Chapter 935 - Always Follow through with the Truth

Chapter 935: Always Follow through with the Truth

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Everyone knew the outcome of the dagger at this moment.

The last blow had an explosive impact and snatched over the Boss, which the opponents had taken such a painful time to snatch over, successfully capturing the Flying Dragon!

“F*ck, is their assassin a hacker? How did he manage to snatch the Boss?”

“I was killed twice while attacking the beasts, this is so unfair!”

“Stop whining, let’s kill him!”

There were five of them over at the Master Boss and none of them had full HP.

But even so, they had their tank, a far-range archer and the team controlling sorcerer. Together, they came straight in Bo Jiu’s direction.

Bo Jiu glanced at the map on her phone, but didn’t retreat.

The reason was simple, two of their team members were on the way back, the tank and the sorcerer. If she headed back, it was seeking her own death.

Instead, she dashed past them into the wilderness, making use of the bushes and walls to make a beautiful escape from the archer and the far-range attacker.

“This guy has guts!”

“Block him, we have to stop the assassin!”

But it wasn’t going to be easy to try to stop her. Bo Jiu tossed a flying dagger backwards while she made her escape.

The flying dagger flew past both of them and both of their speed reduced.

She was about to escape, but just then, the kid washing her head accidentally covered the youngster’s eyes with the towel.

Bo Jiu’s first reaction was that it was over.

As expected, the teammates who had revived hadn’t given her any help as she hit a wall.

She came face to face with her opponents. One was severely wounded and the other with half HP, but both were using their big move on her.

This meant that if the archer and sorcerer on her team had come forward together, they would have been finished off.

But they hadn’t helped and hadn’t bothered trying to save her.

When Bo Jiu sat up again, her character was already in the city center’s revival center.

The female sorcerer wasn’t pleased. “We are all back. Why would you dash forward by yourself? You would just end up being cornered.”

“Li Xue, he snatched the Master Boss and all you did was watching him being cornered. Didn’t you see the Master Boss he managed to take down?” The girl playing the tank was seriously enraged. “You were the one who can’t even manage to use your skills properly, not him.”

The female sorcerer paused, her tone flippant. “Judging from your tone, Qing, are you trying to say that I’m in the wrong? Let him fight by himself then. Let’s see how many times he will be killed by them.”

The female sorcerer hadn’t expected the response to her dare, but Bo Jiu volunteered herself forward.

It wasn’t fair to say she went by herself though, since she had a flying dragon in front of her and a troop behind.

It was akin to having a tank at guarding her.

The opponent’s defense tower was wiped out by Bo Jiu, leaving it as empty shell. There was an archer in the middle lane. “You don’t participate in team battles and insist on taking side paths.”

“That’s how he is,” the female sorcerer scoffed.

She glanced at the map and saw that the entire opposing team was heading towards the burden. She added, “Isn’t he just seeking death?”

“Something-something isn’t right!”

The opposing team seemed to have detected something.

He was a frequent professional esports competition watcher and seemed to have caught onto something.

The finances of the assassin in front of them was more than two times of theirs!

Meaning that with the same character, his attack power would be much more impactful than theirs.

“Don’t go over…” Before he could finish his warning, the announcement came blasting through the speakers. KO, one kill!

“Look, he’s dead, isn’t he?” The female sorcerer shrugged. “How dare he deny he is a burden?”

But the very next second, her face fell because the very next second, another announcement blasted through the speakers. Double-kill!

Double-kill? What did that mean? The first death was the opponent and not the burden?

That wasn’t all, the burden had also managed to finish off two of them even though he was being cornered by five of them?

The male archer wasn’t ruffled by the news. “It’s just two deaths, he wouldn’t be able to escape anymore. But I’ve got to say, this guy has amazing luck…”

The male archer blamed everything on luck, helping to give the female archer an out, but Bo Jiu wasn’t going to give them such an opportunity.

She retreated slightly and hid in the bushes.

The opposing team mate shouted, “F*ck, he went into hiding again, where is the tank? Go over and crash him!”

The opposing team’s attacker was the one who commented.

Unbeknownst to him, seconds after he finished his sentence, the assassin, who had been running to the right, trembled slightly to change his figure before coming straight down at him.

Momentarily, the music blasts through the speakers the third time! Triple-kill!

But that wasn’t the end because Bo Jiu turned, tossing out her flying daggers to reduce the opponent’s speed.

The opposing assassin couldn’t move and had no way out.

And with that, the announcement came through again. Forth kill!

The announcement was unlike before as both the opposing team and the haircutter trimming Bo Jiu’s hair were dumbfounded.

The thorn-head youngster opened his mouth wide. “Is-is that even possible?”

“Mmh,” Bo Jiu replied, her fingers doing another turn.

The thorn-head youngster reminded, “Aren’t you leaving? You are severely wounded!”

The tank on the other side could barely move.

“With the dragon around, I’m not leaving.” Bo Jiu shifted the screens several times as though she was changing her equipment. The screens were moving so fast the thorn-head youngster was going to get a headache.

The thorn-head youngster caressed his temples. “You can still fight in your severely wounded state? The opponent is a tank!”

“He doesn’t have his big move anymore,” Bo Jiu replied lightly.

The thorn-head youngster was confused. How was that even possible?! How could he have remembered that?! This wasn’t going to be an easy game at all!

“Sometimes, you don’t die if you don’t escape,” Bo Jiu added. She had already raised her long sword and flashed it across the grounds, finishing off the opponent.

The tank didn’t have any time to react before he was severely wounded.

He assumed that was the end of it since the city center was directly behind him and he just had to persevere until he was back.

However, the instant he turned towards the city center, a flying dagger came straight at him. KO!

The fifth consecutive death!

The thorn-head youngster inhaled deeply.

The female sorcerer and the male archer were frozen to the ground, the announcement playing loudly. Everyone had heard it. 1v5, he was cornered and yet still managed to accomplish five consecutive kills!

This time, none of them dared to blame it on luck anymore.

It was an awkward situation because everything in front of them, the tall and upright figure in the middle of the screens and the destroyed city lake behind him were all smashing straight into their faces.

They won the match, but they didn’t just win as all of them were stunned by the assassin’s maneuvering, especially by the five consecutive kills at the end.

The opposing team couldn’t help adding Bo Jiu. They wanted to be her disciple!

Bo Jiu didn’t accept their request, passing the phone back to the original owner. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror, seemingly in deep thought.

This match hadn’t been easy and there were several times she had to run in order to save her own life.

That wasn’t how professional esports was like because regardless of where she was, her team would always rush forward for support. She didn’t have to run, all she had to do was make a quick, decisive, and fearless interception, especially when she was in the same team as the Almighty.

Bo Jiu pondered. She seemed to understand what Feng Yi had meant at the beginning when he had said, “You still need training.”.

In Hero, it was indeed possible for one person to send the team flying, but in real esports, it wasn’t just one person playing.

She had to be like the Almighty. He could hold the ground alone and yet, when it was time for a team battle, he could provide the perfect support and coordination.

It seemed that before the National League, she still lacked in certain areas and it was time to change.

Over at this end, the youngster with her silver hair trimmed was smiling.

Over at the other end, the thorn-head youngster took a moment to think it through. In the end, he opened up his WeChat and with a flushed face, he said, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t the one playing in the previous match, I’m not really good with the assassin, but I’m alright as a tank. Even though I’m a burden, I can shield at the front so that the team has time to escape. What I’m trying to say, are you still willing to play with me?”

In reality, if the thorn-head youngster hadn’t confessed, none of them would have known he had gotten someone else to play in place of him since they were still under the shock of the five consecutive kill.

As for the thorn-head youngster, he didn’t have a single strength. He didn’t do well in school and even though he wasn’t bad looking, he wasn’t very bright and loved to act as the boss. But even in the games, he wasn’t able to win the No.1 Middle School boss.

The latter was a huge blow to him because No.1 Middle School and No.2 Middle School had a feud that couldn’t be understood.

The battle for the stronger party was linked to dignity!

If he were to compare, he wasn’t as good looking as the boss from No.1 Middle School and now that the trend was going towards those fair pretty boys, tough guys like him were no longer in vogue.

That aside, he did have a rule he abided by. It was that he would always follow through with the truth.

He wanted to act strong and formidable, but after watching the youngster, he wanted to win once. He had made up his mind before the match, to tell them the truth if the youngster won.

Even though he could be a bast*rd, he would never lie to the girl he adored.

Because of that, Bo Jiu decided this guy was worthy of being a friend.

The WeChat group was silent for a second, but the very next second, the female sorcerer Li Xue’s voice appeared. “I knew it. How could a burden like you suddenly play so well?”

“Gaming requires intelligence after all, Li Xue, stop making things difficult for a student from No.2 Middle School. It wasn’t easy for him to have thought to get a substitute player.” It was obviously the male archer who had commented.

The thorn-head youngster clenched his fists in silence when Bo Jiu glanced over. “This is the second time you swallowed your anger.”

“I don’t have a choice, they are her friends.” The thorn-head youngster hung his head, looking like a big puppy. “With my temper, I would have beaten her to a pulp! Heh heh, it really is a humiliation to my name as the boss of No.2 Middle School.”

Bo Jiu arched her brow, looking at him in silence.

Just then, another voice came up. “Where are you now?”

“Outside,” The thorn-head youngster replied sullenly.

“Come over to my house,” the girl replied. Even though she sounded hostile, her words were warm. “No one said you have to play esports well. Aren’t you going to come over for tuition lessons? Aren’t you intending on going to college?”

The thorn-head youngster’s eyes lit up. “I’m coming over right now!”

The girl was clearly trying to boost the thorn-head youngster’s morale. “Some people are indeed intelligent, but remember, I like those that are dumber and sometimes a little burdensome.”

“Mmh, Mmh!” The thorn-head youngster nodded repeatedly.

Bo Jiu visualized two bunny ears appearing at the top of his head. Geez… Did your underlings at the No.2 Middle School know how you were behaving right now?

“Judging from your tone, do you know him?”

“It’s a small area after all. We weren’t really familiar with each other in the past, but got closer afterwards.” With that, the thorn-head youngster turned over to tap on Bo Jiu’s shoulder. “I heard you went crazy because of your love for Young Master Qin. Have you managed to win his heart over?”

Bo Jiu: … Where did you hear that from? And when did I go crazy because of my love for him?

“Honestly, I have always despised people like you in the past… How should I put it? Oh right, gays.” The thorn-head youngster frowned. “But you aren’t the same, you aren’t a sissy or feminine at all. As the boss of No.2 Middle School, I shouldn’t be telling you this since eliminating you lot has always been part of my grand scheme, but this time, it isn’t the same. I think there’s a problem with No.1 Middle School recently, you shouldn’t just put all your attention on chasing your male Almighty. You shouldn’t forget your destiny as the boss of No.1 Middle School.”

Bo Jiu: … What did you mean with destiny as the boss of No.1 Middle School… Such a ridiculous conversation!

“What is it?” Bo Jiu asked casually.

The thorn-head youngster caressed his chin. “Someone who wishes to buy into the top views, it’s the girl who was playing with us just now.”

“Buy into the top view? Bo Jiu frowned. “Why would a high school student want to do that?”

The Thorn-head youngster shrugged. “I don’t know the specifics but I do know who she is after, an online writer who seems depressed.”

Bo Jiu raised her brows. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Aren’t you an esports idol?” The thorn-head youngster pouted. “An idol has to unleash his ability so that those fans that adore you learn to be good. I’m sure they will believe what you say. Besides, my girlfriend is pretty fond of that author.”

Bo Jiu arched her brow. “Your girlfriend?”

“The girl playing the tank character in the game just now, isn’t she pretty?” the thorn-head youngster replied bashfully.

Bo Jiu replied lazily, “All she did was ask you over for tuition, how did she end up as your girlfriend?”

“Didn’t you hear her say she likes me?” The thorn-head youngster shook his head. “Forget it, someone like you who isn’t confessed to regularly would never understand.”

Bo Jiu: …

“Honestly, that isn’t the only problem with No.1 Middle School. As the top student in No.1 Middle School, you probably aren’t aware, but it is becoming rather troublesome.” The thorn-head youngster exposed yet another gossip. “Just recently, I saw a girl from No.1 Middle School with the local bully. She seemed to be his mistress and was helping him with something. Recently, the local bully seems to have gotten into some business, basically, it is something profitable. But what’s dangerous was the previous time I followed my dad to a meeting, I caught snippets of the conversation mention about taking down the school and that it would be more profitable than it is right now. Speaking of which, shouldn’t the No.1 Middle School be filled with nerds who only knew how to study? Why does it seem messier than my No.2 Middle School?”

Even though it seemed like an innocent conversation, he managed to spill many details.

Bo Jiu remained unruffled as she took note of his words. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and glanced up at the hanging clock on the wall. “I have something on, I’ll be making a move.”

“Alright,” the thorn-head youngster replied. “I’ll look out for your No.1 Middle School students the next time I go on a meeting with my dad. I wouldn’t want anyone from your side dead before we have even exchanged hands. You are my savior after all.”

Once Bo Jiu had left, someone from the WeChat group asked, “Who was the assassin just now? I made a recording of the match and uploaded the video online and the viewers are dying to know who he is!”

The thorn-head youngster took a moment before typing an ID. “Spade Z.”

The WeChat group exploded almost instantly!

“Spade Z? Gosh! It’s actually my Highness Jiu! Is he still there? Is he still there! I need to confess!”

“That explains the first kill the moment the match started, it is indeed my Big Spade’s usual playing style.”

“And he managed to snatch the Dragon, that was so despicable, it was simply beautiful!”

“The opponent must have been depressed, that’s why you should never fight the Dragon when Big Spade is around, it would ruin one’s life!”

“Li Xue, you called Big Spade a burden just a while back…”

After being called out, Li Xue paused slightly before continuing, “It’s just a game, a professional esports player will definitely be better than ordinary players like us. Honestly, I don’t really know those esports players and I don’t really like them very much. I’m not really judging them, but they really are tarnishing the image of us students. They aren’t studying well and spend most of their time paying esports, game addiction isn’t a good thing after all.”

Previously, the thorn-head youngster had managed to control his temper, but this time, after hearing her comment, he automatically turned on the speaker. “Li Xue, you should think before speaking. Don’t you remember who the top student in No.1 Middle School is? It’s the person you just claimed to not study well. Spade Z is a professional esports player, but once it entered your mouth, he turned into a game addict. Isn’t that judging someone? If you think gaming isn’t good, you can stop gaming because all you see is the negative side of things while there are some who are struggling and preserving. They aren’t going to abandon their dreams or give up. Even if they don’t do well in school, they can still shine on the esports stage. If you don’t understand what that means, shut your mouth and stop making so much noise.”

“Qing, this is the person you like. I had enough, even the way he speaks is barbaric.” Li Xue smirked.

Qing pressed onto the speaker as well, her tone calm. “If you think being truthful is barbaric, we won’t be able to help you.”

Li Xue paused. She never expected her friend to embarrass her, hence, she added, “I guess you become whoever you are dating.” With that, she went offline.

She had something more important to do and didn’t need to waste time arguing with them.

Even though it seemed peaceful, in reality, darkness had started to seep in.

A book once said that a human’s heart was more frightening than ghosts as human hearts were unpredictable.

Time started to trickle by.

In the biggest garden themed hotel in Jiang City, a gathering specifically for women in business was held.

It was an annual gathering which invited all the famous and established women in Jiang City.

They didn’t just invite the wealthy, class was also a factor.

Hence, the invitation for the gathering was highly sought after.

The entire area was decorated with fresh flowers. The decorations were made of wood and a grand piano was placed in the center. A champagne tower was stacked up high and the wooden tables decorated with white table cloths. The tables were covered with candles and a vast selection of fruits.

Not far from there, a dessert chef was making snacks while others were roasting meat.

Whatever the guests were craving for, they could find it in this gathering.

In the past, He Honghua didn’t have the qualifications to participate in such gatherings.

It wasn’t just because she wasn’t rich enough, it was because they would extend the invitation to Su Mei instead.

The reason He Honghua participated was also because she was clear what she had to do at a specific time.

Her Jiu was already a professional esports player and would only get bigger in the future. She was already famous enough to become the hottest topic amongst students.

That was the reason she wouldn’t look back. She didn’t wish for others to be talking about her farming roots or that she was an illiterate woman without class when they spoke about her Jiu.

Humans were weird creatures.

In the past, He Honghua had never been bothered about what others said about her, but the moment her child was involved, everything changed.

The origins of her birth didn’t matter, but she didn’t wish for such matters to affect her Jiu.

He Honghua had always been loud and enthusiastic and this time, she had actually made the exception to get her makeup done and had even gotten herself a stylist, all to ensure she looked presentable.

She had dressed up before in the past, but regardless of how she dressed, she still couldn’t rid herself off being called a violent woman when she reached the club.

He Honghua was still hesitating, wondering if she should turn up.

Right at that moment, a willowy figure appeared on her left. The youngster reached out and placed a hand on her shoulders, her lips curving into her signature clean faint smile. “Mom, why aren’t you going in?”

Bo Jiu wore a white suit with a bow tightened on the front, her curved up lips making her look like a prince with her curved eyes and bright smile.

There weren’t many people who could look good in a suit in this color, but Bo Jiu seemed to be born with an ambiguous aura. Even though she was dressed in white, she was able to radiate a mischievous air which captivated others.

Even He Honghua herself felt that her Jiu was ravishing enough to make one blush. Her round face broke into a smile instantly, looking sweet and warm.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, her elbows bent into a curve for He Honghua to put in her hands. “Let’s go. Mrs He, you may enter.”

He Honghua had never been welcomed in such a manner before and thus paused before reaching out clumsily to pull herself into the curved hands.

“Mrs He, have more confidence and trust me, your Jiu is handsome enough for you to earn some brownie points.” Bo Jiu wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about her words, a radiant smile on her suave looking face.

It was indeed narcissism at its best, but with that one line, He Honghua was no longer as uneasy as before.

Yes, have more confidence.

She was here to eat!

Bo Jiu didn’t forget to glance sideways as she walked, observing He Honghua’s face. When she caught the smile on her face, her lips curled up as well.

He Honghua asked, “What did you do today? I went to the club, but you weren’t there and your teammates said you weren’t there for training.”

Bo Jiu would never tell He Honghua that she went to deactivate a bomb. She reached out and tugged her suit, a sly smile on her face. “I went to buy this and trim my hair. I’m going to accompany Mrs He to a dinner, I can’t just come unprepared when I’m supposed to attract everyone’s attention.”

He Honghua chuckled. “This child…”

When the two of them entered, they caught the attention of the entire crowd.

Bo Jiu hadn’t been wrong, her face was indeed captivating… And alluring…