Chapter 931 - Wave of Love, Jiu Teases

Chapter 931: Wave of Love, Jiu Teases

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After alighting, Bo Jiu’s explosive boyfriend charms were back.

The attending doctor raised his head for the third time to explain, “This is a minor injury, you don’t have to be hospitalized. You just have to make sure not to come in contact with water.”

The doctor really wanted to tell them that it was a small cut. Was there a need to come to the hospital?

It took a lot for the doctor to convince Bo Jiu. She took a moment before raising her lids to look at him. “He is a professional esports player and his hands are very important to him. Why don’t you do a scan to check his wrist?”

“If you insist.” The doctor didn’t think there was a need, but since the patient’s family member insisted, he would have to accede to their request. But why was there such a silly person? It was just an external cut, was there really a need to do an X-ray?

The doctor shook his head.

Qin Mo reached out for the pen in the doctor’s hand, his tone level. “There isn’t a need for that, just give me some external wound medication.”

The doctor heaved a long sigh of relief, at least this person seemed more rational.

Bo Jiu still wasn’t aware she was being seen as an irrational person. She kept on nagging while holding onto the Almighty’s papers. “Don’t eat anything spicy, don’t smoke…”

With that, she paused, reaching out to take both his cigarette box and phone. “I’ll deal with these for you.”

Qin Mo raised his brow. “Since you aren’t going to follow me back tonight and my wound can’t be exposed to water, how am I going to shower?”

The doctor and the surrounding patients exchanged glances.

Bo Jiu paused. “I really have to do something tonight.”

“Tomorrow then.” Qin Mo set the date firmly. “Change the wound dressing tomorrow, you can’t expect me to do it myself.”

Almighty Qin was actually teasing.

If Magician and the other guys were to hear these words, they would definitely tease him about it. Who was the guy who cleaned out his gunshot wound without anesthetic? And now, with just a small cut on his finger…

The Almighty’s words successfully planted a twinge of uneasiness in Bo Jiu’s heart.

Back when she had an eye infection, the Almighty was the one who helped her put her eye drops in.

“Alright.” Bo Jiu nodded, a silver hair standing at the top of head, her hair looking fluffy when she turned serious.

Qin Mo reached out to flatten the hair which stuck out, but the very next second, another strand came standing.

Qin Mo raised a brow.

Bo Jiu’s lips curved, her two front teeth gleaming. “It’s time for a haircut.”

“Aren’t you going to consider leaving it out?” Qin Mo asked casually.

Bo Jiu was momentarily caught off guard. “Not at the moment.”


That was all?

Bo Jiu couldn’t tell much from his expression, but she was aware that her actions today seemed to have exposed herself.

Smith’s conceitedness made him miss out on the clues, but the Almighty wasn’t Smith and it wasn’t possible for him to miss out on any details.

Although she won on the fact that she had been reborn, she knew for sure that even this advantage was starting to crumble.

The Almighty was too smart and his suspicion had landed on her many times. One day, when the Almighty was no longer as rational, he would finally know about the rebirth.

When that day arrived, she would have to face his resistance and repulsion.

Bo Jiu’s fingers paused slightly. Because of that, she couldn’t bring up anything from their childhood.

At the very beginning, she had wanted to ask the Almighty if he had had any special friend when he had been younger.

But the Bo Jiu now would rather he didn’t remember anything. At the very least, it wouldn’t be that painful when she made certain decisions, for instance, when he had to personally arrest her.

Bo Jiu smiled, arching her back lazily. This was the reason why she had to leave in advance.

She didn’t wish to become his enemy.

According to Qin Mo’s personality, after the incident today, he wouldn’t give a certain someone total freedom even though he was going back to his own home. After boarding the Land Rover, he instructed calmly, “Follow Young Master Jiu and look into where he is heading to.”


Under normal circumstances, the bodyguard would either be guarding beside Qin Mo or within three hundred meters just like the shadows from ancient times. When Qin Mo required, they would appear.

“Drive to the police station.”

Qin Mo had a faraway look. After applying medication, there was still a tickling, cooling feeling on his finger, which reminded him of the tenderness from before.

His gaze deepened.

After such a huge incident, it wasn’t possible for the higher-ups to not know.

Director Huang received a phone call, with the rough gist being ‘ Don’t ever take such risks again, what if the long-range software couldn’t be stopped? The crowd would be in grave danger… 

“Let Smith take over the interrogation.” The man exhaled deeply. “As for Young Master Qin, advise him a bit. It’s good to have drive and motivation, but he still has to follow the standard procedures. Don’t make decisions before seeking permission, this would place us at a disadvantage. If something were to happen, who is going to take the fall? Has that ever crossed your mind before?”

Director Huang frowned and he wanted to say something.

“Alright, have more faith in Smith, he isn’t that bad compared to Qin Mo.”

Director Huang tightened his grip on the phone.

Smith was preparing in the interrogation room when he saw Qin Mo stroll in. He raised his lids. “Mr Qin? I have heard about you, but you should have received news that I am in charge of this interrogation. You can sit in on the interrogation, but don’t affect my work. Is that alright with you?”

Qin Mo stood upright, his gaze unaffected as he swept Smith a glance. Instead of replying, he asked, “You have exchanged hands with Z many times before?”

“Of course.” Smith wasn’t rash to show his cards and knew he had to show some restraint. “I came from Fifth Avenue after all and everyone knows there are Z’s headquarters. It would be hard to not have exchanged hands with her.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo lowered slightly. “Has she been to Jiang City before?”

Smith chuckled. “Mr Qin, you must have forgotten, Z is in Jiang City right now.”

Qin Mo replied, “I was asking you about the past.”

“Of course not.” Smith raised a brow. “Is that all you wanted to know?”

His tone seemed to hint at how low level his question was.

Qin Mo glanced at him. “I have many questions.”

“For example?” Smith shrugged. He seemed to be waiting for Qin Mo to ask something more insightful, worthy of his reply.

Qin Mo glanced back, his voice level. “How many times have you lost to Z?”

Smith: …

If there had to be a term to describe Smith’s expression, it would be a stab on someone’s chest. It was indeed a sore spot and even the expression on his face showed how much he dreaded to think about the answer!

Qin Mo remained nonchalant. “I guess this isn’t a good question, but I have also told you, I have learnt a little psychology and from the looks of your expression, it seems like you have never won before.”

This time, Smith froze. When he finally let out a curse, he was going to force the next question out of Qin Mo.

But he had already left, the same level and emotionless tone. “I guess that is the extend based on your current standards, good luck for your interrogation.”


With that, the interrogation door locked.

For the very first time, Smith had the desire to kill someone!

Bo Jiu hadn’t been wrong. With the Almighty around, his deadly tongue could definitely break someone down. There wasn’t a need for physical violence.

But it didn’t dawn on her that the Almighty would use his deadly tongue to hear news about her.

Fortunately, she hadn’t been to Jiang City in the past.

But there was something Smith wasn’t aware. It was that Bo Jiu was a Chinese and had been to the borders of the three countries in the Golden Triangle.

That had been where she had met that deathly trap…

Time trickled by.

After separating with Qin Mo, Bo Jiu concluded she couldn’t wear her cleaner uniform to the gathering with He Honghua.

She had to buy a new suit and would have to trim her hair.

The youngster stuffed her hand into her pockets, blowing the hair, which fell across her forehead.

She would have to cut her hair before heading to the tuxedo store on the same floor to choose an outfit.

However, the moment she stepped into the store, someone pointed at her, shouting loudly, “F*ck! Master! The Almighty! Savior!”

Bo Jiu glanced over at the maniac pointing at her. “Oh, it’s you.”

“The Almighty!” The thorn-head youngster had probably just had a hair cut, the cooler haircut looking hilarious. “Let’s temporarily put aside the feud between No.1 Middle School and No.2 Middle School, could you help me out?”

Bo Jiu smiled lazily. “I can’t, I have to get my hair trimmed.”

“The hair washer in this store is my brother,” the thorn-head youngster replied seriously. “Help me play a game and I’ll get him to wash your hair!”

Bo Jiu raised a brow. “Why do you have so many brothers?”

“We’re all working and studying part time, it isn’t easy,” the thorn-head youngster replied, acting like a worldly adult.

Bo Jiu was at a loss. “Do I play with your account? Is it another fight for honor?”

“It’s not about honor this time.” With that, he hesitated. “I have my eyes on a girl and I promised to fly with her in Hero.”

Bo Jiu didn’t need to ask to know the outcome, it was a trap after all… She still had to help a girl fly?

“I never expected the girl to be stronger than me!” the spiked-head youngster explained in disbelief. “I told her we would have another match once I found better network connection! In reality, I was trying to buy more time to find a substitute.”

Bo Jiu pulled out the cigarette she had confiscated from the Almighty, tossing it over to the thorn-head youngster. “Arrange for someone to wash my hair and in the future, don’t trouble No.1 Middle School for any of the No.2 Middle School matters. You guys should really learn. How can a few big guys keep picking on girls?”

The thorn-head youngster readily agreed. “That was done by other bast*rds. Don’t worry, I’ll send out the instructions tomorrow. Even though No.2 Middle School students aren’t that good at studying, we definitely have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex!”

Was that so? Bo Jiu raised her brow and didn’t say any more. After she laid down, she reached over for the thorn-head youngster’s phone.

He stood at the side, pointing towards the photo on the friends list. “This one, isn’t she pretty? But let me warn you, don’t you dare think snatching her from me.”

“Dearest, how can you tell if she is pretty or not with such an overly photoshopped photo? Regardless of how pretty she is, she can’t be better than Almighty Qin.” Bo Jiu thought to herself, Even though she enjoyed those that look good, what was this about?

If it had been anyone else, they would be wondering how a male could be compared to a female.

But No.2 Middle School was No.2 after all.

“That’s enough, I respect Young Master Qin’s appearance,” the thorn-head youngster replied sincerely.

Bo Jiu used the opportunity to enter the game, prepared to have a casual match.

However, he even had a request. “When it’s time to choose the character, choose the assassin!”

“Aren’t you specialized in the tank character?” She could still remember the first time they met, he had used an overly aggressive playing style.

The thorn-head youngster shook his head. “You don’t understand, the girls these days are obsessed with the assassin character. I wonder who brought up that wave…” With that, he paused slightly before adding, “It’s you, during your professional matches, you always use the assassin role and often take the first kill. No wait, I want to ask, have you ever thought about the feelings of people like me? It makes it harder for us to chase girls! They always discuss about their Highness Jiu, it’s getting frustrating!”

Bo Jiu: …

She couldn’t continue this conversation.

It had been a while since she had been to school, hence, she wasn’t aware of this situation.

First, she arranged the positioning. Since she used the assassin, she would have to change the equipment to something suitable before inviting the girl over and starting the game.

At this moment, the haircutter had started to apply conditioner.

Hero was a game which could use verbal communication, enabling teammates to cooperate better.

Bo Jiu clicked the speaker, but didn’t open the chat box. The girl’s voice could be heard clearly, it was from the attacking sorcerer. “Hey, Qing, why do you always drag that burden into our group?”

“He isn’t a burden.” The girl called Qing was playing the tanker role.

Bo Jiu looked at the arrangement and decided it was reasonable. She didn’t bother about their conversation and went straight for the wilderness.

That was Big Spade’s favorite playing style.

Of course she went straight for the opponent’s wilderness so that they had no where to hunt.

After bolting over, she didn’t start immediately. Instead, she hid in the bushes beside the blue beasts.

At this moment, the attacking sorcerer spoke, “Hey, could you come back? All you know is how to kill yourself.”

“Don’t bother about him, he’s from No.2 Middle School. He doesn’t do well in school so his brain isn’t that good either,” the archer commented arrogantly.

The thorn-head youngster clenched his fists tightly, forcing his comments down.

Bo Jiu glanced up and eyed him since she knew him as a quick tempered person.

He didn’t comment even when someone made such a comment?

Bo Jiu glanced back at the screen and at the girl playing the tank role. It seemed like this kid really likes her.

“His brain isn’t bad.” The girl’s voice hardened. “If you guys are going to continue acting this way, stop playing.”

The archer seemed afraid of angering her. “Aren’t I just worried about him killing himself? If you don’t like to hear those things, I’ll stop talking about it, I’ll carry you into victory.”

The girl remained silent.

Instead, the girl playing the sorcerer role spoke, “With you around, we definitely wouldn’t lose. Almighty, send us flying!”

“No problem, as long as a certain someone doesn’t kill himself too badly,” the archer replied, the disdain in his voice obvious.

Bo Jiu wasn’t the least bit bothered about their conversation as she focused on fighting the opponent’s blue beasts, calculating the HP level.