Chapter 942 - Upright Qin Mo

Chapter 942: Upright Qin Mo

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What day was it?

Bo Jiu was still confused. It shouldn’t be his birthday yet? But if it wasn’t his birthday, what day could it be?

Qin Mo watched the confusion in her eyes, a slight knot forming on his forehead as he replied coldly, “Confession.”

“What confession?” Bo Jiu was confused even after being given a hint.

The handsome face came closer, looking slightly irritated. “It’s been thirty days since I have confessed to you.”

Thirty day since he had confessed to her?

Bo Jiu paused. She had never expected the Almighty to remember such a date.

She was at a loss for words, but she couldn’t just leave the conversation hanging.

“Time flies. Back then, Brother Mo… I was sincerely afraid you turned gay.”

Bo Jiu had a sly smile on her face. She had had an advantage over him back when she had first met him, but now she couldn’t even tease him anymore.

Qin Mo studied her beautiful eyes as he asked slowly, “Even if I became gay, it would have been your doing, stop trying to change the topic.”

“I definitely wasn’t changing the topic.” She was in a dangerous position and any wrong move would leave her at a grave disadvantage, hence, she straightened. This time, he probably wouldn’t be able to do much since their mothers were at the side, taking occasional glances in their direction. The Almighty wasn’t wasn’t someone who went overboard.

Qin Mo wouldn’t go overboard, but… He took in her willy smile. His tone was calm. “When are you going to give me a title? Are you intending to sleep with me without taking any responsibility?”

Bo Jiu choked at his words.

A title? What did he mean with she wouldn’t take any responsibility…

“I thought you would remember or perhaps gift me with things, but you…”

In that instant, his voice sank. His entire spirit seemed to have sunken into loneliness.

Somehow, Bo Jiu was reminded of Movie Queen An’s words. Ever since the Almighty was little, he hadn’t received many gifts and would not even look at the presents he received during his birthday.

Someone like the Almighty would be rather likeable.

She found him likeable. Back when they had been younger, she had always showered him with gifts, but after they had separated, she was unaware of how he had been living.

Movie Queen An mentioned he had an apathetic personality and hadn’t been interested in the gifts he received during his birthday.

It was probably due to his intelligence, which made him see through the hypocrisy of the upper class, meaning that he knew the motive behind the gifts he received.

Thirty days? And she hadn’t shown him anything.

From the way he put it, she really seemed like a j*rk.

A Tyrant CEO shouldn’t be treating her pet in this manner.

At the minimum, she couldn’t act like such a j*rk.

A pang of guilt ran through her. “Actually, I have it prepared, but I hadn’t been keeping track of the date.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket as he glanced up and studied her with his deep gaze. The look made her eyes wander.

Qin Mo arched a brow. “What have you prepared?”

Bo Jiu knew he had seen through her lie and was about to come clean, but right at that moment, he interrupted her. “Give it to me tomorrow.”

Was he giving her time to prepare?

Bo Jiu understood his intentions and immediately nodded. “Alright.” She couldn’t just continue being a j*rk.

“I’m curious. What exactly are you going to give me?” Qin Mo asked with deliberate slowness. “It probably shouldn’t be something you buy casually.”

Bo Jiu: … The Almighty just blocked off her desire to buy something. Was it done on purpose?

Qin Mo watched her sullen expression, his mood lifting slightly.

He couldn’t help it, he turned and pinched her face. “You look troubled.”

Bo Jiu feign ignorance. “It’s no trouble at all.”

Qin Mo chuckled. “Is that so? In that case, see you tomorrow.”

Bo Jiu bid farewell before she reached out to caress the spot he had pinched. Cajoling the Almighty was a challenge to her wits, courage, and shamelessness.

Qin Mo took large strides forward, taking frequent glances to the back at a certain someone with a perplexed expression on her face. The image was putting a smile on his face.

At the corner, Chen Xiaodong, who had been peeking at them, seemed the most troubled.

Since there was a distance between them, he couldn’t hear what his Young Master was saying to Young Master Qin.

But they had to act with reserve in front of their moms.

More importantly, he couldn’t let his Goddess detect anything.

With that, Chen Xiaodong took a guilty look over in her direction.

Movie Queen An remained indifferent, probably not thinking much of Young Master Qin and his Young Master.

Chen Xiaodong was aware how wrong he was.

He watched as they walked further away and Movie Queen An remarked, “Those two kids, geez, what are they going to say that requires such a distance?”

“That’s right.” He Honghua had been suspecting something, but with Movie Queen An’s words, she threw her suspicion away.

It was probably because of their close relationship, but she would have to speak with Jiu about this.

She didn’t have to pay so much attention to a decent and upright child like Qin Mo, but she would have to keep her distance with other boys.

Even though she had a boy’s appearance, her Jiu was a girl after all.

He Honghua was still waiting. Once everything had been settled and the chance had arisen, she would want her Jiu back as a girl.

This day… was actually about to arrive. She would just have to work harder and take back whatever she had lost.

But with Jiu’s current status, she would have to give it more thought before Jiu could resume her female identity.

Everyone had a different thought though because all Bo Jiu could think about was what to give the Almighty.

Even after Qin Mo and Movie Queen An’s car had disappeared, she still hadn’t come up with anything.

What should she give him?

Bo Jiu was still thinking even after she laid on her bed.

There wasn’t anyone else in the extended Lincoln, hence, Movie Queen An spoke more directly. “You were jealous when we talked about Jiu’s childhood sweetheart, right?”

“No.” Qin Mo drank a mouthful of mineral water. From the side of his face, there wasn’t any change in his expression. “Why can’t I remember the time you tied my hair?”

With that, Movie Queen An shifted her gaze uneasily, looking out the window. Her voice was muffled. “You were too young to remember that.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo didn’t persist on the matter, his thoughts wandering off. He held his phone and pressed a certain someone’s account on WeChat, sending a message over. “Don’t forget to bring your present tomorrow.”

When Bo Jiu received the message, it became harder to fall asleep. She tossed and turned for a while before a thought struck her. Her lips lifted into a smile before she stood up and walked towards the case she had created.

The moment she entered, three white ultra thin laptops lit up, a silver symbol glowing on the screens of all three laptops, looking like a scene out of a high budget science fiction movie.

If she personally made it, the Almighty would probably like it…

With that thought in mind, Bo Jiu entered the official website for the game and found a video recording of their team. She moved her mouse, saved the video, edited it…

Although the process wasn’t difficult, it took a lot of time.

If she wanted to create a storyline, she would have to sieve through the videos.

The sky was darkening even more while Bo Jiu sat in front of the laptop, her left hand on the keyboard and her right hand on the mouse, her beautiful silver hair ruffled and in a mess. But she had no intention of stopping…

In the Qin family’s mansion, the lights were always turned on.

This was the specialty of a military courtyard.

There would always be guards at their position and patrolling the vicinity.

Movie Queen An stood by the floor-to-ceiling window as she stared into the distance thoughtfully.

It was because of the question her son had asked on the car ride back…

Madam Zhang brought a cup of tea over. “Madam, didn’t the conversation with Madam He go well?”

“Of course it did.” Movie Queen An broke into a smile, her two beautiful dimples appearing at the sides of her face. “Sister He is a candid person who hasn’t forgotten her roots. There aren’t many people who can maintain such a belief after they entered the business world. She doesn’t compete or deceive herself. As a woman, she is naturally weaker, but as a mother, she is strong. Jiu has a good mother.”

Madam Zhang smiled. “It seems like the rumors can’t be trusted.”

“It isn’t real at all.” Movie Queen An lowered her head to sip her tea, the worry between her temples still there.

Madam Zhang couldn’t understand the reasons behind it. “Then, Madam…”

“Madam Zhang, what exactly did Mo experience back then to have wiped out a portion of his memory?”

Movie Queen An’s question was one that had somehow become a forbidden topic within the household.

Madam Zhang wasn’t in the position to speculate and couldn’t have known the answers.

No one could forget that day. After Young Master had alighted from the private plane, his fingers had all been soaked in blood.

At that time, his thoughts had been a mess.

Movie Queen An knew there wasn’t an answer and thus inhaled deeply. “Now that he is back interacting with criminals, Madam Zhang, I am worried that history will repeat itself.”

“Madam, don’t worry, this time, Young Master Jiu is around. It won’t happen again.”

With that, Movie Queen An broke into a smile once again. “You are right.”

Once she had thought it through, the matter was gradually put to rest.

Regardless of who it was, those who couldn’t put it to rest, were those with unknown injustice.

Meanwhile in the clubhouse, Rao Rong was watching a news article, his grip tightening over the mouse.

It was an old article about a million dollar worth of dirty money being found in a policeman’s house.

Because of the betrayal between the dark, the police had been implicated.

Rao Rong had never believed this article and wanted to clear his father’s name.

When he had been younger, he had tried many ways, but had met with a stone wall over and over again.

The expulsion from the Club to the disheartened feelings he had had at the end.

Rao Rong had wanted to know who murdered his father and why the million dollars had been found in his house.

He could only rely on that person’s ability to make it a reality, but reality forced him to give in…

“Captain.” Lin Chentao caressed his eyes as he switched on the lights. His hair was a mess. “Are you still thinking about the match?”

Rao Rong closed the webpage before he stood up and agreed to the request.

Lin Chentao grabbed his short hair. “The team can’t catch up with you. I have thought about it before. If Captain were to join another team, it would be for the best.”

“That isn’t happening.” Rao Rong took large strides to him, looking at the red markings on his face. “Go to sleep.”

“Oh.” Even though Lin Chentao had agreed, he didn’t stop chattering. “Ever since Qin Mo got together with Little Spade, his playing style has changed. He is sharper and more despicable and seems to have gotten hooked with the wilderness. He is simply unstoppable.”

Rao Rong paused. “That was how he played when he started out. His playing style changed afterwards because of his hand injury and also because of his position as the Captain of Supreme Alliance, which forced him into thinking about the bigger picture. All those made him less sharp, until the appearance of Spade Z… The Supreme Alliance now is very strong.”

It was a pity that he wouldn’t be able to have a fair match with them. But he didn’t tell Lin Chentao this.

The night continued to deepen…

In the best international hotel in Jiang City, there were successful people of every country checking in.

Director Wilson’ didn’t speak Chinese as accurately as his son.

Fortunately, his son had translated all the rumors online into English for him and would also be coming over to Jiang City in the next two days.

After Wilson had read through the articles, he started to hesitate.

Should he invite this youngster?

He disliked people who went all out for fame, disregarding their own morals, but this Chinese boy, Jiu, was a perfect match to the role. It would be a pity to give him up.

However, as a director, he had to consider all aspects of the crew.

He would give it some thought and see if he could find anyone else.

Wilson read the online articles once more before he shook his head and shut his computer regretfully.

At this moment, Bo Jiu was sitting in front of her computer, trying to figure something out. Her lids were starting to feel heavy and she grabbed onto a bottle of mineral water, drinking two mouthfuls before continuing.

She was at it until day break.

Bo Jiu stood up, a hand pressed against her neck as she rotated it side to side. She raised her arm to look at the time before searching for the last bit of information on the official Weibo account.

At this moment, Bo Jiu received a private message from Sister Turtle.

“I have a favor to ask. Could you help my friend out? I understand that you are busy since your next match is against Xiangnan, but I have been considering this for the longest time and you are the only one who can help my friend.”

That was the first message.

The second message had more details.

“My friend is an online writer, she has been feeling rather upset and I exhausted all ways to help her. In just a matter of three months, she lost many of the books she had written and was accused of plagiarism by the author who plagiarised her. In reality, there are many writers who have suffered the same fate, but what’s worse is that no one seems to care and everyone has labelled those that plagiarize as having nothing better to do. That’s true, they don’t care. So much effort has gone into writing a book. The person who plagiarize didn’t just have the story edited, even though he is also an author, he poses as a fan to steal the structure of the story. All of that is done before accusing the original writer. It is a mess. And at the end of it, many are on the side of the person who has plagiarized and started to make a fuss…”