Chapter 930 - Sweet Peace

Chapter 930: Sweet Peace

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The atmosphere became increasingly tense as the tapping on the keyboard continued.

It was a race against time.

After the information had been synced with the laptop, it was essential to complete everything before the other party could detect anything.

This meant that speed was critical, but it wasn’t the only factor. Bo Jiu would have to avoid the traps which have been implemented by the firewall.

Director Huang watched as the youngster’s fingers moved rapidly across the keyboard, changing his position continuously.

The screen became a network web with a dense collection of connecting red lines which formed multiple obstacles.

Bo Jiu would have to overcome all these obstacles without being detected!

The youngster’s silver hair fell across her face, her gaze dark and intense. She would have to decode the software while avoiding being discovered.

In reality, this was considered an opportunity for Bo Jiu.

A chance for her to zero in on the location of the mastermind.

But that would expose her intrusion.

Hence, Bo Jiu didn’t investigate the regional scope and instead went straight for the hard disk the software was operating on.

“I found it,” the youngster announced lightly.

The tattooed man glanced up sharply, his lips paling. “That isn’t possible!”

“There aren’t many things that aren’t possible.” After keying in several destructive commands, Bo Jiu pressed the space button.

Director Huang watched as the mastermind’s hard disk memory appeared on the screen. Was this the long-distant control?

“One minute.” Bo Jiu glanced at the time indicated in the corner. The destruction of the software required some time and if anyone noticed it during this one minute, the firewall would be reactivated and any attack from then on would be tedious.

This one minute was critical!

The tattooed man clenched his fists tightly before breaking into another laugh. “You will definitely be exposed, did you really think it’s that easy?”

The tattoo man’s words seemed to have come true because the laptop on Bo Jiu’s hand started to beep continuously.

Everyone tensed up when the shrill alarm went off.

“This is…” Director Huang’s face paled.

The tattoo man broke into a loud laugh. “Once the software is destroyed, the main computer will be informed and the hunt for the attacker will begin. I believe with your knowledge of computers, you understand what that means.”

Everyone knew what he was referring to, even those without background knowledge about hacking.

Director Huang reached out to grab the table, his brows knitted as he thought of a back-up.

Smith exhaled heavily. “I guess the destiny isn’t in our favor. Director Huang, this isn’t the time to be stubborn. Maintaining everyone’s safety is of utmost importance. Once this place explodes, I don’t think I’m going to be the only casualty. As the head of the crime squad in charge of this mission, you will be forced to resign.”

“What’s with all the ruckus when I’m not done with my game?” Bo Jiu interrupted, her voice calm. She didn’t even look up as her fingers flew across the keyboard, attracting their attention.

What was weird was that the destruction notice, which had paused, had reactivated!

“That is impossible! You should have been discovered! It isn’t possible for the alarm to have gone off just now.” The tattooed man’s eyes shot wide open. “This isn’t possible at all!”

Bo Jiu was unruffled as usual. “I was indeed discovered, but they only managed to detect the other IP address that I created. The firewall has been blocking the other IP address and while your boss was dealing with the IP address that was invading, I had sufficient time to destroy the software. Didn’t I already tell you? I am the best at concealment.”

The tattooed man didn’t believe such a network invasion existed!

Over at the other end, the computer was placed in an apartment.

When the girl detected the invasion, she smirked and went straight into action, her fingers flying across the keyboard, eliminating them off. She was prepared to give them all a lesson when another IP address appeared.

Her eyes sunk and she started moving to another target, but once she was done, she realized it was just the remnants of an illusion.

It seemed like the multiple faces from a single person who is often seen in games.

Even though she had struck them, the next second, she realized she had struck a shadow.

The real person was already hidden somewhere.

In short, the only person who could achieve such an effect was the youngster with her godlike hand speed and hacker abilities.

The installation bar was starting to move and had already reached ninety percent.

The percentage made the tattooed man clam up entirely. He had a healthy and strong exterior, but due to his mental state, his lids were trembling.

How did this happen? No one could break through boss’s defense software!

At this moment, Bo Jiu’s left hand had paused, indicating the end of the hunt. Her right hand pressed onto the space button and with a loud tap, her lips curved upwards as though screaming the words ‘ KO ‘.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

This time, the noise didn’t come from Bo Jiu’s laptop.

Instead, it was the main computer in the apartment!

The girl’s hand smashed the darkened screen, but until this moment, she still wasn’t sure what had caused the defense firewall to be destroyed.

“Look into it. What exactly were they attacking?” the girl asked with narrowed eyes, her eyes so deep they seemed like a bottomless pit. Who exactly was it? Who was it that was continually challenging her power?

The tall and slender man immediately started his device. After less than ten seconds, he raised his head. “The destruction software was destroyed.”

The destruction software? She paused, finally understanding the problem. She picked up her phone and dialed a string of numbers.

The tattooed man’s phone rang, but he had no intentions of picking it up because when the timer had stopped counting down, it seemed to have taken his soul and belief away.

He didn’t wish to pick up the phone, but that didn’t mean no one would.

Qin Mo walked over, held the phone, and pressed the accept button.

The girl wasn’t dumb. When she processed the situation and realized she shouldn’t have made the call, she immediately hung up and tore the phone card into two.

The tall and slender man watched her, starting to grow uneasy.

“Something went wrong with the goods, it should be the crime squad.” The girl tightened her grip over the phone, her voice low. “Don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements. He will be fine. We’ll just throw out our scapegoat when the time comes. Contact Rao Rong and have a talk with him, a serious talk. Ask him if he wants to save his father.”

“Yes.” The tall and slender man had a sinister appearance and when he was sullen, it carried a terrifying aura that seemed to say, They had better not push their luck or I’ll finish them off.

The girl knew what he was thinking. “Don’t be rash, the crime squad is only this strong because of Qin Mo. But after this incident, he will be stripped off his power and without the sales stop for the goods, our profits won’t be the only thing affected. But get things clear about who exactly did the destroying…”

When the timer stopped, the tattooed man turned towards Bo Jiu. “Who exactly are you?”

“I am a high school student.” The youngster stood up and stuffed both hands into her pockets, her lips curved into a demonic looking smile. “You don’t have to call me Grandfather. This time, your Father is giving you a free lesson on how to behave like a person.”

“You!” Hearing the term Father, the tattooed man’s face started to distort with anger. He wanted to fight back, but was pushed back by the crime squad officers behind him. They pulled him out and into the police car.

At this moment, Smith seemed to have sunk into deep thought.

Bo Jiu paused. She really thought he had some critical information about her and was starting to suspect her, but unexpectedly, he chuckled while turning to look at Bo Jiu. “You were lucky, Z must not have been at the other end of the firewall. If it had been Z, you would have been detected. But luck plays a part in success as well. I was wondering, are you interested in joining us and becoming a member under me?”

Smith didn’t look too bad, he had blue eyes, which looked rather sentimental, and personally, he was rather fond of eastern dolls.

In his eyes, Bo Jiu had the perfect appearance.

He believed that no one would reject such an enticing offer.

Bo Jiu stretched lazily, her tone level. “I’m not interested.”

With that, she reached out to grab Qin Mo’s wrist. She lowered her head and looked intently at Qin Mo#s hand. Without a doubt, she was definitely looking at his wound.

Smith raised his brows in surprise. “You must not be clear about who I am and where I come from. Perhaps we can have a talk and once you have a clearer picture…”

“We are going to the hospital.” Before Smith could finish speaking, Bo Jiu had pulled Qin Mo away without a backward glance.

And in some way, Jiu possessed an explosive boyfriend charm, just like right now.

The crime squad members watched as the youngster led the way firmly while Young Master Qin followed behind without a word.

“The youngsters these days are so weird.”

Director Huang felt the same way. W as it possible for Qin Mo to be the submissive one of the two?

With that, Director Huang shivered, unwilling to accept it.

Bo Jiu did things quickly, especially when she wasn’t happy.

The dislike for the tattooed man was entirely because of the wound on Qin Mo’s fingers.

Both of them didn’t drive over and were still wearing the cleaner uniform.

The youngster hailed a cab and before she spoke to the driver, Bo Jiu pressed Qin Mo into the corner. She reached out to grab his bleeding fingers and without hesitation, she placed it into her mouth. “It’s to sterilize.”

The driver’s hand slipped off the steering wheel and almost crashed into a railing.

Even the ever calm Young Master Qin had stilled as he watched the silver-haired youngster in front of him with a deep and intense stare.

She was just like a small animal, a puppy who was licking his wounds.

But even as a puppy, she was extremely careful because a certain someone was a fox inside with way too many secrets. It was possible for her to just leave at any moment.

Qin Mo felt the warmth spread through his fingertips. It felt smooth and comforting. He couldn’t help twitching his fingers, reaching for the soft and tender tongue.

Bo Jiu paused, her ears turning pink since the Almighty’s actions were too…

Bo Jiu opened her mouth, avoiding his tease.

Qin Mo was wasn’t the least bit affected. “Aren’t you going to sterilize it anymore?”

“I’m done.” Bo Jiu sat back straight. She glanced over at her side and concluded that it was definitely intentional.

Qin Mo tugged her over. “Why do I find the sterilizing a little too short?”

With that, his fair finger touched her lips once more. It was a feathery light caress which sent a numbing sensation through her body.

At the start, Qin Mo didn’t have many thoughts, but when he caught sight of her flushed neck, he couldn’t help it. Qin Mo lowered his head, turned, and planted a kiss onto her fair skin. The next second, he slipped downwards…

Bo Jiu paused. She didn’t have time to react before being pulled into a wave of sensual numbness.

Qin Mo kissed her. Taking the position into account, he used the board to shield them and with his angled body, the driver seated in front couldn’t see what was happening.

It was convenient for him, convenient to pull her into his arms and to ‘bully’ her thoroughly.

The neck, the back of the ears, and the back were the most sensitive parts of a young girl.

Qin Mo specifically targeted these areas, his lips trailing down her neck. Sometimes he used his nose to caress her.

Regardless, it managed to send a mind-numbing sensation through her body which wiped off all her strength.

At her age, she wasn’t a match for an expert like Qin Mo.

Bo Jiu’s ears grew increasingly red as his hands explored her clothes. They were so red it seemed like blood could spill out any moment.

Qin Mo realized it as well, but it had never crossed his mind that one day, he would love watching someone’s ears this much. The originally fair skin, the beautiful curve, the faint change of color was both mesmerizing and alluring.

Qin Mo’s eyes sunk when he leaned over, his breathe landing on the back of her ears, carrying the ability to mess with her heart. “Come home with me tonight.”

Once again, Bo Jiu paused. She pushed him away and calmed her breathing. The Almighty was using his seductive charms again, she couldn’t be tricked again.

Qin Mo studied her, the warmth in his eyes dissipating slightly.

It took a moment before the youngster spoke, “I can’t go tonight, I have to do something later.” The pair of deep set eyes turned towards Bo Jiu, sinking slightly. “Alright.”

Qin Mo knew better than anyone else not to force her too tightly.

He had many ways for her to come home with him, but if she wasn’t willing, there wouldn’t be much meaning.

However, there were some things he was sure of.

The youngster in front of him wasn’t like the Fu family’s young master and she wasn’t like a high school student either.

He had made sure there wasn’t any mistakes though.

What exactly did he miss out?

Qin Mo lowered his lids. Perhaps it was time to reinvestigate, especially a certain someone’s habits.

What exactly was the reason for such a drastic change?

That aside, he could be sure it wasn’t a split personality because he was a psychologist and he has asked the hospital that she had stayed in. Everything was normal.

But there was still a problem.

It was possible for her to have learnt hacking by herself, but what about her reaction onsite?

And… Why did she always want to leave him? Was there someone else more important waiting for her?

Everytime he thought of that, Qin Mo felt his chest tighten as though it was being suppressed by a large rock, heavy and uncomfortable…