Chapter 939 - MoJiu Giving out Candies

Chapter 939: MoJiu Giving out Candies

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Movie Queen An managed to occupy He Honghua’s attention, which pulled her away from whatever was happening in the backseat.

Bo Jiu assumed he would move his hand away after a while.

However, he held onto her the entire time.

Bo Jiu felt a tiny white cloth covering his cooling finger.

As she was reminded of how the Almighty had helped her with the piano, she reached for his fingers instinctively.

Qin Mo was clear of his mother’s abilities and was sure the two in the front would be too occupied to bother about them. He tilted his handsome face, his voice lowered. “Don’t forget what you promised me.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow. What had she promised him?

“My fingers can’t touch water just yet.” Qin Mo lifted his left hand casually, obviously trying to remind her.

Bo Jiu wanted to say something, but He Honghua turned over. “Do you have anything you want to eat? I’ll get Xiaodong to prepare the ingredients.”

“I’m fine with everything auntie cooks.” Qin Mo lifted his lips into a smile, looking like a royalty.

He still held onto her hand as she teased him internally. The Almighty was the most picky eater she has ever seen in her life and he claimed to eat everything?

“Alright, I’ll decide and get them to prepare.” For the umpteenth time, He Honghua exclaimed internally. How was it possible for there to be such a perfect young man? He was so well mannered, which explained how he had become such good friends with her Jiu.

Bo Jiu watched as her mother gushed over the Almighty.

She tilted her head and said in a hushed tone, “Brother Mo, be careful, the soup my mom is going to make is carrot soup!”

Qin Mo watched the mischievous youngster and remarked casually, “Indeed, I should be careful.”

Bo Jiu cheered. Was the Almighty going to admit his picky eating habits?

“Auntie.” Qin Mo glanced up and laughed lightly. “Jiu says he doesn’t like carrots, it would be best not to put carrots into any of the dishes today.”

Bo Jiu: …

He Honghua paused, turning towards her Jiu. “Child, why didn’t you tell me you don’t like carrots? I won’t be putting carrots in the soup this time.”

Saying anything at this stage would seem like an act of modesty, the Almighty was despicable indeed!

Movie Queen An knew her son well enough and when she heard that remark, she glanced over with an enigmatic smile. She was a beauty indeed.

She knew all too well who exactly was the one who disliked carrots, but Movie Queen An hadn’t expected her son to use such a ruse.

In the past, he wouldn’t have said anything about the food he liked or disliked.

Actually, it was rare for him to act as a guest in someone else’s house…

Besides, did they really think she couldn’t see their small moves? They were underestimating her, heh!

The more she looked at them, the fonder she grew of their pairing.

Especially the sullen expression on Jiu’s face and her silvery hair which curled upwards were the perfect examples of a moody teen.

Naturally, Qin Mo noticed how the youngster was glaring at him. He raised his thin upper lids, laughter seeping through his gaze.

The laughter itself was enough to dissipate the last of Movie Queen An’s displeasure or resistance as it had been way too long since she last saw her son smile so happily.

Jiu was probably the only one who could put him in such a state, for him to lose his rationality and act impulsively. And that made him alive.

She hoped that the effect from that incident would stop hovering over them…

With that, Movie Queen An continued chatting with He Honghua about their grocery.

Regardless of their age or their status, women behaved the same way when they spoke about clothes. They never seemed tired speaking about it.

When the two adults in front resumed their conversation, Bo Jiu turned towards Qin Mo.

She bore a slight grudge.

In that instance, Qin Mo had another vision.

The youngster in front of him seemed to have shrunk down into a tiny version of herself.

She sat on his bed, her short lotus like legs hovering in mischief. In that moment, she was looking at him with the same glare. She was making such a ruckus he could barely write.


Qin Mo frowned at his thoughts.

Had he been sleeping too little lately? How was it possible for images that didn’t exist to keep appearing in his mind?

But it did get him thinking about how she had looked like as a child…

On the other hand, Guo Rong was upset over not stopping Movie Queen An. She called her son and started complaining. “An isn’t a nice person at all. If she couldn’t help you, I would never have acted that way. I was already at her car door, but she still didn’t pay me any attention. What kind of person is she?”

Yi Sihuo held onto his phone and walked through the crowd as he spoke, “Mom, you don’t have to find her anymore. Guess who I bumped into? Wilson, director from Hacking Empire. With him around, we don’t need for An for anything anymore.”

Guo Rong’s eyes lit up. “That explains why you weren’t around just now.”

“I have been trying to find a chance to speak with Director Wilson and have chased him all the way outside. How about this, Mom, I’ll hang up first and you can wait for my good news.” Yi Sihuo was confident he would catch Director Wilson’s eye since in some ways, he was very Asian. Besides, Director Wilson must have come over to search for an actor for the role as there wasn’t any other excuse for a world class director to have appeared with such a low profile.

He was definitely here to seek out a newcomer!

Yi Sihuo’s eyes lit up as he passed the guests and dashed towards the English man.

Director Wilson hadn’t expected the sudden appearance of this person who was blocking his path. Shock and surprise were clouding his blue eyes.

In order to show his respect, Yi Sihuo bowed as greeting before exclaiming in English, “Director Wilson, I hadn’t expected it to really be you! I thought I had been seeing things! Could I get an autograph? I really love the movies you have directed! I saw you at the film festival previously, but I doubt you remember me. I seem to be babbling, but you should be able to understand how it feels like to meet an idol. I am Yi Sihuo, an actor.”

Wilson smiled. “Oh, of course, I can understand.”

Judging from the way he reacted, Yi Sihuo was rather confident. He had been educated overseas for many years and knew how much the Europeans enjoyed flattery, which also happened to be a practice the Chinese liked.

Earlier last year, he had moved overseas and further understood their way of thinking.

Hence, after Yi Sihuo had established his worship, he didn’t hesitate and told him his intentions. “I heard that you were looking for a mysterious Asian male actor and would love to recommend myself for that part.”

Wilson was caught off guard. He caressed his chin and took a good look at Yi Sihuo before shaking his head with regret. “You don’t look too bad, I would have considered before, but right now, I already have a main lead in mind. If you had been in the gathering just now, you would have seen him as well. It is the youngster that was playing the piano. Both his appearance and the air around him perfectly embodies the mysterious vibe unique to an Asian. The smile on his face is devilish, but not over the top. Even though it seems humble, he still manages to look dangerous enough for others to back off. It is the perfect young master the Chinese talk about.”

Wilson spoke the last words in Chinese. His pronunciation was slightly off, but it didn’t affect the meaning he was trying to convey.

Yi Sihuo clenched his fists tightly! That disgusting nouveau riche! What did you mean by mysterious vibe unique to an Asian? He was just faking it!

Yi Sihuo never expected the role he had been seeking out so desperately to have gone to that country bumpkin!

This couldn’t be happening! He wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen!

Yi Sihuo’s mouth froze, all of Director Wilson’s words becoming a slap to his face. He struggled to keep a smile on his face. “Director, you must not be aware. That guy isn’t an actor and doesn’t have any experience in that area. Besides, his personality…”

With that, Yi Sihuo paused, allowing his words to seep in. Appearance wasn’t everything in a film overseas, he was also required to have professional work ethics.

As expected, Wilson paused.

Yi Sihuo laughed inside, he was about to add more insults.

However, Wilson spoke in Chinese this time. Even though it wasn’t perfect, the meaning was conveyed perfectly. “Mr Yi, are you feeling upset over losing the role to that youngster? Is that why you are trying to malign him?”

Yi Sihuo froze slightly before denying. “Of course not!” He couldn’t let Director Wilson leave with such a misconception, that would affect his image. Moreover, Director Wilson was a director who is highly regarded and was internationally renowned. He had to leave a good impression. “I was just stating facts as I was just afraid you would make the wrong decision because you aren’t aware of the situation. That youngster doesn’t have a good reputation, he is a professional esports player. To become famous, he keeps clashing with his fans in order to create news for himself. He has even dragged another Almighty into it. If such a person entered your team, his unscrupulous actions would definitely bring you trouble.”

“It seems like Mr Yi is rather well acquainted with this youngster.” Wilson was much more fluent in English. “Since this is the case, Mr Yi could pass me all the information for me to have a good look. If it is really as Mr Yi has said, he wouldn’t be suited for the part in my movie.”

With that, Yi Sihuo paused. He didn’t wish to tell Director Wilson anything about the nouveau riche. He would rather have him never be able to trace Fu Jiu.

Wilson could see his hesitation. Thus he raised his brows and asked.”Mr Yi, aren’t you willing for me to seek out the truth?”

Yi Sihuo had been in the industry for a while and wasn’t dumb. If he rejected him now, his image would be negatively affected and he would be left as someone who couldn’t be trusted.

He decided to be generous, since there were so many negative news about Spade Z online.

“I understand a little.” Yi Sihuo continued, “But I’m not sure about the specifics. He is rather popular online so Director Wilson, if you wish to speak with him, you could search online. His game ID is Spade Z and his mother comes from the outskirts. All these shortcomings are probably the reason he acts differently and why he seeks fame…”

Wilsons’s eyes deepened. “Thank you, I will look into it before making a decision.”

“You are most welcome,” Yi Sihuo replied sincerely. “I may not be suited for the role, but I don’t wish for just anyone to take it.”

This time, Wilson remained silent. At this moment, his assistant was back.

Yi Sihuo knew he had fulfilled his intentions.

It was simple, he wouldn’t want the country bumpkin to keep the role even if it wasn’t his.

He was just a pile of sh*t that came from the countryside. Who gave him the rights to outshadow him?

Yi Sihuo personally sent Director Wilson to his car.

“I will think it through.” That were his final words.

After his car left, Yi Sihuo smiled, but deep inside, he was still fuming. Who did he think he was to snatch his role?

Yi Sihuo reached out and kicked a pile of rubbish, his mood sinking.

However, he still managed to gain from this misfortune as he had managed to note down Director Wilson’s phone number. Perhaps, after Director Wilson had seen the comments online, he would change his mind and seek him out instead.

As that wasn’t impossible, Yi Sihuo’s smile came back. He reached for his phone and made a call. “Prepare some negative material. No, this time, it’s for someone in the industry, no, it isn’t that online writer, the person over there doesn’t need it anymore. They succeeded in gaining the fans over. That online writer must be upset, don’t bother with those unimportant people. This time, it’s a esports player, his ID is Spade Z. Once it is done, you will be remunerated accordingly like before.”

“Alright.” The person on the other end had a cunning appearance. Who else could it be other than the tall and slender man from the crime syndicate?

He hung up and when he glanced up, he smiled towards the girl in front of the computer. “One of our chess pieces has their eyes on Spade Z.”

“Cool.” The girl chuckled. “Let’s give him a hand.”

The tall and slender man seemed to have other matters to attend to. “The crime squad…”

“Don’t worry, they won’t get anything.” The girl tapped on the keyboard. “The new criminal psychologist was specially hired by the higher-ups to provide assistance and has already taken over the investigations. There won’t be anyone else capable enough to stop us. How is the conversation between you and Rao Rong going?”

The tall and slender man laughed mockingly. “He isn’t very willing, a naive guy indeed. He will have to take the path anyways. Even if he will never be able to play professionally again, but the moment I mention his father, he quietens down.”

“Is that so?” The girl held onto her chin, a malicious glint in her eyes. “Since he isn’t behaving, we should give him a good lesson. That being said, it would seem rather weird if he confessed and admitted to his crimes so instead, leave traces for the crime squad to get to him so that the process seems more natural and it would be less likely to attract Qin Mo’s suspicion. Also, the second Maiden’s Sacrifice has been prepared, this time, there can only be room for success…”