trashed!

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