Chapter 941 - Looking at Jiu’s Childhood Photos in Peace

Chapter 941: Looking at Jiu’s Childhood Photos in Peace

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He Honghua’s candid voice came from outside the door. “Jiu, hurry down, food is ready.”

After Bo Jiu had regained her composure, she replied with a smile, “Alright, we’re coming.”

He Honghua was still heating the soup. After she had gotten a response, she headed back downstairs.

Bo Jiu moved swiftly, and at this moment, even though her legs didn’t have much strength, she was still able to move with ease.

The moment she stood up, a substance not belonging to her trailed down from between her thighs. She paused.

Qin Mo saw it as well. He paused his buttoning and bent to grab two pieces of tissue to wipe the substance.

He tried wiping it, but after two tries, he had decided to settle it once and for all. He lifted her into his arms and said, “Shower before going down.”

This time, Bo Jiu didn’t object as taking a shower wouldn’t take much time.

Qin Mo rolled up his sleeves. After he was done washing her, he reached out for a towel to wrap around her, the air around her spreading over. “Cold?”

Bo Jiu shook her head. Her silvery hair was still dripping from the shower. The Almighty wasn’t very tender or gentle as he placed her under the running tap for a while before carrying her out.

In that instant, Bo Jiu remembered the time the Almighty had tossed Princess in the bathtub, it was practically a reenactment.

He still had to apply medication.

While the Almighty was helping her button her shirt with one hand, she applied medication on his other hand before wrapping it with a bandage.

But this meant that the Almighty’s finger still couldn’t go under water. Luckily, only one of his hands had touched the water just now.

She could no longer wear the shirt and pants from before. Therefore, Bo Jiu changed into a set of casual lounge wear, her hair soft and fluffy after blowing it until it was half dried. Somehow she seemed much younger than her actual age.

Qin Mo looked at her, having yet another vision.

It seemed as though this was a common sight, a miniature version of her seated on the bed with a head full of fluffy hair after her shower. She was extremely mischievous.

Qin Mo told himself once more that she wasn’t Princess and couldn’t be treated like a pet even though he would love to shrink her and carry her in his pocket so that he could bring her everywhere he went.

However, that sadly couldn’t happen in reality.

They walked downstairs one in front of the other.

They managed to reach the dining table swiftly, in less than half an hour.

Dinner was already served, eight home cooked dishes and a bowl of soup, all of which looked incredibly delicious.

It seems like a norm for parents to bring out their child’s photo album whenever there were visitors and He Honghua was no exception.

There weren’t many photos of Jiu before the age of two since she had to conceal her gender, but after she was two, there was an influx of photos.

He Honghua pointed to one of the photos. “This was taken right before she was sent to kindergarten. Look at how badly she is crying.”

“That’s adorable!” Movie Queen An was undoubtedly a fan of young children, especially those who looked adorable. She was so invested in the album she had forgotten about the delicious spread on the dining table.

He Honghua was the one who noticed them heading down and smiled. “Hurry over for the meal. Why is your hair wet?”

This question was directed at Bo Jiu and she answered naturally, “I took a shower.”

He Honghua didn’t suspect a thing.

Movie Queen An glanced over at them, her attention placed on her son. He really knew how to stir up trouble.

Qin Mo remained unruffled as usual, none of the events from before evident on his face.

There was a cheeky smile on Bo Jiu’s face, devilish and cheeky.

From the looks of it… No one could tell who was at the losing end. Was it possible for her son to be the person at the bottom?

The more Movie Queen An studied them, the more she was convinced of her new theory. She shook her head and passed the photo album over. “Look at Jiu when he was younger, isn’t he adorable?”

She was trying to remind her son to be more proactive and to take back the lead.

Qin Mo was indeed curious as to how she looked in the past.

His fingers glided across the album as he looked at the little kid.

Surprisingly, even though he had been thinking about how she looked like in the past, he didn’t feel much after seeing these photos.

Qin Mo frowned slightly, though his face was as elegant as ever.

Naturally, the two adults started talking about interesting encounters from their childhood over dinner.

Bo Jiu listened as she ate, not too surprised about the events since she was more than clear how her pet had been like in the past.

Simply put, he had been a doll and hadn’t done any chores, had ignored everyone in sight and had always caused kids his age to wonder how was it possible for a kid to be so much cleaner than they were.

“It was my fault, I would always dress him in bright and vibrant colored clothes when he was younger, which was why others always thought he was a little girl,” Movie Queen An remarked.

Bo Jiu agreed wholeheartedly because the very first time she had met the Almighty, she had been convinced that he was a doll and hadn’t thought of him as a boy at all.

Movie Queen An smiled as she turned to look at the youngster. “Are there any interesting stories from Jiu’s childhood?”

Bo Jiu turn to glance at the Almighty, who was frowning as he ate and couldn’t help laughing. “Unlike the Almighty, no one saw me as a girl back then.”

Qin Mo placed the wooden chopsticks down, glancing over at her casually and seemed to try to ask her, Are you itching for a beating?

Bo Jiu’s smile thickened. When she met his gaze, she decided to go another route. “Back then, I had a little friend who looked very much like a girl. The first time I saw him, I thought he was a doll. At that time, I didn’t have any concept of suits and since he had a small knot on his head, I assumed he was a little girl. He was fair and pretty, but very arrogant. But I always had the urge to play and shower with him even though he would despise me every time. There was once when I climbed his house’s wall into his bathroom, which was when I found out he was a boy, which explains why he would frown whenever I pounced onto him.”

“Small knots!” Movie Queen An’s eyes lit up. “I loved helping Mo tie small knots on his head in the past, but afterwards, he cut his hair short and I couldn’t do it anymore…” With that, Movie Queen An paused. “Jiu, don’t look at how he is right now, he was a really cute kid when he was younger.”

“I believe that.” Bo Jiu felt that he was adorable as well, albeit arrogant.

Movie Queen An perked up. “You seem close with that little friend. Are you still in contact?”

“You can say so.” Bo Jiu took a bite of the vegetables.

With that, Movie Queen An glanced over at her son. “That means the both of you are childhood sweethearts.”

“Mmh.” The youngster didn’t deny it and was quick to agree.

With that, Qin Mo lowered his raised hand.

He didn’t like the term childhood sweethearts as it meant someone else had been present in a chunk of her life where he hadn’t been around.

Moreover, they were still in contact.

With that, Qin Mo tightened his grip, his chest tightening.

They were still in contact? Who could it be? There weren’t many people around her.

Unknowingly, a name appeared in his mind. Hoshino.

He didn’t like this conjecture, but it was evident from the events from before.

Including her reaction when she saw Hoshino, she had never looked at anyone else in that manner.

It was a glance which carried a hint of yearning.

How close were they and how much space did he occupy in her heart for her to look at him with such yearning?

Qin Mo’s gaze darkened. When he reached out his arm, it carried an icy air.

It seemed like a pile of cold water had been dumped over him. Even his breathing seemed cold.

Was that why she wanted to escape?

Qin Mo felt his heart tightening, even the lines beneath his jaw were taut.

Bo Jiu sat beside him. When she glanced over, he was already in that state.

Was the Almighty in a bad mood again? Why? Was it perhaps from the conversation they had in the room? Indeed, it hadn’t been a suitable time for her to respond, but even if she could, what could she have said?

Once the Almighty finds out she was Z, he would definitely think she had been lying to him.

However, this wasn’t something she could hide for long and there would come the day when she had to reveal the truth.

She was prepared for his retaliation, but she wasn’t willing to face the hatred in his eyes and would rather reduce the source of hatred.

Bo Jiu paused before she picked up another slice of beef and placed it in the Almighty’s plate.

She remembered that beef was one of the few dishes he enjoyed.

With the sudden appearance of the beef, the hostility and coldness dissipated slightly.

He Honghua smiled. “Qin Mo, you like eating beef? Have more.”

With that, she placed another slice in his bowl.

Bo Jiu watched as the Almighty stilled. But with his well instilled manners, he didn’t act inappropriately or allowed He Honghua to feel uneasy or any discomfort.

When he lowered his head, he moved the slice of beef from He Honghua forward and with his chopsticks, he picked up the piece Bo Jiu had placed into his bowl, putting it into his mouth.

The slight knot on his forehead made him appear serious.

That seriousness was just like how he was when they had been younger. She had sat on his bed while he had used a towel to dry her hair.

He had even warned her about entering his room without permission and she had abided to his warning, sitting on the balcony as he wrote inside.

Shortly after, he had seemed to have changed his mind, probably because he had been afraid that she might ruin the plants on the balcony.

He had opened the windows to let her in, but it had been clear she could only stay for a night.

That day, she had made sure to wash herself thoroughly, afraid that her pet would find her dirty.

Fortunately, her pet had pulled open his blanket arrogantly and allowed her to sleep, albeit warning her to stay still.

Although that hadn’t been an easy task, it had been worthwhile because her pet had spoken in his melodic voice.

He had flipped open his fairytale book and started reading her a bedtime story. He had stretched his arm out occasionally to caress her head.

He had even told her in an extremely serious tone that long as she didn’t play with Wilson, who stayed next door, he would read her a story everyday and would allow her to sleep with him.

It hadn’t been a difficult choice at all. Between Wilson and her pet, she would definitely choose her pet.

He had imposed many restrictions upon her and hadn’t allowed her to eat chips on her bed.

But once she had been done hearing the bedtime story, she would get hungry.

He would glance at her coldly before heading downstairs to get her some food, just like a little prince.

At that time, he had already cut his hair short and was wearing cotton pyjamas, his features much prettier than hers. His body had been soft and tender.

You shouldn’t judge someone based on how they were as a child.

Bo Jiu would never have expected her pet, who had been softer and prettier than her, to end up as this sharp and suave looking person.

But something had remained the same, his eyes.

Under his thin eyelids were a pair of deep eyes, which seemed long and narrow. It had always given off an extraordinary air.

“Does it look good?” the familiar voice asked.

Bo Jiu raised a brow. “Mmh?”

“You have been staring at me for a while now.” While He Honghua went to refill the soup, Qin Mo turned to blow lightly below her ears. “What are you thinking about? Haven’t you slept enough?”

Bo Jiu grewer increasingly shameless with the Almighty around and the best way to curb him was to remain silent.

But the next question stumped her because the Almighty asked, “Is this childhood sweetheart the scheming boy you were telling me about?”

Scheming boy? Bo Jiu couldn’t help laughing at the description. In order not to let him see through her, she kept a straight face, nodding seriously.

Qin Mo watched her, his gaze deepening. “Stay away from him.”

With that, she burst out laughing. This was how much the Almighty hated his younger self.

Qin Mo couldn’t understand her laughter.

Even till the end of the gathering, he still hadn’t gotten an answer. Thus a thick, cold air surrounded him as he left.

However, he wouldn’t show any of that in front of He Honghua.

Movie Queen An was more amazing and even Chen Xiaodong was impressed.

This was the first time he saw Madam becoming best friends with someone in such a short period of time. Movie Queen An was definitely the first.

They seemed closer the more they spoke.

Thus they hadn’t even realized how late it was.

This time, Movie Queen An didn’t just come back for her son as her other aim was to cast Jiu in a role for which she found him to be extremely well-suited. She was going to sound him out first and see if he was interested.

But today obviously wasn’t a good chance because her son was here. Even if she mentioned it, she wasn’t going to be able to snatch Jiu over.

After their meal, Movie Queen An stood up, her smile radiant. “It’s late, I’ll head back with Mo today. Sister He, let’s arrange to meet another time, we can watch the kids compete together.”

“Sure.” He Honghua agreed easily.

All of them were present at the door, but Qin Mo had more to say. “I need to speak with Jiu about something, you can head back first.” With that, he brought Bo Jiu to the corner of the road.

There were always corners where mansions were built, for green areas like theirs, there would always be a traffic light amongst the lush flora and fauna.

When the faint glow from the street lamps fell onto Qin Mo’s face, it was both alluring and breathtaking.

Bo Jiu couldn’t help calling him a devil.

But right at this moment, Qin Mo suddenly pushed her against the wall, his breathe splashing onto her face. “Do you know what day is it?”