Chapter 947 - Small Flaunts of Love

Chapter 947: Small Flaunts of Love

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“Or perhaps, there really isn’t anyone.” Bo Jiu’s eyes changed as she walked out of Qin Mo’s embrace. Her beautiful and animated face was brightening as a thought struck her. It was a complete contrast from before. “Brother Mo, where is your laptop?”

Qin Mo watched as the youngster asked while heading upstairs. It was obvious that she didn’t need his assistance to be able to locate it, placing him in a cheery mood because it showed how familiar a certain someone was with this place.

According to a certain someone’s habit, she would only become familiar with things she was comfortable with.

Bo Jiu was indeed familiar with him and his house since she had even climbed his walls before.

Princess followed behind her the entire time because in his heart, this weird smelling little guy seemed to love his master’s belongings.

His master was acting weird as well since he wasn’t the least bit angry after this kid had went over all his items. Instead, Master seemed to be in a fairly good mood.

Unlike him, every time he reached his paws out to actively seek his master’s embrace, his Master would direct a cold and hostile look in his direction which pierced right through him.

Was this the difference between a cat and a human?

Princess was extremely displeased and had started to chew on the ends of the youngster’s pants. If you are capable, turn into a cat and have a fight with me!

Bo Jiu ignored him as she had gotten used to his presence and just dragged him along while she walked. She entered the room and opened the ultra thin laptop placed on his study table.

After turning it on, she entered the password and waited for it to enter the main page.

At this time, Qin Mo had already entered. He reached out and picked Princess away from Bo Jiu’s pants before throwing him onto the coach at the side coldly.

Princess purred before silencing entirely.

Master had always been tender. When he had gotten lost in the past, Master had even felt anxious for him. But when it was time to train him, Master had always been much harsher than that guy. From today onwards, it would be best for him to be a quiet cat.

The clear sharp typing formed a rhythmic tempo as her fingers ran across the keyboard. Since she knew the password, her operation was much smoother.

Qin Mo watched the multiple chat boxes which flew onto the screens and his brows lifted because a screen appeared. It showed the scene of an internet café. There was someone sitting there with a cup of noodles while using his empty hand to type on the keyboard, a typical computer addicted youngster.

The person’s every action was captured. He didn’t seem to be aware though because he used the computer although the camera on the laptop had been switched on. He was even acting arrogantly towards someone. “I just want to ask if you admit defeat! If you aren’t willing to admit defeat, Daddy will make sure to torture you.”

He had the same habit as a certain someone and liked calling himself Daddy? Or was this how high school students behaved nowadays?

But when a certain someone made others call her Daddy, she would show her two white front teeth and had a sly smile on her face, which gave her words more feeling.

Qin Mo raised his brow as this seemed to be getting more interesting.

“This should be the internet café Uncle Yin is operating.” Bo Jiu continued as she slammed into the space bar, “I choose to enter at this time to do a quick experiment on the places she went to before. It would be easier to attack once we find the loopholes. There doesn’t have to be someone for the laptop camera to be turned on. If someone manages to infiltrate the network and control using the dashboard, they will be able to use the victim’s laptop from afar, which is how the laptop camera can be operated even though there isn’t anyone around. Ever since the victim died, the laptop has never lost it’s battery source…” Bo Jiu paused, her eyes widening. “She is the murderer!”