Chapter 933 - They Called Jiu a Burden?

Chapter 933: They Called Jiu a Burden?

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She would have to grow first and strengthen her finances to get suitable equipment.

That was her decision after examining the game, meaning she wasn’t going to participate in team battles in the short term.

Did those who chose the assassin knew the impact of their attacks?

Not all of them. The long-range archer and a few attacking sorcerers were the main attackers.

In normal circumstances, those using the assassin would have strict emphasis on the maneuvering. More importantly, they would have to examine the battle situation and decide when to attack, retreat, or retaliate.

The advantage of an assassin was their high speed and explosive impact, but those who assumed an assassin to bolt forward without regard like a tanker were utterly wrong.

It was obvious that was how the sorcerer and tank in the middle lane thought.

When the opponents came dashing forward, the two of them shouted, “Hurry over, gather in the middle lane and prepare for a team battle!”

The defense towers on both the top and bottom lane were being attacked, but they weren’t going to save it and were preparing for a team battle?

Bo Jiu definitely wouldn’t head over. She guarded the tower and cleared the troops, earning money wherever she went.

She moved so quickly the thorn-head youngster was in a daze.

He was wondering, Even though it was the same account and the same character, why did the character become so powerful under her control? It was unbelievable!

Bo Jiu was fighting someone on the top lane. The person was severely wounded and just as she was striking their defense tower, there was a situation at the middle lane as the female sorcerer had left the defense tower. Without even using the paralyzing fireball, she went straight for the big move.

She assumed her big move alone would be able to finish the opponent off, but obviously, she didn’t just use the wrong move, she also hadn’t calculated the distance accurately.

The big move had indeed slammed into something, but none of the opponents were hit.

It was embarrassing. How could she have made such a low level mistake? They were speechless.

All that could be said was that she couldn’t escape.

As expected, when the opposing assassin caught the scene, he leaped over and used a short-range attack, confusing both her and the archer. In less than two seconds, the sorcerer was killed.

The 1v0 that Bo Jiu had accomplished became 1v1, a tie.

When the archer saw it, he didn’t bother about the defense tower, rushing back to the city. He shouted on his way back, “Where is the assassin? Doesn’t he know it’s a team battle? Can he be a little less of a burden?”

Bo Jiu didn’t bother commenting on someone who abandoned the tower with full HP. She glided through the wilderness and leaped onto the defense tower to clear the troops, protect the tower, and earn more gold. Everything was done perfectly before she leaped back into the wilderness to fight beasts and continue to build her finances.

When the female sorcerer saw the scene, her voice was laced with anger. “Why are you still fighting beasts in such a critical moment? Don’t you know about being a team? Do you know how to play Hero?”

The girl playing the tank could no longer suppress herself. “The assassin needs to fight beasts, you guys should protect the tower and stop gathering the team. There isn’t a need at the start of the game.”

“He is such a burden.” The female sorcerer clearly wasn’t happy. “If he continue bringing us down, we will end up losing.”

Bo Jiu, who was fighting red beasts, raised a brow, using spare time to type out one word.


With that, the female sorcerer was so infuriated she wanted to beat someone! What exactly did that burden mean?