Chapter 940 - Sweetness Overload

Chapter 940: Sweetness Overload

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The stars were shining bright in the dark sky while he Fu family’s mansion was bustling with chatter. It was the liveliest it had ever been.

For the fifth time, Chen Xiaodong turned towards Movie Queen An, who wasn’t supposed to be here. He felt a surge of excitement within him!

It was the intense excitement a fan felt when he saw his female goddess.

But this wasn’t the main point. More importantly, was their Young Master and Young Master Qin having a meet-the-parents session? Why else would Movie Queen An be here?

Chen Xiaodong was perplexed and wasn’t sure whether or not he should let his Madam know about this piece of information.

He Honghua was perplexed as well, but it wasn’t on the same issue. Instead, it was because of the clothes and accessories which were brought over. There were simply too many of them. When Jiu came into the kitchen to wash the vegetables with her, she asked, “Jiu, they brought so many things over, should we send it back?”

Bo Jiu turned off the tap. “That won’t be necessary.”

Even so, the items piled up in the dining area were indeed insane.

As usual, the Almighty’s mom seemed to love gifting others.

He Honghua’s expression reminded Bo Jiu of how she had been when she had met Movie Queen An for the first time. “This is how Movie Queen An expresses herself.”

With that, He Honghua felt more at ease. If she didn’t accept these gifts, it would seem as though she was building a barrier between them. Therefore, it would be better for her to accept it graciously.

“Alright, I’ll accept it.”

They probably hadn’t thought of the gifts as dowry.

Qin Mo swept a glance at the gifts. His voice was emotionless. “Did you just order these?”

“Of course not.” Movie Queen An retracted her gaze from the kitchen. After she was sure the two of them were out of hearing range, she chuckled joyfully. “It’s a gift for Jiu’s mother, how could I have done it casually?”

It was a ruse, but Qin Mo hadn’t intended to hide anything. He reached for the tea cup, looking elegant. “When did you find out?”

“After your interview.” Movie Queen An paused, lowering her volume.”You never used to like boys, why did you suddenly…”

Qin Mo wanted to cut in, but Movie Queen An stopped him. “Forget it, I’m not a close-minded parent, I won’t press you for a reason. But from the looks of both you and Jiu… Haven’t you guys confirmed the relationship?”

A mother knew her child best and that one question hit the spot.

Qin Mo paused, the tea in his teacup forming ripples. “We don’t have to confirm it, it’s only a matter of time before he is mine.”

“Which means the relationship isn’t confirmed.” Movie Queen An hadn’t expected her son to be rejected by anyone in this world, hence, the news she had just received made her laugh. “As expected of Jiu.”

Qin Mo placed his cup down as he reminded, “Mrs An, I am your son. Besides, just half an hour ago, your Mr Qin sent me a message for you to place an adequate amount of attention on him. He is very dissatisfied with your male Almighty.”

“Ah, your father had actually sent you a text?” Movie Queen An smiled. “He’s just being jealous. Son, do you know? The right to be jealous has to be earned. For the current relationship you have with Jiu, you don’t have that right.”

Qin Mo smirked. “Why do I have to be jealous?”

Movie Queen An had never been this happy before. “Is that so? You wouldn’t be jealous? There are many girls that like Jiu. Mmh, as it is him, I’m sure that boys like him as well. You have tough competition. Haven’t you ever felt uneasy before?”

“I haven’t.” Qin Mo stood up, tall and upright, his aura more imposing than ever with a hint of calmness as he walked over towards He Honghua and Bo Jiu.

Movie Queen An watched as he walked away, her lips lifting into a smile. And he still insisted he wasn’t jealous, he couldn’t even maintain his composure, hehe…

Qin Mo wasn’t in a jolly mood because not far from him, the youngster was probably still thinking about how to leave.

Qin Mo still hadn’t found out the reasons. Wasn’t it good to be with him? Why else would she cause so much trouble?

When she heard the approaching footsteps, Bo Jiu, who had been washing the vegetables, turned, her gaze colliding with Qin Mo.

Beside her, He Honghua asked, “Jiu, are you done washing the vegetables?”

“Mmh,” Bo Jiu replied. She arched a brow when the Almighty continued to stare at her.

“There is something on your nose.” Qin Mo reached out, his thumb caressing her nose, the action happening naturally. “It’s a water droplet.”

Bo Jiu was still holding onto the tomato she had just washed. She hadn’t dodged in time his intimate action.

Movie Queen An and her mom were both there and had even turned in their direction. Fortunately, the Almighty had a neutral expression with his side profile elegant and dignified. The two adults couldn’t tell a thing.

“It’s done.” Qin Mo seemed calm. “If there isn’t anything else, bring me to your room.”

Surprisingly, Bo Jiu could see a coldness in his eyes. “We can’t talk here?”

What happened to the Almighty this time? Was he feeling upset?

“We can, it’s time to apply ointment on my wound,” Qin Mo replied.

Bo Jiu replied instantly, “Let-let’s go to my room.”

Qin Mo watched as the youngster grabbed onto his hand, the tightness in his chest dissipating.

It would only be a matter of time before they confirmed their relationship. What was the rush? He would like to see… her take the initiative.

Bo Jiu brought the Almighty to her room because the medications she had prepared were all placed in her room. She lowered her head and retrieved the items hurriedly.

Mid-action, her daily necessities fell out.

Bo Jiu remained indifferent and continued to suck on her lollipop as she brought a bandage over.

However, the moment she turned, she bumped straight into the items in his hand, something everyone knew.

“Is this also from a female friend?” Qin Mo arched his brow.

Bo Jiu knew he was trying to bring up her dark past.

Previously when the Almighty saw those things in her room, she claimed her friends had left it behind.

But that was enough to show that he wasn’t in a good mood or he wouldn’t have raked up her dark past.

Bo Jiu had a cool personality, but when her intimate items were being held by someone else, she couldn’t maintain a straight face. Heat started spreading up her face as she walked forward to take it back.

The Almighty wasn’t going to make it easy for her and lifted his left arm playfully, away from her reach.

That was when she realized their drastic height difference.

She couldn’t reach it at all.

“Brother Mo, your Almighty position would be ruined if anyone finds out what you are holding.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Qin Mo watched the youngster in front of him, her hair furry and her ears a deep shade of red. He couldn’t help the smile spreading across his face.

There wasn’t anyone who could apply ointment to a person who was holding their underwear.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. While he hadn’t been paying attention, she leaped and grabbed a hold of her underwear.

Still, the Almighty would always be craftier than she ever imagined because the moment she jumped, his tall figure took a step back.

Bo Jiu hadn’t controlled her strength and had used too much force. Instead of holding her item, she ended up pressing onto Qin Mo’s chest.

With a thump, Qin Mo fell onto the only single-sized bed in the room, a certain someone lying on him.

Their breathes entangled together immediately.

In that instant, a vision seemed to flash past his mind.

This was the third time.

He kept having the feeling he had met her when she had been younger.

As though… As though this youngster had loved pouncing on him when she was younger.

With that, he broke into another smile.

It wasn’t possible, he hadn’t been to the Fu family in the past.

It was probably due to his recent desire to see her when she was smaller. Would she be more adorable?

That was probably why the visions appeared in his mind.

Bo Jiu lifted her head from the familiar smell of his chest, her silver hair a mess and the two ointment bottles both falling onto the ground.

They were extremely close.

Qin Mo could see the tear mole beneath her eyes. It seemed as though she was smiling which cheered him up slightly.

Bo Jiu liked it when he smiled as he seemed more like the pet from her childhood.

Whenever he smiled, his eyes looked unusually mesmerizing and the corners of his pretty lips would be slightly upturned, producing small dents of different depths. It was devilish and captivating just like the initial stage when the snow melted.

However, Bo Jiu couldn’t fathom the reason behind his laughter. She blinked questioningly. Did she do something funny?

In that moment, Qin Mo pressed onto her waist and removed the lollipop in her mouth before diving down for a kiss.

It was a light kiss, akin to a feather, but it lingered on.

Bo Jiu paused, her hands stilling. The smell of ointment spread through the air and every breath she took had a scent which was uniquely his, along with his characteristic chilliness.

At this moment,no one remembered the ointment.

Qin Mo’s nose caressed hers, the air between them heating up, splashing down on Bo Jiu’s skin.

The faint yellow glow fell onto her fair skin, softening her features.

The youngster’s breath was just as before when he tasted the softness on the tip of her tongue.

On a closer look, there were tiny little hairs.

Qin Mo took a moment to watch her just as if he was watching a beloved pet before lowering for a kiss.

The kiss started from the sides of her mouth as it trailed towards the center.

Bo Jiu trembled, her lips widening. She was succumbing to his attack.

Qin Mo’s tongue lingered on her lips before moving on to her teeth. The instant he collided with the tip of her tongue, it seemed to have gone on fire and the heat was burning through her.

Bo Jiu was clear of the allure he had for this area and he knew all of her sensitive spots and reactions.

She could feel the cold sensation entering her top, trailing down her spine to caress her bare skin and sending a euphoric numbness through her.

A deep and smooth laughter rang in her ears as his breath was splashing downwards. “Taking such an initiative, you must really want it?”

Bo Jiu knew he was teasing her again so she glanced up into his deep eyes, the numbing sensation through her fingers making them weak and limp. Even her words seemed unstable. “We can’t, they will be coming up to get us.”

“You just have to cooperate.” Qin Mo carried her and placed her onto the blanket before a kiss came landing at the sensitive spot behind her ears. “We haven’t done it on your bed.”

“Don’t…” A shiver went through her. She was at his mercy. With just one word of resistance, she succumbed.

Bo Jiu panted. Her white top was still on, but it was barely buttoned and exposing the graceful arch of her neck and her exquisite collar bone. She was looking very much like a blossoming rose petal.

She wasn’t aware of how alluring she looked.

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed as he kissed her ears. “Have I told you how mesmerizing you look all dressed up? Especially when you were playing the piano.” In reality, Qin Mo had locked the door the moment they had entered the room.

His actions were for a certain someone to cooperate.

They were disheveled, their clothes in a mess.

It was an indescribable feeling.

Her mind went blank when he carried her in his arms and she craved for more as a burning sensation enveloped her.

In her daze, she heard a knock on the door. That was when she snapped right up, her senses clearing.

But Qin Mo didn’t let her go.

She bit down on her lips, her body trembling from stress.

She could hear the person asking, “Young Master, dinner is ready. Come on down after applying ointment.”

It was Chen Xiaodong. When he didn’t hear a response, he muttered, “Why did they lock the door?”

Shortly after, he walked away.

That was when she finally calmed down, her body relaxing. She waited for the numbing sensation to dissipate, and in that moment, Qin Mo chuckled, his deep and hoarse voice asking beside her ears, “Afraid of being exposed?”

Qin Mo reached out and pushed a sweat-soaked, silver strand towards the back. His eyes were looking down at her. “Am I that disgraceful? Or perhaps, you don’t wish for anyone to know of our relationship?”

With that, her eyes trembled. After a while, she turned towards him.

The Almighty was looking at her, waiting for her reply.

Bo Jiu opened her mouth, prepared to say something, but a noise came from outside, interrupting them.

Bo Jiu looked away and Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed as he stood up from the bed.