Chapter 948 - Young Master of the Hacking World!

Chapter 948: Young Master of the Hacking World!

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She didn’t have to specify who ‘she’ was because ever since the first case, this person had been insistent on a massacre.

And in this manner, by luring people into suicide, she created a similar world online.

Some saw problems in a skewed angle, but she had never targeted those with a naturally skewed mindset.

Instead, she chose those who had been treated unfairly and lead them to their suicide, destroying the beliefs of others along the way.

Those who hadn’t been destroyed would be those who offered up sarcastic comments and were trying to misrepresent the facts because those were the people she needed.

Since such people were necessary to ruin principles and order.

They ruined families, blaming the original wife for taking the place of the mistress, they sold other people’s finished products and blamed the original writer for plagiarism. They supported mistresses, those who plagiarized, those who broke the law and moral code, those who skewed facts.

Without such people, how else could they undermine fairness?

In order to destroy a certain part of the city, they should start with the people’s beliefs. The good would be accused and when the evil did the wrong things, they would be comforted. If that was the case, they would have entered the deepest part of hell.

Bo Jiu had always known about about the lack of fairness in the world. Hence, she had to create the level ground as she knew the coldness of humanity better than anyone else.

But today, someone had been violated and a witness had chosen to support the wrongdoer.

There would come a day when the same treatment was being experienced after the witness had been violated.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. The order of the hacker world was at stake. Of course, the real identity of every hacker had to be protected. However, no one was allowed to harm a human life. This was a principle, but obviously, the person who was impersonating her was enjoying the kill.

Had she asked her, the original’s opinion before using her name?

“This is the second person in the Maiden’s Sacrifice,” Qin Mo spoke, his face dignified and elegant as ever. “But the sacrifice isn’t within her control. She turned the thought of a suicide into a real murder. But in order to officially start up the motion for the Maiden’s Sacrifice to influence others, the main lead for the Maiden’s Sacrifice had to leave with a suicide, which was how the livestream and the concealment of the suicide came about. Perhaps, this isn’t the end of the video. We can’t confirm how many others are pinning for a continuation of the Maiden’s Sacrifice. Take the No.1 Middle School student for example. Someone is making a record of all her experiences. This time, it should be the same. There is definitely someone doing a livestream somewhere in the net.”

Bo Jiu was impressed by his analysis. “They must have concealed their tracks after the network infiltration. It’ll take a while before I can get to them. If we can’t find the medicine case, we can only start from this angle. Once we manage to prove that the suicide was intentional, she won’t have to leave with the burden of a suicide on her name. Perhaps to some, the way she leaves wouldn’t matter, but to those that like her, this holds a great importance. Those that kill must pay.”

She was a strong lady and even in her weakest time, she had been fighting hard against the demons.

Even until her last days, she had been telling those she loved to live an upright life.

It was just like a certain someone who liked to lean on her shoulder, just like that certain someone who loved smiling at her, just like the certain someone who continually told her, “Z, don’t turn fully dark.”

Such a person didn’t deserve to be brought into such an unfair situation.

In order to let others know it had been a murder, she would have to find the place the video had been recorded.

It was definitely on the internet and as long as it was on the internet, there would be a solution.

Bo Jiu never seemed to have stopped as she turned on the search engine.

With the Almighty by her side, it wasn’t convenient for her to contact Hoshino, hence, she hadn’t entered the hacker’s internal forum to seek out information.

Instead, she used the IP address, which had a tremendous scope to search for any linked terminologies.

This time, her attack was unlike the previous times.

The furious and rapid attack broke through all related forums, notices, chat groups, and other smaller scale web pages. All for the sake of locking down.

It went on for a long while.

Especially when there were so many people attributing her death to the lack of ability to withstand stress, it was harder to sieve through and find where the Maiden Sacrifice had been waiting.

Qin Mo stood beside her. He watched as the youngster’s hands flew across the keyboard and mouse continuously.

He knew that she was searching for something, but the way she searched was way too oppressive.

If a person like her didn’t have principles she would become a deadly threat to any country out there.

Qin Mo knew, however, the person he grew to love so much may be oppressive and overbearing in her ways, but she would never go out and hurt others.

Time flew by and Princess still couldn’t understand why his master was standing beside that youngster, watching her for an entire hour.

Was that youngster as formidable, imposing, and handsome as him? Master should be looking at him instead.

Qin Mo took a moment to glance at Princess.

Cats were mischievous and would often chew and bite onto anything that looked like strings, Princess was no different.

Qin Mo stood up and carried Princess, placing him outside.

His actions were tender and soft, but… Princess still managed to figure out what he was doing. Master must have decided to marry that weird smelling youngster home to become his Second Master! Why else would he chase him out? They must be planning to do something bad that he wasn’t willing for him to see.

“Meow, meow!” Just as Princess drooped his big cat face and pranced about with a sullen expression, Madam Zhang came over and coaxed him, “Princess, why are you outside.”

“Meow!” Someone was doing bad things with Master, hurry and rescue Master out of there!

Madam Zhang stepped past him and knocked on the door.

However, she was surprised that her young master came to open the door as it was usually Young Master Jiu who came to the door.

“Young Master, the dumplings are done. Come down and have your meal.”

Qin Mo replied lightly, “It’s alright, I’ll bring it up.”

“You are going to eat in the room?” Madam Zhang was in for another shock as this was totally unlike her young master.

Qin Mo replied with a “Mmh,” before bypassing her to head downstairs.

Madam Zhang made many dumplings.

The dumplings wrapped by a certain someone were unusually obvious after they had been cooked.

Qin Mo glanced at the exquisite round plate at the side and picked out the uglier looking dumplings.

Madam Zhang couldn’t help laughing when she caught sight of him doing that. Who would have thought their young master would one day be picking out such dumplings to eat?

It seemed like the appearance of the dumplings didn’t matter, what was important was the person who had wrapped them.

When Qin Mo entered the room carrying two plates, the silver-haired youngster’s hands were still at work, the speed much faster than before.

Several internet cafés were targeted on the same day, but they dismissed the rapidly jumping pages as a problem with the operating system.

Since there wasn’t anything big that was happening, no one took much notice of it and they assumed there was an issue with the computer.

But in reality, all these had happened because the youngster was trying to search for something.

Yin Wuyao was sitting inside his internet café counting money when it happened. He frowned when he saw the abnormalities and immediately glanced in the direction of the youngster’s usual seat. There wasn’t anyone there? Then why was this happening?

Yin Wuyao had a cigarette dangling from his lips as he kicked the chair at the side and asked the staff on duty, “Did Spade come in today?”

“No!” The undergraduate opened his eyes wide. “Almighty North, do you mean that Big Spade is coming today?! My idol is coming!”

Yin Wuyao was getting old and couldn’t stand the shaking. “No, I was just asking.”

He found a random excuse to leave the internet café before lighting another cigarette.

Was the network still unstable? Or perhaps did something happen?

Yin Wuyao wasn’t dumb, he was just old, but there were some things he he didn’t voice out.

Every time little captain came over to his internet café, the glitch that occurred a while ago would appear.

Only a hacker could cause that to happen.

Yin Wuyao smoked another cigarette and watched the smoke disappear into the air. That was when he caught sight of the large screen of a mall in the distance. It was showing a report, which made his eyes deepened.

Was the glitch because of this case?

“Un-uncle, wh-what are you looking at?” Feng Shang interrupted Yin Wuyao’s thoughts. He reported on time every single day.

Xue Yaoyao was standing behind him, her gaze falling on the large screen. “It’s her.”

“Her? Do you know her?” Yin Wuyao raised a brow.

Xue Yaoyao was visibly sullen. “She graduated from No.1 Middle School as well. She is rather young. Back when His Highness Jiu returned to school, no one was on his side, but she had stepped in to help him. She said a person’s sexual orientation was their freedom and they should give him some space as long as His Highness Jiu didn’t do anything to hurt others. I was a freshman back then and wasn’t that close to His Highness Jiu. Many were caught off guard by her actions since she was rather successful, a senior that had been invited by the principal to come back to share her experiences with the other students…”

Yin Wuyao sunk into deep thought. He extinguished his cigarette and tossed it into the rubbish bin. “Does Little Captain still remember she has helped him?”

“I’m not sure.” Xue Yaoyao tried to recall. “At that time, His Highness Jiu had ran off and probably hadn’t expected anyone to speak up for him, but she did it on stage, which was why I can still remember till this day.”

Feng Shang was always a step behind, but now, he finally understood what they were talking about. However, he didn’t have the chance to cut in.

At this moment, in the second floor bedroom of the Qin family house, the youngster had just finished watching a video from that year. She paused for ten seconds.

Bo Jiu hadn’t expected to encounter a speech from a year before while investigating.

In the video, she saw herself from a year before. Her dignity was salvaged and protected by a stranger.

That stranger wasn’t anyone else but the victim.

Bo Jiu felt her throat close up.

She knew how the original owner had lived. Not many people offered their help.

The victim stood up in that sort of situation, which was clearly to embarrass some people.

She had stood up for her.

Bo Jiu paused, saving the video.

The next second, her fingers moved at a faster speed.

This time, she took the golden electronic lighter and pushed it upwards, turning it into a USB stick. She stuck it into the laptop, entered the password as Z, and activated the authority she had as the Young Master of the Hacker World.

This meant that all hackers with similar IP address as hers would be under her command!