Chapter 944 - Something Wrong

Chapter 944: Something Wrong

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Back when Bo Jiu had just started speaking to Hoshino, he had flipped open his laptop.

Moments after he agreed to her request, the continuous stream of typing stilled.

“Z, this doesn’t look simple. I agree to your conjecture, she didn’t commit suicide, but there is a video online that isn’t in her advantage. The video seems to suggest that she isn’t mentally sound.”

Bo Jiu walked further away. “What video is it?”

“I’ll send it to you,” Hoshino replied as he scanned the comment section. “Don’t you have something credible with you?”

Bo Jiu agreed. “I have the voice recording of the perpetrator.”

“Don’t disseminate it.” Hoshino’s voice softened.

Bo Jiu frowned. “What did you find?”

“The culprit wants everyone to assume this is a suicide committed because the writer isn’t able to withstand the infringement of her book.” Hoshino released his mouse and glanced up. “The perpetrator recorded her actions prior to her death. The aim is obvious. If you release your evidence, the perpetrator would be able to get off scot free. But if you don’t release the evidence, the victim would be carrying her pain to her death, her broken belief and the person who had done her wrong would still be enjoying life.”

Hoshino glanced out the window at a passing cloud. “There are some people trying to shut you up. Z, what are you going to do?”

“I’m not going to let either of them go.”

In that instant, her eyes turned pitch black, the coldness seeping from within.

Hoshino chuckled, reaching out to tap on the mouse. “Alright, there is something wrong with the video. It isn’t the way it was taken but rather the victim’s behavior. She seemed to be acting oddly and some claim it to be a loss of her sanity. After she entered the elevator, she pressed onto the the button for the level she was on first before glancing outside. Then she suddenly changed and hurriedly pressed the second floor before stretching her head out to glance outside. Her gaze seemed guarded and all her actions were done twice as though she wasn’t sure if it was safe. Next, she returned to the elevator and that was when she disappeared from the surveillance video. When she reappeared, she was seated in front of the computer and when she saw the comments that supported the person who had infringed her rights, she huddled in a corner depressingly. Shortly after, she seemed to be attempting suicide. She held onto a bottle of medicine and turned her back to the computer before downing at least five pieces. In the last scene, she looked into the camera lens, her gaze tortured. That was the end of the video. But there is something worth looking into. No one would call their mom before they commit suicide, but that was what she did. She didn’t say much but was visibly upset, none of which indicates her intention to kill herself. But of course, she could be putting on a strong front. After the call, she fell asleep, all the way till her corpse was discovered.

Bo Jiu’s eyes sunk. “You mean the video came out before the corpse was discovered.”

“Yes.” Hoshino pressed onto the return button. “She uploaded an information first before starting the livestream. Once the police found her, it was too late. In order to prove that she hasn’t committed suicide, this suspicion has to be cleared. Since she didn’t kill herself, why did she start the livestream?” With that, Hoshino stood up. “These questions will have to be solved by that person, he has to stand in the victim’s shoes to analyze the situation.”

Bo Hiu lifted her lids.

Hoshino walked to the window, giving her his name. “Qin Mo.”

With that, Bo Jiu paused. It was because that very person was standing right in front of her.

He wore a black trench coat over his white shirt, a long and slender cigarette clasped between his fingers. He was watching her, his current getup emphasizing his elegance and handsome features.

The Almighty… Bo Jiu looked back at him.

Qin Mo was already walking over, stretching out his hand to caress her head. “Who are you talking to?”

His actions meant that he hadn’t heard her conversation.

“Friend,” Bo Jiu replied. The next second, the line went off. Hoshino had hung up in a timely fashion.

Qin Mo swept a glance at her fallen hand. It was an unregistered number.

Bo Jiu didn’t wish for him to place too much attention on the call, hence, she went straight to the point. “Brother Mo, I have a video I need you to see.”

With that, she tapped on her phone and when she searched for it, she realized that the video had been blocked.

It was a normal protective measure.

This sort of video wasn’t suited to be online for long periods of time.

“If you are referring to the video on the online writer, I have already seen it.” Qin Mo lifted her chin, his deep set eyes looking straight at her. “Tell me your suspicions.”

Bo Jiu spoke softly, “I don’t think she killed herself, but there are many questions I don’t have the answer to.”

“Let’s go over to the crime scene.” Qin Mo didn’t turn down her suspicions.

Bo Jiu nodded. She walked over to talk to Sister Turtle before returning back to his side. “Let’s go.”

Qin Mo glanced at her. “It seems like you were informed about it before, why didn’t you call me?”

There wasn’t an easy answer to this question. Luckily, Qin Mo didn’t persist since there was someone walking over.

Amongst the three of them, Bo Jiu could recognize one: Li Xue, the girl who had plagiarized the novel.

After such a huge incident, the police would definitely get her statement, but before she had even reached the station, Li Xue could no longer hold on to her grievances. “What sort of luck is this? How can she drag me down with her weak-heartedness?”

The policemen weren’t cold blooded, they could not endure their frustration, turning to glance at her. “You had a conflict with her online and have plagiarized her copyrights. She wasn’t weak.”

“Excuse me, you need to watch your words.” Li Xue looked at him with raised brows. “All I did was create a fan group and wrote stories with similar characters. I used to like her novels in the past, but as an author, she had maligned me. I didn’t even feel injustice or upset as she isn’t the only one in the world with grievances, but after what happened today, I have decided to drop the novel. I guess it took that much to see through someone.”

The person behind Li Xue chuckled. “Officer, we are here to solve the problem, it wouldn’t be good for you to act so critically. There are many novels with the same plot within the industry. It was just a coincidence. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an infringement of her copyrights. As for the fan group that my client has created, it hasn’t violated any laws, right? Simply said, the victim couldn’t withstand the pressure that she was facing. She should have consulted a psychiatrist. Why go so far as to give up on her life?”

“That’s right.” Li Xue didn’t think she had done anything wrong as the book she had plagiarized was selling well and in the near future, it would be turned into a movie. She wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize her future. “Her fans aren’t very smart, they kept causing trouble for me, but I didn’t tell her to kill herself. The police should keep them in check and stop them from maligning me any further…”

Bo Jiu felt her fingers tightening, piercing deep into her palms. That was the only way she could suppress the anger swarming within her.

The evidence in her hand was enough to let her pay, but this wasn’t the right time.

She knew what sort of comments filled the internet. The victim was already dead, but they continued.

“She can’t take even the slightest amount of stress.”

“People with such weak hearts shouldn’t be writers.”

“I’ve seen Li Xue’s writing and I really enjoyed it. Even though there were similarities, but aren’t those common within the industry?”

“I had wanted her to apologize to my Almighty Li, but she’s dead, it’s so frustrating. But it’s finally peaceful. I’ve seen the video though, she’s just someone who isn’t mentally sound. Someone with sanity wouldn’t be acting in such a manner.”

Bo Jiu had always treated the dead with respect, especially these victims who had died in an unjust manner, but that clearly wasn’t a common consensus.

She wasn’t even around anymore, but the hateful chatter still persisted.

She couldn’t just let her die in such a manner.

Bo Jiu was probably using too much strength because Qin Mo’s hand landed on her wrist and pulled hers up while he commanded, “Open it.”

Bo Jiu paused, gazing up at the Almighty.

Qin Mo was at her mercy. He lowered his body and planted a kiss on her fists.

This time, she finally opened her palm, a natural reaction from being caught off guard.

Qin Mo looked at the redness in her palms, his gaze sinking. “I never knew you liked to hurt yourself.”

“I just happened to use more strength.” Bo Jiu was slightly embarrassed, hence, she threw out a random excuse. “It’s probably because I fight so well, which led to an inaccurate gauge of the strength.”

“You know that person?” Qin Mo tapped on the youngster’s palm.

Bo Jiu retracted her palms from the pain. “Who?”

“The girl that is talking.” Qin Mo opened her palms and held it in his hand.

It wasn’t common for her to be held by the Almighty so willing. “Mmh.” She didn’t offer more information, which was completely unlike her.

Qin Mo turned to glance at her once more. Based on the conversation he heard and his understanding of a certain someone, he concluded, “You have evidence of her crimes.”

It wasn’t a question, which made her hesitate slightly before replying, “How did you know that?”

“I can tell.” Qin Mo glanced at her, his gaze unwavering as he walked forward. “Why didn’t you send it out?”

Bo Jiu pouted. “I can’t.”

“We are living in a country governed by laws.” Qin Mo studied her expression and couldn’t help reaching out to pinch her face.

Bo Jiu was confusioned.

“Don’t worry.” Qin Mo’s eyes deepened. “You will get the opportunity to send it out, those that deserve it will be punished.”

Bo Jiu had always known that the Almighty was different because regardless of the circumstances, he would always be the brightest star in the sky and couldn’t be affected by anything.

Qin Mo stopped in front of a Hummer. “Shouldn’t you be doing something to make me happy?”

With that, a thought struck her. Bo Jiu raised her head mischievously and was about to plant a kiss on his face.

However, he held onto her head, his brows knitted. “All I’m getting is a kiss?”

What else? Bo Jiu arched her brows.

“Present,” Qin Mo reminded calmly.

That was it. How embarrassing. She thought he had been asking for a kiss.

“If you insist on kissing, I can oblige.” Qin Mo lifted his lips into a smile, exposing her thoughts.

This time, Bo Jiu wouldn’t be tricked. She reached for her pocket and retrieved the USB stick.

The USB stick wasn’t the ordinary kind which is commonly seen outside as both the material and the exterior were exquisite and the word ‘Jiu’ was carved on the exterior. If she pushed it to the side, it would turn into an electric lighter.

This wasn’t the first USB stick she had given him.

Back when they were younger, on the night she had left with her father, she had placed one of it on his cupboard.

But the Almighty probably hadn’t found it even until this day or he might have found it, but had forgotten about its existence.

“Is this for me?” Qin Mo asked.

“Mmh.” She was about to tell him how to use it when Qin Mo moved his hand forward.

“Why? Are you going to take it back?”

“No.” Bo Jiu added, “Other than to light your cigarette, there is a second gift saved inside. You will be able to see it with your computer.”

Qin Mo smiled, it was the kind she rarely saw.

It was like a ray of sunlight which seeped through a bottle of mineral water and splashed across her eyes, clean and beautiful.

Bo Jiu stared at his smile, feeling her chest tightening.

She was so engrossed that her fingers had forgotten to react when Qin Mo had kissed her.

It was a light kiss like the prickly cooling sensation which came from a mint candy.

She finally knew how a Tyrant CEO felt when he showered his little lover with gifts.

All for a beauty’s smile.

Ever since she boarded the car, the Almighty hadn’t given her a single glance. He held her hand with one hand and toyed with the USB stick with the other.

He seemed to be in an excellent mood.

His cheery mood was influencing Bo Jiu. The stuffiness and malice which suffocated her was dissipating.

When the Hummer reached a small alley, the Almighty held onto her hand as they walked into an elevator. Next, he pressed the storey the victim had been staying at.

But very quickly after, he pressed onto the second storey and walked out of the elevator, looked at both sides before heading back into the elevator.

Bo Jiu raised her lids, the Almighty was reenacting the scene!

Qin Mo watched her, his voice faint. “Many people took this action as her lack of sanity.”

“But that isn’t true.” Bo Jiu cut in before him.

Qin Mo pressed the down button four times in a row. “What do you think is wrong with my action?”

“You are panicking.” Bo Jiu paused. “She was afraid. A person in a normal state of emotion wouldn’t press the elevator in this manner.”

Qin Mo watched the elevator door open and walked out. “That’s right, she was afraid, which explains why she had pressed the second floor button so quickly after entering the elevator. She must have detected danger and the only explanation for this is that someone was following her. She must have sensed the presence of that person, which led to her behavior.”

“But there isn’t anyone else in the video.”

“That’s where the problem lies.” Qin Mo swept a glance at the stairway. “Since there isn’t anyone else, why would she feel like someone is following her? There is only one possibility, her woman’s intuition was telling her that something was wrong and this problem probably hadn’t started on this day. But on this day, it should have been stronger than before.”