Chapter 93 - Almighty Qin, Insulting My Little Brother?

Chapter 93: Almighty Qin, Insulting My Little Brother?

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That domineering sentence flooded the whole screen.

The live streaming platform exploded with comments and discussion from players. They were in love with Spade Z’s wildness!

I can still insta-kill you without any equipment!

When Liang Xuguang saw this, his chalk white face was overcome with rage.

His fingers gripped onto the mouse more tightly. If it wasn’t for the live stream, he would’ve started cursing out loud long ago!

This guy was obviously here to antagonize him, and he had freaking hidden his battle achievements. He totally did that on purpose!

The host realized what was going on and hurriedly commented in favor of Liang Xuguang, “Live streaming usually affects internet speed, and that was favorable for our challenger. What an unexpected result, but we could see the great character of our Almighty Xuguang, always thinking of his fans and even handing over the victory. Doesn’t a contestant like him deserve more love from you guys?”

From what she said, people could tell that she didn’t understand online gaming at all.

That battle just now had nothing to do with internet speed, let alone Liang Xuguang giving the victory away to Fu Jiu.

The truth was, he was so utterly destroyed that he didn’t have the strength to fight back!

Game players who were watching the live stream texted a series of comments after the host’s words: “The host said he gave the victory to Spade Z in such an obvious situation? Where is her professionalism? Shameless!”

“Was she bribed with money?”

“I can’t watch this platform anymore. What kind of professional player is he? A loss is a loss. Why let the host say things to explain his failure!”

The host realized all the criticisms were directed at her, and she made a hand gesture towards the director again.

This time, the director’s reaction was totally different!

He raised a big poster with huge characters written on it: “Interview that Spade Z! Now!”

With such an enthusiastic discussion, there was no way they would stop!

The host did take some money from that Three, so in this situation, she was caught in a huge dilemma.

“Who knows if he found someone to play for him, or maybe he had a cheat activated,” Liang Xuguang spoke up coldly, “He knows very well that we are live stream. By asking for a one-on-one battle, he really wants to be popular, huh? Not a bad promotion tactic, I must say!”

The host pretended to be surprised. “A cheat? That makes sense, I heard about this Spade Z too. He swept the whole Zone C, and he was using a new ID. Normally, there is no way that a newbie can even get any first-clear missions. He most likely had a cheat.”

Qin Mo poured himself a glass of wine and hadn’t even put the cork back in when he saw that exchange.

Those deep eyes cooled down gradually.

His little brother was only for him to regulate.

When did others have the right to do so?

Not to mention that he knew that guy’s hand speed the best.


Who was he insulting now?

Thinking his little brother was a dumb*ss like him?

Qin Mo took a few sips of red wine and freed one hand. He bent over and typed skillfully on the keyboard, “Since all of you are feeling suspicious, let me play him without equipment either.”

Just like that, he texted those words out coldly.

He caused a momentary millisecond pause in the live stream!

Even Fu Jiu felt that pause. She had already released access for everyone to comment, but at that moment, nobody dared to say anything, as though the whole world fell into a dead silence.

And then!

A whirlwind of discussion and a storm of comments came, flooding the entire screen!