Chapter 943 - Maiden’s Sacrifice

Chapter 943: Maiden’s Sacrifice

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An online writer?

When Bo Jiu read the two words, she was instantly reminded of the female sorcerer the thorn-head youngster had been telling her about. She was planning to buy views online to go against a particular online writer.

Bo Jiu moved her mouse.

There was another message.

“I don’t know how to advise her. Just today, she asked me a question, but I don’t have the answer to it. She asked me why those netizens weren’t blaming the thief. Instead, they were pointing fingers at her. What did she do wrong? Was it wrong to have protected her own rights? I know there isn’t anything wrong, but I can’t explain those comments. They claim she has plagiarized. The person who infringed her rights claimed to be a true fan who was writing a similar story, she used this excuse to cheat her off her storyline, which she used to publish into a novel. In the past, I would advise her to endure it since this is the reality of the industry. The public has no concern for the hurt inflicted on the original writer. I always believed that one’s talents can’t be stolen, but today, I realized what a big mistake it is. I wasn’t able to safeguard her interests. She has great love for the industry and because of this love, she isn’t able to fathom whatever is happening. She isn’t afraid of being plagiarized or how despicable the person is, she is afraid of how the industry will turn out. It prides itself for supporting plagiarism, but what about those writers with the sole desire to churn out good articles? What is she going to do? Should she accept her predicament in silence? After she asked those questions, she hung her head low and muttered to herself, ‘No one cares.’”

“Yes, no one cares…”

Bo Jiu arched her brow at that last sentence, her fingers twitching.

The last time she came across these few words had been back in the Fifth Avenue.

A certain someone who loved leaning on her had written the words in a blood stained letter addressed to her.

“Jiu, do you know? No one cares about the feelings of those girls that have been violated. They blame her well-developed body for catching the eyes of the perpetrators or they speculate about her nature. They would never blame the bast*rds that committed the crime. Jiu, why is the world like this? I ask myself this question every single day in the depths of the night when I would sit up and stare at the wall. I was afraid to say anything because the moment I did, his accomplice would appear to push the blame on me. No one cares about the blood-soaked state I have been in when I was discovered. Yes, no one cares…”

Bo Jiu shut her eyes and reopened them.

The words were still fresh in her mind. ” I am happy to know someone in this world still cares. Jiu, no, Z, in the future, don’t ever turn fully black.”

Bo Jiu exerted strength on her fingers, she turned towards the screen, her pupils no longer the same as before.

She typed swiftly, sending a few words over.

It was a pity the person on the other end was no longer around.

The sky was starting to brighten when Bo Jiu stood up. She left her base with a USB stick in her hand.

It seemed like she would have to make a trip to school to have a good look of Li Xue.

As for the Almighty’s present, she would deliver it in person.

Bo Jiu glanced up at the hanging clock in the living area. With less than an hour left for sleep, she decided to settle for the sofa until the day officially began.

When Chen Xiaodong left his room, he saw his young master snoozing on the sofa in his school uniform.

Chen Xiaodong was caught off guard. “Young Master, don’t you have training today?”

“I’ll go over later.” Bo Jiu stood up. She casually grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it in her mouth before she slung her shoulder bag over her shoulders, looking suave and handsome.

Chen Xiaodong studied his young master’s appearance and without even having breakfast, he followed behind Bo Jiu hurriedly.

Ever since the preliminaries had begun, Bo Jiu rarely attended school.

Hence, when students caught sight of the silver-haired, long figure on the skateboard, they blew up into a state of excitement.

The only one who wasn’t excited was probably the security guard as the moment she appeared, he would have to watch the massive crowd.

He was the only one on duty. How was it possible to watch over so many people! Besides, it was way too crowded today!

The guard struggled to maintain his imposing persona as waves of people bumped into him over and over again.

The incoming school girls embraced their faces with their palms as they shrieked. “Have you heard? His Highness Jiu came to school today!”

“Really? Where is he? Where is my male Almighty?”

“Please, he is my husband.”

“Stop fighting over him! But aren’t the finals for the National League about to begin? Why does His Highness Jiu have the time to come?”

“Let’s not bother about the minor details, His Highness Jiu is here, we have to get a photo of him!”

“Yes, His Highness Jiu, he is over there!”

One of the girls stretched out her arm, pointing towards the entrance to the fifth building of the school.

It was definitely Bo Jiu with her silvery hair and striking features. She was so ravishing the surrounding fans were left staring in awe.

Bo Jiu placed the black skateboard on the floor, skating into the building.

“Ah!” Waves of shrieks pierced through the air.

No one would have expected the gay they all despised in the past to have entered the finals of the National League. He was also an esports celebrity with over millions of fans.

In the past, there would be objections on forums posts about Bo Jiu being the school hunk, but now it had become common knowledge everyone agreed with.

Sometimes when other schools claimed they only had nerds without anyone good looking, they would send out screenshots of the youngster. Some when she gamed and some of her reading with a lollipop in her mouth. All of her photos surpassed their school hunks.

“Is he from No.1 Middle School as well? Is he a nerd?”

Definitely not!

The girls in other schools would always complain. “Principal, you owe us a Spade Z. If Big Spade is in our school, we would never skip lessons even if there was a thunderstorm!”

They envied the school hunk from No.1 Middle School as their whines became a commonly heard phrase amongst the neighboring schools.

The moment Bo Jiu entered the campus, it was indeed a sight to behold.

“How annoying,” one of the girls complained when she brushed past Bo Jiu and smirked. “It’s just esports and a face that looks slightly more appealing. Aren’t these people going overboard? Have they forgotten what he was like before? It wasn’t anything pleasant.”

One of the friends at her side paused. “Li Xue, that isn’t very nice.”

“What isn’t nice?” Li Xue pouted. “Such people are probably all hypocrites. The previous time I played with him, his skills weren’t that good either. I wonder how he became a professional player.”

“That’s right.” A few of Li Xue’s closer friends added, “He doesn’t deserve it at all. I have also heard of his fragile heart, he doesn’t accept criticism at all.”

Li Xue chuckled. “Isn’t that like a certain someone? Alright, let’s continue playing with the group tonight, my father has gotten everything ready. He won’t just publish my book, he will also publish all those things you guys have written. As for that person, she can be frustrated all she wants. Hahaha.”

“Haven’t those in the chat group detected anything?”

“What would they detect? They are on my side. Besides, after finding out what happened, they just saw her as a fragile girl. With infringement of rights becoming such a common occurrence, she isn’t the only one suffering such injustice. I’m not feeling too good today. Later when we enter the group, get them to sing me a song.”

“Li Xue, you really are one of a kind. But I heard that the writer isn’t going to just give up. Are we really going to be alright? Isn’t infringement of rights illegal?”

“I have my dad on my side, there isn’t anything to be afraid of. Once the views come up, she won’t be able to persist in the industry.”

“Are we really going to be alright? She has quite a number of fans.”

“What use does her fans have? Aren’t they all on my side right now? Don’t worry, we can do as we please, I have it all figured out. Nothing is going to happen. This happens all the time. There isn’t much she can do anyways.”


The three of them looked smug as they were still thinking of ways to anger the writer even further.

Besides, there was someone helping them.

They were currently known as fans who were maligned by the original writer. Therefore, no one would see her as someone from the same industry.

The original writer didn’t make a smart move. Why did she have to expose them? Wouldn’t that put her against them? That was asking for trouble.

Li Xue lifted her lips into a smile. She would be a writer as well and once her father had her repackaged, she would be famous and everyone would know of that woman.

Oh right, if that woman continued to persist, she would accuse her of trying to make use of her popularity.

This was a foolproof method.

Li Xue wasn’t aware that her conversation was being recorded.

It was Bo Jiu’s doing.

It wasn’t hard for Bo Jiu to have sneaked the recorder into her uniform, all it took was a brush of her shoulder.

Bo Jiu listened to the vibration from her phone as she sat in the classroom and glanced over at the English teacher, who had just entered. With a slide of the finger, she entered the recording and was just about to send it to Sister Turtle.

But before she could, Sister Turtle beat her with a private message. “It’s too late.”

“What do you mean by that?” Bo Jiu’s fingers stilled.

There wasn’t a reply until the last lesson was over.

It was a voice message on which her crying voice was recorded. “She couldn’t hold on, she’s gone.”

Bo Jiu bolted upright and headed out the door as she typed a message. “Send me your phone number.”

Very quickly, a string of numbers appeared.

Bo Jiu dialed the number. “Where are you?”

“Police station,” Sister Turtle replied in a deep voice. “They said she committed suicide and that it is linked to the Maiden’s Sacrifice.”

Bo Jiu’s pupils shrunk. “Maiden’s sacrifice?”

“Yes.” Sister Turtle’s voice was slightly hoarse. “I don’t believe she would kill herself, there isn’t anything she can’t live through when she managed to survive her chemotherapy.

Bo Jiu didn’t reply. She was at a loss for words, her eyes turning blank.

On the other end was Sister Turtle’s quiet sobs.

There wasn’t anything else, just the sound of her cries and another sentence. “She wouldn’t have chosen to end it in such a manner. Why did it happen?”

Why did it happen?

Back then, it was the question she had asked herself when she hugged onto that corpse.

How upset had she been? For her to have ended it in such a manner? Was there nothing else in the world she could hang onto? Even if it was just a tiny bit?

After that incident, Bo Jiu had sought out a psychiatrist.

The doctor had smoked and replied with just one line, “It was probably desperation.”

Bo Jiu looked at her phone.

Even until this moment, there were still comments about her.

“Are you the only one with injustice? Isn’t there anything else you can write?”

“I don’t think you should be acting in this manner even if she had infringed your rights.”

Bo Jiu shut her eyes and in that instant, she was wondering why she was still so useless even after so many years. How could she have allowed such a thing to happen again?

She didn’t have the ability to stop it.

Why didn’t she just join the dark side? Life would have been so much easier if she was like them.

That was how she felt deep inside.

Even if you joined the darkness, I would rather you stay alive.

But not everyone would feel the same, they couldn’t find an escape and would rather choose to end everything or persist with the burden.

The police station wasn’t far from No.1 Middle School.

When she arrived, she saw Sister Turtle huddled up on a chair.

The tears couldn’t seem to stop. Although she wasn’t making any noise, the tears continued to stream down her face.

When Sister Turtle saw the youngster, she didn’t know what to say.

“She promised me for us to watch you compete. She had wanted to see exactly what is so good about the idol I adored. She had also promised to shop with me, she…” Sister Turtle couldn’t complete her last sentence.

Bo Jiu reached out and hugged the trembling figure.

The pain of loss wasn’t foreign to her, especially if it was a close friend of many years.

That girl had once taught her to be kind, but she herself had never been treated kindly in her lifetime.

Bo Jiu’s hands tightened into fists, her nails digging into her palms.

Sister Turtle was no longer sobbing, instead, she spoke, “She had even cleaned up her room, she wanted her mom to see that she was living well outside…”

With that, Bo Jiu suddenly looked up. “She cleaned her room? When did she do that?”

“Yesterday night.” Sister Turtle was soaking in her own emotions and hadn’t been paying attention to the conversation, but Bo Jiu hadn’t been asking that at random because no one would clean their room before committing suicide.

It didn’t make any sense.

Time went by.

Bo Jiu walked to the corner and pressed a familiar string of numbers on her phone.

The call went through. The person on the other end was drying his hair, water droplets dripping down his defined jaw onto the wooden floor. He was dressed in cotton lounge wear, his face young and sharp.

Gentle and charming were the perfect words to describe him.

Who else could it be other than Hoshino?

Bo Jiu spoke in a hushed tone, “Hoshino, I need your help to investigate…” Bo Jiu’s voice was softer than before.

After Hoshino had heard the request, he placed the towel down on the table, his eyes shining brightly. “You think she was murdered.”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu didn’t object. “That’s why I need more information to justify this speculation.”