Chapter 946 - Making Dumplings

Chapter 946: Making Dumplings

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Bo Jiu had always been aware of the Almighty’s exceptional memory, but it had been two days since she had promised to give him a shower. How could he still remember that?

The last time she had given him a shower, she had decided to take a little advantage of him, but in the end, she had been the one being taken advantage of.

Bo Jiu swept him a glance. This time she would have to find a safe place to give him a shower.

In the Qin family’s house, Madam Zhang was the only one around. When she caught sight of Bo Jiu trailing behind Qin Mo, she immediately broke into a bright smile.

It was a complete contrast to Princess’s reaction as he pranced about her deliberately, trying to provoke her.

It was a rather hilarious image of the big faced, obese cat moving around in his many different poses.

“Madam hadn’t been informed of Young Master Jiu’s arrival. She wouldn’t have gotten shopping if she had known. She has a date with Madam He,” Madam Zhang remarked gleefully when she saw Bo Jiu. “They wanted to buy the team’s merchandise and dress up as fans when they watch you and Young Master compete.

Bo Jiu smiled, her Madam He and Movie Queen An seemed to be advancing at a rapid speed, which was good since Movie Queen An could bring her out to see more and make more friends. When the time came for her to leave Jiang City, she wouldn’t be that lonely.

Madam Zhang stood at the side. Since she hadn’t been informed about Young Master Jiu’s visit, she had made a meat filling for dumplings in advance and was currently fretting about it.

Bo Jiu glanced over and smiled. “Madam Zhang, are you planning to make meat dumplings? That’s great, I have been craving dumplings recently.”

She was purely trying to save Madam Zhang from her rut. “That’s good, I’ll get right to it.”

“Alright,” Bo Jiu replied. She carried Princess and was prepared to sit and wait for the delicacies to be made. In the meantime, she could try to sieve more information out of the Almighty.

Qin Mo removed his trench coat. The white shirt he wore was giving off a different vibe with it’s loosened collar. His black hair was no longer as neat as before when they were outside, it was slightly ruffled, which emphasized his defined features better.

He walked over and tugged onto Bo Jiu’s wrist, his expression dignified. “Aren’t you going to wrap the dumplings yourself?”

Wrap dumplings? Her? Did he think she was invincible?

Other than the ability to make the world’s most delicious instant noodles, she was clueless about cooking. She did know how to grill steaks, but that was the full extent of her culinary abilities.

Wrap meat dumplings?

“I don’t know how to wrap dumplings,” Bo Jiu replied seriously. “I’m terrible at cooking.”

Qin Mo took one look at her, seemingly trying to ask, What exactly do you know?

He was so arrogant that she didn’t wish to admit her shortcomings.

She knew how to play esports! Bo Jiu puffed her face up and remained silent.

Qin Mo watched her, his lips lifted into a curve. He strolled to the table and said, “I’ll wrap one and you can wrap another according to how I made it.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. The Almighty knew how to wrap dumplings? Such a complex dish?

Honestly, Bo Jiu was rather skeptical. She knew he could cook, but dumplings… In her heart, dumplings were a dish which consisted of many complex steps and would require a certain level of culinary skills.

She couldn’t help but admit that those who played esports usually had pretty hands.

Long fair with defined bone structure, the Almighty’s hands were exceptional. Even though one of his fingers was wrapped in a bandage, it didn’t affect the beauty of the dumplings he wrapped.

Bo Jiu followed his steps religiously. When he took a piece of dumpling skin, she took one as well. When he placed meat filing in the skin, she did it as well. She had also gone to great lengths to pinch the skin.

It was the first time she had concentrated so intensely in anything.

But the dumplings she made were… They didn’t look like dumplings at all, they were skewed and crumpling, the stomach of the dumplings way too big. Basically, they were hideous.

Bo Jiu studied it for a while.

Qin Mo assumed she would come to some sort of enlightenment, but she only had one word. “Hideous.”

Qin Mo glanced up as well, his tone faint. “Silly.”

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure if the criticism was directed at her or the dumpling.

She caught his expression. It was how it had been when they were younger, extremely cold.

At that time, he had the exact same expression when he taught her how to play the piano and how to write Chinese words.

The next second, before she could react, the Almighty was folding her sleeves. He made her stand in front of him and from behind, he picked a dumpling skin up with his right hand, his cooling breath falling into her ears. “Take the dumpling skin.”

Bo Jiu reacted swiftly, she reached for a dumpling skin. That was when she realized the problem in their position.

Qin Mo remained indifferent, he held onto Bo Jiu’s singlehandedly and tapped on some flour.

That position screamed intimacy.

It wasn’t just intimate, those who weren’t aware would think they were newlyweds.

Bo Jiu watched the glances that Madam Zhang directed them repeatedly and tried to keep a distance, but at this moment, the Almighty spoke, “There isn’t anything wrong with the medicine case you are holding, but that isn’t the same case as the one in the video.”

That immediately caught her attention. “Someone swapped the medicine?”

“Smart.” Qin Mo seemed to be watching her hand as he frowned. “Raise your hand, the dumpling skin will break in that position.”

Bo Jiu resumed her previous position, but her attention wasn’t on the dumpling skin, it had shifted off to the case. “Which means that the murderer took the medicine case in the video, but the sequence isn’t right. The victim fell into a deep sleep after taking the medicine in the video. Besides, the cause of death was an overdose of sleeping pills. If the pills were swapped after she died…”

“There isn’t anything illogical.” Qin Mo lowered himself and began teaching her how to pinch the sides. “The medicine has been swapped twice.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow as Qin Mo continued, “The victim caught a cold due to her recent lack of sleep, along with her depression that hadn’t been treated. The common symptoms include a cough and pharyngitis. She has been taking medication every day, which was why it wasn’t odd for her to have taken medicine that day. But…”

“But she didn’t know it wasn’t cough medication inside the case that day, instead it had been sleeping pills,” Bo Jiu continued. “You mean it was done by someone she knew?”

Only a person she knew would be so familiar with her daily behavior, but she didn’t know many people.

“At the beginning, I assumed it was someone familiar because only someone she knew would be so clear about the time she left home. That was how they could create the illusion of someone stalking her to throw her off and force her into having psychological stress and a lack of security.” Qin Mo’s eyes deepened. “After hearing the neighbor’s statement, I started thinking otherwise. This is a case that uses a magician’s tactic.”

Bo Jiu struggled to pinch the dumpling skin down. “Magician tactic? What do you mean?”

“Have you seen Now You See Me?” Qin Mo frowned slightly, his aristocratic face oozing with sexuality. Why was the dumpling still so ugly?

However, Bo Jiu was rather satisfied since the dumpling was no longer collapsing.

After the displeased expression on the Almighty’s face, she reevaluated the product in her hand before glancing over at the dumpling that the Almighty had just wrapped… Which was perfectly done.

Bo Jiu hurriedly placed her dumpling down and started on the next one in case the Almighty made her rewrap it. “Of course I have seen it…” With that, she paused. “The nearer it is, the easier it is to divert one’s attention and that is how magicians shift their audience’s attention to accomplish their tricks.”

“There’s more to it.” Qin Mo’s breath brushed past her ears. “Their first magic trick and every other trick isn’t at random, it has been chosen deliberately and it’s the same this time with the victim. The murderer had picked her a long time ago and has taken the time to understand her and all of her habits before they took action. It had been a deliberate and carefully thought out murder, which had concealed itself as a suicide, one that is talked about widely.”

Seeing their intimacy, Madam Zhang hadn’t wanted to interrupt, but when she heard the word suicide, she couldn’t resist asking, “Young Master, are you talking about the latest case online? It was such a pity, the lady was so young and she’s gone just like that. Her parents must be in pain. And most infuriating is the comment section, which is still trying to blame her actions on her greed for fame!”

“Where was it written?” Bo Jiu asked.

Madam Zhang wiped her hands dry and took her phone out of her apron. “It’s written here, I was just looking at it.”

Bo Jiu took her phone over.

It was a forum that was created by the victim’s readers, but now, there seemed to be a king analysis amongst them.

“Let’s just say it’s a suicide, but why would you want others to see it? It must have been a ploy to garner attention, which was why the video had been created. After her death, the views would naturally skyrocket. I don’t mean any disrespect, but the truth is as it is. The attention placed on her has increased, the statistics are all there. Moreover, her fans are being too much. Isn’t it just a novel with the same characters? Isn’t it just a little similarity between the plots? How can they keep going at it? As a passerby, I have no words for them. Hehe.”

After reading his long comment, Bo Jiu clicked into his profile and once she saw the person she was following, her gaze deepened, becoming darker and colder. “Madam Zhang, she isn’t a passerby.”

“She isn’t?” Madam Zhang was confused.

Bo Jiu explained, “She is following the girl that plagiarized the victim, which means they know each other. Tell her to put in more thought the next time she wants to act as a passerby. It would be best for someone as dumb as her to stop doing such things. Also, humanity isn’t something everyone has.”

Madam Zhang was much more confused than before.

She had never seen the youngster speak so harshly before.

Unbeknownst to her, after Bo Jiu had placed the phone down, there was a dumpling skin within her palm that had been crashed badly, which meant, a larger portion of her anger had been transferred to her palm.

Bo Jiu knew where this sort of comment was from… Li Xue.

At this moment, Li Xue had already left the police station and was back home. She wasn’t in a good mood since she was being implicated in this matter because of the original writer.

She clicked into her friends list, the fan group she had previously created for the original writer.

She sent a sentence, saying that she was frustrated and if any little fairy was going to sing for her.

The chat group livened up immediately.

Someone replied, “I’m frustrated too, this news is going on forever. The author is too weak hearted, she deserved to die.”

“Don’t say that, people are watching.” Li Xue wasn’t dumb, stopping them immediately.

Majority of the people in the fan group were students and the conversation quickly turned towards their studies.

In reality, they weren’t too concerned about the specifics of the case.

Undoubtedly, since not everyone was willing to know the truth and not everyone had compassion.

However, their one sentence, ‘she deserved to die,’ was said by yet another one of the original writer’s true fans.

They were simply wolves in disguise as it was easy to infiltrate their circle.

Back when she had found out about the incident, she had already infiltrated them, but the clearer she was, the harder it was to control the malice and darkness that seeped through.

She knew of humanity very well, but this time, she had to keep it in.

She had to think of the consequences.

Once the evidence was released, the victim would be said to have committed suicide and the real murder wouldn’t be found.

But no one knew that there were two murderers in this case.

If the person who took her life is the first murderer, the second one would be Li Xue, the person who had plagiarized her.

The first murderer could be caught while the second one didn’t have to take responsibility and could end things easily.

Her family had money and after stealing someone’s property forcefully, she had taken it as her own and published it as a book. She acted as she pleased and without disregard for anyone else.

The victim could no longer be revived.

Bo Jiu tightened her grip, her lips tightening into a line, her gaze changing.

That gaze shouldn’t be seen on a high school student as it was filled with darkness.

In that instant, Madam Zhang detected the change in the youngster.

Qin Mo had detected it as well. He looked at her face, reaching out to tug her back, his voice low and deep. “Why are you venting your anger on yourself just because you can’t wrap the dumplings well?”

The malice she was radiating was probably too obvious. Bo Jiu hurriedly dragged her thoughts back.

Even though there wasn’t the least bit of tenderness in his voice, but the Almighty always had such an existence that just as she was about to turn into an evil dragon, he would pull her back to decency.

She continued to wrap the dumplings, but this time, they were much closer together.

“There’s one more point- The case can be resolved once I think it through.” Qin Mo turned, his voice smoother than before. “So, you won’t have to show the typical personas of society anymore.”

The typical personas of society?

Bo Jiu finally caught on to his train of thought. The Almighty must have noticed the difference in her, but he had explained it as a second personality.

And obviously, Bo Jiu diverted the topic. But more importantly, what was the point he hadn’t thought through?

Qin Mo held onto her hand. “The medicine case in the video has already been removed by the murderer, which means we are missing a key piece of evidence. That is the first point and the second point, from the angle the video was captured, it was indeed from the laptop. This also means that the victim was the only one in the room at that moment, which is what I can’t understand. With no one else around, who was the one doing the filming?”