Chapter 934 - Peace

Chapter 934: Peace

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“Forget it.” The archer turned his speaker on. “He can do as he pleases, we can team up for the middle lane.”

The female sorcerer agreed with a confident, “Mmh,” as she maneuvered her character forward.

The opponent came in a pair as well.

It was the same pairing, both having a sorcerer and archer each.

The female sorcerer caught the opportunity and immediately used her big move against them.

This time, she did hit someone, but it was clear that the opposing sorcerer had slightly better skills as she knew to use the hypnotizing fireball first before cooperating with the archer to knock her out on the spot.

Next a big move followed.


The female sorcerer died again!

This time, the male archer didn’t run since he had been shot by the opponent’s arrow, reducing his speed. He couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

He was seconds away from being severely wounded.

Right at this moment, the gleam from a knife came flashing down!

A small knife symbol appeared on the top of the opposing archer’s head before Bo Jiu appeared with lighting speed, attacking perfectly and accurately.

It was only a few seconds and the archer was severely wounded.

The opposing sorcerer sent out another hypnotizing fireball, but Bo Jiu dodged, avoiding the attack flawlessly before returning with a flying dagger. Without giving them any time to react, she raised her long sword and went straight for the kill.

Both the archer and the sorcerer were at the brink of death.

With another hit by Bo Jiu, both of their lives would be taken down effortlessly.

However, right at this moment, the male archer, who hadn’t fully processed the situation, started to attack blindly.

Coincidentally, he managed to strike them…

The music blasts through the speakers. Double-kill!

The notifications on the screen showed that the male archer had taken the two lives.

The female archer remarked again, her voice insinuating something. “Look, look, this is what an Almighty is supposed to be like. Certain burdens should watch and learn rather than cause so much trouble.”

“It’s alright, with me behind watching him, he would manage to keep his live even if he rushes into their area.” The male archer sincerely believed he had taken down the double-kill. He seemed to have forgotten who had saved him when he almost got himself killed. Why did everything seem so wrong when it came out of his mouth?

Bo Jiu turned over towards the thorn-head youngster. “Who is this guy? Is this how they always play?”

“He’s from No.1 Middle School.” The thorn-head youngster clenched his fists tightly. “That’s why I don’t like students from the No.1 Middle School, but you have to admit he really does play quite well.”

Bo Jiu frowned. “Is this how you define someone that plays well?”

“He just had a double-kill!” the thorn-head youngster replied seriously.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, her tone leveled. “He won’t have such an opportunity anymore.”

“Why not?” The thorn-head youngster didn’t understand what she meant.

Bo Jiu moved her fingers, wiping out a troop of soldiers. “Without me around, he will only be killed.”

Just as she had said, the moment Bo Jiu had finished her sentence, there was news of someone in the middle lane being killed.

This time, the opponents were the one with the double-kill.

The score changed from 3-2 to 3-4.

It was clear that Bo Jiu’s side was the one lagging behind.

That wasn’t all, the opponents had already destroyed one of their defense towers and the second defense tower was already partially destroyed.

Fortunately, the girl playing the tank had been around. She hurriedly took position and managed to guard the remaining half of the tower.

The male archer acted humble. “It’s my fault this time, there was an error in my decision.”

The female archer immediately replied, “It’s alright to be killed once in a while. Everyone makes mistakes, unlike a certain burden who is off in the wilderness while we are having a team battle.”

Just as the female archer finished her remark, another announcement came through the speakers!

Bo Jiu had finished one of them off in the wilderness, successfully bring the score to a tie!

“He has great luck to have met a severely wounded one,” the male archer remarked as he watched the map, his tone malicious.

The female archer added on, “Isn’t it because the both of us managed to injure him so badly just now? That guy really is lucky. It explains why he isn’t willing to have a team battle with us, he’s just leaching off our efforts.”

Just as she finished her sentence, Bo Jiu had already brought a troop over to the opponent’s defense tower and successfully finished off the second defense tower on their top lane.

Then her character dashed into the wilderness once more, disappearing from the map.

“This burden only knows how to hide in the wilderness and nothing else, he really needs to buck up,” the female sorcerer reprimanded.

The male archer remained confident. “Let’s not bother about him anymore. With me around, you don’t have to be afraid.”

With that, the both of them dashed forward.

This time, there was only one person from the other side.

2v1. Moreover, the opponent wasn’t that good at the game.

The female sorcerer successfully finished him off, taking down a life.

“Hey, Burden, watch and learn, this is how you are supposed to be playing.”

With that, she took a step forward.

That was when a notice appeared on the screen. “The Tyrant Boss has been killed”!

Killing the Boss in the wilderness allowed the entire team to grow in both their finances and experience.

It would be a serious help for the entire team.

And the person who had taken down the Tyrant Boss was the burden the female sorcerer had been talking about endlessly, Bo Jiu.

Did they really think Spade Z became the FC King so easily?

Back in the days, she would always fight the bosses hidden and difficult to fight against, which was how she managed to shock Zone C over and over again.

However, the archer continued to disregard her actions.”He is an assassin after all, it’s normal for him to fight the Tyrant Boss. If I were the one playing the assassin, I would have finished off the Master Boss by now.”

With that, Bo Jiu typed out a reply leisurely. “You can try and we can see how long you are able to persist before being killed off.”

The male archer could hear the laziness in her tone, which infuriated him. “What are you trying to say?! Are you hinting that I don’t play well and that I’m the burden?!”

In normal circumstances, no one would reply to his question since they were in the same team after all.

But it didn’t stop Bo Jiu as the word “Yes” appeared on the screen.

The archer wanted to curse. “Heh,heh, we can all see who exactly is the burden in this team. You don’t have the rights to talk about others when you didn’t even join us for the team battle. Don’t listen to him, let’s go after the Master together. With the four of us, I’m sure we can finish him off easily.”

But was this really the case?

They headed forward together when Bo Jiu sent out a retreat signal.

However, only the girl playing tank hesitated, the others went straight for the Master Boss in the wilderness.

Compared to the Tyrant Boss, the Master Boss had a much higher attack power and much more HP. It wouldn’t be easy to fight him in the early stage of the game.

But this wasn’t the main point, the main point was that the opponents should be in the area as well.

As expected, Bo Jiu’s predictions had been right. She retreated back hurriedly, but it was too late.

It was chaotic team battle over at the wilderness and the female sorcerer and male archer were killed once again.

Fortunately, the Master Boss hadn’t been killed. The opposing team were still fighting him.

Everyone knew that the last attacker would end up reaping the benefits of the Boss and that was what snatching Boss was all about.

Bo Jiu hid in the bushes, calculating the Boss’s HP.

In the critical moment, a flying dagger flew past…

Everyone knew…