Chapter 932 - Jiu’s First Kill

Chapter 932: Jiu’s First Kill

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Bo Jiu raised her long sword. Her full figure was appearing and a murderous aura was exploding from within!

It was obvious that the opponent hadn’t expected anyone to snatch their beasts from the start.

Caught off guard, it wasn’t just the beasts he had lost, he had even been struck in place with his long sword!

“F*ck, this can’t be happening!”

That person bolted towards the sorcerer in the middle lane.

Unfortunately, they weren’t as skillful as the youngster.

With a leap, she executed a big move and in a matter of seconds, he was severely wounded.

The man clenched down on his teeth as he finally managed to reach the defense tower.

But was that the end of it?

He seemed to have forgotten that before he had entered the tower, the youngster had used her second skill, sending a knife flying in his direction and penetrating is forehead.

Even though he had escaped into the defense tower, the damage was done.

He was still planning on going to the city, but the moment he had taken a step, a sound blasted through the speakers. KO!

The first drop of HP!

The glamorous first kill!

However, some of the burdensome teammates hadn’t been looking at the map. Before the numbers had even appeared, the girl playing the sorcerer complained, “Didn’t we tell you not to kill yourself! It’s amazing how you can play so badly!”

Before she finished speaking, the numbers on the screen changed.


Meaning their team had killed someone?

The girl paused mid-sentence, seemingly in disbelief. Her mouth was wide open.

How could the first kill happen so quickly? And it was even over at the opponent’s side! This wasn’t possible based on that burden’s ability.

“It was luck,” the archer replied.

The sorcerer immediately added, “He probably prayed before going out, heh.”

Bo Jiu was still running around. Now that the opponent had managed to detect her, they would definitely come after her.

After finishing off one person, it wasn’t possible for her to have full HP. She was left with half her HP. If she was controlled by the sorcerer, it was pretty much over for her.

But based on her hand speed and skillful operation, there wasn’t a chance to control her.

At this moment, Bo Jiu sent out a signal to gather.

The message was sent out to the sorcerer in the middle lane and in normal circumstances, the assassin would lead the opponent over.

As long as the sorcerer with full HP in the middle lane cooperated, they could easily finish off their opponents.

Bo Jiu returned to the bushes and was prepared to retaliate, but at this moment, she realized the problem. The sorcerer in the middle lane hadn’t heard the message at all and wasn’t even looking at the map as she continued to clear the troops.

Bo Jiu was an assassin so she increased her speed and bolted, not having enough time to retreat.

The opposing sorcerer struck her with a big move.

Bo Jiu used the strength of her fingers, turning sharply to avoid the fatal blow.

She was no longer suited to retaliate.

It was the start of the battle and she didn’t have enough finances or blood while the opponent was coming with full HP. According to the map, there were backup coming over as well.

Bo Jiu turned, returning to her own defense tower.

This time, she finally understood what a burden was like.

She had always played professional matches, hence, her teammates would only have problems with either their hand speed or their skills.

But this sort… Bo Jiu glanced at her team’s sorcerer and archer. They didn’t even bother looking at the map and weren’t listening to messages. Where exactly did they get the confidence to address themselves as the Almighty who would send them flying?

There was another issue. Why was the archer fighting the blue beasts? Why wasn’t he going after the red beasts? Was he snatching her beasts?

They were indeed burdensome teammates.

Bo Jiu studied the map and decided to adjust her tactic.

Without teammates, she would have to start fighting as though it was an individual match…