Chapter 94 - Almighty Qin Appears

Chapter 94: Almighty Qin Appears

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“Almighty, Almighty Qin!”

“It really is Almighty Qin!”

“A challenge from Almighty Qin! WTF! I must be dreaming! I can witness Almighty Qin playing games on a live stream event with my own eyes; I want to see Almighty Qin’s hands!”

The internet cafe where Fu Jiu was got affected as well. All the players who were watching the big screen turned petrified the moment Qin Mo’s text showed up.

Right after that, they all screamed out excitedly!

The whole internet cafe turned festive like it was New Year’s Eve. Fu Jiu was the only one who was still sitting in front of her computer. The rest of the seats were all empty. Everyone had their eyes fixed on the TV screen, shouting and asking for the volume to be raised!

Qin Mo.

Qin Mo.

Qin Mo.

Just looking at that name would make people’s blood boil!

Almighty Qin only showed up in an all-star live streaming platform once a year.

But today!

He was HERE!

Other people were just watching, but the one that was most scared was Liang Xuguang!

Almighty Qin texted this out for him to see.

How could he match Almighty Qin with his skills?!

He would probably have an even nastier ‘death’!

The host was stunned to see that name, and then her mind as a woman started to ripple.

She didn’t play any online games, but in Jiang City, all women wanted to throw themselves at Young Master Qin!

The host was clearly distracted, and she thought about how to properly chat with Young Master Qin. This resulted in the director being unable to stand it anymore and walking over himself. He pulled that host away and took over the mic, “I think, right now, the entire audience is feeling what I’m feeling. You all want to see Almighty Qin play games, is that right?”

The director had just said everyone’s wish out loud. Now, they no longer cared about that Liang Xuguang. They only longed for and hoped that Almighty Qin would turn on his camera!

The number of views reached tens of millions on the live streaming platform just now. The media and the press opened their accounts and logged in. Other club managers called their players directly, “Get on the live streaming now! Qin Mo is doing a one-on-one battle! Watch it!”

Rather than just watching, the managers wanted them to learn from him!

Almighty Qin only led a team to kill in contests, he never did PK!

This was simply an opportunity that came once in a blue moon!

At the same time, Feng Yi received the news while he was negotiating with a new investor.

He put down the wine glass and looked at the cooperating side seriously. “Do you have the XX live streaming app on your phone?”

Almighty, Young Master Qin, my ancestor, do you know how much your endorsement fee was just now? Showing up on a live streaming platform just like this?

Secretary Liang no longer dared to look at his CEO’s face. Honestly, who would fight for his sworn brother in a live stream? Young Master Qin was definitely the first in history to do so. This was simply too overprotective…

No, he couldn’t twist the facts as he thought!

CEO was straight!

It’s just that he grew up alone, and now he got himself a little brother, so he became a little crazy about this younger brother!

That was right, younger brother maniac!

Qin Mo didn’t care about the impact he created. He was famous for being domineering and arrogant, and he only typed and sent four words over: “Do it or not”

Without even a single punctuation mark, his voice was so cold that it could freeze people to death.

Liang Xuguang sat in front of the computer. The heat was turned on in the broadcasting room, but his fingers were still trembling from the coldness.

To encounter Almighty Qin on his first debut, he would only get one-sidedly tortured. Then everyone would only remember how weak and lame he was, and nobody would like him anymore!

He couldn’t fight this battle!