Chapter 937 - The Fangirl Named Movie Queen An

Chapter 937: The Fangirl Named Movie Queen An

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At that moment, the crowd inhaled deeply!

Both Bo Jiu and Yi Sihuo, who was mocking her, turned in the direction of the gasps.

A woman walked in. She was a blessed child from above, her face and the air around her both flawless and out of this world. There weren’t many who could carry an eastern red dress with such elegance. She didn’t seem to be having any issues with the vibrant shade, the fiery color a stark contrast to her creamy skin. It gave off a lazy beauty which couldn’t be described.

That wasn’t all as there was a man standing by her side. He was dressed in a full black suit which radiated a military’s young master’s aura. He had his arms bent, his long and tender legs taking long strides forward. His high nose bridge and thin lips perfectly well balanced, sexy and elegant.

Who else could it be other than the flawless Young Master Qin?

And the woman beside him was obviously Movie Queen An, who the crowd had been anticipating the other day.

In reality, there weren’t many who knew of the relationship between Movie Queen An and Qin Mo.

More importantly, no one knew Movie Queen An’s background apart from her acting career.

Today’s appearance came as a surprise.

However, it didn’t seem right for them to be acquainted based on their age difference.

She managed to get Young Master Qin to accompany her to an event and had deliberately dimmed her own glamour, she must be a relative to the Qin Group. Was Movie Queen An Young Master Qin’s cousin?

Their incorrect guesses were because Movie Queen An looked nowhere near 40.

Amongst those that were present, only Yang Huan and Bo Jiu were aware of the truth.

Bo Jiu was caught off guard by their appearance.

According to their personalities, it wasn’t possible for them to be present in such an event.

Indeed, Movie Queen An’s main aim was to meet her future in-laws.

She would never have expected to meet her son at the entrance, which was when she decided to enter with him.

Movie Queen An had wanted her son to greet Madam He with her, but the moment she entered and glanced up, she saw the silver-haired youngster, who sat by the grand piano with a faint smile.

Jiu was here as well!

In that moment, Movie Queen An’s eyes lit up.

That was the benefit of looking good, even her eyes were captivating.

Yang Huan caught sight of where Movie Queen An was looking.

She assumed she was looking at Yi Sihuo, hence, she walked over with a smile. “Sister An, you are here at the right time, Sihuo was just preparing to honor us with a piece on the piano.”

Guo Rong followed behind her, glancing at the beauty in front of her who looked nowhere near her age. With that, she had a different intention.

Previously, she wasn’t aware of how powerful she was.

In her eyes, this woman was just an actress who acted well.

After she heard what her son had said, she was convinced her background would be of great help to her son, which was when she started to see her differently.

It would be a waste to step all over He Honghua and her son in this critical moment.

Since a country bumpkin would always stay the same, she shouldn’t waste her efforts on them.

Hence, Guo Rong quickly continued behind Yang Huan’s words. “Mrs An, Sihuo mentioned your encounter with him from the past and has always been asking me to learn from your grace and elegance. Today, after I’ve seen it in his entirety, I realized how much I am lacking.”

Movie Queen An didn’t reply to her flattery as she was well educated enough not to expose her in public. But at the same time, she just smiled lightly without fueling her on so that she would leave voluntarily.

It was a pity though. Since Guo Rong had approached her with a motive, she disregarded Movie Queen An’s lack of interest. Instead, she continued to smile brightly as she added, “I’ll get Sihuo to prepare right this instant. Mrs An is here, hurry and play a good piece.”

With that, Guo Rong walked towards the piano.

Little did she imagine that at this moment, Qin Mo was communicating with a certain someone through his gaze.

It was probably for her to head over.

This time, Bo Jiu understood what he meant. She supported her chin with her left hand, her fingers tapping the piano keys, indicating her intentions to play a piece.

Qin Mo arched a brow. He glanced past her towards Yi Sihuo, who was standing behind her, his gaze dimming. He seemed to be asking, Who was he? Don’t tell me it was another guy you had confessed to in the past.

Bo Jiu knew that gaze all too well.

The Almighty, could you stop reminding me about my dark history!

Besides, it wasn’t possible for her to have confessed to such a burden, it was an insult to her standards.

He Honghua noticed Jiu’s gaze, but in such an event, she wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to greet Qin Mo, a friend of Jiu.

Yes, in her eyes, Qin Mo was just a friend of Jiu, who visited her house often.

But from the looks of it, Qin Mo seemed much more approachable when he came over to their house.

The moment he arrived at the event, the air seemed to have shifted as he radiated an elegance warding off others.

He Honghua wasn’t one who would announce her connections to the world, hence, she didn’t take any action. She still had to think about her Jiu playing the piano.

Bo Jiu had the same thoughts. After she was interrupted, she arranged herself and was prepared to start.


“Mrs He, now that Mrs An is here, we can put a stop to this meaningless piano exchange. Your son can choose another spot to sit.” Guo Rong smiled politely, she had to appear elegant after all.

He Honghua frowned. What was the meaning of this? She was the one who made Jiu play the piano and now she was the one who was chasing her to the side?

Bo Jiu broke into a smile, she didn’t move from the chair, her position suave. “Boss Guo doesn’t have a say on whether this is meaningless or not. It’s best to continue with this match.”

“Heh, heh.” Guo Rong laughed lightly, like an adult who was trying to educate a young child. “Young Master Fu, this isn’t the time to be stubborn. If you really wish to compete, I will get my Sihuo to take out some time to give you a lesson.”

Bo Jiu remained stationary and glanced up, her gaze dark as the night, giving off a hostility and coldness which sent a chill down her spine.

Guo Rong froze from the glare.

Yang Huan hurriedly rushed forward. “Mrs Huo, it’ll be a private gathering from this moment onwards. This piano is taken, I’m really sorry. It would be best to get your son to leave…”

Yang Huan was the organizer and she called the shots for this event. Thus, if Bo Jiu continued to sit there, it would really be embarrassing for her.

These people were too much. They were clearly forcing her Jiu to play just moments ago. But now… Weren’t they just playing with her?!

He Honghua clenched her hands into tight fists, her face flushed with anger.

Yi Sihuo was already standing beside the piano. Hhe stood tall and upright with his chin lifted, signaling for the youngster to move aside.

Unexpectedly, a long and slender figure walked forward and blocked his pathway.

The man placed a hand in his pocket and the other on the top of the piano, radiating elegance, beauty, and a formidable air.

It wasn’t possible for anyone to be compared with him.

Yi Sihuo was well aware of his good looks, but with him around, even a celebrity like him couldn’t compete.

He remembered a role he had once taken on, The Military Young Master of the Nation.

He was from No.1 Middle School after all so the official forum exploded when they saw his photo.

But very quickly, someone sent a photo of Qin Mo.

“What’s a photo when you can see the real life military young master.”

Qin Mo had just entered high school at that time. He had worn a military uniform and had been undergoing military training.

He had been standing upright, but the front of his face hadn’t been captured. He had been unscrewing a bottle cap, the stiff and bulky military boots on his feet. Very quickly, the photo of him had been buried.

At that moment, his only comfort was that Qin Mo wasn’t in the entertainment industry.

Now that he was face to face with Qin Mo, Yi Sihuo had lost all his temper as he knew how much he lacked in comparison.

What was more surprising though were Movie Queen An’s words. “Jiu, you can play the piano?”

With that one question, Yi Sihuo wasn’t the only one with a shocked expression. Guo Rong turned her head sharply towards Movie Queen An!


Movie Queen An had actually addressed that country bumpkin as Jiu? Did they know each other? How was that possible?! How was it possible for the son of a country bumpkin like He Honghua to be able to know someone so prestigious?!

But the scene unfolding in front of them painted a clear picture.

Movie Queen An acted like a fangirl, her eyes bright and gleaming. “Hurry and play me a piece, I have always wanted to see you playing the piano and it was just as I’ve imagined, perfect!”

Yang Huan and Movie Queen An were considered friends, but even a friend like her had never heard Sister An speak to anyone in such a manner.

What exactly was the relationship between He Honghua’s son and Sister An? No, she should be asking what exactly did he do for Sister An to adore him so much?

Bo Jiu and Movie Queen An had met several times. As the Almighty’s mother, she must have seen her as a son as well, but she was after all someone who had slept with her son before.

Bo Jiu appeared obedient. “Goddess An, what would you like to hear?”

“Sky Castle,” Movie Queen An replied. She took a moment before her lips lifted. “Mo can play pretty well too, why don’t the both of you play the piece together rather than have a competition? He can help to suppress the crowd.”

In reality, Movie Queen An wanted them to be in the same frame so that Mrs He, who was watching at the side, could see how compatible they were.

Besides, she could tell that someone was bullying Jiu.

What a joke, she didn’t even have the heart to make things difficult for this child so how could she allow someone else to bully him?

Throughout their exchange, Guo Rong and Yi Sihuo’s faces had changed many times and when Movie Queen An had finished her last sentence, both mother and son were left in a daze.

Yang Huan wanted to say something. “Sister An…”

“Huanhuan, regardless of what it is, remember how you are supposed to treat your guests. You did it rather well when you were younger, but why does it seem like you have forgotten everything now that you are older?” Movie Queen An raised her head to look into her eyes.

With that glance, Yang Huan’s face flushed a deep shade of red. Everyone around knew what she was referring to.

As the main organizer of the event, she had undoubtedly gone overboard.

Yang Huan would never have known of He Honghua’s son and Sister An, the heiress to the biggest conglomerate!

Over at their end, nothing else had to be said. Qin Mo was already by Bo Jiu’s side, testing out the first note.

Yi Sihuo paled instantly.

He knew he couldn’t compete against Qin Mo, but if he were to take a step back, it wasn’t entirely a bad.

With his understanding of the country bumpkin, he wouldn’t be able to match up with Qin Mo.

With that, his status as the country bumpkin would be solidified.

The thought brought a smile back onto Yi Sihuo’s face.

The very next second, the silver-haired youngster pressed a note, her fingers flying across the piano keys fluidly. Her hair was curling around her ears softly, her fair neck and the defined collar bones striking, every detail perfectly placed.

With every look the crowd took off the youngster in the white suit, they seemed more captivated and mesmerized.

When the youngster pressed onto the keys yet again, the beautiful note echoed through the room and into everyone’s heart.

The scene Yi Sihuo had imagined never played out.

Instead, when the melodic music started to play, everyone’s attention was focused on the center position.

The scene in front of them was absolutely beautiful.

The two people playing in front of the piano seemed to have sucked all the light.

The silver-haired youngster turned with a smile and even Qin Mo, who was radiating elegance and grace, seemed to have come alive.

Everyone in the crowd had heard this piece in both large or small scale events, but they had never heard the piece being played in such a manner.

They played together perfectly without any hiccups, the piece playing like a flowing lake, rippling through their senses. The crowd couldn’t help but shut their eyes and enjoy this melodic wonder.

There were expert piano teachers in the crowd as well.

As the audience started to grow, Yi Sihuo’s face turned increasingly pale because he was pointed out by someone. “Yi Sihuo’s skills aren’t as good as that youngster’s.”

In that instant, Yi Sihuo felt as though he had been slapped publicly!

Before they had started playing, he had ridiculed Bo Jiu, but now, it was all coming back at him.

You reap what you sow.

After they were done with the piece, it wasn’t possible for him to follow with another piece because Yi Sihuo knew that he wasn’t as familiar with the piano as the youngster. Moreover, he wasn’t confident about captivating everyone’s attention when he played.

Their duet had perfect chemistry.

It was so perfect that no mistakes could be found. Moreover, with their ravishing looks, they looked like two prince charmings.

In reality, this wasn’t the first time Bo Jiu had played a duet with the Almighty.

But the other time had been a long time ago.

The Almighty had already forgotten that she knew how to play the piano and that on certain levels, he was the one who had taught her the instrument.

Back then, he didn’t like to play with her.

She had gone through a lot in order to attract her pet’s attention.

Once, she had pestered him with the piano.

In the end, he held onto her and pressed it on the piano. “Girls should know how to play the piano. From today onwards, learn it well and you are not allowed to play with the bunch of English kids next door, do you understand?”

“I don’t remember which key is which.”

“Dumb, it’s like this…”

Yes, Bo Jiu had learned the piano when she was young and the Almighty was the one who had taught her personally, hence, it wasn’t possible for her to be any weaker than Yi Sihuo in this area.

When yet another note fell, Qin Mo glanced over, his fingers colliding into hers, just a brief touch.

He found it oddly familiar.

In that instant, something seemed to enter his brain.

Had he sat in this position with someone before?