Chapter 938 - The Almighty’s Memory

Chapter 938: The Almighty’s Memory

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He couldn’t seem to get through the fog which blurred his memories.

He was probably five years old at that time. He had been at the piano with someone in his arms, the person had seemed younger than him, her little head moving about looking very mischievous. He had held onto her finger, allowing her to remember the notes one by one.

“Momo, playing the piano is boring, let’s find Wilson, it’s fun chasing after his dog.”

“We can go after we are done.”

“It’ll be too late after we are done and I still have to climb the walls back.”

“There’s curry rice for after we are done. Think about it yourself, are you going to play with Wilson or are you going to stay here with me to eat curry rice?”

He heard his own cold voice, making that person decide.

That little head had inched forward for a second before lifting up. “I want to eat the curry rice, but it isn’t fun to keep playing the piano.”

“Let’s take a break. We can play Super Mario, but tomorrow during this hour, you are not allowed to visit Wilson’s house. You have to come over and learn to play the piano. Little girls are supposed to learn how to play the piano and from today onwards, you have to learn well and you are not allowed to play with the English kids next door. Do you understand?”

At the end, his voice had come through abruptly, sending a piercing ache through his head and forcing Qin Mo to stop all his actions. Even though he didn’t move anymore, the paleness on his beautiful face was enough for Bo Jiu to know he was in pain.

With the perfect finishing note, Bo Jiu turned and asked in a low voice, “Brother Mo?”

The sharp pain pierced through his mind.

Qin Mo’s long and slender fingers pressed onto his temples. “It’s nothing.”

With that, he forced himself up. He stood tall and upright. He turned and when he saw the youngster’s furry head. He had the urge to caress it.

And that’s what he did. “You played well.”

The sudden closeness made Bo Jiu pause, the warmth on her head was obvious, it was just like back then, an action he had often done when they were younger. When his smell enveloped her senses, she felt warm and touched.

Bo Jiu glanced up at the Almighty, her gaze deep. She broke into a smile and punched his shoulders lightly. “You ain’t too bad yourself.”

This scene was exceptionally nourishing as they clearly had a close relationship.

It was just like a scene from a manga.

The audience broke into a standing ovation for their perfect duet.

Amongst them was an English man with a wine glass in his hand. When he turned to place his attention on the youngster, his eyes were glowing.

He turned towards the assistant beside him agitatedly. “Find out who exactly that Eastern youngster is! He fits the character perfectly! Gosh! It feels as though I have just met the real life version of Miù sī.

“Yes, Sir. I will find out immediately.”

In reality, they had only decided to participate in his dinner at the last minute after an investor had invited them over.

He hadn’t expected to be pleasantly surprised.

In order to find someone suited for the role, the director had visited around ten different acting schools in China, but there hadn’t been anyone who had caught his eye.

There was one the director had listed as a backup.

He was of Movie King status, but even so, the director hadn’t been satisfied.

It was until the appearance of this youngster…

The assistant had never seen the director so agitated before. Therefore, his youngster must have fit the bill perfectly for him to be acting in such a manner.

The director had caught sight of Movie Queen An when she entered the ballroom and had planned to seek her help to contact the youngster.

Neither of them had looked for the other as their aim was to search for an actor in secret.

They hadn’t wanted anyone to recognize them.

Since the English director was internationally renowned, it would definitely blow up if the media caught news of him and that would hinder their efforts in trying to search for a suitable actor.

That was how the English director felt. He turned towards the youngster with the devilish grin. He was perfect! Once he was done with his makeup, his hair was dyed black, and he wore a Chinese long robe, this mysterious Asian youngster in front of the piano would give off the illusion of a different era.

This person was perfect because he possessed an angelic appearance while radiating a devilish aura.

It would be a pity if such a person didn’t join the entertainment industry!

The English director basked in his joy from the unexpected finding.

He hadn’t expected anyone in this gathering to have seen his photo or for anyone to try so hard just to speak to him though.

That person wasn’t anyone foreign, it was Yi Sihuo.

Once the piano duet was over, Yi Sihuo would just be humiliated if he followed with another piece.

Hence, before the duet ended, Yi Sihuo had already left the area and because he had squeezed out from the crowd, he had managed to bump into the director.

He seemed they have risen from the depths because it didn’t matter even if his future with Movie Queen An had been sealed off.

Now that the director was here, he just had to follow behind tightly and fend for himself, there would definitely be an opportunity for him!

Yi Sihuo had always been someone who took the initiative. Thus, after he had considered the situation, he followed behind the leaving English director.

On the other hand, Movie Queen An, who was a close friend of the director, had caught sight of He Honghua right before the duet had begun. She decided to seize the opportunity, walking forward with a smile. “My son has always had high standards, but after he met Jiu, he has changed for the better. It must have been Madam He’s good upbringing to have nurtured a kid like Jiu, who isn’t the least bit afraid of a prickly ice block like my son. In the past, there have been many people who wanted to befriend Qin Mo, but they all carried an ulterior motive. Jiu isn’t like them. I was startled when Qin Mo had brought him home since my son has never treated anyone this well, but Jiu is an exception, he is both dashing and likeable. My son was probably wondering how there could be someone more handsome than him. That is probably how the two of them became friends. On hindsight, all of it seems so special and mythical.”

He Honghua was startled when Movie Queen An started speaking to her. She had never expected the Movie Queen in front of her to be Qin Mo’s mother.

The more she spoke, the more she saw Movie Queen An in a different light. Movie Queen An was definitely unlike all the other wealthy ladies she had encountered.

How should she put it? This woman had perfected the art of respectability, she was elegant, but not without character and wasn’t just acting based on her background. Instead, her actions seemed heartfelt, which made their interaction comfortable.

Movie Queen An had deliberately put her son down. She sighed deeply. “Madam He, even though my son looks tall and well built right now, he was a premature baby in the past and I haven’t been able to care for him well either.”

With that, the two mothers seemed to have found a common topic.

He Honghua immediately added, “My Jiu is a premature baby as well, he was so small and wrinkly back then. I was so worried the entire time, afraid he couldn’t live to see the next day.”

“That’s exactly how it was.” Movie Queen An reached out and held onto He Honghua’s hands. “Let’s hang out more in the future. Those two kids are both so worrisome.”

He Honghua agreed without hesitation. “They are indeed.”

“Oh right, Sister He, I’ve heard about what’s happening on your side. You can seek me out if you need any help.” Movie Queen An managed to strengthen their ties effortlessly, with just a simple ‘Sister He’, she had brought them closer together.

If it had been anyone else, He Honghua would have guarded against her, but she didn’t have to with this woman in front of her who was both sincere and a beauty.

Most importantly, there wasn’t anything Movie Queen An could gain from her.

They hit it off perfectly and hadn’t been the least bit pretentious.

In reality, this was truly the sort of person Movie Queen An was. “I have always wanted to speak with Sister He, to visit you at your house, but I was afraid it would be too abrupt. I specifically came over to this event after I realized Sister He would also be attending. It was a good opportunity to befriend Sister He.”

With that, Movie Queen An didn’t just reveal her intentions to He Honghua, it only served as a reminder for Guo Rong, who was standing beside them.

Previously, her attitude towards Jiu at the piano clearly expressed her disregard and despise and Movie Queen An had never been kind to such people.

In that moment, it wasn’t just Guo Rong, Yang Huan had paled when she heard her intentions as well.

It was practically a slap on their faces.

He Honghua reacted enthusiastically. “You should have said that earlier. We are always at home and I can whip up a good meal. Sister He will make sure to cook delicious homemade dishes for you when you come over.”

“That’s great, I love eating, but the only disadvantage of being an actress the inability to eat everything I want to.” Movie Queen An whined a little. “Just like today, I would love to have scrambled chicken egg with fresh tomato, but those they make outside doesn’t have a home cooked taste.”

As sincere as she was, He Honghua immediately replied, “That’s easy, come over tomorrow, I’ll make it for you.”

“Can we have it tonight?” Movie Queen An asked, but she seemed to think it was being disrespectful, hence she added, “That’s too much trouble, I can have it tomorrow.”

With such a beauty in front of her, He Honghua didn’t have the heart to reject her. “That’s no trouble at all, but I’ll need time to prepare the ingredients. Since it isn’t that late, we can head back if you really want it.”

“That would be great, thank you, Sister He.” Movie Queen An smiled radiantly as she held onto He Honghua’s hand, looking like an obedient bird at her side.

Bo Jiu walked over, her brows raised. What did she just hear? Head home for a meal? What was with this situation? When did her mom and the Almighty’s mom become this close?

In the short span of time she had spent playing the piano, they had already started addressing each other as sisters and were completely oblivious about her and the Almighty.

Indeed, they knocked out the details quickly.

Even though Bo Jiu agreed such a gathering wasn’t worth attending, but she was still rather confused on how quickly she was stuffed back into the car by her mom.

She glanced at the Almighty, who was seated beside her. He didn’t seem the least bit ruffled and was handsome as usual.

Was she making a mountain out of a molehill?

Bo Jiu arched her brow again.

The four of them were seated in the same car Movie Queen An had come in, an extended Bentley. The driver was one of the Qin family’s former subordinates. The atmosphere was the most harmonious between them amongst all the guests at the gathering.

Yang Huan walked them out personally. She hadn’t wanted Movie Queen An to leave, but there were some things that had to be said. “Mrs He, I wasn’t a good host and I hope you won’t take it to heart.”

He Honghua was clear why she was acting in such a manner, It was all because of her Sister An.

Hence, He Honghua didn’t reply. Instead, she just smiled politely.

Those who walked different paths were best going separate ways.

In the future, she wouldn’t join such events either because Yang Huan wasn’t anyone worth befriending.

That was all.

It wasn’t surprising for Yang Huan to send them off since she knew Movie Queen An, but Guo Rong followed behind as well since she was worried that her son wouldn’t stand a chance after Movie Queen An had left. Before she could think it through, she pressed onto the window sill. “Mrs An, I have something private I wish to say. May I know when you would be free?”

Guo Rong’s actions were imprudent and rude, but she didn’t seem to realize and added another line. “It’s about my son, please.”

Movie Queen An didn’t think she was making any sense so she only smiled. “We are not very close and I don’t have any duty to spare time for your son. Let’s go.”

Guo Rong watched as the Bentley drove her, her anger erupting. “How can there be someone like her?!”

The words entered into the car.

Movie Queen An wasn’t very fond of people like her.

They felt as though the world was indebted to them and anyone who didn’t offer help was in the wrong.

Her in-law was so much better compared to such a two faced woman as she spoke her mind and was generous. Even though she could be a little loud, she would think about the big picture.

Movie Queen An was starting to like the idea of her son being with Jiu even more.

Even though the sexual orientation wasn’t that satisfactory, all the other factors were perfect.

Her in-law was easy to get along with as well.

Movie Queen An was determined to convince her in-law, she was going to probe on her thoughts and aim to persuade her into accepting.

Bo Jiu wasn’t aware of Movie Queen An’s thoughts, but from how the scene had played out, Movie Queen An was indeed too enthusiastic towards her mother as she even addressed her intimately. Was scrambled chicken egg with fresh tomato so appealing?

Bo Jiu couldn’t understand Movie Queen An’s actions, but that didn’t mean Qin Mo didn’t understand. However, it wasn’t time to speak plainly since there were still others around. Especially since the person bent on escaping was still around, it wouldn’t do any good if she knew about his mother’s intentions. If she was forced too tightly, the result may end up backfiring.

Qin Mo was going to act straightforwardly. He would force her to his side and prevent her from going anywhere.

He would talk about something else after she was completely his.

With that, Qin Mo reached out and grabbed onto Bo Jiu’s arm under the seats, keeping a straight face the entire time.

When his narrowed eyes turned towards her, it was clearly warning her to behave.

Bo Jiu didn’t retract her hand since any movement would attract their parent’s attention.

She allowed the Almighty to hold onto her, their fingers intertwined and his caressing sending numbing sensations through her, sweetness and warmth spreading within her.